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Back to the 80’s: Gen. 1 Ch 1 – “When The Going Gets Tough”

“Of course you miss Mom. She’s been gone a while now though and you’ve gotten used to it being just you and Dad. Now that he’s in his golden years you want to take care of him as well as he has taken care of you all these years. So, when it was time for you to move to a new town, of course, you made sure he moved with you. What you didn’t expect was once you got there his love life would be out of this world!” (Gen 1 – My Stepmother is an Alien – Silver Screen Sims Legacy-80s)

It was the first day of Spring and Keisha Coleman was “stoked” about moving to Newcrest to her new home, with her Dad, James Coleman. Just the two of them. She was starting a new life, a dream job and she was going to take care of him. Both she and her Dad had invested all their simoleons in a beautiful starter house that was being built for them. But, when they got there, the lot was empty.

Keisha didn’t know what to do. Oh sure, she owned the land, but where was that house she saw in the brochure? There was no house. There was nothing. And they had no simoleons! They had been swindled. At least Keisha had her dream job, but when she called her employer’s number, it was disconnected. Oh no!

So, here they were, in a new city, with no home, no simoleons and no jobs! What were they going to do? How could Keisha look after her Dad? Um, well, maybe she could borrow or beg for some simoleons? I mean was it destiny that Thorne Bailey, a proper celebrity, was walking in her neighborhood? And he was rich! But, no, he didn’t give her the time of day.

James was not one to give up and told Keisha that everything would be alright. Keisha scanned the job board and all she could find was a job as a bartender. So much less than what she would have been making, but it was a start.

In the meantime, James would scout around the area and see if he could find things to sell. Plus, there was a pond right across the street. He used to be pretty good at fishing. “Daughter Look! Sushi! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Meanwhile, the smell of bar-b-q had drawn Keisha to a little park near their lot, and Keisha met some new sims. In fact, one of the sims was a celebrity. And it seems that James has caught her eye. Keisha then went on a collecting binge but stopped to tell her father to go on over and meet the celebrity.

James had reluctantly come over at his daughter’s prompting, and his first introduction with Brytani Cho was rather awkward.

But after a few jokes, Brytani was soon taken with James, and posed for a selfie with “this hottie”.

In fact, she wanted to know all about him. Not only did he and Brytani (oh, they’re on a first name basis already) take a selfie together, but during the day, James got several autographs from her. They were worth a paltry $50 simoleons to start, but then he got them appraised and they went to $300 simoleons a piece. James thought he might hold onto them for another day to see if their value increase

One of James’ newfound friends, Luna Villareal invited them to travel to San Myshuno with her as a celebrity had been sighted. They were in! Believe it or not, it was Brytani Cho, and both James and Keisha got autographs from her.

Of course, James did collect some rocks, found a few fossils, and some “rad” posters that he carefully peeled off some utility boxes. He even found a table in San Myshuno where he could sell some of his fish. But sadly, when the vendors closed their stalls, they packed up his selling table and his fish, too. Last time he did that!

It was getting dark, but James saw a building that was quite lit up. And, the good news was that he wandered into the Casbah Gallery and found some comfy benches, which is where he and Keisha spent their first night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

80’s Slang Terms:

“stoked” – meaning excited, overly happy about or anxious.

“rad” – short for radical

“When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”, (1985), Billy Ocean, the theme song from the movie Jewel of the Nile (1985).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Generation One (Alien Version): My Stepmother Is An Alien – Rules

Keisha Coleman, Young Adult, Traits: Active, Geek, Cat Lover
Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Career: Culinary – Mixologist

James Coleman, Elder, Traits: Music Lover, Family-Oriented, Dance Machine Aspiration: Musical Genius – Career: Unemployed


1. Move yourself and your senior father into an empty house or lot in Newcrest.
2. Complete Culinary (Mixologist) career and Serial Romantic aspiration
3. Woohoo in all of the following locations: Double bed, closet, observatory, lighthouse, a pile of leaves, bush and hot tub.
4. Have your father fall in love with and marry an alien. The happy couple can either continue to live with you or move out on their own.
7. After all that dating and good times, you finally find your real love and have a child.
10. Move to Del Sol Valley shortly after your first child is born.



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