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Survive the Insanity – Happy Hollow Asylum – Day 7 – The Morning After

In our last chapter, Louis has the famous dinner party at The Happy Hollow Asylum and invites all of the residents of The Circle Asylum. The kitchen got a bit of an up-grade and Deirdre made a dire prediction before the party began. Things started out well, but heated up very quickly, when Louis set himself on fire. Erik and Midge to the rescue as firefighters. Poor Louis. In need of a shower, Louis carries on to try to earn that silver award for the dinner party. Meanwhile, Viviana doesn’t seem overly impressed with Louis, but she does like his food. Krysta makes her karaoke debut, but alas, no fans. Mowgli and Erik have a popcorn tossing contest, Finn is wondering where all the toys are, and Randall shows off his moves on the dance floor. Rocky starts flirting with Barbie, but it seems like someone else was interested in Barbie, too, as Sonny mosies in while Rocky was occupied in the washroom. Could there be problems ahead for these two bad boys?  Midge wastes no time luring the unsuspecting Circle Asylum residents into a game of Don’t Wake The Llama, and poor Toby loses five games in a row. Deirdre passes out at the party, and Sunny taunts poor Louis with a fiery match when she lights the campfire outside. Louis did get his silver award and thought he saw a ghost outside. Oooh scary! Even though the party was over, Hannibal and Toby were still dancing and no-one was leaving. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And so begins the next day…

It is Friday, Summer Day 6, and raining. Random lot traits are gnomes, mean vibe, and great soil. Unfortunately, for the fire they had yesterday, it was -20 points on the scoring for The Happy Hollow Asylum. Only the scoring counts, never mind about Louis’ singed hair follicles! do they care - no they are still partying.pngI tell you, these guests just did not want to leave the party. Finally, I had to end all the clubs to get them to leave. Sheesh – go home already!

Louis took a shower and went straight to bed, he was exhausted. Then, in the morning, he came down to this…louis surveys the mess.pngWill you look at this place? Dirty plates, popcorn bowls, coffee cups, glasses, and the ashes of the rug that used to be in the living room. Because smoke detectors are not permitted as per the asylum challenge rules, they didn’t get any simoleons to replace what a mess.png And his newly renovated kitchen! What a mess!krysta in a sea of dirty clothes.png And look at Krysta out by the pool surrounded by the encroaching sea of stinky laundry. The upstairs bedrooms have laundry all over the place, too.the place is trashed.png And to top it off, the toilet is broken again. The place is trashed! and louis at his fav place repairing the toilet.pngWhile Louis repairs the toilet, he doesn’t think he has the energy to clean this mess up by himself. He calls on me to help, and so I take one plate at a time and dump it into the NanoCan earning him $80 a plate. That lasts for all of five minutes and I realize with the number of dirty dishes everywhere, that this will take forever. Quite possibly, an entire sim day. So, I tell Louis that he has to get the residents to help clean up. leaning the house.pngI switch two of the club activities to Clean and Bathe/shower. Let’s hope this works.

I guess it does because all of a sudden I see Krysta with a bag of laundry in her hands. Yeah Krysta! I glance over at the laundry hamper and realize it is full. No wonder there are dirty clothes everywhere. I purchase another laundry hamper for them. Krysta seems to be on a laundry pile mission, so I leave her to it.not happy about cleaning.png I see Midge coming in with a trash bag, although she doesn’t look too happy about it.needs a better shower.png Rocky is on his way to the shower. Oh my gosh! That shower is filthy, too. Pretty soon, they will refuse to shower because it is dirty. Time for Louis to clean the shower.luis is sick of fixing toilets fo buys the sweet escaps.png But first things first. I look at how many simoleons they have and realize that they can finally, yes, finally afford the unbreakable toilet. Without delay, I purchase it and sell the other one. Too bad there aren’t any unbreakable showers. There is an unbreakable bathtub, though, the Princess Cordelia’s Bathtub which costs $2,285 simoleons. Well, they may have to wait on that one.its raining and krysta is doing laundry.png I look around the lot and see Krysta outside doing the laundry in the rain. I am not sure how she is going to dry the clothes on the line in the rain. But, I am NOT getting them a dryer after the disaster that happened at The Circle Asylum. Let’s hope the rain ends soon so they have some clean, dry clothes.whose stack is higher.png Randall and Deirdre are having a dirty dish balancing contest. Now, whose pile is bigger?come on you can carry one mor randall.png Ah come on Randall, you can add one more plate to that. Just one more. Oh yah, bend those knees.

