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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 27 – Elise & Deja Teen Birthdays


Since the last time I played, the Get Famous pack was released, which I now have. With this pack, there is another after-school activity for children and teens, the Drama Club, which meets M-F 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. New media production equipment is also available so you can burn music tracks or be a vlogger. The media production and acting skills are also new. This certainly increases the at-home careers available to the caregiver; however, the equipment is expensive.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today is Saturday and the last day of Spring. It is actually Deja’s birthday today, but since both Deja and Elise have A’s, they are both going to be aged up. Party time!

Here are Brittani, Ana, Deja and Fiona in the living room. My last desperate attempt to try to get part of the Social Aspiration done for Deja. Believe me when I tell you that it was a total fluke that Brittani actually completed her child aspiration, Rambunctious Scamp.

With 7 kids running around in various stages of development, trying to work on those Scout badges, get their traits within range, work on skills, homework, school projects…well, it’s exhausting just writing about it.

But I try anyway. Here is Felicity working on some chess moves.

And Elise is still asleep in bed…and Cameron is passed out on the floor….yah, it’s not a pretty sight. So, it’s best not to see. Because then you can’t unsee.

So, the plan was that Melody would wait until they returned from Scouts to have the birthday party. She is making a lovely cake for both of them.

As I said, that was the plan.

Deja, however, had plans of her own and aged up before I could stop her. Then she got the sad moodlet “forgotten birthday”. Well, if you had just waited…there would have been a cake for you. Sheesh!

And here she is, Deja Coffey-Yoshida as a teen wearing a cowboy hat. She doesn’t look too happy about life right now. Her aspiration is Archaeology Scholar, and she rolled Goofball and Childish.

And with that, they headed off to Scouts.

While the kids are at Scouts, I have Melody vacuum the weeds. I just love this weed machine.

Oh, and then I get some pop-ups while they are at Scouts. Brittani is a creative soul, just wing it. She can do it!

Oh my gosh! How hilarious! Oops…sorry about that Brittani. I wouldn’t go in that tree house for awhile.

Oh yah! Go for it, Ana. You’ve earned the badges. Show him you’re the Badge Boss!

Oh no! Obviously, the wrong answer I gave Ana. Ok, look, stop calling me. I….I mean, err, Melody has work to do. Make your own decisions, you won’t be teens for much longer. You will be out in the real world, having to find a job, pay bills, bills and more bills…oh sorry, where was I? Oh right, Melody is vacuuming her weeds still.

Ahhh! And then I see it, another money tree is ready. I am doing the happy dance! And then in the midst of my excitement, everyone returns home.

Ok, come on, we’re having a birthday party for real this time. Melody light those candles! And a huff…and a puff…Elise Coffey-Feng ages up to teen. Her aspiration is Party Animal, and she rolled creative and romantic.

And here she is! Wow! That is some wild Maxis generated outfit. The boots are at least green and match the dress. But the hat? Oh right, I think there is some green in the stripe. Right!

When they opened their gifts, they both loved them. Deja got a Candle’s Crib and Elise got a Kept spice rack. They also each got a writing journal.

After Melody harvested her first money tree (which was worth $11K+), I renovated the house a bit. I extended the house and built a new room for Cameron. I also put in two new items from the Get Famous pack, a drone, and the music station. The video station didn’t fit anywhere right now, so will have to figure out how to get that in. Perhaps they need a downstairs basement area, a rec room. That might work.

A little room reno for Deja and Elise. I am not truly happy with this room, but it’ll do for now.

I also gave Melody’s bedroom a make-over.

I added a little computer writing desk for her. The plants are taking forever to evolve for her gardening aspiration, so I think she will be taking up some writing shortly. With these room renovations, they have $4,033 simoleons left.

Brittani is in a good mood (for a change), and painting a playful painting.

As the day draws to a close, Ana and Elise are doing their homework together.

Deja has decided to write some ideas down for her first book.

Cameron is thrilled with his new room and mutimedia equipment and sets to work on his first track, “Say Everything”.

Melody is reading to Fiona and Felicity to help them with the Whiz Kid Aspiration. Tomorrow is Sunday and the first day of Summer and Melody has a special outing planned.

And so we leave the Coffey family today.

* * * * *

Author’s Note:

I had just watched a Let’s Play (Maplesimmer’s Rags to Riches Get Famous video), and learned about the club perk “Rally the Troops”. This great perk, when activated in a club gathering, helps with the sim’s needs and they will go into the green. Now isn’t this the greatest thing ever? Oh, I wanted to use it, and then I read the challenge rules again. Uh oh! The “Rally the Troops” perk is BANNED, yes, banned for the 100 Baby Challenge. Well, there goes that thought squashed. So, certainly use the club gathering, but, no, no, no, don’t get that Rally the Troops perk.


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