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Survive The Insanity: The Circle Asylum- Wk 3, Thursday – Arrival in Selvadorada-The Lodging

In the last chapter of The Circle Asylum, Viviana has some confusing thoughts. On the one hand, she wants to plan an escape in Selvadorada, but on the other hand, she will miss all the residents and wonders what will happen to them when she leaves. Viviana heads off to work and Dr. de Reve comes for a visit. Mowgli, Sunny and Finn all get items they wanted from “The List”. Dr. de Reve dreads ordering Veta’s dress and Barbie’s glamping supplies online and decides to give the residents a budget to order their own. He feels that Barbie is the most shopping savvy and allocates the budget to her. Viviana comes home from work and is fitted with a tracker for the trip. She also learns that Barbie was given the vacation budget and that they are heading to Selvadorada in two days.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Week 3, Thursday, Autumn Day 5

the  broken plane 2.png

The trip to Selvadorada was long. There had been some engine problems with the first plane and they had been re-routed to a different airport. Needless to say that by the time they got to Selvadorada, most of the residents were a bit cranky.

When the plane doors opened, Viviana thought she might faint. The heat hit her like a wall. Yes, it was hotter than hot. Hot! Hot! Hot! It was hot, very hot, and some of the residents were already complaining.

They had been told to pack one small backpack for the trip. Mowgli was the only one who brought nothing. Maybe it was a good thing as Barbie said it was too restrictive and those were just guidelines. She couldn’t possibly survive with just ONE bag!

the luggage.png

There were two jeeps waiting for them at the airport and the guides spoke quickly and placed their gear on the roof. It was amazing that all the luggage actually made it there. Barbie was in a tizzy when the guide told her that they couldn’t fit all her “glamour gear” on top of the jeep.

“No mas! No mas! (no more),” one of the guides repeated.

Viviana went to smooth things over, and it ended up that all the residents had to sit with pieces of Barbie’s “essential items” on their laps as they traversed bumps and potholes in the dirt road to their lodging.

you'll thank me later.png

“You’ll thank me later that we have these,” Barbie smiled pleasantly, unphased by the disruption she had caused.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

arrival at loge.png

Their lodging, the Belomisia Field Station, was close to the Belomisia Trailhead National Park, which they could walk to. The lodging was normally reserved for archaeology students, but Viviana guessed that there were no other lodgings large enough to accommodate their group, so they had been booked here.

It looked gorgeous from the outside and everyone seemed rather happy that the Director had been true to his word. It was actually nicer than their asylum back home. The only one complaining was Sunny, as there was no basketball court.

It was two stories. There was a patio on the main level that went around the entire lodging, which was covered by an overhang. They didn’t have any close neighbors and the lodging was surrounded by dense vegetation. Viviana thought that the deep jungle would look very much like it did outside their doorstep.

the crate under the stairs.png

Viviana entered the side door and the first thing she noticed was this HUGE crate under the stairs. She had Finn help her lift the lid as it was so heavy. Inside was various gear including sleeping bags, some lanterns, a portable backpack cooler, notebooks, water bottles, pot, pans, and various other camping gear. And on top of all this was a huge knife. Viviana had never seen such a knife before.

“Machete….” said one of the guides as he came up behind her, heading towards the stairs, “muy afilado (very sharp)” he said gesticulating wildly, as if he were cutting something. “You take…very good.” Viviana nodded and sort of understood that this was something she should take into the jungle with her.

Viviana thought she should tour the lodging a bit while the guides continued to unpack the luggage.


Viviana surveyed the room. In the front part of the lodging was a living room with two couches, a bookshelf, and a fireplace. Stairs led to the upper level. There was also a small stereo and Toby was already enjoying himself dancing to some tunes.

the kitchen showing the stove.png

Passing the back part of the living room was a computer and archaeology table, which she had seen on the way in. Viviana went through an archway to the left and discovered a spacious, gorgeous kitchen. All the cupboards were locked securely and Viviana found the keys hanging next to the fridge and unlocked them. She was a bit peckish and decided to make a snack for everyone before they headed out again.


