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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 17 – Elise’s Birthday

#saa100babychallengemonday for the coffeys spring.pngWell, the weekend is over and I don’t know if the children really did much skill building. I really need that money tree to be ready to harvest so that I can purchase two essential items for their aspirations – a chess table and a climber. Oh well, I just have to be patient.brittani is sick.png Today is Spring Day 2, Monday, a school day, and Ana, Brittani, Cameron, and Deja are all still C students. Oh, and what is this? Brittani seems to be sick today. I have Brittani head to the fridge and get a glass of orange juice. I am not sure what Brittani is suffering from, but normally orange juice works to combat the common cold. And Brittani’s needs are pretty much in the red, too.

Then I get this pop-up.

sick popup

Oh dear, so Brittani has to take a sick day from school. As soon as she finishes her orange juice, she heads to bed.the 3 toddlers.png So Melody is left alone with the three toddlers. Maybe she can work on their skills with them.nothing like working on skills together.png Nothing like working on skills together. Fiona going potty while Felicity plays with some blocks.oh no the mail has been delivered again As I look around the lot, I see the mail carrier deliver the mail. Noooo! Go away! No more bills. But he doesn’t listen to me and leaves some mail for Melody.

bills bills and more bills

I have Melody get the mail, and I am almost afraid to look. Not as bad as last time, but still bad as they only have $104 simoleons. Oh well, she will worry about that later.brittani feeling much better.png Brittani gets up and I have her get another glass of orange juice from the fridge. She seems to be doing better. I then have her use the facilities and take a shower.they werent going to be toddlers forever.png They will only be little for a while longer, so Melody has some fun with Fiona. Airplane time.another meltdown.png Well, I guess Felicity is having the meltdown today and is HANGRY.good felicity.png Melody puts her in the highchair and gives Felicity some yogurt and water. Felicity seems happy with the choice.was a great helper.png Well, she was happy for a short time. Here is the aftermath of Felicity’s meal time. And don’t you think that Brittani is such a great helper, even when she’s sick?melody talks to brittani about the family club.png Melody talks to Brittani about Family Club. I then get a pop-up that Melody has completed the Leader of the Pack Aspiration and received the Natural Leader trait.

melody complete leader of the pack aspiration


Plus she has also completed her New Year’s Resolution! Way to go Melody!

resolution complete

back from school.pngAnd just like that, Ana, Cameron, and Deja are back from school. Ana looks like she may have to take a shower before the birthday party. Melody sends them all to “green up”.

canerib us a b studentAnd what a surprise, Cameron is now a “B” student.school project

Ana, Cameron, and Deja have also come back home with a school project in their inventory. This is pretty neat because I have never done a school project with the children before. This will be a first. As tomorrow is a holiday, they will work on it then. Cameron also has to do extra credit work.victor and elise.png While everyone gets ready, Melody makes the cake and then gives Victor Feng a call and invites him to the birthday party. Tonight is party time!elise becoming a child.png Baako is their caterer again and Cameron blows the party horn to celebrate. Victor holds Elise to blow out the candles.

And Elise Coffey-Feng ages up to Child. She rolls the Artistic Prodigy Aspiration and Creative trait. She also gets the Happy Toddler Trait! Woot!opening bday gift.png And what’s a party without presents? Elise opens her gifts and gets Blarffy, Mr. Floppy the Gnome and a Yuki statue. She will treasure all of them.deja making a mess.png The only downside to the party was that Deja decided to “make a mess” with some paints in the living room. I think she was just trying to draw a picture and got over excited with the paints. Melody calmly talks to her about her behavior and Deja cleans it up.

And so ends our day in the Coffey household.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

For those of you who like to keep track of all your 100 Babies on a spreadsheet, Fizzstix (on the forums) has done a great spreadsheet in Google Docs. Here is what she says:

‘I completed this challenge before toddlers came out. I haven’t attempted it yet since they came out. I probably will at some point. I did keep a spreadsheet. I did make an alteration to make room for their traits.

You can go into the file and make a copy of my document and then edit out my text and make it your own.’

There are tabs on the bottom for each Generation. Very cool. I still use my copybook to keep track but also started to use this as well. Here is the link. Thanks, Fizzstix.

Fizzstix’s 100 Baby Challenge Spreadsheet


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