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Down & Out in Del Sol – Ch 3: Salty Suds Commercial

Mariel woke up in the night and was starving. The two lemons that she had left just didn’t quite fill the growling of her stomach. She needed food. Real food. She had already looked around the main level of the gym and didn’t remember seeing any food there.

Mariel decided to head upstairs and see if she could find a vending machine, some complimentary mints or something. Anything! But, everywhere she looked there was nothing. She went into an empty yoga room and looked out a big window. Hmmm…what was that? She saw some lights from a building next door and saw sims heading inside. It was a bar and it was open. She decided to head there and see if they served any food.

Yep, it was a bar called Orchid A Go Go. It actually appeared to be deserted. Of course, it was 2am.

Well, since she was here, Mariel decided to head inside. There was only the bartender and one patron inside. Mariel headed over to the bar and saw bowls of chips lined up on the counter! Yes! Free food!

Mariel looked around and saw a stage with a microphone and guitar. She chatted to the bartender a bit, whose name was Eliza Pancakes, and felt much better after eating the chips. Ok, so not real food, but better than sucking on a lemon!

The mood of the place made her feel nostalgic, and Mariel turned to the bartender and asked if it was alright if she sang a song.

“Sure, knock yourself out,” was Eliza’s reply.

Mariel cleared her throat and headed up to the microphone. There was now only the bartender and Mariel left in the bar. She picked up the microphone and started to sing Mazie Grobe. It was one of her favorite songs. When Mariel finished the song, she headed back to sit at the bar.

“You know, you’re a pretty good singer. Real soulful-like”, said the bartender, “If you’re interested, we have a Talent Showcase here on Friday from 6 to 11pm. You should come out and try your luck. You never know who might be in the audience.”

Mariel had never thought about doing something like that before. Her grandfather had always told her she had a beautiful voice, but she never paid him any heed and thought he was just being nice. Hmmm…she thought about it some more as she munched on another bowl of chips.

Mariel turned towards the door and saw Judith Ward enter the bar. Oh my gosh. What was she doing here? This wasn’t an exclusive club, it was just sort of a local hang out.

A crowd suddenly started to form around Judith. The word must have gotten out that there was a celebrity sighting. Mariel wondered if Judith might remember her. Probably not, but maybe she could ask her for another autograph. Eliza, the bartender, had told her that celebrity autographs were pretty valuable and there were many collectors willing to buy them. Mariel couldn’t part with the first one that Judith had signed, but maybe, maybe if she got another one, she could sell it.

“Ummm…Ms. Ward…may I have your autograph?” And just like that, Mariel got another autograph. She now had 3 celebrity autographs! If she got enough autographs and sold them, the simoleons would start pouring in! Oh my gosh she was going to be rich!

Well, yah, that would only work if ALL of the celebrities gave you an autograph when you asked them for one. Like Mr. Flamingo Shirt celebrity. Um, sorry, Mariel didn’t get his name…Tyrell somebody, who didn’t “do” autographs, didn’t “do” selfies, and didn’t “do” photos.

Well, so much for Mariel’s Get Rich Quick Scheme. Mariel had better stick with the acting career for now and practice her acting skill. Since the bar was getting a bit crowded (at 5 in the morning!), Mariel decided to lock herself in the toilet stall where she could concentrate on her lines. She had to work on charisma and acting, and then invite the Director and cast over to her house for a meet and greet. Are you kidding me? Well, I guess they could hang out around the tree.

Mariel’s energy needs were still very low. She would have to keep napping until her gig started. But, wait, what about that Meet and Greet she was supposed to have?

Well, luck was with her. She saw Vanessa wander into the bar. Mariel told her all about the audition and that she had her first acting job at 7pm. Vanessa said they should hang out at Vanessa’s house until Mariel was ready to go. Mariel liked that idea and they headed off.

While Mariel ate a ham and cheese sandwich, she and Vanessa talked about auditions, directors, sets, wardrobe, make-up and all the excitement that happened in the studio. Mariel was so excited.

