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Survive The Insanity: The Circle Asylum – Wk 3, Tuesday – Confusing Thoughts

Week 3, Tuesday, Autumn Day 3

thinking about them.png

The Farewell Party for The Happy Hollow residents was over and it was back to the daily routine again. Or was it? Even though the residents appeared to be doing the same old thing, Viviana had felt a change in them. Or maybe it was a change in her.

While all the residents were excited and talked non-stop about The List and things they would do on their vacation, Viviana just felt sad. Maybe it was because she knew it was not really a vacation. One minute she was ready to leave this place and the next minute she felt an overwhelming sense of sadness.

Viviana didn’t know what was wrong with her and even her desire to paint had diminished. She felt an overwhelming loss of purpose, almost as if she didn’t want to finish those last paintings. Finishing those paintings would mean she would be able to leave. This asylum. This routine. These sims.


Was her hesitation due to the fact that she might miss these sims?  True, they were an odd bunch, but they looked up to her. When she planned an outing, they were excited. When she made a meal, they found it was the best meal they had ever eaten. And, when she told a joke, even a bad one, they all laughed. Could it be that she liked looking after them? Liked being in charge of them? And then it hit her. Who would look after them when she was gone? Who would understand them like she did? What would happen to them? Viviana realized that she actually cared about these sims and wanted only the best for them.

thinking back to the pj party.png

Viviana had to admit that she liked being around them. They didn’t judge what she did or didn’t do. If she decided to wear her pajamas all day, they never thought it was unusual. In fact, they would all probably change into pajamas, too, and think it was a grand idea.

who would look after them.png

Viviana realized that the real sim universe wasn’t like that. Other sims judged you. If you didn’t fit in with their version of “normal” you were outcast and didn’t belong. And Viviana realized she didn’t fit the “normal” mode herself. She was now in a quandary of what to actually do when they arrived in Selvadorada. Yes, she wanted to escape, but what would happen to the residents? They had grown so much since they first came to the asylum, what would happen to them if they were left alone in the jungle again? They would become lost, and maybe would be worse off than before when they were found. IF they were found.

going to work.png

Shmoo! Shmoo! Shmoo! Her thoughts were whirling around today. Nonsense. Utter nonsense! Of course, she liked these sims, but she had her own life to live. And that life was going to start with her escape in Selvadorada. Viviana needed to focus and not get tied up in emotional arguments in her mind.

As Viviana silently repeated a mantra of “Om Gum Ganpatayei Namaha” to herself, she heard the honk of a car and realized she had to leave for work.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:  “A mantra is a sound, word, phrase or sentence you repeat to channel specific energy or intention. They’re often used during meditation, but can also be used anytime you need an extra pick-me-up. “Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha” is a meditation mantra to embrace a new beginning or fresh start.” [I looked this info up on a website. Read more HERE]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

looks like someone has come over.png

After Viviana had gone, Dr. de Reve arrived at the house. Barbie was the most excited to see him and talked non-stop about all the great items she had seen on the Glamorous Glamping website. Dr. de Reve actually didn’t know there was a difference between glamping and camping, as he hadn’t really bothered to look at the websites that Barbie had given him….umm….all 2,050 of them! And she had found more!

Dr. de Reve seemed a bit overwhelmed with having to buy a dress for Veta and “glamping” gear. Online shopping just wasn’t his thing. Maybe it was time to let the residents take charge a bit. He was sure that Dr. L’Ernitage would agree to give the residents a budget to work with. This would really help them with their life skills.

barbie was ecstatis with the news she could hardly contain herself.png

Barbie said she could handle a budget because she had a gold belt in shopping. And she had actually told Veta about that wonderful dress site, so if…Dr…ummm… Scrubs… wanted…she could order Veta’s dress, too.

Oh, Dr. de Reve seemed to like that idea. A LOT. Plus Barbie was so enthusiastic about it, how could he say no? Barbie seemed to have done the research on all the things they needed, and he was sure that Dr. L’Ernitage would agree with him that Barbie was the BEST choice to handle The Circle Asylum’s vacation budget. Dr. de Reve went over to the computer and typed in some codes and told Barbie that there would be a running balance on the computer so she knew how much she had left to spend.


Barbie jumped up from where she was sitting, clapped her hands like a small child, and almost ran to the computer. Barbie wasted no time clicking from one website to the next, scrolling down pages, and tapping on items.

