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Survive the Insanity – Day 6 – Happy Hollow Asylum & The Circle Asylum – Dinner Party

Gah! Is it only Day 6? Playing two households is a big undertaking, but now having merged the two files into one, we will have a reality check, and the clock will continue to tick. Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

Are you ready for today? The Big Dinner Party where the Happy Hollow Asylum and The Circle Asylum come together and….and…well, who knows what’s going to happen. The suspense! But first a recap of the last chapter.

In our last chapter, Seasons was added to the mix, and it is Summer. Louis worked on some recipes for the dinner party. Midge gave Don’t Wake the Llama tips to Deirdre and Veta. Sonny sensed that something was going on with Midge giving tips and not playing herself, so he skedaddled outta there to go swimming. Unfortunately for Sonny, Krysta and Randall were having a water balloon fight, and it was just Sonny’s bad luck to get hit with a water balloon in the face. At work, Rocky was going to pick-pocket a celebrity, but luckily he walked on by. And at the end of the day, Louis got promoted to Head Dishwasher.

And so it begins…

Today’s Lot Traits: Party Place, Romantic, Haunted. Summer, Day 5. Happy Hollow Social Club in progress.FIRST THNG LOUIS DID WAS CLEAN UP THE KITCHEN.png With Louis’ brand new promotion, he decided to do a bit of a renovation in the kitchen. I mean, after all, he did get some snazzy new kitchen counters, so why not use them? He got 3 and I just replaced the old ones with more corporate chic counters. Next, he replaced the kitchen sink with a nicer one and cleaned up all those cobwebs and messes on the floor. And that’s about all he could afford.i hope this is a good thing that theres a fire on the stove.png I have Louis make some food (party size) to ensure that the party guests have enough to eat. I mean, there will be 15 guests plus Louis in the house! I hope that fire is a good thing and not a deja-vu of something to come.CAPRESE SALAD.png There was also a new coffee maker in the corner. Part of the dinner party goals is that you have to make coffee. Umm…Louis, that food is for the party. Don’t eat it all now.THE RESIDENTS.png When he was at The Circle Asylum, he had noticed all the residents had their picture on the wall, so he did one for The Happy Hollow, too. RESIDENTS POPCORN AND KARAOKE.pngNext, Louis bought two items for the residents. Since he knew they loved watching movies, he bought a popcorn maker. And it seems like someone is making some popcorn already. Yes, they will autonomously use the popcorn maker. And the second is a karaoke machine. I put the microphone temporarily in the house inventory. Since The Happy Hollow Residents seemed to enjoy karaoke at Geekcon, I was hoping that they would autonomously use the karaoke machine again. This time, though, I am going to have sound on to hear them!louis is working on mixology.png I then have him practice mixing some drinks. If you are wondering about Louis’ outfit and hat, I found out that if they wear the chicken hat, they get inspired. So I have an outfit ready to wear when he has to be in an inspired mood. Works great.ready for the dinner party.png Once this is done, I have Louis do a quick look around to see if everything is neat and tidy, and then he plans a social event – dinner party. He has to get a silver level, so hope he makes it. And they all magically change into their party attire, leaving their dirty clothes wherever they stood.rocky what are you wearing.png Midge looks…well…transformed, but Rocky…what are you wearing?sonny heading to the bathroom.png Sonny decides he is going to head to the bathroom before everyone arrives. Because, well, 16 sims and 1 toilet. Need I say more? Smart move there Sonny.predict.png And here is Deirdre making some dire prediction. Looks like she’s predicting something about everyone screaming and raising their hands up. Well, of course, they will be, Deirdre, they’ll be having fun and dancing at the party. “Hands Up, Give Me Hands Up…”*and theyre coming.pngI take a look outside and I see them coming. The Circle Residents are coming down the street! In fact, Finn is almost at the front door and there is Viviana on the sidewalk.and just as they enter the door.png Finn looks pretty excited about visiting another asylum. He wonders if they have any toys to play wodering about some of the residents in the house.png Erik heads to the kitchen and sees a resident with a green-painted face.

