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Down & Out in Del Sol – Ch 4: Celebrity Sightings

Wednesday 4:00 am – Still at Plumbob Pictures Studio.

Gah! Look at the time! Mariel would have loved to hang out and chat some more with the actors, but Mariel really needed to head back home. As she walked towards the exit door, she spotted a bulletin board. On it were lots of notices — items for sale, several business cards, a poster advertising a charity event, and sims looking for roommates. A roommate? Mariel read some of the ads and tore off a few tear strips and stuck them in her pocket. Maybe, until she could afford a place, she should think about sharing a place with someone. It was a thought. Mariel also pocketed a business card from a 24-hour pawn shop.

As Mariel headed outside, it was such a beautiful day. She decided to just walk around the studio a bit and look at some of the outdoor stage sets.

The place was deserted as they hadn’t started filming for the day. Even though it was a set, it looked like a real street. The set designs were amazing.

She passed some more sound studios and saw a star trailer parked next to one. She wondered who’s trailer it was. She had been touring the studio lot for longer than she thought, and the sun was now coming up. It was definitely time for her to head out.

As Mariel turned to leave, she saw Thorne Bailey heading up the walkway towards her. She couldn’t believe he was here! Mariel nervously smoothed her hair with one hand. Oh my gosh! Was that his star trailer she had just seen? Was he doing some recording here at the studio? Another music video? There was no one else around. No paparazzi, no fans, no-one. It was just Mariel and Thorne. Was Mariel actually dreaming this? But, no, he was there. It was like time stood still, he looked at her and she looked at him.

Mariel felt her legs suddenly move as she walked towards him and before she could stop herself, she heard herself say, “Mr. Bailey….may I have your autograph?”

And just like that he smiled at her and handed her an autographed picture of himself. “Call me Thorne,” he said as he walked by her towards the sound studio. Mariel looked down in her hands and yes! she had another autograph! Woot! She now had four autographs, 2 from Judith and 2 from Thorne.

Mariel remembered the pawn shop card in her pocket and looked at the address. It was right next to the gym! Mariel decided to go there and see how much her autographs were worth. When she got there, the pawn shop appraiser told her that the first autograph of Judith Ward was worth $400 simoleons and the first one of Thorne Bailey was worth $300 simoleons. The other two were worth $50 simoleons. The appraiser said that Mariel could get the autographs re-appraised again in 24 hours. While she was there, Mariel decided to sell some other items, but decided to hold on to the autographs. Mariel thanked him for his time and headed to the gym. Eureka! With the funds she got from the commercial and the items she sold, she had $1,248 simoleons!

Just then her phone pinged. It was a message from the Talent Agency telling her that she had more audition choices. She looked them over and realized she didn’t have any of the requirements needed for these commercials. But then she remembered that there was a guitar at Orchid A-Go-Go, so she signed up for Making Moosic. After she was rested, Mariel could head over there and ask the bartender if she could use the guitar to practice. The audition was tomorrow at noon, so plenty of time.

After heading to the gym and using the shower and toilet, Mariel went to her favorite bench to nap.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Mariel woke up, she realized that she hadn’t taken a Simstagram photo to promote the gym yesterday. She didn’t want to lose her free week’s trial, so she decided to head upstairs to see if she could get another photo. There weren’t many sims working out, but when she turned around, she saw Kayla Flemming working out on the treadmill. Yes, THE Kayla Flemming.

Mariel knew that her first encounter with Kayla hadn’t gone too well, but she decided to approach her anyway and asked if she could take her photo. Kayla looked at Mariel, nodded her head, and got off the treadmill and posed. Mariel couldn’t believe her luck. Kayla was actually going to let her take a photo! Kayla did seem a bit angry, though, so Mariel quickly snapped two photos and thanked her. Ooh, nice!

Sweat is Sexy! At Pectoral Fitness, you never know who will be working out. #pectoralfitness #contest #celebritysighting #kaylaflemming #sweat #workout

Mariel posted the pic to Simstagram and thought that maybe these photos might be worth something. Well, she didn’t want to sell them just yet. Her phone rang, and it was Alex Moyer, a sim she had met at the park in her neighborhood, wondering if she’d like to go for a drink at Orchid A-Go-Go. Since Mariel was heading there anyway, they agreed to meet there.

