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Survive the Insanity: Mon., Wk 2 – The Circle Asylum – Day At The Museum

In our last chapter, later in the evening at The Happy Hollow Asylum, Louis seemingly sleepwalks to a mysterious passageway that could possibly lead to Selvadorada. Was it a dream or reality? What does this all mean? Will he get a clue as to who he really was? There were more questions than answers in that chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And so we start where we left off. It is now 1:19 a.m. on Monday. It is Summer. And we have hippety-hopped from The Happy Hollow Asylum to watching Louis wander in the dark, to The Circle Asylum, where all the residents are still up. For some reason, my numbering system for the previous chapters got mixed up. And like, the residents of Happy Hollow and The Circle Asylums, I didn’t know what day it was. But really, today is Monday. Since I last played this save, the Positivity Challenge came and went, but no-one in The Circle Asylum was able to do it. And, Get Famous was released, and yes, I got that pack. So, bearing this all in mind, I re-rolled the random lot traits, and today they have Sunny Aspect, Great Soil and Celebrity Home. Oh my word!

And so it begins…

Viviana just got an e-mail from the Director telling her that The Circle Asylum has been put on a Celebrity Home Tour. What? But no celebrities live here! Yes, the Director knew that no celebrities really lived there, but he thought it would get them noticed. Maybe a caring sim would start a “Go Fund Me” website and other sims would donate to get the house fixed, or even buy another toilet!

Because let’s face it, they needed simoleons. After that Painting Day in the Park, their funds had dwindled to $29 simoleons. And wasn’t Monday bill day? And how could Viviana afford to feed everyone? Oh, the stress, the anxiety, the financial burden! To help Viviana get a grip, I had her look in everyone’s inventory and sold all the glasses of water for $1 simoleon. She then searched clothing pockets in the dirty laundry hamper for spare change. I left some upgrade parts in Viviana’s inventory, but if the bills were too high, I would sell them. This gave them $71 simoleons. I even had her look in the household inventory…

…and found this little surprise! Who the heck had stolen this painting from the Happy Hollow Asylum? Now Viviana had to somehow return it to Happy Hollow without them knowing it was missing. And, as if her day wasn’t bad enough, because the lot trait was now a Celebrity Home, they all got the Poser! Moodlet.

The Circle Club’s activities for today are hack, be mischievous, view art, bathe & shower and clean.

Viviana figures if they are a Celebrity house, it better be clean. (I then went into buy mode and sold all the spiderwebs, cracks (these are worth zero simoleons), food scraps and stained newspapers.) Clean, clean, clean! Toby was super psyched when the house was clean and does a little happy dance.

The residents tried to help Viviana, too, with getting some simoleons. It seemed that everyone was on a hack-a-thon. Sunny wasn’t so lucky with the Crumplebottom Servers, but Toby nicely hacked into the Landgraab Systems and got $77 simoleons. Yep! Yep! More happy dancing!

Viviana was supposed to head to work today, but she is going to take a vacation day and bring everyone to the museum (for her Painting Aspiration). Then following that culture boost, she was going to head to a park, where she could possibly collect a few items that she could sell. She would also change the club traits while they were at the park from Clean to Fish.

With all that, they now have $195 simoleons, and I had Viviana make a party serving of garlic noodles and grilled cheese. And then she went to take a shower, and it was already occupied by Sunny. Ooops! More embarrassed moodlets.

Ready or not, they were off to the Municipal Muses Museum in Willow Creek. Viviana had to view 3 works of art in a museum and while she did so, the other residents followed her around like puppy dogs. When they got to the museum, it was raining.

They were really good at the first painting as Viviana explained the textures and colors and talked about the artist. Ooh, Ahhh, they loved it.

By the time they moved on to the second painting, Viviana heard complaints, lots of complaints. “Where’s the fishing? You said we could go fishing”…”Where’s the bathroom? I didn’t go before we left. Oh did you see that lady with the green hat?”…”I caught a lot of fish the last time we were out”…”Erik is looking at me. Make him stop. Erik, stop looking at me!”…” Did you see the muscles on that guy? He must work out. I’m gonna show him my muscles”…

“The fish bite in the rain you know”… “I’m hungry. Where are the vending machines?”…”Roasted fish over the campfire is really good”…”Do we have to go upstairs? My feet hurt. I’m tired.”…”This rain made my hair all frizzy…and, oh my plumbobs, I broke a nail!”… “So, where’s the fishing.  You said we could go fishing.” It was like an adult kindergarten group.

By the time they headed upstairs to view the third painting, Viviana had lost half of them. Barbie found Viviana’s talk on realism so riveting she passed out from the excitement. Ok, that was it, museum tour over, I had Viviana lead the way to the park.

On the way, Mowgli had to make a pit stop first.

It was still raining when they headed out, but they all had umbrellas and it was only a light rain. A little rain never hurt anyone.

Well, not everyone liked the rain.

Erik had a rest stop. He thought he’d better wait for Mowgli to catch up.

Of course, the smell of food brought everyone down to the little picnic area. Oh yum! Soggy hot dogs for everyone!

And then it REALLY started raining. And thundering, and there were flashes of light in the sky. That was a sign. Viviana was too busy collecting to worry about the weather. But the other residents started to head back to the museum. Well, almost everyone.

Three brave souls stayed at the picnic area while the rain poured down.

In fact, Mowgli did a bit of fishing. He caught a Minnow worth $8 simoleons and a Pufferfish worth $32 simoleons. The only sim who caught something on this outing.

