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Survive The Insanity: The Circle Asylum – Wk 3, Sunday – Let’s Go Fishing

In our last chapter, The Circle Asylum held a Farewell Party for The Happy Hollow residents. The sink had sprung a leak, the coffeepot was broken and the backyard was filled with dirty clothes, but Viviana had no time to fix those things, as she had a party to put on. The party was in full swing when something happened between Rocky and Barbie. It seems that they now have an “awkward” relationship. Sunny, from The Circle Asylum, detects a change in their relationship and makes her move on Rocky. She has a “thing” for male sims with green face paint. Sonny, from Happy Hollow, admires the autograph of Holly Alto hanging on the wall, and seems to know that name “Alto” but can’t place it. Midge and Toby talk about what they want to find in Selvadorada and Midge thinks that Toby wants to meet a senorita. She doesn’t know he has a rendezvous with the Lizardmen. Viviana makes a drink for Louis and suddenly everyone descends on the bar for free drinks. Penny Pizzazz, the caterer, shows up and makes campfire stew and gives a list of things she won’t do, like fix things, mop or do dishes. Luckily, Eric dashes to take out the trash. Randall, who had the idea for the party, is having a great time dancing; Mowgli is sharpening his knife-wielding skills; Krysta is singing to the plants; Deirdre tells Hannibal about the Selvadoradian research she has been doing; Veta recalls the last time she was there they had a fire; and Finn discusses talking to the animals.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Week 3, Sunday, First Day of Autumn

Since I did a double chapter for The Happy Hollow Asylum, I thought I would do a double chapter for The Circle Asylum, too. Especially since Viviana had the day off. I looked at her skills and realized that the last time they tried to go fishing, they had a bad thunderstorm and hardly anyone went fishing. So, fishing it was.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

starts her morning doing laundry.png

It was morning and Viviana started her morning with, what else, chores. Doing laundry was an absolute priority with all the stinky piles of clothes laying around.

and it was morning again.png

The other residents were starting to wake up and the perpetual basketball game was on again.

her day went on wishing and hoping for the masterpieces she was to create.png

After hanging up the laundry to dry, Viviana took a moment to work on her painting. If she didn’t have to cook, clean, repair items and do laundry, she could just paint all day. With every painting, she hoped it would be a masterpiece. But so far, any masterpieces eluded her. She would keep trying, just maybe not anymore today.

making pancakes for everyone.png

As Viviana made pancakes for the residents, she thought about what they should do today. She had the day off, and as much as she longed to paint, the Director had called and asked how the residents’ skills were progressing. He suggested that they needed another outing to “boost” their skills, because soon, very soon, the final arrangements would be in place for their trip to Selvadorada.

breakfast was served.png

As everyone grabbed some breakfast, Viviana thought about what The Director had said. It was true that on their last outing, because of the bad weather, not everyone had been able to go fishing. And fishing was something that The Director said they needed to skill on. So, with the weather nice today, Viviana decided they should head to the park and go fishing.

they would go to an arid place called oasis springs.png

The residents seemed pretty excited that they were going on another outing, although, they were still quite exhausted from the party yesterday. Barbie must have remembered the “mud wrestling” from the last outing and asked if it was going to be nice weather where they were going. Viviana smiled and assured Barbie that they were heading to a new park called Desert Bloom Park, in Oasis Springs, which was dry and arid. Barbie seemed happy about that.

some of them could use a shower but it was time to go.png

As Viviana cleaned up from breakfast, she realized that some of the residents also needed a shower. Were they staging another “stink-in” again? Well, she didn’t know why they weren’t showering, but it was time to go. They could all shower when they got back.

this group has the worst luck when travelling.png

The van dropped them off on the sidewalk of Desert Bloom Park and was about to pull away, but Viviana frantically waved for them to wait. What’s this? She couldn’t believe that it was raining when they got there. She decided to have the van drive them to another park, and hoped that it wouldn’t be raining there, too.