Mariel was happy to see Alex and Mariel told her about her promotion. Alex said that this was definitely a reason to celebrate and as they headed inside, Mr. Flamingo Shirt Celebrity gave Mariel the once over. Alex whispered in Mariel’s ear that Tyrell Ratliff had just passed them. Who was this guy? Mariel had never heard of him. Alex gave a little swoon and told Mariel that he was a reality-tv star. Well, he certainly wasn’t as famous as Judith Ward or Thorne Bailey, yet he wouldn’t even talk to her! Mariel shook her head and she and Alex headed inside.

A different bartender was on today and Mariel asked if it was alright if she practiced on the guitar for a bit.

“Yah, sure, go ahead. I’d love a little music right now. Sort of our downtime before everyone heads here again,” said the bartender as he re-filled the chip bowls. Mariel gave him a smile and mouthed thanks.

“Are you any good?” You can make lots of tips if you are, you know,” the bartender mentioned casually as he mixed Alex a drink.

“Ummm…just beginning right now,” replied Mariel.

Mariel headed up on stage and picked up the guitar. She could make tips? Mariel wondered how much. She was definitely going to work on her guitar skill. Maybe even buy a guitar. She had seen one for sale in the pawn shop, but it cost $600 simoleons.

Mariel played for quite some time and the bar started to fill up. A sim walked over to her and threw a $4 simoleon tip in her tip jar. Mariel looked up to thank them and thought she recognized the sim, but with the hat pulled over their hair and face, it was hard to tell who they were. Mariel looked again. Was it her?

And then from out of nowhere came a paparazzi who shouted “Holly – Holly Alto, look this way!” and started snapping pics of the sim. Oh my gosh. It was her! It was really Holly Alto!

Holly Alto is a B-Lister celebrity and a famous painter. Mariel had read somewhere that Holly currently had an exhibit at the Casbah Gallery. More and more sims started to recognize Holly, and another paparazzi came over. Mariel put down the guitar and went to introduce herself, but Holly turned and headed out the door.

Mariel didn’t get the chance to actually meet Holly Alto or get an autograph, but she did get her first tip! Woot! And from Holly Alto herself. Mariel felt famous just holding the simoleons in her hands and was so excited to have seen another celebrity. Mariel gave a little sigh of pleasure. She was on her way!

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Yes, it’s true, you can make lots of simoleons from celebrity autographs, and they give fame points, too. The autographs start low, but then you can get them appraised, and then re-appraised after 24 hours. Also, the more famous a celebrity is, the more their autograph will be worth. Hopefully, Judith and Thorne’s autographs will be worth more when they get re-appraised. We’ll find out. Too bad Mariel couldn’t get an autograph from Kayla Flemming or Holly Alto. Oh well, she’ll try again.

The other two auditions give an idea of what other skills she might need for future auditions. So, since Mariel is basically living at the gym, once she gets her guitar skill up, she will be working on her fitness skill. Of course, you don’t need a gym to get the fitness skill, you can just go jogging. Mariel can also use the microphone at the bar to get her comedy skill up.

The Casbah Gallery is located in the Arts District in San Myshuno, which, in this story, is “downtown” Del Sol. I am hoping that Mariel will be able to travel there soon.


6 thoughts on “Down & Out in Del Sol – Ch 4: Celebrity Sightings

  1. Thanks for the reminder to appraise autographs. 😁 Did you know the pictures taken with a camera can be posted to Simstagram? Pull them from inventory to a wall. Then select the photo and choose to post to Simstagram or to sell for fame and Simoleons.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, I actually did know that. I did have a screenie of a pic of Kayla with those options, but decided to remove it when I posted this chapter. I think I will put it in the Author’s Notes for the next chapter. Thanks, though, I appreciate it. I love giving out tips, too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I somehow missed this when it was first posted! I’m really enjoying this and love the tips at the end! I should look into the autographs. It’s not something that occurred to me because IRL I would never ask for an autograph because it seems intrusive but I’ll have to try it in the game!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Jennifer. Yes, autographs start off not worth very much, but you can appraise them, and then re-appraise them after 24 hours. I don’t know yet if the value might also decrease after the 24 hours or if it goes up and then stays at a certain level. Also, if the celebrity lets you, you can take a pic of them with your phone, and then you can post those to simstagram for fame points, or sell to a collector for simoleons and fame points.


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