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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 21 – Felicity’s Birthday

#saa100babychallengefriday spring day 6.pngSpring, Day 6, Friday.

Today is Felicity’s birthday and the last toddler to age up to a child. Well, for now. Even though Fiona and Felicity are twins, they aged up on different days. Now, that’s kind of weird. Both Morgan and Dominic sent Felicity gifts in the mail.

start of fri new clothesThe Coffey Clan. L-R: Cameron, Ana, Fiona, Melody holding Felicity, Deja, Elise, and Brittani. Broke as usual with $307 simoleons.cleaning up fiona.png Everyone got ready for school, and look at Fiona being the helpful cleaner.last one off to school.png And off they go to school. Brittani always seems to be the last one to leave.the last of the toddlers not yet potty trained.png And here is the birthday girl herself. Yep, dirty as usual.bath time for felicity.png

felicity under my thumb

I guess Felicity wanted a bath and this is what came up! Darn Fussy toddlers.

felicity skills on age up

I take a look at Felicity’s skills and realize that she hasn’t been fully potty trained as yet. Well, with only one toddler to look after, Melody is going to work hard to try to get her to skill up.felicity is going to be trained on potty.png Might as well start now. And after a few more tries…so excited to be able to go potty herself.pngFelicity is finally potty trained! Yes!


And then I get this pop-up about Ana from school. Ok, so I forgot to check her character traits before she left for school. I picked “Too Young for kissing”, and now her Emotional Control is in the red. I thought this pop-up was hilarious, though.HOME FROM SCHOOL VERY DIRTY.png And soon everyone is back from school. Oh my word! Were they playing in a mud puddle? Well, we can’t have a birthday party with everyone looking like this. So, I direct them to the showers.

It’s the weekend and the grades look like this: Ana-B; Cameron-B; Brittani-B; Deja, Elise and Fiona all have C’s. Both Ana and Brittani went up in their grades! Congrats to both of them!the last one to age up.png Meanwhile, Melody bakes a cake and invites Dominic Fyres over. Felicity is excited to see her Daddy. And miracle of miracles, Felicity is still clean.

[Author’s Notes: I had baked a honey cake and put candles on it, but it did not stay fresh in the fridge. Will have to try to bake a honey cake again.]birthday time.png The candles are lit and Brittani pops the confetti shooter to celebrate. But where’s the birthday girl?blow blow blow.png Here she is! Dominic helps Felicity to blow out the candles.

felicity age up child.png

Felicity Coffey-Fyres has aged up to a child. She rolled the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and Self-Assured trait. And she also got the Happy Toddler trait, thanks to Melody getting her potty trained.FELICITY AGE UP CHILD POSE.png Felicity looks great! This is the Maxis-generated age-up look and I love the hairstyle and the clothes suit her well. I didn’t change them, but I did change some other outfits for the next chapter. I had Felicity join Scouts and she is part of the Family Club.FOR ME YES.png Felicity opens her gifts and she gets a Boo-Boo Billy Doctor Playset. In the mail, she gets some Tiny Teacher Nesting Blocks. She loves those gifts. But she also gets a Future Cube and it gets the thumbs down. Oops, who sent that?

With all the kids now at the child stage, it will be time for another renovation. Let’s hope the money tree will be ready again tomorrow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

One of the hardest skills to max for the toddlers is the Thinking skill. With a houseful of toddlers and children, who has time to do flashcards with the toddlers? Well, Melody didn’t. So, once you are able to afford it, get the Wabbit Tablet for $500 simoleons. Toddlers can play the SimShape game and that gets their thinking skill up. This then frees up the caregiver to help the other toddlers or children or teens work on skills, or maybe even take a nap herself.



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