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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 23 – Park Time

#saa100baby challengenew coffey calendar scouts updateSpring, Day 8, Sunday

Today is the day that Melody is going to take everyone to the park. But first, they have some other skills to work on.ANA PRACTIVING CHARISMA.png Ana is practicing her charisma. I hung a mirror on the wall and so she’s talking to herself in typical sim fashion.CAMERON WORKING ON CHARISMA.png Cameron is also working on his charisma on a mirror in the dining room.DEJA PRACTIVING PIANO.png Deja is working on her piano skill on the new keyboard. This keyboard takes up less room than the normal piano.FELICITY WORKING ON EXPERIMENTS.png Felicity is outside doing experiments.BRITTANI WORKING ON TYPING SKILLS.png Brittani is practicing her typing skills on the computer.ELISE DOING SOME DRAWING.png Elise is doing some drawing. Whenever I see her, she is always drawn (ha! ha!) to the drawing table autonomously.

Fiona is playing chess in the greenhouse. I did eventually have to move the bee box because they were randomly getting stung by the bees while playing chess.

And poor Melody is cleaning again.

I had purchased Free Services for Melody with her aspiration points, so I figure, what the heck, let’s hire a maid for the day. Melody has better things to do than clean all the time.  And, the maid will be coming tomorrow, so let’s see if they will clean or not.

Deja checks her Scout board and gets a promotion! Yes! Deja is now a Unicorn Scout, along with Brittani, Ana, and Elise. Everyone else is a Griffon Scout. It’s a good idea to check that Scout Board before they head to Scouts as they may be eligible for another badge.

When the kids came back from Scouts, Melody had a wonderful surprise for them. They were heading to the park!

Yes, the park has undergone a transformation, and there is now a rollerskating rink. There are also lots of other activities to do, including a jungle gym to play on.

So, while the kids enjoy the park activities, Melody works on her next possible Donor Dad. Geoffrey Landgraab, will you be lucky # 7?

Oh yes, here they are playing pirates on the jungle gym!

However, the only one in the playful mood was Brittani, so the rest still don’t get that milestone completed. Grrr! Both jungle gyms take up a lot of space on a lot, and the lot that Melody lives on right now has no room. So they have to come to a park to play on this item. Yuki Behr joins in the fun and is playing the sea monster.

Brittani and Alexander Goth become BFF’s. Even though Alexander was initially Ana’s friend, Brittani and Alexander just seem to gravitate towards each other.

Cameron and Felicity waste no time in meeting other kids. Here they are meeting Billie at the jungle gym.

Brittani and Ana try out some rollerskating.  Oopsie! Ana nearly falls, but quickly recovers. 

Cameron is testing out the swings. Swing high, swing low.

Melody makes some grilled fruit which everyone seems to enjoy.

It was getting dark, and a lot of teens seem to want to hang out at the park.  Malcolm Landgraab is beating up on a stuffed animal, while Wolfgang Munch has destroyed a dollhouse. These rebellious teens seem to have overtaken the park, and Melody thinks it’s time to go.

And so ends another day in the Coffey household.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Author’s Notes:

Many thanks to Kristysquires for creating this rollerskating rink Park.  I added a few items as well, such as the jungle gym.

I realized once I was done with the day, that the park had the lot traits of teen neighborhood. No wonder teens were taking over the park!

Tips & Tricks:

Ok, so I had them go to the park to play on the jungle gym to complete their Rambunctious Scamp milestone, but the problem was they were tired and weren’t getting the playful moodlet.  Ok, so they can’t do some things they could at home (such as taking a bubble bath or watching comedy on tv), to get that playful vibe. So how can you get the playful moodlet when they are away from home? To the rescue, comes Carl’s Guide to the Playful Emotion. Too bad I didn’t read this BEFORE they went to the park because then I would have found out that there is another animal hat for playfulness! Yes, the Hysterical Tiger Hat gives a playful mood. Other neat ideas are to eat gummy bear pancakes, wear the star-spangled glasses and drink a macchiato coffee (coffee is not for kids, though).  Here is the complete list: 


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