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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 20 – Fiona’s Birthday

#saa100babychallengedeja woken up in the night by the monster under the bed.pngSpring, Day 5, Thursday.

The next morning came bright and early for the Coffey household, thanks to the monster under the bed. Here is Deja doing her”I can’t believe I saw that” dance.putting them back to bed and buying the lights Melody, of course, sprays under the bed and Deja goes back to sleep. But it is getting bright outside and almost time for school, so Cameron decides to stay up.fiona on birthday day It’s Fiona’s birthday today, and once the kids come home from school, they will celebrate. Look at Fiona’s toddler skills on her birthday! I get a notice that Dominic and Morgan Fyres have sent Fiona gifts.off to school they go.png And soon everyone is ready, and they head off to school.fiona in highchair.png Melody is left with the two toddlers. Fiona seems to be on her best behavior today.felicity not happy.png And Felicity…ummm…not so much. Felicity is just so dirty and stinky all the time!filthy felicity.png So while Melody gives Felicity a bath…FIONA STINKY AND ASLEEP.pngFiona passes out on the kitchen floor. Poor Fiona. Melody gives Fiona a bath, cleans up the house, bakes a cake and tries to spend time with Fiona on some skill building.

we encourage creativityI got this pop-up while the kids were at school. Of course, I chose “We encourage creativity!” I think I have to pay more attention to their character values and choose the best answer to get a particular value up. I guess this is more important when they are teens when they need an ‘A’ and to get a character value within range before you can age them up to young adult and move them out. So, right now, I am just having fun with the answers.simology panel

Perhaps I should have chosen another answer as Cameron’s manners are in the red right now. Oops.back from school again.png The day just flies by and soon everyone is home again. Yes, Cameron is still a bear.brittani enjoying the new computer.png With homework done, Brittani plays some arithmetic attack on the new computer. She is really working hard on her mental skills.fiona is sad her daddy is not there.png And soon it’s time for the party. Melody baked a blue confetti cake. Fiona is looking longingly at that cake. Everyone was just waiting for Dominic Fyres to arrive to help Fiona blow out the candles.

The sim in the tux is the entertainer. I think he is leading them singing “Hopple Borfna” (translation – Happy Birthday)tim for fiona to blow out the candles.pngAnd soon Dominic arrives.blow out those candle.png“Make a wish and blow out the candles!” Happy Birthday, Fiona!

fiona aged to child.pngFiona Coffey-Fyres ages up to a child. She rolls the Whiz Kid aspiration and Goofball trait. She also earns the Happy Toddler trait.fiona coffey-fyres child.png

Here she is! The game kept her hairstyle, which I love. I did change her clothes for the next chapter because I didn’t want her all in brown.this is one way of getting a shower.png One of the party guests, Alexander Goth using the sink. I guess that’s one way of taking a shower.opening her gift.png Fiona opens her birthday gifts. She got a PenguinVision Children’s television set! In the mail from Morgan and her Dad, she also got Bleep the Robot and a fully functional helicopter.a good start on her homework fiona.png Fiona gets a headstart on her homework with Melody mentoring. Fiona also joins Scouts and I add her to the Family Club.haven't slept at all last night.png Fiona enjoying the climbers outside.so glad her dad came.png And before he leaves the party, Fiona gives her Dad a great, big hug. What a great day she had!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

In the Parenthood pack, the character value dialogue box that pops-up, where you have to choose an answer, can help your child or teen get a character value within a range (either bad or good). So, it’s a good idea to choose the answer that will be the most beneficial to help your child or teen to get a value within a range. Especially if you are aiming to age them up early. These values change and don’t stay the same. A tip is to take a quick look at their values at the beginning of each day so that when these dialogue boxes come up – you are ready with the right answer.








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