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Survive The Insanity: The Circle Asylum Wk 2 Saturday – Let’s Get This Party Started

In our last chapter of The Circle Asylum, Barbie gets a call from Rocky from Happy Hollow Asylum telling her that they are going on a vacation. Barbie thinks it’s not fair that their house gets to go on a vacation and The Circle Asylum doesn’t. She tells the others and Toby is the most upset of them all having been secretly contacted by the lizardmen to meet in Selvadorada. He and the other residents think up some emergency ideas of how to get The Director to come over. Hannibal just suggests that they call the Director and ask him to come over and explain to them why they are not going on a vacation. Well, that sounded too easy. The Director and Dr. de Reve come over and think it’s a wonderful idea and could save them some simoleons sending two houses to Selvadorada at once. A garden planter and a woodworking table are brought over to help the residents with their preparation skills. Of course, Viviana knows nothing about this and when she comes home from work, Toby announces that they are going on a vacation to Selvadorada. Viviana is upset and says she won’t go. The Director tells her that the other residents would be very upset with her if she says they can’t go on the vacation. She decides to call Louis at Happy Hollow Asylum to find out what was going on and finds out about the confusion and Sonny telling everyone about the expense-paid vacation. She also finds out about “The List” and figures that their house should have one, too. As she thinks more about it, she decides to go along with things and then at the first opportunity in Selvadorada, will escape. Blend in with the population. Escape from The Circle Asylum. It is her guiding light of hope as she begins to think out her plan of escape. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summer, Week 2, Saturday.

vivianana painting.png

It’s the weekend and Viviana has the day off. Due to the preparations for their trip to Selvadorada, “painting therapy”, which was supposed to be held today with The Happy Hollow Asylum, is postponed until their return from Selvadorada. Viviana smiled to herself knowing that she wouldn’t be returning to The Circle Asylym. She would make a new life for herself in Selvadorada. She could hardly wait to leave.

Viviana has now finished the 10th excellent painting that she needs to advance to the final level in her Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.

the residents seemed to be in good spirits today.png

The Circle Asylum residents were all in a good mood. But of course! Today was the day they were holding the farewell dinner party for The Happy Hollow Asylum residents. And they were even getting a caterer for the occasion.

sonny and toby practice chess.png

Toby and Sunny start a game of chess, but Sunny gets bored rather quickly and heads outside to the basketball court.

chess reading.png

Left alone, Toby works on his chess moves. He is determined that he will beat Erik in a game of chess….one day.


As was usual for The Circle Asylum, they were drawn to the basketball court for a rousing game of basketball.

rocky ready to party

And suddenly, the guests started to arrive. First one through the door was Rocky. He was thrilled to be there and was probably going to make a beeline to see Barbie again.

whipping up a salad and the sink breaks.png

As more party guests started to arrive, Viviana decides to make a garden salad before the caterer came, as some of the residents and guests were getting hungry. And just as she was washing some tomatoes, the sink sprung a gusher. Oh no! Viviana had better repair that.

toby and midge chatting abut the lizardmen.png

Meanwhile, outside, Toby and Midge were having a great conversation about what they might do in Selvadorada. Midge had already told Toby she was hoping to find a blue feather for her hat. Toby told her he was hoping to meet someone special there. Midge didn’t know he was talking about the lizardmen and thought he was hoping to meet a lovely senorita. She thought that was so sweet.

cop do you think that barbie still likes me.png

Rocky spied Barbie, but she doesn’t come over to greet him. Rocky then proceeds to have a conversation with “Cop” about whether or not Barbie still likes him.

ive been thinking abut the list.png

The caterer still hasn’t arrived and Viviana is putting the finishing touches on the salad. She still hasn’t fixed the sink and then the coffeemaker breaks. Ugh! What else can go wrong?

last time i was here there was a fire.png

Looking around in one of the bedrooms, Veta mutters to herself that the last time she was there, there was a fire. The thought brings a smile to her face.

sonny i know you meant well.png

Both houses were getting along well and snippets of the conversation sounded like this…

Finn“My animal friends will help us. There is nothing to fear. …If we could walk with the animals, talk with the animals, Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals,
And they could squeak and squawk and speak and talk to us…”*

Rocky...“And there was this bag, just sitting there, and so I picked it up…well, let me tell you, it was poo-rific…”

Louis“Sonny, I know you meant well, but really this is NOT a vacation. The Director wants us to find that plane that crashed IN the jungle…”

Toby“It will be a great meeting place. They will find me. I will put out my beacons…”

Sonny“What plane? Why would they want us to find a plane? They want us to find something else. Think about it, Louis. It’s not the plane…”

Deirdre“I predict…I predict…great danger lies ahead…one of us is not coming back…”

me be ready to fight vines.png

Outside, Mowgli was working very hard at the woodworking table.

“Me be ready for jungle with knives,” he says aloud.

Turns out he was right since he was working on a knife block. Now, who would let the residents make a knife block? Sheesh! Oh right…just the knife block, but no knives in them. Well, thank goodness for that.

they are all impressed with the autograph on the wall.png

The guests from Happy Hollow gather in front of the autograph of Holly Alto. Sonny, especially, seems to be rather impressed that Viviana has this autograph. He somehow knows that name…Alto…but can’t quite remember the significance of it. All he knows is that this Holly Alto is a looker and he wouldn’t mind getting to know her better.

i dont fix sinks i dont mop i dont do dishes.png

Viviana decides to busy herself at the bar and the caterer finally shows up and makes campfire stew. It’s Penny Pizzazz who then gives a list of things she won’t do, like fix the sink, mop the floor, clean the dishes….the list goes on. All Viviana knew was that Penny had a social media career and was NOT a caterer. But the residents and guests seemed to like the dish, so that was a good thing.