“And they say I’m strange with my centurion outfit. Ha! Did you see that guy?” Erik feels he is going to fit right in with the residents here.sims are dancing.png Some of the Happy Hollow residents have already started dancing. They are all in a party mood.maybe a little fire to get some mood going.png Louis decides to add a bit of mood to the house to make it all nice and cozy and lights the fireplace in the living room. This may have been a mistake. Because all of a sudden I get that dreaded warning that a fire has started nearby.

fire notice

louis is on fire please dont die.pngOMG! Louis has discovered the fire. Of course, he has discovered the fire. LOUIS IS ON FIRE! Nooooo….not Louis. Not my main sim. Please don’t die, Louis! What am I going to do? I can’t control the other sims to extinguish the fire.some impression ths is for the neighbors.png Is this the end for Louis? Some impression this is for the neighbors. “Come to our house, I’ll make dinner to say sorry for Veta nearly burning down your house. Oh yah, right.” More like, come and see Louis burn down the house.

[Author’s Note: Wouldn’t this be a great cliffhanger? Is it keeping you on the edge of your seats?]viviana doesnrt look impressed.png While everyone is having panic attacks over the fire and especially Louis being on fire, Viviana calmly heads to the kitchen. I guess she figures that with everyone else occupied, she can beat the stampede to the buffet line.not again another fire.png The Happy Hollow residents have never had a fire at their house. And, look, it wasn’t Veta this time.look at her face.png Look at Midge’s face! She is not happy. Do you know how long it will take to get the smoke smell out of her good clothes? She knows that somehow it’s one of the guests who has sabotaged their fireplace. She just doesn’t know who.louis is taking matters into his own hands.png Ok, the fire rescue team is here as Midge and Erik grab the fire extinguishers. Look at the smoke! Someone, please open a window. I’m coughing here. *cough*cough*light my fire.png I guess Louis wasn’t going to wait for any help, and grabs a fire extinguisher himself and points it inward to self-extinguish. I was seriously worried at this point if Louis was going to make it. I mean look – he’s engulfed in flames!yep hes out.png But he is fine. He makes it. Yep, he’s out. Smoldering, but out. And no time to take a shower, because he has a dinner party to attend to. And look at Viviana coming into the living room with her bowl of food, like “Did I miss something?”krystas like thats a party.png Everyone runs outside, and Krysta thinks this is the most hilarious thing that has happened since the looscapades with Rocky! She thinks this is a “hot” party already.

[Author’s Note: They really did run out to the front of the lot and then Krysta laughed hysterically. I cracked up in real life when I heard her do that.]latcomers think this is funny.png Apparently, there are some latecomers to the party, and they think this is the welcome wagon for them. Hannibal is just staring at everyone on the sidewalk and Mowgli is wondering what all the excitement is about. They hear talk of fire. Barbie is standing way back. There is no way she is getting her hair singed again.poor louis is not making a great impressin with vivianan.png Poor Louis is not making a good impression with Viviana. Well, at least she liked his food. And talking about food, where is the caterer? They never showed up. Maybe they were there and left when they had the fire. Who knows. Well, Louis, you’re on your yu think its safe to go back in.png Meanwhile, Veta and Deirdre are still out on the sidewalk. I think Veta is asking Deirdre if she thinks it’s safe to go back inside. Deirdre is staring into the cosmos knowing that her prediction came true again.oaty time.png More latecomers. Sunny is looking rather sexy, and Toby thought the invitation said to dress like “Where’s Waldo?” Hey, he’s relaxed. “Oh yah, we’re going to have a hot time tonight!”she thinks its funny.pngPoor Louis. He somehow has to make it through this party looking like this. Viviana gives him a glance. I think she still thinks he’s cute even though he is covered in soot.veta has an accident.png Krysta decides to be the first up at the karaoke machine. And I am not sure if it was Krysta’s singing or being scared of the fire, but Veta pees herself. Sunny finds this amusing. I do believe that Sunny has a dark streak in her.krysta singing up a storm.png Krysta is going all out on the singing, but she doesn’t have any fans. Ah shucks!making some drinks for everyone.png Louis carries on with the party and makes some “Smoke On The Water” drinks for everyone. He could have made “Sea of Fire” drinks, but that would have cost him some simoleons.

