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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 22 – Pirate Day

#saa100baby challenge


Spring, Day 7, Saturday. NO MORE TODDLERS! (for now) From L-R: Brittani, Elise, Felicity, Melody, Deja, Fiona, Ana, and Cameron. The money tree was also ready, so they have $11,933 simoleons! Yes, more renovations! Today is also Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is a random-generated holiday on the calendar. There is just one goal and that is to “talk like a pirate”. Everyday interactions, like using the toilet are changed to “use the head”, so it’s a fun day all around.FIONA SO HAPPY Fiona thinks this is a great day and she wastes no time asking about “ere the wind blows”. I then have everyone work on skills.best friends.png I notice that both Brittani and Ana need to have a BFF, so Melody becomes both their BFFs.ana and melody best friends.pngThey both advance to level 3 of the Social Butterfly Aspiration.cameron had some pressing advice to ask Melody.png Cameron needs some advice from Melody and gets her attention in the bathroom.

lonely recess

have others join in

I told him to ask the other kids if you can join in, which lowered his emotional control but increased his conflict resolution.MELODY TAKING CARE OF HER GARDEN.png Melody does some gardening and harvests the money tree. Time for the renovation.another small room reno.pngA new nightstand, lamp, and some drapes for Ana and Brittani’s room.more renovations to the rooms.pngSome drapes and a picture for Cameron and Deja’s room.the third bedroom reno.pngA total room renovation for Fiona and Felicity’s room. It had a double air mattress bed in here before. other side of room 3.pngThe other side of Fiona and Felicity’s room.happy with playroom.png The renovated playroom (formerly the baby & toddler’s room)playroom makeover.png There is now a toy box. Now if someone would only clean up all the toys. I would like to keep this as a designated playroom, but it is also Elise’s bedroom. I guess it’s time to build another bedroom.living room got a gaming box, hall a keyboard.png I purchased a game console, a keyboard, and the nano-can garbage can.DINING ROOM RENO 2.png A little dining room expansion with a larger table and more chairs. Now enough for 8 to sit down. A buffet table to hold a few items in the corner.backyard reno.png In back, a small patio which holds the Don’t Wake the llama game, a basketball court and a small wading pool.brittani making a microwave dinner.png Brittani making a microwave dinner for herself.work out while they are at scouts.png While the kids are at Scouts, I have Melody go for a jog and work on her Athletic Aspiration. Her figure is just not what it used to be after having seven kids.talk like a pirate day.png She chats with the mail carrier and there is Zoe Patel dressed up as a pirate. talk like a pirate day mortimer goth.pngOh, ooh-la-la, doesn’t Mortimer Goth look good as a pirate?attempting mental telepathy.png Back from Scouts, Brittani tries some “mental telepathy” She has nearly maxed the Mental skill.gathering plants.png Melody collecting more flowers. Maybe she’ll be able to do more flower arranging.BRITTANI MY HELPER.png Always helpful. Brittani cleaning up. Don’t you just love those llama hats?

good manners trait

I also get this pop-up. Wow! Brittani got this all by herself.family time.png Family time. Talk Like a Pirate Day was a success for everyone!the donor dad wall.png I finally posted all my Donor Dad pics on the wall, which are displayed in the hall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stats Update:

Ana – 3 days to age to Teen; Level 3 Social Butterfly Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-2; Mental-7; Motor-4; Social-5; B student

Brittani – 3 days to age to Teen; Level 1 Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-4; Mental-9; Motor-2; Social-7; B student; Manners are in range

Cameron – 3 days to age to Teen; Level 2 Social Butterfly Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-2; Mental-4; Motor-4; Social-4; B student; Conflict Resolution is very much in the green

Deja – 5 days to age to Teen; Level 2 Social Butterfly Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-3; Mental-2; Motor-3; Social-5; C student; Responsibility is very much in the red

Elise – 9 days to age to Teen; Level 1 Artistic Prodigy Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-3; Mental-3; Motor-3; Social-4; C student

Fiona – 12 days to age to Teen; Level 1 Whiz Kid Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-2; Mental-5; Motor-3; Social-3; C student

Felicity – 12 days to Age to Teen; Level 1 Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-3; Mental-1; Motor-3; Social-3; C student

Melody: 8 days to age to Adult; Level 4 – Freelance Botanist Aspiration: Skills: Cooking & Parenting-Level 10; Gardening-Level 8; Gourmet Cooking-Level 6; Charisma-Level 5; Handiness-Level 4; Comedy & Flower Arranging-Level 3; Baking, Photography & Singing-Level 2; Dancing, Fitness, Logic, Mischief, Mixology, Video Gaming-Level 1

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

Who knew? I have always been stumped in getting past Level 1 of the Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration – “Play on a jungle gym while playful.” I would have kids play on the monkey bars while playful and never fulfilled the level. Well, today I found out that the “Look at Me Monkey Bars” is NOT what you need to get past this level. You need your child to play on the Redbeard’s Revenge Pirate ship jungle gym (cost: $3,000 simoleons) or the Starcruiser X jungle gym (cost: $4,500 simoleons). I guess I didn’t read the requirements of “jungle gym” very carefully. Until your caregiver starts making great simoleons the best place to do this is to go to a park. Maybe everyone already knows this, but for me, this was a great eye-opener. Tomorrow, the Coffey clan will head to a park! Yah…ok…getting more coffee now.


6 thoughts on “Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 22 – Pirate Day

  1. OHH Mortimer in the pirate costume .. what a riot! Love the upgrades to the house .. mine is in dire need but I also need funds LOL come on froggies do your thing. I am making LB jog too .. she has grown into quite a chunk.

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