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Survive the Insanity-Day 9 -Happy Hollow Asylum-A Day Off

In our last chapter, Viviana held art therapy in the park for The Circle Asylum and the Happy Hollow Asylum. It was a perfect day and almost everyone painted. Randall and Finn were the only two who didn’t paint. Randall seemed to be pre-occupied with singing and telling jokes, whereas Finn was busy tending and talking to the garden plants. Rocky, on the other hand, spent most of his day lounging in the kiddie pool. He and Barbie did chat a bit, but nothing else happened. Everyone had fun painting and Viviana painted the best painting of the day – an excellent painting valued at $1,252 simoleons, and Midge painted the second highest painting – an excellent painting valued at $451 simoleons. On returning home, each asylum displayed the wonderful art from their “Paint in the Park” day. Their cracked walls never looked so good.

It’s Sunday, Summer, Day 7.  Believe it or not, everyone has a day off. I had to remind myself that I really need to concentrate on Louis’ skills in order for him to leave the asylum. I mean he hasn’t even maxed his cooking skill yet. Sheesh!

Of course, since I last played, the Get Famous pack has come out and we have a new in-game challenge. I have the Get Famous pack on my Christmas wish list, so nothing new there as yet. But, I am going to have Louis try out The Positivity Challenge, so first Louis has to call over the event coordinator, Millie Bobby Brown. Maybe he will be able to complete a few of these.

And sure enough, he completes his first milestone of the challenge and gets a poster called Grin and Bear It. I send him off to cook, and I figure now is a good opportunity to take a look around at what all the other residents are doing.

Veta is outside in a deep conversation with the shrubs. Perhaps she is discussing her tree viewing experience from yesterday.

In the backyard, Rocky is swimming happily in the murk.

Deirdre is madly mopping the lawn, and Sonny seems in a rush to get somewhere. Not sure where, so let’s follow him.

Aha! He heads straight to the computer and tries to hack into the Crumblebottom Servers. He is currently at programming level 3, so maybe he will get lucky.

[Author’s Note: I have changed the club activities and I now have Hacking as one of the activities, along with Painting, Play Don’t Wake The Llama, Cooking, and Mischief skill. Lot traits today are Mischief, Gnomes, and Great Soil]

Sonny skills  up to Level 4 programming, but unfortunately, he is not good enough to break the code and gets nothing.

Krysta has decided to work on her dance moves and Randall (in the back) is starting to paint. Oh sure, now he paints.

It looks like Sonny has given up on hacking. Donning his camouflage suit, he gives a quick read of the mischief book. Maybe he is looking for some tips on how to hack that server.

With the computer free now, Deirdre tries her hand at hacking. She is up to level 2 in programming and decides to try to hack into the National Sims Security Agency.

Alrighty! Deirdre is more successful than Sonny and gets $267 simoleons. 

Getting those simoleons is a good thing because as I scan the kitchen area, it seems that everyone has decided to spend simoleons wildly and cook…BADLY.  See those blobs on the counter? Yep, cakes or wanna-be cakes made by Rocky and Randall. I think that having cooking as a club activity was a bad idea.

Midge wisely stays away from the cake and makes herself some popcorn.

Veta has come inside and is telling Deirdre what appears to be a horror story. Deirdre looks worried, while Midge thinks that the story is rather amusing.

Rocky is in his favorite place talking to the bath towel. Maybe he is asking the towel for advice. Was he ready to ‘throw in the towel” in matters of the heart? Or will there be another heat of the moment with Barbie? We’ll leave him with the towel love guru.

The kitchen was getting a bit crowded, so I had Louis work on some painting skill. Ah look, maybe he is painting all the residents. 

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Krysta helps herself to some coffee and after tasting it, described it as the world’s most gross coffee ever.

Veta figures that Krysta is exaggerating about the coffee, and takes a sip. Ewww…no, she was right. It is gross. I think everyone in the house was trying to sample this coffee because almost everyone has the Gross Brew moodlet. Who made this swill? Was it Midge again?

[Author’s Note: I clicked on the cup and discovered that yes, indeed it was Midge who made the coffee.  Keep that sim away from the coffee pot!]

Oh my gosh – look at Midge. I think she’s going to strangle Veta! Midge doesn’t really like to hear Veta badmouthing her coffee!

Oh my! And now Rocky is yelling at Veta! Um, Louis, I think you better switch to decaf coffee.  These sims can’t handle all that caffeine.

Louis comes back into the kitchen only to discover that the stove is broken and the water faucet has turned into a second shower. Maybe it’s a good thing that the stove is broken because I think Rocky was thinking of making another blob cake. Or maybe he was going to sample the gross coffee.

Krysta plays a game of Don’t Wake the Llama with Louis. He looks a bit nervous. Has Midge given Krysta lessons, too? In the background, painting yet another painting is Randall. Gee, he didn’t paint at the park, but he sure is painting a lot here.

The easel is free and Midge decides to paint something. How unusual. Has she given up Don’t Wake the Llama for painting?

This is Midge’s final painting. It is not excellent, but I thought it was rather unusual with the freezer bunny in it. Midge does have a thing for freezer bunnies. Remember her Freezer Bunny bonsai creation?

In the living room, in his secret llama disguise, Rocky is now attempting to hack the Llamacorn Listserve.

With a final look around, everything seems to be fine at the Happy Hollow Asylum. Midge seems pretty pleased with herself, and I see that Randall has come back and has worked on another painting. I wonder what Midge, Veta, and Sonny are discussing? I guess we won’t find out until tomorrow as we say goodnight to the Happy Hollow residents.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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