[Author’s note: There is no sim drink called “Smoke on the Water”, but I thought that considering the smoky state of Louis and that he’s making water for everyone, this came to mind.]who is rocky flirting with.pngAnd what is Rocky doing? He has a moodlet called Elicanto Whirly” the voices are talking in the language of love”. Oh oh, here we go! Who is he flirting with? One of these three I think. He is kind of looking at Sonny, although it’s kind of hard to see where he’s looking with that face paint on.its barbie.png Oh, I think it may be Barbie! Ummm…Viviana, your hat is in the way.ARE U PUTTIN THE MOVES ON VIVIANAN.pngUmmm….or it could be Viviana. Maybe it’s a hat attraction. Let’s just say, Rocky is making the rounds.the hat it talks.png I don’t think Viviana is interested. She is giving Rocky the “talk to the hat” gesture.sunny talking to cop.png Meanwhile upstairs, Sunny is chatting up Cop with some funny antics that have happened. Cop is not amused.veta complaining about the stench.png Veta is talking to Erik about her many phobias, problems, and the like. Erik grunts occasionally and thinks he may have to go into the kitchen again to avoid her. Plus the smell….ewwww!making some coffee.pngLouis makes some coffee on his brand new coffee maker. Later, I check Rocky’s moodlets and he has one that says “Gross Brew” which I had never seen before. It says (From Drinking Coffee) – that coffee was gross.

[Author’s Note: I later found several coffee cups that said Made By Midge. So, apparently, it wasn’t Louis’ coffee that Rocky drank.]mowgli eating popcorn.png Mowgli and Erik seem to be having some sort of competition going on. Throw a piece of popcorn in the air and see if you can catch it in your was wonderful.pngMowgli has got the hang of this!i think he missed.png Erik, not so much. Missed it.everybody dancing.pngAs the night wears on, everybody is dancing and showing off their dance moves.soaking his feet aftr all that dancing.pngIn fact, Randall has to cool his feet in the pool from all the dancing he’s been the unsuspecting neighbors.pngOh and look at Midge. Playing Don’t Wake the Llama with her unsuspecting neighbors.look at her concentration.pngLook at her concentration. She is very serious in her strategy.oops for toby.pngAnd the Llama Cries Tonight for Toby.toby cant win.pngAnd the Llama Cries Tonight AGAIN for Toby.bad bad bad.pngAnd more crying Llamas. Let’s just face it. Toby might think about NOT playing Don’t Wake the Llama ever again. He played 5 straight games and lost every one of them. Erik is walking behind him thinking “Enough already, give it up, Toby!”

umm what about ken.pngBack in the kitchen, things are heating up between Rocky and Barbie. Pucker Up!whats the matter with deirdre.png The sight of Rocky and Barbie doing goo-goo eyes at each other is giving Deidre amongst the dirty dishes.png Oh, but wait. Is Sonny making a move on Barbie, too? She looks pretty flirty in amongst all those green stinky plates…sionny giving that look.png…And they do look pretty cozy on the couch together. Hmmm…where is Rocky and does he know what is going on?ocky in his favorite place.png Oops, sorry Rocky. Umm…yah, well Rocky is in his favorite do not disturb place right now. Let’s hope that Sonny and Barbie are just having a pleasant chat together.the stereo is broken.pngEgads, the stereo is broken! Oh you-hoo….Louis…something needs to be repaired…louis repairing the stereo.pngI save the game before I send Louis to fix the stereo. I can’t look…is he still alive? And, yes, Louis repairs the stereo successfully and the wild dance party continues.eirdres has passed out.png Maybe a bit too wild for Deirdre as she passes out in the living room. party dancers.pngThe Dinner Party is over, and Louis miraculously gets a Silver Award. But no-one is leaving. They are all having too much of a good time. i have a match louis.pngAnd outside, Sunny has lit a match and calls to Louis…“Oh Louis, look, I have fire!” And laughingly tosses the match into the campfire.dont look now but someone has joined the party.png Don’t look now but someone or something other-worldly has joined the party. Yikes!roasting a marshmalow.png And with that, I think it’s a good idea to leave the Happy Hollow Asylum for tonight.

Previous Chapter – Day 5 – Seasons in the Mix

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Hands Up” (Ottawan, 1981). A high energy song that will make you smile all day long. Enjoy!



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