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Survive The Insanity: Happy Hollow Asylum – Wk 3, Monday – Two Days?

Week 3, Monday, Autumn Day 2

deirdre sure can jump high.png

After the party at The Circle Asylum, the residents were even more excited about their “vacation” to Selvadorada.

The Director had called Louis just that morning to inform him that their flight had been booked and their lodging secured. They were leaving in two days.

2 days.png

Louis almost dropped the phone when he heard that. Two days? But they weren’t ready. And Louis hadn’t finished reading that archaeology book. How could they leave so soon?

The Director assured Louis that they had progressed well and that the archaeology skill would be more available in the field. A vacation leave had already been arranged from their jobs and they would be staying in Selvadorada for 3 days, at a “quaint” lodging, close to the local market and cantina. When they arrived in Selvadorada, one of their porters would give Louis a letter which would outline more details of their trip.


“But, Dr. L’Ernitage, some of the residents don’t have all the required skills yet. And Veta keeps bugging me about her new dress…,” implored Louis.

“No worries there, Louis. Dr. de Reve will be over tomorrow and he is delivering the new dress to Veta and the camera to Krysta. Apparently, Veta and Barbie had chatted and Veta had called Dr. de Reve to order her new dress online. Dr. de Reve will also be outfitting everyone with tracker bracelets,” said the Director matter-of-factly.

trackers what are those.png

“Tracker bracelets? What are those for?” asked Louis rather concerned.

“Oh, they are for your own protection, Louis, I assure you. The trackers will help us find you better in case you….er… in case you don’t return back on time. Then we’ll just send a  search party out to find you. As I said, for your own safety, Louis. But I must be going now. We’ll talk more before the trip.” And just like that Dr. L’Ernitage hung up.

louis reading.png

Louis had better tell the others the news. And where was that archaeology book anyway? No matter what Dr. L’Ernitage said, Louis was going to read all he could before the trip. As Louis “tried” to read the archaeology book, Veta described her new dress in exacting detail.

“And the color, well, you know how I love yellow, but Barbie told me to broaden my horizons and she had found this fabulous site, and, well, I just couldn’t decide. They were all so gorgeous. But the one I got…well, you should see it, Louis…it’s got this little…” Veta rambled on.

Um, yeah. I think now would be a good time to check on the other residents…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rocky is on laundry duty today.png

By the look of The Happy Hollow Asylum, you would think that they had a party there. Books were lying around, dirty clothes piles everywhere, plates, plates, and more plates. It was time to clean again. And it looks like Rocky is on laundry duty today.

[Author’s Note: Did you know that doing laundry in the washtub gives you the fitness skill?]

midge mopping the lawn.pngThis was the very first time Rocky had done laundry, and I guess he sloshed some water on the lawn. Not to worry, Midge to the rescue, as she wildly tries to mop it all up. Sonny, meanwhile, is doing his own workout on the new punching bag.


Louis hears the call of the dishes and can’t believe the number of breakfast dishes there are. After he cleans that up, he goes back to “try” to read that archaeology book again.

randall had some bandages on his hand.png

Deirdre and Randall are chatting together. And it looks like Randall has some bandaids on his hands. What happened there?

[Author’s Notes: I realized afterwards that Randall had gloves on. But don’t they look like bandaids to you? Sure, right? I’m not seeing things. Nope. Nope. Nope.]

showe at happy hollow broken too.png

Louis was interrupted in “trying” to read the archaeology book by a broken shower. Sheesh! He goes to repair that shower again.

garden was doin gwell.png

Afterwards, Louis tended the garden and harvested some of the produce. The garden was looking good and hopefully, Louis could get a few more harvests before they left.

krysta programming veta playing chess.png

Veta had now changed into something warmer and was playing a game of chess, while Krysta was trying her hand at hacking on the computer. And Krysta is successful in getting some simoleons.

krysta hacking funds

her froggie

Before work, I had Louis scout the little park behind their house for some collectibles. Oh, another frog. Now he can start breeding frogs. Louis only had one frog in his inventory, poor froggie was lonely. Well, fear not, soon there are 3 froggies. He also harvested some apples and pears.

louis practicing making drinks and the first 2  ti cine.png

Louis makes some drinks for everyone before he heads off to work. Will this be the day that he gets to Level 4 of the culinary career? He needs that to get to the next level of his aspiration.

louis is off to work.png

And Louis is off to work. I never noticed how shiny that tie was before.

midge is interested in another game.png

Midge seems to be getting obsessed with another game. This time chess. Will she now be trying for the resident chess champion in addition to the Don’t Wake The Llama champion? She looks pretty intent on that game with Rocky.

deirdre doing some research on the computer.png

Deirdre has now taken over the computer from Krysta. Maybe she’s doing some more research on Selvadorada. But wait, it looks like she was doing research…but on how to hack into some supercomputer servers. That’s a nice boost to the household funds.

deirdre hacked the computer

veta and sonny are in a speed swimming rage.png

Outside, Veta and Sonny are in a swimming race. Neck to neck, shoulder to shoulder, they glide through the murky water, straining to reach the other edge of the pool first. Who will win this doggy paddle race?

krysta getting in shape boxing

With Sonny and Veta in a swimming race, the punching bag was now free. Krysta takes full advantage of getting her kickboxing on.

line up at the bathroom.png

There seems to be a line-up for the bathroom. And here comes Rocky with some reading material. He might be a while…

randall didnt quite make it.png

…But unfortunately, the wait is too long for Randall, and, well, puddle time. Oh M-I-D-G-E, bring that handy mop…there’s a puddle to mop in the kitchen.

louis back home everyone watching him clean.png

Louis is back home from work with no promotion. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. He did bring home $208 simoleons, though. And it looks like he has borrowed Midge’s mop to finally clean up the burned carpet stain from the fire a few days ago.

level 2 complete of positivity challenge.png

Good deeds don’t go unnoticed and Louis gets Tier 2 of The Positivity Challenge completed. Huh? Who me? Aw shucks, thanks!

if pigs could fly.png

And Louis gets this nifty painting as a reward, called “It Happened”.

club secret handshake.png

Randall shares the secret club handshake with Louis on getting that awesome reward.

And with that, we bid farewell to The Happy Hollow Asylum for today…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

I didn’t realize that Louis could still complete this challenge. He was the only one who had greeted Jasmine Holiday during the challenge period. I wasn’t able to get to The Circle Asylum in time for Viviana to take part in that challenge. So, completing The Positivity Challenge may help Louis get closer to completing the three aspirations that he needs to be able to leave the asylum.

And it looks like Louis isn’t the only one who has been reading the archaeology book. Sonny, Krysta, and Louis are all at Level 1 of that skill.



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    1. Oh thank you so much for your comments. I often go back to The Case Files, where there is background material of when the sims were first submitted and try to get some new ideas to draw from that. Sometimes, I get some ideas from what these sims randomly do in game. So, yes, I am trying to give them all some storylines that plays off the bios that were submitted. Sometimes I have to improvise, though. I am so happy you like it.

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