[Author’s Note: This group has the worst luck on outings. I have never had a sim go to Oasis Springs and have it rain. But, can you believe it? It’s raining in Desert Bloom Park!]

better weather in willow springs.png

The Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek was a better choice for today. And the weather was perfect! Not one rain cloud in sight.

fishing at the park.png

Viviana saw a nice pond that they could start fishing at and the residents all followed her. Well, almost all the residents.

toby making lunch for everyone.png

Toby, who had complained loudly on the last trip that he wanted to go fishing, decided that he needed to make some food first. Maybe he was making some fish food bait?  Who knows, but he was very busy with the concoction.

mowgli has caught something exciting.png

Mowgli was the first one to catch something, although it didn’t look much like a fish.

erik trying to catch some frogs.png

Erik was interested in catching some frogs, and in fact, caught 2! Way to go Erik!

hannibal found a pretty nice fishing spot all to himself.png

Hannibal had walked to another part of the park and had the place to himself. This proved to be a good location as Hannibal caught 3 fish in total for the day (angelfish, pufferfish & guppy). Yeah, Hannibal!

what a gorveous day.png

Viviana didn’t catch anything at the pond so decided to explore the park a bit. They needed simoleons for the trip and she went searching for some collectibles that she might be able to sell.

a few more have joined hannibal.png

Some of the other residents went in search of Hannibal and discovered that his fishing location was a lot better than the pond. Barbie caught 1 fish (trout), and Sunny caught 2 fish (bass and guppy). Erik also fished, but every now and again stopped to rant about “The List” he heard about from the Happy Hollow residents and why they didn’t have one. He was going to talk to Viviana about this and wanted her to talk to the Director so they would have a list, too. Hannibal, Barbie, and Sunny were all in agreement about this. Much discussion then ensued about what they would put on the list.

tobby is chatting with some residents of willow creek.png

Back at the pond area, Toby was getting some chess lessons from a Willow Creek resident. I am not sure if Toby tested his fish food bait or not, but he didn’t seem very interested in fishing today.

playing sea monster.png

Finn was too worn out and stinky to care about much. He had played “sea monster” with some kids and was exhausted.

finn is kind of worn out.png

So he found a vacant bench and decided to have a nice nap in the sun.

mowgli is chatting with the flowers they remind him of his home.png

Mowgli had continued fishing by himself at the pond but was distracted when he saw some flowers. They reminded him of his home, so he went over to chat with them and had a lovely afternoon reminiscing about the jungle and his wolf family.

viviana caught something but maybe not a fish.png

Viviana found some wonderful collectibles and new frogs and joins Hannibal’s fishing party. She catches a strawberry. As most of the residents were getting tired, Viviana decided to head home.

had to repair the computer.png

Arriving home, Viviana sees that some items are broken, like the computer, which she repairs.

and fix the shower.png

She then heads in to take a shower and finds the shower broken. No wonder nobody was showering! Sheesh! And she repairs that as well.

the garden was progressing nicely.png

The garden was progressing nicely and Viviana was able to harvest some of the plants.

and the perpetual cleaning up.png

Viviana then had to do the breakfast dishes clean-up as no-one else had done them. While she was making her dish duty rounds, she saw a new bulletin board installed near the computer desk.

Oh, someone must have come over while they were out. Erik had mentioned “The List” to her and had her call the Director while he was standing there. That was quick. And it looked like the list was already started. Well, she needed to shower and change, so she’ll look at it in a bit.

um yah

Once she was refreshed, Viviana headed over to see what was on “The List”. And, it looked like more items had been added. The residents worked fast. Viviana still had time to think about a request she wanted, but she was thinking she wanted to take her easel with her and maybe she could get some new art supplies. That way, she would be all set in Selvadorada when she planned her escape.

Crossed out several times was Erik’s list first.

  • Erik – We need supplies, many supplies to travel to the Dwemer Ruins a sworda dragona magick stick …boiled creme treat…new armor
  • Finn – a pet
  • Toby – beacons
  • Barbie – ♥  ♥ on-line shopping at Glamorous Glamping Gear to purchase a deluxe picnic basket with gourmet snacks, flute champagne glasses, and champagne.  ♥  ♥
  • Hannibal – a Selvadoradian meal
  • Sunny – travel journal
  • Mowgli – Want swing in tree

Image result for swing in trees clipart

viviana cant quite believe what shes reading.png

Huh? Oh my word! Glamorous Glamping Gear? Champagne? One of the residents must have interpreted what Mowgli wanted because Mowgli had drawn a little picture. Viviana felt a headache coming on. A big one. She couldn’t believe what she was reading on this list. Didn’t they remember the jungle? Obviously not. And what were the Dwemer Ruins and where did Erik think he was going? She really was the only “sane” one here. Sheesh!

And so ends our day at The Circle Asylum. Let’s hope that Viviana can recover from her shock of reading that list.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~




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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, Mowgli drew his little friend. He is not really big on words. I think maybe Eric helped with the interpretation of what that little drawing meant.

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