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Survive The Insanity: Fri., Wk. 2 – Happy Hollow Asylum – Gym Visit

In the last chapter of The Happy Hollow, Louis maxes cooking skill and gets a promotion to Caterer.  While Louis is at work, there is a fire in the house, but luckily Midge puts it out quickly and no-one is harmed. When Louis returns home, Dr. L’Ernitage and Dr. de Reve are waiting for him to complete their tests on the residents. Dr. L’Ernitage thinks that Louis telling the residents that they are going on a vacation is a wonderful idea and the residents are very willing to take the tests. Louis realizes that Sonny’s misunderstanding from last night has turned into some false rumors, and when he tries to straighten it out with the residents, it doesn’t work. In addition, Louis finds out about a “list” where everyone is listing something that they want before or on the trip, and Sonny’s want for a new bed is the first granted. Dr. L’Ernitage tells Louis that the residents’ skills need to be worked on and some new items are brought to the house, which includes a chess table and garden planters. Louis reads the wants on “The List” and then writes something of his own on it. However, he folds the paper, so what he wrote on there is unknown. What do you think it might be?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the start of Survive The Insanity. Louis still needs to get to Level 4 of the Culinary Career to get to the last level of the aspiration. Viviana needs to complete 3 more of the 10 Excellent paintings and then will progress to Level 4 of the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration. However, they both still have 2 more aspirations to complete for the Medium Challenge. It really is more difficult when you are working with two asylums. To my readers, I wanted to say thank you for following my blog and these “erratic” sims. I am so very grateful for your support. The adventure continues.

louis chatting with viviana.png

Summer, Week 2, Friday. Yesterday, the rumor mill continued as Louis got a call from Viviana and she told him that Rocky had called Barbie to let her know about The Happy Hollow Asylum’s “vacation”. Apparently, after the call, the residents took it upon themselves to call the Director and now, the residents of The Circle Asylum are going on a vacation, too. Viviana and Louis seem to be the only ones who actually know the truth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

louis woke up to the smell of moly laudry.png

Louis headed downstairs and the place was a mess. Laundry was still piled everywhere, and the remains of the cardboard dance floor and burned books were in little cinder piles on the living room rug. Krysta had started to pick up the books on the floor.

the reisdents took to cleaning.png

Louis decided that he would give her a hand, and pretty soon, all the residents were pitching in with the cleaning. Louis did have work today, from 3 – 11pm, but before that, the Director had scheduled an outing for them. They were heading to a gym in Oasis Springs and the residents were pretty excited about the outing. Any outing was exciting for the residents, because what can I say – they don’t get out much.

arrival at burners and builders gym.png

It was a hot day when they arrived at the Burners and Builders Gym in Oasis Springs. Dr. L’Ernitage had also hired a gym trainer to specifically work with Louis so that he would get his fitness skill up.

louis started on the treadmill.png

Louis changed into his gym clothes and started on the treadmill. He even switched on the overhead television and caught a show on cooking videos. Louis didn’t know where the gym trainer was, but this didn’t seem so bad.

sme of the others went to kick box.png

While Louis worked out on the treadmill, Randall, Krysta, and Midge headed into the kickboxing area. Randall saw Sunny from The Circle Asylum. It seems that some of the residents of The Circle Asylum were also working out here today.

sonny and deirdre.png

Sonny and Deirdre headed for the weights. The weights seemed quite easy for Sonny, whereas Deirdre seemed to be struggling.

midge found her groove.png Midge had changed and seemed to have found her fitness niche. She looks fierce. Or maybe she was just making sure that Sunny from The Circle Asylum knew she had muscles, too. She does have that look of “don’t mess with me” about her.

ftness instructor seemed pleased.png

The fitness instructor, Don Lothario mentored Louis on his exercise and seemed pleased with Louis’ progress. Nice and steady. Veta and Rocky also take to the treadmill and seem to be doing well.

krysta boxing her demons away.png

Krysta is looking very determined during her boxing work-out. Seems like she is “boxing” away some demons from her past.

gym trainer hardest on louis.png

Louis seems to be taking it too easy, and the gym trainer tells Louis to work harder and adjusts the treadmill for a mountain climb. Still, Louis seems to persevere. Louis looks at the clock and realizes he has work in less than 2 hours.

making some breakfast for everyone.png

Louis heads across the street to a park where he prepares some lunch for the other residents before he has to head to work.

that shuld do it for everyone.png

He makes some breakfast scramble and fruit kebobs and then Louis heads off.

rocky doing dance moves maybe he could catch the eye of that cute sim working out.png

Back at the gym, it seems that Rocky is putting some “moves” on a particularly good-looking sim named Bella Goth. Maybe if he practices his dance moves right in front of her, she’ll notice him.