Mariel looked at the time and there was just an hour left until she had to be at the studio. She quickly invited over the Director and cast. They were there for all of five minutes before she had to leave for the studio. “Ok, well, see you there!”

As Mariel passed through the security gate of Plumbob Pictures and showed her actor’s pass, she was directed to a large sound stage where the commercial was going to be filmed. Wowzers! Look! There were three limos parked out front!

Mariel saw a group of actors heading in a side door and followed them in.

When Mariel opened the door, one of the security guards checked her pass and told her to head to make-up, which was located at the far end of the large expanse. She looked around, there was so much going on. The film crew was getting everything ready. The Director was barking orders at everyone. It was one mad rush.

There was a food area, where actors were eating, and an area with mirrors where several actors were practicing their lines. It was so busy, and crazy, but at the same time, Mariel found it all very exciting.

She entered the door marked MAKE-UP. There was a chair in front of a mirror and tables were overflowing with hair products, combs, brushes, wigs, blow dryers, and nail polish. You name it, they had it.

The make-up artist looked her up and down. He said in a bored manner, “Well, I’ll see what I can do. This may take some time.” With a little spritz here and little spritz there…he was done.

The make-up artist looked pleased and told her that she would be a fine looking alien. “Oh, is there an alien in the Salty Suds Commercial?” Mariel asked.

“Salty Suds commercial? Oh, my word! Get back in that chair. That is absolutely the wrong makeup,” the makeup artist replied in an agitated voice.

He quickly removed the make-up and re-applied new make-up and then worked on Mariel’s hair. “Darling, your strands are a bit frizzy, might I suggest some Moroccan argan oil? It’s my little beauty secret for you.”

The door opened and someone shouted, “You there, Salty Suds girl, you need to get to wardrobe.” Mariel turned in her chair and thanked her make-up artist.

“I look great, I guess…“, Mariel wasn’t really sure if she did look good, but at least she didn’t have that horrid neon green eye shadow on.

Luckily, the door marked WARDROBE was right next door.

This time she told the costume designer that she was here for the Salty Suds Commercial. While the designer measured her, Mariel asked her about her day. Soon Mariel was ready for her outfit.

When Mariel walked out in her costume, the designer couldn’t believe it. “Hun, that is so the WRONG costume. Didn’t you see a sort of pirate outfit hanging in the dressing room? Let me go and look.” 

The designer then went off to the dressing rooms and came back shaking her head.

“Sorry, hun, the other actor put it in the wrong dressing room. It’s in there now.” Mariel realized that half of the time was gone and she hadn’t even gone on the set yet. Whatever the designer put her in this time, she was wearing. She had to do that commercial!

She came out of the dressing room, and the designer looked very pleased. Mariel tried to tell a funny story about it, “You know this reminds me of the time that I put sugar in the salt shaker…”

Mariel still had to rehearse her lines, so she bid farewell and went to her favorite place of seclusion. Oh sure, there were lots of mirrors in a little area where all these actors were practicing their lines. But Mariel wanted to focus. I mean, afterall, it was her first acting job, and she wanted to do everything right.

She had brought along her toothbrush and brushed her teeth so her smile would really shine. She was feeling really confident. She was ready.

Mariel headed over to the Director and he gave her some notes. His name was Vivaan Venkataraman. She quickly looked over the notes.

“Ok, I think I got it, just stand on the little X’s on stage and promote the product.” enthused Mariel.

“You got it, kid. Now go on up there. Let’s try to do this in under 20 takes. I’m in need of a cappuccino break,” the Director said as he waved her towards the stage set.

“Quiet on the set – Take 1. Lights! Camera! ACTION!” bellowed the Director.

Mariel grabbed the ship’s wheel and imagined she was a pirate steering the ship in a blustery gale. She was so intent on her work, that she didn’t hear the Director call “Cut!”

Mariel looked at the Director. He just sat there looking at her. Oh right, on to the next X.

Mariel then swabbed the decks and even threw the broom up in the air for some effect. Oops, that wasn’t in the script, but no-one stopped her until the Director said “Cut”.

