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Survive The Insanity: Happy Hollow Asylum – Wk 3, Wednesday – Arrival In Selvadorada-The Marketplace

In the last chapter, The Happy Hollow residents traveled to Selvadorada. When they arrived at their lodging, it was certainly not a Hilton! The lodging was rather run-down and the jungle vines and greenery had taken over. As they had time to spare before going to the marketplace, everyone headed to a close-by deck area overlooking some waterfalls. While Louis did some fishing, he was thinking that maybe this time his visit to Selvadorada would be different.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Same day – Wednesday afternoon

marketplace shot selvadorada.png

It had started to rain when they got to the Puerto Llamante Marketplace, but everyone had an umbrella, so they were all set. The Cantina “El Arbol Del Jaguar” (The Tree Jaguar) was to the right of them, and in the middle of the square was a fountain surrounded by flowers and a statue. On the opposite side was a food stall, and there were also some tables set up for the local vendors to sell their wares.

it had started to rain when they got to the market.png

Louis decided to take a look at the statue and read the plaque. He found out that this was the Statue of “Madre Cosecha” (Mother Harvest):

“….who helped the people settle Selvadorada during a period of great famine. Her long lost recipe for Grillos Achocolatados gave the founding settlers strength.

Archaeologists also note that the Giant Omisca Cricket seems to have gone extinct during this great famine.”

Louis figured she must be very important to the locals as there were a variety of offerings at the base of the statue and some candles were lit in her honor.

krystas pics.png

No one seemed in a hurry to head to the cantina, so Louis thought this would be a good opportunity to get some supplies and talk to the locals about the jungle. Krysta said she wanted to take some photos and test out her new camera.

deirdre talking about protection.png

Deirdre headed over to the tables with Louis and started talking to one of the merchants. She had spied some unusual items on the table and inquired if these were used for protection from “evil” spirits. The local pointed to the statue in the square and said something that sounded like “Madre ~ bendito (bless) ~ protectora (protect)”, but Deirdre wasn’t sure what he meant.

a vendor she has a lot to sell.png

Another vendor, who Louis was talking to, spoke a bit better Simlish and came over to help Deirdre choose something from the table. Deirdre pointed to a doll on the table and the vendor told her it was an Omiscan doll.

“Very good…muñeca (doll)...very old…you buy?” said the vendor looking intently at Deirdre.

Deirdre looked at the doll. She did have her talisman necklace to protect her, but she always did believe that dolls brought good luck. She nodded in agreement and Louis paid the vendor $80 simoleons. Of course, Deirdre didn’t know she was buying a re-creation of an ancient toy, but she looked happy with the purchase.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

an archaeology table at one end.png

Louis looked around the marketplace a bit and on one side under a shade shelter was an archaeology table. Obviously, this place was a mecca for explorers. Locals could uncover and authenticate finds here and perhaps then sell them to tourists at the vendor tables. Maybe tourists could even use these tables.

outside the cantina.png

Across from the archaeology table area, outside the cantina, was a patio with a fountain and chess table.

beautiful flowers

There were a lot of plants that he hadn’t seen before which were planted in various earthen jars all around the marketplace, and there was an abundance of natural plants that grew here, too.

the marketplace.png

some houses nearby.png

Louis decided to explore the outside of the marketplace a bit and close-by were some houses with large gardens. One of the market vendors had told him that if he followed this road to the top, there was a museum he could visit. Well, maybe not today.

there was a museum close by that they could visit.png

As he looked around, Louis did find an interesting plant that he harvested. It looked like a black bean. Down the road was a building that looked like a mission, but it was locked. Louis didn’t want to go too far, plus he still had things to buy at the marketplace, so he headed back.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

there were a few vendors selling odd items.png

A new vendor had set up a table and Louis headed over to it. There were some odd items that were on the tables, like fire foam and lightning insulation powder. And the prices! Items here were expensive. Louis asked what these items were for, and the vendor told him they were for protection in the jungle. The vendor then started talking about plasma bats, bees, and other insects in the jungle.plasma bats convo boxlouis at the market.png

Louis realized that he didn’t have enough simoleons to get one of each of these protection devices for everyone, but with a bit of haggling, he did get the price down by 25%. Louis pretty much bought everything on the table, from bat baits to a guzmania pollenis flower. He also bought a grilled cheese ready to eat food that wasn’t supposed to spoil. A bit expensive at $40 simoleons, but he wanted to try it. He also purchased a second machete. The vendor was so thrilled that Louis had purchased so much that he gave him a tip:visit the statue

Louis thanked the vendor and wondered how a sim could get cursed. But before Louis could ask that question, the vendor had already left.time to samepl esome dinner.png


The aroma of spicy food filled the air, and Louis decided to try some local cuisine. He ordered Arepa Rellana con Perico for $2 simoleons and Veta ordered Empanadas de Verde for $4 simoleons. Now, this was more his price range!

louis was enjoying the dish.png

Pretty soon, everyone was ordering something for dinner, and Louis thought that his dish had the most incredible combination of flavors. After chatting up the vendor, Louis got the recipe and also purchased some food supplies to take back to the lodging.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

running to the bar for drinks.png

The food stall vendor told Louis that the marketplace would be closing soon, but it was a good time to be visiting as there were discounted drinks at the cantina tonight. Well, no-one needed to be told twice and soon they were all running to the cantina for happy hour.