it seems that the happy hollow werent the only ones working out today.png

Well, Bella made a quick departure after that. Perhaps that was a good thing because in the background is Barbie, and she seems to have been looking Rocky’s way. Maybe Barbie doesn’t recognize him. Rocky does look different in his gym clothes.

working out at the gym.png

Sonny and Deirdre have switched to the treadmills. Sonny sees Toby and Barbie from The Circle Asylum on their way to the showers.

krysta loved this gym.png

Krysta is ecstatic that she has her own shower and toilet. She may not want to go home. And fluffy towels. Oh, she likes them.

wirk it.png

Midge is doing a circuit and practices on weights next.

veta feeling green from her smell.png

Veta is getting hungry and convinces everyone to head to the park across the street. The gym instructor told her that Louis had made them some food there.

are u sure louis made this for us is it poision.png

As they all descend on the park, Krysta is the first to arrive and wonders if this is some secret plot. How do they know that Louis made this food for them? Maybe it’s poisoned? Where is Louis? Midge said he left for work.

rocky didnt like menu choices.png

Most of the residents didn’t pay Krysta’s ranting any heed and just picked up a plate of food. But, there are always a few. Like Rocky. Maybe he didn’t like the menu choices, so he decided to make franks and beans instead. It was nice he made a group meal, though.

grilled fruit and randall buys yogurt.png

And Randall, who went to the food cart and bought some strawberry parfait.

felling healthy with strawberry yogourt.png

And we all knew that Krysta wasn’t eating that picnic table food. So, Krysta purchases something from the food vendor as well, vanilla parfait.

[Author’s note: The food that Louis prepared was all excellent quality. What Rocky, Randall and Krysta did was autonomous.]

sonny telling toby abut the list.png

Sonny and Deirdre had gone inside the gym to eat their fruit kebobs and sat down to talk to Toby.

theyre going too.png

Krysta joins them as Sonny is now chatting with Mowgli and finds out that The Circle Asylum are now going to the jungle, too. Seems like Sonny and Mowgli are making some type of pact together.

sonny meets sunny at teh gym.png

Sonny was chatting with Brent Hecking about the merits of having a good bed to sleep in and loudly brags about how he came upon his newest bed.

you got a list.png

“You got a new bed? From “The List” that you gave Dr. L’Ernitage? He never said anything about a “list”! Sunny said in a surprised voice.

were going to have one too.png

Sonny explained everything to Sunny and she seemed quite upset about it.

“I”m going to make sure WE get a list, too. That ole cheapskate was trying to save himself some simoleons! Ha! We’ll see about that! Thanks for letting me know, Sonny.”

heading home agan.png

And with that, it was time to head home. Rocky and Sonny had to head to work.

seems to be the only one cleaning.png

Once home, Deirdre starts picking up the laundry piles around the asylum. They really hadn’t finished cleaning before they had headed off to the gym.

swipe the bag

I get this notice while Rocky is at work. I tell him to swipe the bag.

take the bag

Oh my gosh! How hilarious! Sorry Rocky, no treasure in that doo doo bag.

dont take the bag

A few minutes later I get the same scenario for Sonny and choose leave it alone, which is the better choice.

veta nabs sonnys new bed.png

Back at the asylum, Veta nabs Sonny’s new bed for a quick snooze.randall practcing jokes with a shrub.png

Randall has decided to head outside to have a heart-to-heart with the flowering shrub.

sonny change of job

Oh my gosh! And then I get this notice! If I have Sonny be an informant, his job is over. So, I decided that he will just call the Detective’s Bluff.

feeling so good after todays workout.png

Louis comes home from work and earns $208 simoleons. He also pays the bills of $4,004 simoleons. I have him do some collecting in the park behind the house before he calls it a night. Sonny earns $136 simoleons and has swiped an object from work. A new book! “How To Seriously Injure Someone With This Book”. Rocky earns $91 simoleons.


From their gym outing, the residents now have the following in Fitness. Louis worked out 3 of 8 hours.

Louis-3; Sonny-4; Deirdre-4; Veta-3; Krysta-4; Midge-5; Randall-4; Rocky-3

friends bar

And finally, yes, finally, Louis has not one but TWO friends! Don Lothario is a good friend but Louis knows nothing about him. And the other is Anaya Srinivason. She is a romantic interest, who is a romantic, and kleptomaniac, and their relationship and has a bit of pink in it. Who is this mystery girl? Where did he meet her? She’s a paparazzi. Well, that’s interesting.

And so we bid farewell to the Happy Hollow Asylum for today…

got an award

Woot! Got an award!

* * * * *


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  1. Haha! I love Sunny and Sonny! That just cracks me up. So…nothing bad happened during their outing. Nice… can’t wait to see what happens in Selvadorada… Amd will Rocky and Barbie ever hookup? Hmmm….

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