“Everyone likes pink, right? It is such a fabulous color, don’t you think?” No-one seemed to hear her, and Barbie continued to click and tap and scroll through a myriad of websites.

Seems like Barbie had been given a rather large budget from all the tap, tapping she was doing. Wasn’t this asylum in desperate need of funds? But it seems that Barbie was getting some additional funds from another source, too!

barbie hacked the lothario trust fund

With Barbie absorbed in her “work,” some asylum workers had arrived with various items for the residents from “The List”.

finn was very happy about his news pets.png

The first item brought into the house was set outside. Dr. de Reve told Finn that it was his request. Finn looked at it and it didn’t look much like a pet. Dr. de Reve handed Finn some feed and had him fill the feeder. Soon, birds of all colors chirped and sang and perched on the feeder. Finn was thrilled. He didn’t just get one pet, he got several. Finn looked so happy and stayed outside watching the birds come and go.


Meanwhile inside, Hannibal was enjoying some delectable left-overs.


Erik and Dr. de Reve played a game of chess, which Erik successfully won. Dr. de Reve looked a bit surprised at this.


Sunny was given her travel journal and couldn’t wait to start writing in it.

“… an adventure to Selvadorada…real adventure…find The Lost City of Z…el dorado…city of gold. IT EXISTS…I was there…” Sunny then scribbles some more and doodles on her page.

Author’s Notes: Read more about The Lost City of Z HERE

tony is flying on the court today.png

The residents, of course, had their usual basketball game, and it looks like Toby is soaring on the courts today.


Oh no! Not another household addicted to the Don’t Wake The Llama game!


Some items were moved in the backyard to make room for Mowgli’s request item, and he wasted no time at all enjoying his new swing.


Dr. de Reve was overjoyed that things were going so well today. He was even happier that he had delegated Barbie to order all those supplies and true to her word, she had not gone over budget. Dr. de Reve had called Dr. L’Ernitage and had told him about the situation, and although Dr. L’Ernitage had not first agreed with his decision, he was very supportive when he found out that Barbie had stayed within budget. Her request item was being shipped directly to their lodging in Selvadorada.

Dr. L’Ernitage told Dr. de Reve to continue to ready the residents for their trip and to let Hannibal, Toby, and Erik know that their request items would be in Selvadorada waiting for them as well.THE BILLS HAD ARRIVED.png

Viviana came home from work and the bills had arrived. [Yes, they finally arrived — only took 3 weeks.] They owed $1,617 simoleons. Where was she going to get those simoleons? She couldn’t afford that and would have to, unfortunately, sell some of her paintings to pay the bills.

She entered the house only to find Dr. de Reve was visiting. He came over to her and told her that some items had been delivered from The List for the residents.

a what.png

Dr. de Reve said he was just leaving, but wanted to make sure that she had her tracker securely in place for the trip. Before Viviana knew what he was doing, he had taken her arm and put a bracelet on her wrist and closed it with a loud click.

A what? What is this?  Dr. De Reve explained that it was a tracker for when they headed into the jungle and that it would track their every move. He also told her that final arrangements had been made and they had tomorrow to pack and get ready. Their flight was leaving for Selvadorada on Thursday. As Dr de Reve headed out the door, he mentioned that Barbie had done well in ordering supplies from the asylum’s vacation budget.

What? They had a vacation budget? Oh my gosh! What had Barbie ordered? They were leaving on Friday? So soon? Viviana needed a moment to comprehend everything and then looked around and noticed that every other resident had a tracker on, too. Oh no! This was terrible! How would she escape with a tracker on her arm? There HAD to be a way to get this thing off her arm….she would find a way…yes, yes, she would somehow find a way.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

In the next chapter, The Happy Hollow Asylum will be heading to the jungle.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes – Just Had to Share This:

When I opened the file and came on the lot, I saw this message pop up and went into a near panic attack. Barbie and Hannibal were burning to death! Oh no! So, I quickly had Viviana call them over to get them inside. I realized I hadn’t installed a thermostat in the house (since the Seasons update), so I did and then put the temperature on cool. Then  Hannibal was complaining that it was “morgue-like” because it was too cold. Oh my gosh! This was hilarious. There is just no pleasing this bunch. But no worries, both are fine.

what the heck burning to death

i had hannibal and barbie burning to death.png

no pleasing this bunch




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