Finn decided he had enough and returned to the museum. His umbrella broke in the wind, as he had a moodlet for a broken umbrella. Poor Finn.

With everyone now gone from the picnic area, and Viviana off collecting, Mowgli and Erik figured this was a perfect time to shower in the rain. Oh my word! I am sure they gave the passengers on the riverboat quite a show!

This was really not the field trip that Viviana had envisioned. She felt rather soggy even with the umbrella. Viviana didn’t care, though, she was determined to gather some collectibles.

And just as Viviana was searching for a frog, BOOM!, she gets struck by lightning.

For some reason, she is super happy she got hit by lightning, and also gets this moodlet.

She has these little sparks that come out from her now and again. Supercharged and fried – that’s Viviana!

At the museum, Hannibal was one of the first ones back and decided to play some piano autonomously.

Sunny was discussing athletic ability with the knight. He, being the polite chivalrous knight that he was, quietly listened to her part of the conversation.

Barbie and Erik must have seen what happened to Viviana and were descending the museum stairs together. They both had the “See What’s Happening” moodlet. Perhaps they were going to see if Viviana was alright after her shocking experience. I guess Barbie wasn’t watching her step (she was probably concerned with her broken nail), and, SPLASH, Barbie falls in a mud puddle…

Erik is following too closely, and slips in the mud and falls on top of Barbie. SPLOOSH! SPLAT! OUCH!

Barbie is not too impressed with all the mud puddles around (Yes, there is a moodlet for this!). She prefers her mud baths at the spa. And her outfit is now covered in mud! And her hair….well, let’s just not go there. Of course, Barbie is not concerned about poor Erik at all who was also splattered with mud and accuses him of trying to mud wrestle with her.

Barbie and Erik aren’t the only ones who were victims of the mud puddle.

There goes Sunny…

…and yes, even Toby did the slip and slide mud dance. If anyone used these stairs, sooner or later, they would land in the mud.

[Author’s note: It was quite funny actually, I could just watch that spot and sure enough, anyone who went there, boom, down in the murk!]

Meanwhile, Viviana had trudged back to the museum from the picnic area. After collecting all she could and with the thunderstorm still brewing, Viviana was going to gather everyone and call it a day and head home. But then she saw someone! Someone famous! It was Holly Alto! Holly was a painter just like Viviana, except, well, Holly was a celebrity.

I couldn’t believe it. Here was Viviana looking like a charred french fry and she meets a celebrity. So, I thought, what the heck, go and introduce yourself. It can’t hurt.

Dang Viviana! She was so lucky to get all the interactions available with Holly. Maybe it was because they were both painters, so they connected. Way to go Viviana!

It was now 5pm and Toby and Erik were heading off to work. Everyone was in the museum…umm…wait, no they weren’t. I saw Hannibal heading towards a (spawned) roller skating rink.

So I follow him. He was actually going to go roller skating in a thunderstorm. Well, as it turned out, he didn’t quite make it there.

He got the same moodlets as Viviana (supercharged), and after all of this he was still heading towards the roller skating rink! Hold up there, Hannibal, Viviana is taking everyone home. Enough excitement for one day.

They are so very tired, but Viviana does hang up her photo of Holly (although it’s of poor quality) and the autographed photo. Viviana also uploads the photo of Holly to Simstagram and gets 44 followers.

At the end of the day, Erik got a promotion to Petty Thief ( I placed the Emblems of Espionage near the bookshelf), Viviana found 3 frogs (yeah, frog breeding), 2 fossils, and 2 Romantium metals (from where lightning struck – one was sent off to the Geo Council). With the funds they earned, hacked, and found, The Circle Asylum had a total of $1,331 simoleons. I had Viviana click on the mailbox, but there was nothing in there. Ummm, where are the bills?

* * * * *

Up-Date on Viviana’s progress:

Level 3 of Painter Extraordinaire. She now has to paint 10 excellent paintings. She is at Level 7 of the painting skill, and Level 2 of the Painter Career. She had 2,725 aspiration reward points so I got her creative visionary (2,000 reward points), which could help in painting a masterpiece. She still has no friends.

Level 2-Leader of the Pack. Needs to participate in 10 club activities.

Aspiration #3-To Be Determined. Toss-up between Bestselling Author or The Curator. Renaissance Sim is also a possibility. Some of the aspirations need you to join a certain career, so this is tough. However, the rules don’t say that you can’t switch careers at some point.

Skills: Painting, Cooking-7; Handiness, Dancing-3; Comedy, Fitness, Gourmet Cooking, Logic-2; Charisma, Gardening, Mischief, Photography, Singing, Video Gaming-1.


3 thoughts on “Survive the Insanity: Mon., Wk 2 – The Circle Asylum – Day At The Museum

  1. I laughed out loud so many times while reading this! Too funny! All that work just for 195.00 simoleons! I was waiting to see what the bills for Monday totaled though so see how much off the mark all their effort was. Jeepers, is Sunny working out a lot??? I don’t remember her tummy being that rippled! I’m not playing Sims 4 but I am impressed with all the new things I’ve seen here they can do, feel have done to them. Oh and two lightning strikes….you are lucky there were no deaths!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Sunny is the basketball champ of The Circle Asylum. I noticed how ripped she was at the painting in the park chapter. I had a peak at her skills and she is level 6 in fitness. She is addicted to basketball.

      Liked by 1 person

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