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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 15 -New Year’s Eve


Today is the last day of Winter and New Year’s Eve, which is a set holiday on the calendar. Goals for the holiday are Decorate, Party Spirit, Make Resolutions, and Countdown to Midnight.ana reading and elise eating.png Melody is certainly happy that they won’t have to wear their winter clothes indoors soon and that the weather will be warming up. She is so looking forward to the warm weather so she can get gardening outdoors.

While Melody made some breakfast, Elise ate a bowl of peas and Ana read a book. Ana had the bookworm trait and reading was her favorite pastime. In fact, she got a call from Maaike Haas, the leader of the Avant Gardes Club, to become a member. It is an Invite-Only Club. Ana’s father, Gunther Munch is part of the club, so I had her join. The club activities are drinking coffee (although Ana is too young to do that), read, play video games, write and do homework. Sounds like a great club. Way to go Ana!

Invite only club.png

From 2-4pm today, the children have their first Scout meeting, so they were very busy doing chores around the house to try to earn their first badge.brittani being a great helper.png Brittani was being especially helpful, but then, she does have the neat trait. And when I looked at her Character Values Panel, I saw that Brittani also had the Happy Toddler Trait. Not sure how I missed that before. Great job Brittani!

Since Melody had already decorated, I figured now would be a good time for everyone to make a resolution. Adults and Children have different choices for resolutions. The adult one is rather large, so here is a sample of the one for children. Toddlers are not able to make resolutions.

making a resolution

To add some variety, I just randomly selected a resolution for each of them. Ana is going to try to become a better student; Brittani is going to work on getting promoted in Scouts; Cameron is going to try to complete an Aspiration, and Deja is going to work on a skill. I had Melody choose a resolution from her list and she was going to complete an Aspiration. Let’s hope that they are all successful in their resolutions. They have 7 days to complete them.cameron and felicity building a snowpal Melody certainly didn’t want them to spend all day cleaning, so once they were ready, they headed outside to have some fun in the snow. I was actually going to have them go skating, but there was too much going on today. I also had Melody invite Alexander Goth over. I should have probably had the children invite more friends, but didn’t think about it at the time.

Here are Cameron and Felicity building a snowpal together.he seems pretty excited abut his creation.png I think Cameron’s pretty proud of his creation.running outside its so nice out.png Deja runs down the road. Such a beautiful day to play outside.deja building a snowpal near the water.png You would think Deja had the loner trait because she went down to the little picnic area by the river to make her snowpal.dejas snowpal.png The whole yard is getting covered with snowpals.snowball fight.pngAlexander and Cameron in a friendly snowball fight.some sims came to admire their snowpals.png They even got some visitors stopping by to admire their creations.scouting back And then it’s time for Scouts, and they’re off. They are all Llama Scouts with Troop # 1.deja off to scouts.png Because Deja was down by the river, she was a bit late in going to Scouts.alexander doing homework in the middle of the road After they leave, Alexander Goth heads down the road. I thought he was going home. But, no, he has decided to do his homework in the middle of the road. I think Cameron is giving him ideas!

camerons ripped uniformfix with dental floss

Speaking about Cameron, I suddenly get this pop-up notice about Cameron having a torn uniform. I advise him to repair it with dental floss. Hey, it’s stronger than thread! Seems to be the right choice!have melody try again for silver dinner party.png In the two hours that they were gone, Melody tried to clean up and get ready for the New Year’s Eve Party they were going to have. But before she knew it, they had returned. To celebrate the “Party Spirit”, I also bought a Hip to the Max Cardboard Dance Floor for $50 simoleons.party in full swing.png Melody invites her Baby Daddy Club over for New Year’s Eve and it is a rocking party.dancing the night away.png Everyone is having a fun time dancing the night away.stay up until midnight.png At 11pm they switched on the tv for the countdown to midnight. 5-4-3-2-1!fireworks from tv.png It seemed everyone was watching the countdown to midnight in all the cities in Simland. Happy New Year!

[Author’s Note: I had missed taking a photo of the fireworks coming from the tv as I wasn’t expecting it. So, I just went into another save and re-did New Year’s. Ta da!]they all got to open a gift on new years eve.png It was really exciting to watch the fireworks from all over the sim world on tv. To welcome in the New Year, everyone was allowed to open a New Year’s Eve gift. There was even a gift for Alexander. Did you notice that Cameron and Alexander are starting to dress alike? The butterflies over their heads are the club symbol for the Family Club. I just have that club going on all the time.IT WAS TIME FOR BED.png And they were pretty excited about getting more gifts. Look at all the hearts. They really loved their gifts. Here is what everyone got: Ana: Banana Bank Heist Model Van; Brittani: PenguinVision Children’s television set; Cameron: Maxisman Saves the City book; Deja: Train set-cargo car; Elise: Jr. Wizard Starter Set; Felicity: Tiny Teacher Nesting Blocks; Fiona: “Lots of Love” Bear, and Melody got a London Choice, which is a new stove! Yes!

Elise always seems to get some amazing presents. Last time it was the child violin and this time the child science table. Just what they needed too, some child activity tables. Of course, as far as most expensive gifts, it seems to go to Melody. That stove is worth $3,940 simoleons! So, you see, purchasing that “Pile of Presents” for $45 simoleons is well worth it!mortimer admiring the snowpals.png And with that, everyone reluctantly heads to bed and the party guests head home. What a great New Year’s Eve it was! As Mortimer walks towards the road, he takes a last look at the snowpals in the yard. He knows that with spring just around the corner, they will be melting away. Until it snows again, farewell snowpals.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

You can have your child join the Scouts After-school Activity by using their phone, and Scouts meets on Saturday and Sunday from 2-4pm. It is open for children and teens. When a child joins Scouts, they get a free Scouting Badge Board. If you have more than one child and they all join Scouts, they all get a Badge Board. Now the good part is that they can all use the same Badge Board to check their progress on badges. So, just one Badge Board is needed. Badge Boards are worth $50 simoleons, so sell the extra ones for some extra simoleons.

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        I have laso been givng my teens a set of the higher priced frog and they contribut that way .. plus they have an icome source whenthey moveout

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