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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 19 – The Money Tree is Ready!

#saa100babychallengethe tree was readyI am excited! The day has finally arrived and the money tree is ready to harvest! And look at how many simoleons Melody will get! Oh, thank you great and wonderful money tree!

[Author’s Notes: There is a money tree trick, so see the Tips and Tricks section at the end.]

With these newfound simoleons, we are going to do a bit of a house remodel. I know…yet again! I’m also going to purchase some much-needed items to help the kids with their skilling and aspiration needs.melodys bedroom.png First, I got all the trees out of Melody’s bedroom and put them outside. Then, I upgraded her bed and put one of the extra TVs in her room.larger greenhouse with chess table.png Next, I built a greenhouse off the kitchen, put the flower arranging table in there, and moved the planters and bee box, and bought a chess table.2 beds and new computer.png This then freed up the one bedroom. I moved two beds in here and bought a desk and computer and a mirror.2 beds tv and art table.png I then added another bedroom, which is the same size as the last bedroom, to the front of the house. I moved the other two beds there and bought another art table, and the tv is the one from the living room.living room reno again I bought them 2 new couches, so they have seating for 6 in the living room now and a wall mounted tv. The door near the stereo is to the new bedroom.microwave and shelf.png I bought a little shelf to display a few items in the kitchen and a microwave. Children can autonomously use the microwave if they select a quick microwave meal from the fridge.a little bathtub room.png In the bathroom, I replaced one of the toilets with an unbreakable toilet, and built a little bathtub room and up-graded the bathtub.dont wake the llama table for kids.png I bought the children a Don’t Wake the Llama table. new climbers.pngAnd, the best choice for everyone, a set of climbers! They all just autonomously play on these.

At the same time, I decided to use some of Melody’s aspiration rewards to give her some more traits. So, I purchased the great storyteller, speed cleaner, stoves and grills master, and free services. I didn’t see anywhere in the rules where you were not allowed to purchase free services, and even though we all know maids never clean, I thought that once in a while, a maid might come in handy. Maybe she’ll actually get a good maid who will actually clean!most interesting sim in the world

And then I got this pop-up! Oh, I think she’s ready to be on a Dos Equis commercial.*

brittani school

While the kids are in school, Ana, Brittani, and Cameron get a notice that completing their project has a positive impact on their grades. I also get a few popups. I chose “Confess the Truth” for Brittani on this one. And Elise had the same one come up, so I chose “Copy a Classmate’s” for Elise.

assignment answercioycat.png

Looks like “Copy a Classmate’s” is the better choice with a small performance gain.

oh brotherOops! I thought I had Melody pay the bills, but I guess not. Luckily I hadn’t spent all the simoleons, so she forked out the $780 simoleons to get the power back on. My bad!felicity meltdown.png

felicty being mad.png

And as usual, Felicity is having a temper tantrum. The Fussy trait IS the worst!cameron spirit animal.png When the children came home from school, I got a notice that Cameron was going through a phase and he had a bear costume on. cameron is a pineapple bearCameron has turned into a pineapple bear! There is a choice where Melody can also join in the bear-comradery and put on a bear suit, and she can also talk to Cameron about his bear phase. Well, hopefully, Cameron won’t be a bear forever.im a bear

ALEXANDER GOTH TALKING TO FIONA.pngAlexander Goth was invited back to the house and is chatting with a very stinky Fiona. How do these kids get so dirty? Tomorrow is Fiona’s birthday, and then on Friday is Felicity’s. I know, they’re twins, but they are aging up on two separate days. Sims logic here.

And with that, we leave the Coffey household for today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

The money tree is available in the Seasons pack for 5,000 aspiration points. When it’s ready to harvest, you can only “sell” the harvest. However, if you put the money tree in your household inventory, the money fruit falls off the tree and then you get more money trees to plant. Cha-ching! I am not sure where I read this, either in the forums or in a youtube video about Seasons. I tried it in another save, and it works! Of course, once you plant them, it will take another 7 days for the money tree to be ready again. I will probably try this trick a little later on, as right now, Melody is kind of desperate for simoleons.

*Dos Equis had an ad campaign of their beer featuring “The Most Interesting Man in the World”. Read about it HERE.


4 thoughts on “Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 19 – The Money Tree is Ready!

  1. The thing about bills being paid but not I think is a glitch. I’ve had several save files where I swear I’ve paid the bills already, swear I heard the chime that says I’ve paid it and then get a notice saying power will be cut off soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe it’s my game. I have repaired it several times. And when I try to re-do the birthday party to get a better score, the things to do for the party in the left hand upper corner don’t show up, so I never get a better level. Sheesh!


      1. Oh haven’t seen that glitch come up. I have had it happen where things like “3 Sims dancing at same time” doesn’t even count one let alone ten dancing at the same time.

        Liked by 1 person

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