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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 24 – Project Overload


For this chapter, I have merged Monday and Tuesday together.  So, Spring Day 9 & 10. These were just regular school days.

Monday morning came bright and early and even though everyone was rather tired, they headed off to school.

The money tree was ready to harvest, so I went into build mode and put it into the household inventory. And, here we go! Now we have 6 money trees!

I have Melody plant, water and fertilize the new money trees. One money tree nets $11,000 simoleons. Pretty soon, Melody is going to be very rich. I was thinking of having her move to a larger lot, but I think she is going to stay here and I’ll just upgrade everything. Whenever we get to Generation 2, that is when they will head off to a new city.

And right on time, the maid arrives! Amazing!

And since it’s Monday, the bills also arrive. Blech! But they are not so bad, and I have Melody pay them right away.

I check on the maid, and can you believe it — he is actually cleaning! Can we request this maid again? He is worth it.

While everyone is at school, I get a few pop-ups. Melody gets a call from the school about Elise and advises her to apologize to the other student.

Cameron gets a text from Billie to ditch school. Um….no! Luckily Cameron makes the right choice and says no. His “A” is at stake here, and he isn’t going to jeopardize it.

Plus, Cameron seems to have a big exam at school today.

The kids return home from school. And what’s this? Fiona had a bad day. Ahhh…. poor Fiona.

It appears that Ana, Brittani & Cameron are A students. Now technically, I could age them up to teen, but their “official” birthday is in 2 days, so I was just going to wait and age them up altogether. Perhaps with the next bunch, I won’t wait, and then just age them up right away. It would be really nice if they could complete their aspiration in time. Deja and Elise are B students, and Fiona and Felicity are doing satisfactory work.

And it seems that everyone has been assigned a project! Yikes! Seven projects all at once! Well, Melody can’t help everyone with the project herself, so she recruits the Baby Daddy Club to help out.

Yeah! And everyone’s project gets an “A” thanks to the help of the club members.

The completed projects. Three volcanoes (Ana, Cameron, and Felicity) and three solar systems (Deja, Elise, and Fiona). Brittani is the only one who had a different one – a Medieval Castle Diorama.

Since everyone had been there for quite a while helping with the projects, Melody makes some spaghetti to feed the crowd.

Melody is chatting with Kabir Acharya, a member of the Baby Daddy Club. A lot of the club members are Adults now and even though I had hoped that Melody would have Jacques Villareal as a Donor Dad, I am not sure if he is going to be around when it’s time for her to get pregnant again. He is an Elder after all.

Melody gets stung by the bees while trying to bond with them.  I also see a bee around Cameron, and he gets stung, too. 
Ok, that’s it. The bee box is being moved outside!

Brittani makes it across the climbers three times and she completes the Rambuctious Scamp aspiration! Yes! She might be the only one to do this. They can’t go back to the park before the birthdays to get that milestone completed for being playful while playing on the jungle gym. Well, at least Brittani completed it! So proud of you Brittani!

And this ends Monday at the Coffey household.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

It’s Tuesday morning, and for some reason, Mila is still here. I think she slept on the couch. And she is cooking grilled cheese for one. Sure, go ahead, make yourself at home.

Felicity is up early and decides to play with the doctor kit in her pjs.

Here they are off to school, and I think it must be pj day in Fiona’s class today because that is how she is heading to school. Whereas  Ana is sleepwalking to class.

We get some pop-ups while they are at school.

Ana decides to send the other kid and it turns out to be a musical fiasco.

Fiona keeps running and gets a small performance gain! Alrighty!

Meanwhile, back at home, Melody tends to the bees. This is the first time I have her don her beekeeping suit, as she keeps getting stung by bees. The bee box is now outside so that everyone can play chess in the greenhouse without getting stung all the time.

And everyone has returned from school again and Felicity is now in the same outfit as Ana. Must have been a 2-for-1 sale on those outfits.

I have Ana invite a  member of her club over, the Avant Gardes. Hugo Villareal is a teen and Ana ages up tomorrow. Maybe some sparks will fly between them when they are teens? Hugo appears uncomfortable in the house and then I discover that he has the loner trait.

He seems more interested in playing video games than talking to Ana, though.

Oh, and why did Clara Bjergsen just walk into my house? No-one invited her in. So weird.

I think Clara might be stalking Melody, because a few days ago, she just appeared out of the blue in front of Melody’s house. Look at her. Has she donned some kind of disguise? We know it’s you Clara.  Maybe she knows what Melody is up to with her Baby Daddy Club. Afterall, Bjorn, Clara’s husband is a member, and maybe Clara is keeping an eye on things. Her appearance and entry into the house uninvited is just rather strange.

And with that strange thought, we leave the Coffey resident for today. Tomorrow is Ana, Brittani and Cameron’s birthdays, so it will be a rather exciting day!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Tips & Tricks:

The way things are going with the birthdays, Melody might end up with 3 spots available in the house at the same time. Her romantic relationships with the potential Donor Dads in the Baby Daddy Club is not very good right now. I think that perhaps she should start the romance ball rolling again and start working on our next Donor Dads in the Baby Daddy Club. Just who should she work on first? Or should she just try another date with Jacques Villareal? That first one was a total disaster and nothing ever came of it. What to do, what to do. Well, all I can say is “Clara, you better watch out, because Bjorn might be next on Melody’s list….”  muhahaha!

As already mentioned, line up the Donor Dads in advance, so when those three move out, Melody can invite the potential Donor Dad over right away and get busy! Melody, it’s time to turn on the charm!

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