the party ha already started.png

Yippee! The party had started.

rocky having a great time.png

Rocky wasted no time and ordered a round of drinks for everyone. But those didn’t look like the brewskies that Rocky had talked about. It was a local drink called Espuma Agria.

dancing together.png

The bar was starting to get crowded…

the place is hopping.png

…and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

louis having a good time.png

Even Louis seemed to be really enjoying himself. And why not? He had some great tasting (cheap) food and a local (discounted) drink in hand! This was the life!

looks like sonny has taken up the mike to sing.png

Sonny decided to take to the microphone and sing some songs. After all, he had been very popular at the karaoke bar in San Myshuno. You ole crooner, you.

krysta and midge at the bar.png

Krysta and Midge were chatting with some locals at the bar and Krysta decided to try another local drink called Yerba Mate. It tasted woodsy yet bitter and Krysta felt inspired.

at the bathrooms.png

And the “call of the wild” seemed to hit everyone at once. Why they went to the outhouse in the rain rather than the restrooms in the building is really anyone’s guess. Psst…there are bathrooms in the cantina…

midge dancing in the cantina.png

Midge had the whole dance floor to herself and was showing off some moves. Krysta meanwhile decided to take some photos.

ricky pic.png

Here was one of the party boy himself.

ricky with drink in hand.png

And it looks like our “party boy” is on his second round of drinks. Apparently, the Director had arranged a “bar tab” and Rocky was taking full advantage of it.

randall mixing some drinks.png

The bartender was trying to keep up with all the drink requests she was getting, so Randall decided to give her a hand and shakes it up.

[Author’s Notes: I actually think he was making a drink for himself, but maybe he was helping out, too.]

sonny showing off some moves.png

With everyone back from the restrooms, Sonny took to the dance floor and showed off his “arm charm” moves.

not this joke again.png

The residents were taking up most of the seating at the cantina, and Sonny was on a roll telling a joke to a local resident about Rocky’s looscapades on their first day at the asylum. Rocky rolled his eyes and thought, “Oh no, not this joke again…”

someone gets cursed.png

Meanwhile, at the bar, Louis was asking some of the locals about the jungle and he learned some disturbing news.

plane crash

a curse.png

A plane crash? Not too long ago?

The local went on to say that some other survivors had been rescued…but he didn’t know what happened to them.

Louis was in shock. Could this be their plane that crashed? The pilot was still alive? They had told him that she had died. This is what the Director wanted him to find. But where was the crash site?

Louis tried to get more information from the local, but that was all he knew about the crash.

new pic of louis.png

Louis wondered if the Director had sent them back to the jungle to actually find these “ancient artifacts” and not really for therapy. Something didn’t make sense here.

*Flash* Louis was brought back to the present as Krysta snapped a photo of him.

“Hey, Louis, get up there with Randall and play some tunes! Lighten up! It’s a party, remember?” Krysta laughed as she prodded Louis towards the guitar.

louis tries his hand at guitar.png

Randall had been singing for awhile and was a real hit at the bar getting lots of tips.

Louis tried valiantly to pluck some tunes with the guitar but everyone seemed to flock towards Randall to hear him sing.

Well, everyone that is except one sim. She even gave Louis a tip. She just stood there staring at him and listening intently. Louis…um, you have a fan, maybe you should go and talk to her and thank her for the tip.

and who is this who seems to have captured louis attention

“Oh, excuse me, I didn’t mean to stare, but you look familiar. Do I know you?” she asked Louis.

Louis didn’t think he knew her, but he definitely wanted to get to know her. Because at the word “Sul, Sul” Louis got in a flirty mood. Oh, Louis! What brought this on? Does this sim have this effect on you?

Well, I have him do some interactions to get his Selvadoradian culture skill up and before I know it, they’re friends. Wow! That was fast! So, I figure, what the heck, let’s see if she’s single, and she is! Her name is Fernanda Dávila.

oh louis she likes you.png

Oh my gosh! Look at these two!!! They can’t keep their eyes off of each other.

maybe the jungle wasnt so bad.png

Louis had forgotten all about the plane crash conversation as he chatted with Fernanda. Maybe coming back to Selvadorada wasn’t such a bad idea afterall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

I missed taking the screenie, but apparently, Midge had exited the cantina and gone to play chess on the patio. Between two notifications, one about Randall getting to level 3 in Mixology and another about Louis reaching Level 4 of the Selvadoradian Culture Skill, I got this and had a good laugh. Yep, Midge is definitely addicted to chess now.

logic level 3 midge.png

Oh, and did you see that photo of the cute dog outside the marketplace? Yes, dogs and cats roam freely in Selvadorada.

Author’s Tips:

While your sim is on vacation, you are not able to enter build mode to edit the vacation rental lot while your sim is occupying it. You would have to end their vacation to do so. I found I had a problem with my lot and the wood stump holding the towels was blocking the toilet entrance. (The gallery version has been fixed). I really didn’t want them to have to end their vacation for me to fix this.

Well, I searched and there is a way to do it.

All you have to do is when your sim is on the vacation lot:

  • Hold down Ctrl + C
  • type testingcheats true
  • type bb.enablefreebuild

This is a wonderful cheat and I moved that stump and I am happy to report that the Happy Hollow residents can now access the toilet stall. Hurrah! This also works for the Granite Falls campsites while your sim in on vacation on one of those rental lots.






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