Veta just woke up and has the Ew Gross! moodlet from cleaning up spoiled food. Blech! This is just creepy. Too funny! She should have been up earlier!thanks to randall kitchen almost clean.png Pretty soon, the house is looking pretty clean again. Randall is working on picking up those last few dirty dishes. Since the fridge is nearly empty, Louis makes some food.veta showing off light moves In the solarium, it looks like Veta is showing off some dance light moves! Woot!ricky checking the 8 ball.png Sitting down at the table, I nudged Rocky to ask the Future Cube a question about his love life.

rocky's prediction

As if on cue, Rocky’s phone rings. Should I answer it? Yah, I should. I wonder who is calling him?ooh lala rocky Oh, Rocky…ooh-la-la, it’s Barbie asking Rocky for a date. Hubba hubba! Too bad I can’t accept for him. It would have been great to see how this date went. When they hung up the phone, I almost expected Sonny’s phone to ring with Barbie asking him for a date, but sadly, no call for Sonny.

[Author’s Note: Even though I nudged Rocky to ask the question about his love life, the answer is entirely random. And that is an actual autonomous call from Barbie. I was surprised by this one.]sonnys prediction.png Sonny then asks the same question to the Future Cube.

sonnys prediction 2

Not exactly the prediction he was hoping for.

[Author’s Note: I was just curious about what Sonny’s prediction might be, so I nudged him to ask the same question. Again, random result, but, oh, poor Sonny.]cleaning the shower.png With Rocky out of the shower, Louis then heads in to clean up the mess.shower in the rain.png I guess Sonny couldn’t wait for Louis to finish and heads out in the rain to take a shower.sonny was struck by lightning.png That might have been a mistake in a thunderstorm, and, you guessed it, Sonny gets struck by lightning. Sorry, everyone, missed that screenie, but as you can see, he is a bit charred from the experience. This is definitely not Sonny’s day today.

Meanwhile, Louis is working on his painting skills as tomorrow is when they have their art  therapy with Viviana. Maybe he’ll impress her with his ink blot art. It’s worth a try.midge doing singing in the rain and erik is watching.png Apparently, after finding out that Sonny was struck by lightning, Midge heads outside and decides to do her rendition of “Singing in the Rain”. Is she happy about Sonny’s misfortune, or just happy to be out in the rain? I wonder. And it looks like Erik was just walking by (with an umbrella in hand), and stops to listen to her sing. Maybe she was actually singing “It’s Raining Men”. How else would Erik suddenly appear?puts up some decorations for Paint in the Park.png After all the cleaning was done, Louis had a surprise for everyone and gets out the ill-gotten computer that Sonny won at GeekCon and sets it up in the living room. Of course, he puts away the tv temporarily in the household inventory. He also purchases an umbrella stand and the Attic Stack Decoration Box. He then decorates the house for tomorrow’s holiday “Painting in the Park”.sonny is the first one to use computer.pngAnd after showering in the real shower, Sonny is refreshed and ready to go and the first one to use the computer. Can anyone guess what he does? No? Well, he’s trolling the forums. Maybe he’s looking for a Barbie look-alike since it seems that Barbie is smitten with Rocky. But that could all change, because who really knows what tomorrow may bring?

And so ends our day at Happy Hollow Asylum.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Singing in the Rain”, from the movie Singing in the Rain (1952)

“It’s Raining Men”, The Weather Girls (1983)

Author’s Notes:

Louis’ Skills: Cooking and Gourmet Cooking-6; Dancing-4; Handiness, Mixology, Painting, Rocket Science-2; Charisma, Comedy, Fitness, Gardening, Video Gaming-1

Louis still has no friends.

Household Funds: $700 simoleons

Since I have now merged the two files into one, what I am going to do from now on, is to allocate 1/2 day to The Happy Hollow Asylum and 1/2 day to The Circle Asylum. In this way, we get to experience both houses in the same chapter.

And now for your listening pleasure, here are The Weather Girls with “It’s Raining Men”.


From the movie, Singing in the Rain, here is Gene Kelly in his famous “rain” dance sequence.




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