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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 14 – It’s The Weekend


Melody had a bit of a break from birthdays, as the next one was on Spring, Day 2, just 4 days away. Elise was the next to age-up, but for some reason, Elise was still at Potty Level 1, so Melody was going to work hard with her on that one. Once New Year’s Eve was over, I am going to change the seasons to go for two weeks instead of one. They seem so short now.monster under the bed.png It was the last day of school before the weekend, and Ana had a bad nightmare in the night about a monster under the bed. Ana tried to talk to it, but it didn’t want to talk right now. Of course, she woke up Melody on the couch. Melody sprayed for monsters under the bed, but Ana was not going back to sleep on the bed anymore.how great the stalls work.png It was almost time to get up and get ready for school anyway. Look how great these toilet stalls work. Three at once! Yes!ana practicing charisma.png Once they were ready, I set them skilling, with Ana on charisma. Melody had to look after the toddlers and was training Fiona on potty skill. Felicity was still asleep, and Elise had grabbed some food from the counter. Cameron had decided to read a book.brittani practiving violin.png Brittani was practicing the violin again.deja joing scouts.png And I had Deja join Scouts. I also made sure they were all in the Family Club. And then, off to school they went. They need to be focused for school, and there are no hats for focus, so I will have to read up on more ways for them to get focussed. Gaining skills is really easy when you have simoleons to purchase all the necessary skill items, but not so easy here. Melody really needs to save some simoleons for a chess table and other children’s skill items.fiona bath time next.pngWith four of the 7 children off to school, this meant that Melody only had the toddlers to deal with. First things first, she needed to give them a bath. They all had the Filthy moodlet. Here is Fiona enjoying a nice bubble bath.bath time for felicity.png Next was Felicity.  She loves that rubber duckie.elise getting a bath.png And finally Elise. Toddlers really love getting a bath, but baths seem to take a long time.santas big gift to melody Melody also had a chance to try out the huge gift that Father Winter gave her. She will need Level 2 in Logic to be able to collect microscope samples and analyze plants using the microscope. I’ll keep it for a while, but we shall see how it works out.elise eating a yummy pb and jelly sandwich.png By the time Melody gave them baths, fed them, had them skill a bit while she harvested from the garden, the day was almost over. Plus, she was exhausted. home from school day 2.pngAnd just like that, Ana, Brittani, Cameron, and Deja were home from school. Where did the day go? All of the children were still “C” students. But, it was the weekend, so hopefully, they could work on some skills.

cameron school notice

Cameron had this moodlet when he came home from school, so, obviously, he had a good day. Deja met Olivia and Lucas at school. Ana met Alexander.brittani and alexander goth.png Ana was wondering if she could invite a classmate home after school, so, Alexander Goth came for a visit. And it looks like Brittani thinks he is the greatest kid. They sure hit it off right away.young love.png In fact, do you think this is “puppy love?” Ahhh… Look how they are looking at each other. I think this is really cute. making a snowpal together.pngAfter doing their homework, they headed outside for a bit to have some fun in the snow.has a visitor stop by to admire her snowpal.png Deja even had a visitor drop by to admire her snowpal. But it was time to go inside. Tomorrow was a big day.

Melody did make some simoleons today by harvesting, breeding frogs, rummaging and selling decorations. With those simoleons, she was able to get a bed for everyone.almost back to normal.png Three toddler beds and a child bed in one room.another bed in here too.pngThree child beds in this room.and a bed for melody.pngAnd finally, yes, a bed for Melody!bliss is having your own bed.png Happiness is having your own bed. Sweet dreams.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

If you are struggling with simoleons and need to have your children focused for school, there are a few easy things that you can do for this. There are more ideas in Carl’s Guide to Emotions, but not all of them work for children.

For instance, one way to get focused is to do a yoga “mind centering” routine. The problem is that children don’t get the option to do yoga. They just get the option to put in inventory. Also, the tea magic personal brewer (pitch black for focused), will also not work, because children will not drink tea.

Here are just a few tips and tricks to get your child focused:

Base Game:

  1. Purchase the book called “Honing Your Mind’s Eye” for $45 simoleons. You can purchase this book through the bookshelf, just change the category to emotional. It gives your child a 4 hour Focused +1 boost.
  2. Purchase a chess table and have your child “ponder moves”. The child will be focused for 4 hours. Basic chess table $450 + 2 child chairs ($30 each) = $510 simoleons
  3. An emotional career object (such as a computer hard drive) or an “element” will give an emotional aura. Metals and crystals found scavenging can be sent to the Geo Council, and in turn, they will send your sim an “element”. An adult sim in a focused mood can paint a “mathematical diagram” and then enable the focused emotional aura. This only works in the room they are in, but great as a boost when the child is doing homework.
  4. Get homework help. Being mentored gives a Focused +2 moodlet.

Spa Pack:

  1. If you have the Spa Pack, let your child take a bath with soaks, and choose a “citrus bath” (cost is $30). This will give your child the focused boost for 8 hours. If you want to make it last longer, at the same time they are taking a bath, have an incense holder in the bathroom and light it and choose “sharpening saffron” (cost $20). This will get your child focused and will last 12 hrs. Total cost: cheapest bathtub ($250) + Scent from heaven incense holder ($95) + cost of citrus bath ($30) and incense saffron scent ($20) = $395 simoleons complete OR for just the citrus bath $280 simoleons.
  2. Also available with the Spa Pack is to listen to “New Age” music. The only way you can listen to New Age music is on one of the Spa Pack stereos. The cheapest is the slick beats stereo for $720 simoleons.

Get Together Pack:

  1. If you have the Get Together pack, the BEST way is to create a club and have all your children in it. Then when you get enough points, purchase the “focused club vibe” and keep your club going while they are in school. The focused club vibe has 3 levels, each costs 100 reward points. The focused vibe will last as long as the club is meeting.

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