And now on to sell, sell, sell this product. “Ahoy Landlubbers….”

“…Salty Suds is the best detergent in all the seven seas. Get yours today, matey.”

“Cut!” yelled the Director.

Mariel waited on stage while the Director and one of the camera crew looked at the footage. She wondered if she would have to do the scene again. She had done some risky moves in all the scenes. Maybe she had overdone it. But then the Director started to clap.

“Amazing, amazing, amazing! I’ve never seen anyone do that commercial in just one take before! That’s a wrap”, shouted Vivaan as the crew started to shut down.

Mariel couldn’t believe it! She had completed her first commercial successfully. And she was being paid $500 simoleons!

Mariel changed out of her wardrobe clothes and went to chat with the Director. “Thank you so much for taking a chance on me. It means a great deal to me”. Mariel gushed.

“You’re a natural, kid,” Vivaan replied, “Head on over and get some food before you head home. It’s not half bad.” Vivaan turned away from her and headed towards one of the lighting crew gesturing wildly, “No, no, no! I want Purple lighting. P-U-R-P-L-E NOT pink!”

Mariel looked around and saw a table with food on it and some actors milling around eating and chatting. Well, it was free, so why not. Right? She wondered if they had any to-go boxes to take some food home. She looked over the offerings of hot dogs, tofu hot dogs, hamburgers, and spaghetti. She helped herself to a plate of spaghetti and chatted with some of the other actors.

She looked at the time. She had been there from 7pm and it was now 1:40 am. Time to head home. But, just then her phone pinged. It was a text message from the Talent Agency! She got a promotion! Wow, this really made her day!

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Mariel was very much in the red in her energy before she had to head to her first acting gig. I didn’t want her to fall over during the commercial, so, with her rewards points, I had to buy her a sleep replacement potion.

An Acting gig is a timed event, sort of like a party, and you have to do certain things within that timeframe. Half of the time was spent in make-up and wardrobe because on the first attempt in both make-up and wardrobe, they did it wrong, so it had to be redone. I didn’t know if she would finish the commercial on time. As you get more acting gigs, it will raise your celebrity level and allow you to purchase perks, such as the ability to skip auditions (Established Name Perk). You can bet I am going to do that when it becomes available. You can read more about the Acting Career in Carl’s Guide.

For the audition and acting gig, you have to be in a confident mood. Two easy ways to do this at the studio are “psyche self-up” in the mirror, or brush your teeth. Both work great.

Mariel didn’t really sing a certain song at the club, I just pretended that she did. Singing and playing guitar raise your fame. But if she had to sing a specific song, what better song to sing than Mayzie Grobe? Hear Mayzie Grobe from the Sims 3 Seasons Trailer. Both are Youtube videos. The first is a version that someone created which is quite nice, and the second is the official release trailer. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Down & Out in Del Sol – Ch 3: Salty Suds Commercial

  1. Well done on the commercial. I haven’t had too much hassle with wrong make up yet and have never had a wrong outfit, so I guess I’ve been lucky. The berries from the tree of emotions is what I usually use to get my confidence up before a gig 🙂 But then I’m on gen 10 of my legacy and not starting from scratch lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, the tree of emotions from the jungle pack. Well, she is only permitted to head around Del Sol and San Myshuno. My extreme version. lol Although I haven’t had her travel to San Myshuno as yet, but soon. Especially with the festivals and the FREE food. hehehe


    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Yes, it was down to the wire when she had to go to her acting gig and I didn’t want her to fail, so I kept thinking about the celestial crown, but didn’t have the right stone. Then I thought, of course, a potion. I don’t use a lot of potions in my game, I think I have used the youth potion once, so it is not a natural go-to for me. But I was desperate. I think she would have passed out in the commercial if I hadn’t had her take that potion.

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      1. I use the youth potion, but not usually the others very often. I have used the potion that fulfills all their needs a few times recently in Drifter Challenge ( the last time it was because I had my drifter eat the cake and I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable for the length of time it lasted! 🙂

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