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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 13 – School Daze


In our last chapter, Father Winter gave Melody the best gift ever. An expansion to her house. In fact, the expansion actually started with her house fire. I wanted to expand the house at that time and started deleting all the walls, but then thought of the idea of Father Winter giving her a “gift”. In fact, I had worked on some different expansion versions in Newcrest, and then had Melody place everything in inventory and I just downloaded the new lot. Then I “replanted” the plants. But, unfortunately, Melody had to sell some furniture in order to afford this expansion.as the family settled into their new home cameron was outside doing his homework.png Ummm….Cameron, the five minutes are up. Everyone has gone inside. You can go inside now. It’s ok. Now, go on. Go do your homework inside. Sheesh, kids!living room reno.pngHer renovated living room. Really not that much bigger than the last one, but it will expand out in time. Same fireplace, just a different color, same tree, same present stack, same bookcase. Ok, well, she didn’t sell much of the living room furniture. She did sell the old tv and replaced it with the gift Cameron got from Santa, the Penguin television. And I replaced one couch with a 3-seater. I thought it looked pretty good myself. This is also the temporary bedroom because she doesn’t have enough beds for everyone. awsome kitchen.pngThe kitchen/dining room area. Made a kitchen counter eating area with two stools. Changed the sink to a cheaper version. The sink is from the Parenthood pack (single pipe sink with wooden cabinet $175). Cheaper than getting a counter and sink which costs $275 with the cheapest sink and cabinet. Plus, it looks so nice. There is a back door and I just added some blinds to the window above the sink to match the ones that came with the door. Sort of a grey/blue color scheme.a bathroom reno.png And the pièce de résistance, the bathroom reno. Ah yes, 3 toilets and 3 showers all in separate stalls, so they don’t get the embarrassed moodlet or getting that “can’t unsee” moodlet. Of course, there is a bathtub to bathe the toddlers. I love this bathroom and it works so well.bedroom is greenhouse for now.png There is a bedroom off the dining room, but for now, it has to be the greenhouse until Melody gets more funds to expand again. melody's bedroom.pngAnd this is Melody’s bedroom. Yep, greenhouse # 2. I brought some of the trees indoors so she could harvest them. See, told ya, no bed for poor Melody.toddler bedroom.png And the main toddler bedroom off the living room. Yes, she even had to sell the dollhouse and some toddler beds. But all the other toys and books were kept.childrens beds

And another bedroom with the child-sized beds in them. Yep, just two for now. Yes, they have to share rooms. It would be nice if everyone got to have their own room, but maybe not in this generation. I could add a second level, but I really like playing all on one level. Just makes it easier I find.

Not the most spectacular house, I know, but they now have 4 bedrooms instead of two. Well, they will have four, once the greenhouse is built and Melody doesn’t have to sleep in a tree.brittani cleaning.png It was a pretty exciting day, and time for everyone to wind down. Brittani cleans up some dishes. Um, did I download those dirty dishes, too? Oh well, makes it homier. Right? Tomorrow was the first day of school for Ana, Brittani, and Cameron, so they got the couches and beds. Did you know that adults can sleep on the child bed, too? But, it is very uncomfortable.off to school.png And before Melody knew it, it was time for Ana, Brittani, and Cameron to head off to school. They all start as “C’ students, and school is from 8am – 3pm M-F. When they get home, they would celebrate Deja’s birthday party.

deja toddler stats on her bday

I take a look at Deja’s skills and can’t believe she has maxed 2 skills. And all the skills are at Level 3 or higher! Oh, Deja! What fantastic news! Melody gives Deja a nice bubble bath to get her ready for the party and then has her work on blocks.

Melody then gets a pop-up from Ana who needs advice. Melody tells her to Let it Go and then Ana finds the invite in her locker after all.home from school.png Soon, Ana, Brittani, and Cameron are home from school. I then added Cameron to the Family Club. While at school, I had them make some friends, and Brittani met Lucas and Elsa. They are all doing satisfactory work at school. It would help if Melody was able to afford some child skill items, but they may have to go to a community lot to skill better.

Melody has baked a cake and is ready, so she invites Deja’s Dad over, Nobuya Yoshida.deja birthday girl Deja is ready for her birthday party! Ahhh…she looks so sweet….and clean!going to blow out candles.png Her Dad doesn’t look too thrilled. Here he is bringing her over to blow out the candles. Could be he is just cold, like the rest of the sims living there.he doesnt look too thrilled.png Make a wish and blow out those candles! Come on Dad, be a little bit more excited!

Deja Coffey-Yoshida has aged up to a child. She rolled the Social Butterfly and Goofball trait. Plus, she gets a bonus trait, The Happy Toddler Trait. Children can get this trait when they have completed at least Level 3 in all their toddler skills. Way to go Deja! deja chatting with her dadBaako, one of Melody’s Baby Daddy Club Members, is their caterer, and he actually cooks! Sometimes these caterers don’t. Deja is socializing and looks like she is about to do some homework.elise is playing with blocks Meanwhile, Elise has decided to play with some blocks.felicity is cold.png Felicity is complaining that she is cold, so I change her into her winter clothing. brittani practiving violin which elise got as a gift.pngBrittani is practicing the violin. This was the gift that Elise got from Father Winter. If you’re wondering why there is a lighted snowman in the middle of the room, Melody was rummaging for winter decorations to make some simoleons and promptly sold them.melody is happy she made the renovation.png Fiona and Ana are dancing. Well, Fiona is actually bobbing to the music. But they are having fun. Cameron is sampling a grilled cheese sandwich, which Baako made. Yum! Everyone had a good time at the birthday party and Melody gets a bronze award and a charisma book again.right beside her snowpal she does a snow angel.png Deja runs outside and does a snow angel on the front lawn. What a great day she had! And tomorrow is her first day of school. She was so excited.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

It is well worth it to try to spend as much time as you can to get your toddler skills to Level 3 and beyond. Not only do they get an extra trait when they age up to a child, but they start their child level skills at a higher level, too. The Happy Toddler Trait is awarded when a toddler gets all their skills to Level 3. The Happy Toddler Trait increases all skill gains by 10%. And if a toddler maxes all their toddler skills, they get the Top Notch Toddler Trait. The Top Notch Toddler Trait boosts all future skill and Career gains by 25%.

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