well at least someone is helping to clean up.png

Well, at least Erik is helping to clean up. He seems energized taking out the garbage.

i kinow things hannibal.png

Deirdre is talking to Hannibal about all the things she has researched about Selvadorada, especially the curses and mystical relics. Hannibal seems a bit spooked by this. “Curses?”

there was a mess in the backyard.png

The residents are taking advantage of the warm weather and keep changing in and out of their clothes to play basketball. The backyard is a mess. The laundry hamper must be full again, but Viviana really doesn’t have time to do laundry during the party.

louis taking up vivianas offer of a drink sonny thinks the catere food is awful.png

Louis helps himself to one of the drinks Viviana had made and seems to be enjoying himself. In the background, Sunny isn’t too happy with the menu choice of campfire stew.

everyone suddenly heard free drinks.png

It’s a good thing that Louis got his drink when he did because suddenly everyone descended on the bar. They must have heard that there were free drinks.

lets get this party started.png

Randall couldn’t be happier about how the party turned out and gets in the dance mood. He is super excited to be heading to Selvadorada as he heard there’s a new dance that he can learn there, called the Rumbasim. He can’t wait.

1 need my space barbie.png

Barbie comes over to see Rocky on her way to the shower. Umm…yah…Barbie, you definitely need a shower. They say a few words to each other and then Barbie gets cleaned up.

krsta is in her plant world singing to the plants.png

Krysta has gone over to view the new garden and decides to sing them a little song. She heard that singing to plants will make them grow better.

dance party.png

The two houses get in a dance craze. Of course, it is the last day of summer, so they are dancing to “Summer Strut”. What a great party!

uh oh troubloe in paradise.png

Uh Oh! What is this? Was there trouble in paradise between Rocky and Barbie? Rocky was telling Barbie he needed some “space” and had pulled away when Barbie tried to hug him.uis there somene else first ken now you.png

Barbie couldn’t believe it. First Ken, and now Rocky. How could this happen to her?

you better watch out barbie your no match fr me.png

Sunny seemed to have overheard Barbie and Rocky’s conversation. Was it true? Was that handsome green-faced guy losing interest in Barbie?

shes more my tupe barbie.png

Maybe now Sunny had a chance with him. She thought she saw him eyeing her while she was playing basketball. Oh my, Rocky was looking her way. And Barbie doesn’t look happy about it.

but that green paint is so hot.png

Well, it was a party, so Sunny decided to “move in” on Rocky and get him in a party mood. In no time at all, they were both laughing at the same jokes and discovered they had some of the same interests.

sonny turns on the charm.png

Sunny proceeded to show him a new dance move she had learned, and Rocky was pretty mesmerized by her um…moves. Sunny certainly had Rocky under her spell, and Rocky didn’t even pay Barbie any heed when she walked by and saw the whole thing. Poor Barbie.

what am i to do i like them both.png

As Sunny left Rocky standing there as she headed off to talk to Toby, Rocky didn’t know what to think. He was so confused. Could it be he was in love with both of them?

how could you i thught we were friends.png

Outside, Sunny tried to talk to Barbie, but Barbie was in such a state that she just didn’t want to talk to Sunny right now.

“I thought you were my friend! Don’t speak to me you…you…boyfriend snatcher,” Barbie shouted at Sunny as she headed off to take a much-needed shower.

im in love with a neanderthal.png

As Sunny stood outside after Barbie left, Sunny wondered if she, too, was in love with that neanderthal, Rocky. Sunny couldn’t be blamed for her actions, I mean, who could resist a guy with green face paint? It literally made her weak in the knees. Rocky reminded her of a sim from her university years whom she had been in a hot and heavy relationship with. He had gone by the name “The Hulk” and had fled her town. It was one reason she traveled the world. She had never gotten over him and had searched for him. Some sims said he was her obsession. A sim had even dared to call her a stalker! Imagine that!

Well, if Rocky wasn’t interested in Barbie anymore, that wasn’t her fault. But one thing was sure, Rocky was interested in Sunny. And this time, Sunny wasn’t going to let Rocky run away. Yes, Mr. Green Face Paint was going to be hers and hers alone. No-one was going to get in her way!

how could you do this to me rocky.png

Meanwhile inside, Barbie was texting someone…probably Rocky…wondering what had happened. Hey Barbie, when you find out, can you let me know, too?

[Author’s note: Can you believe this drama? And now instead of some pink in their relationship, Barbie has some RED in her relationship with Rocky! I have no idea what happened between them. Maybe Rocky flirted with Sunny or Sunny flirted with him? When I saw Rocky and Barbie together, all I saw was red hearts with a minus sign going up in the air. And now they have an “It’s Awkward” relationship. Oh my…!!!)]

dinner party award

And with that, the dinner party is over, and Viviana receives an award. Woot!

discussing getting read for the jungle

Erik and Toby had headed off to work and I got this pop-up.

erik keep walking

I told Erik to keep walking and it was a good call.

high profile targets

erik home from work and barbie talking the dishes for a walk.png

Barbie takes some dishes for a walk as Erik and Toby come home from work. And both Erik and Toby swiped an object at work. Yep, more dirty dishes. Just add them to Barbie’s pile. Psst…get some hints from Sonny….swipe some books for the library. Leave those dirty dishes at work.

And that concludes our visit to The Circle Asylum for today.

Author’s Notes:

When Finn is talking about talking to the animals, this song is from the 1967 movie, Dr. Dolittle. It is interesting to note that in this version, Dr. Dolittle helps a seal escape a circus to return to the North Pole and is wrongly sentenced to a “lunatic asylum” (This takes place in Victorian England). His animal friends help him escape the asylum.

Talk To The Animals Movie Clip






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