And it looks like Barbie found the gourmet picnic basket and champagne that she ordered from the glamping website.

sonny discovered the downstairs bathroom.png

Viviana wasn’t the only one touring the lodging. Sunny was the first one to discover the toilet, which was just off the kitchen on the main level. Hey, it had been a long bumpy ride, and well, nature was calling.

mowgli checking the trash.png

And Mowgli was rummaging through the trash…looking for who knows what.

upstairs bedroom.png

Upstairs was the bedroom area. Five beds in all. There was also a chess table and Erik and Hannibal were involved in a chess match. To the left of them was a bookcase.

3 beds on this side.png

Three beds flanked the side wall, making a total of five beds upstairs. Looks like Finn was testing one out. At the top of the stairs was a door on the left.


The door opened to a shower area. It was a small room, but there was a really nice shower in there.


Outside there was a dart board and Sunny and Mowgli were playing a game. I am not sure who’s winning right now.


Barbie must have unpacked some of her wine and pours herself a glass at the bar. Time to get into “glamping” mode.

patio off the kitchen.png

At the back of the lodging was a patio with a bar-b-q and dining area. There was even a washtub and clothesline. Hidden behind that shrub at the side of the house was a punching bag.


On the opposite side of the house was a woodworking bench and towards the front of the house was a card table and chairs. Across from the woodworking table was a water well. Viviana had already been told by the guide that they would have to draw water from the well for cooking and drinking purposes. Viviana also noticed that there didn’t seem to be any electricity as there were lanterns and candles everywhere. That was fine with Viviana, she liked the simpler life.

eric and the llama.png

Erik came outside with a friend, modeling his new “armor”. This actually might be the smartest outfit to wear in the jungle. Erik will soon be giving it a field test, and we’ll find out how the “armor” tests in the wilds of the jungle.

As the luggage was all unloaded, the guides said they would return in two hours. One of the guides turned to Viviana and handed her a letter, “From the Senõr Director,” he said and waved her good-bye.

viviana didnt have teh heart to tell barbie

“Returning in two hours…probably to bring us to the marketplace,” thought Viviana, as she opened the letter.

The letter was from Dr. L’Ernitage. In it, he outlined their next few days. He mentioned the crate with supplies which Viviana had already found. And, apparently, Dr. L’Ernitage had arranged a special tour of the local museum for their group. The Alum Museum of Archaeology had a volunteer archaeologist program and Dr. L’Ernitage had registered Viviana to partake. In this way, she could get some first-hand archaeology experience and talk to the locals about the jungle. From there, they would travel to the marketplace for dinner. Dr. L’Ernitage suggested that Viviana also purchase some supplies in the marketplace.

where am i gonna plug in my phone.png

Barbie came around the corner just then with a blow dryer in her hand.

“Ummm…Viviana…there doesn’t seem to be any electrical outlets in this place. If I don’t blow dry my hair, it will get all frizzy and so unmanageable,” Barbie said exasperated.

Viviana told Barbie as best as she could that there was no electricity in the house.

going to take a shower.png

“No electricity? Oh my gosh! Well, luckily I brought some hair scrunchies with me. And a hat. I’ll just hide my hair under a hat. I hope there isn’t anyone here that I know. And where am I going to plug in my cell phone? What kind of place are we staying at? No electricity indeed! I will just take a nice, long, hot shower and everything will be fine.” Barbie emphasized as she headed to the shower area.

viviana in the house.png

Viviana didn’t have the heart to tell Barbie that there was a 10-minute shower restriction and they were on water conservation, too. Oh well. Barbie would soon find out when the water shut off after the allocated time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

there was something on the floor behind the crate.png

As Viviana walked towards the kitchen, she spied something on the floor near the crate. It was some type of parchment that had been rolled up and a piece of string held it together. It looked old. It must have been wedged up between the wall and the crate. Viviana carefully picked it up and unfurled it. It was some type of map, but part of it was torn off. Whoever this belonged to had scrawled some notations on various parts of the map. There was a symbol on the map and she had seen that symbol before. It was the Omiscan symbol above a portion marked Area #2.

piece of a map.png

Viviana looked at the map again and saw the words “Crash Site”. Was this where their plane had crashed? Why was someone so interested in this site? Were they looking for something? She looked closer at the faded drawing and thought she could make out a building on the map….no….more like….an ancient building. More like a temple. Oh my gosh! Viviana realized what this map was. It was a treasure map! It was a map to the Lost City of the Omiscan’s…the city of gold..!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thursday will continue in the next chapter as they head to the museum.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

This is the same airport that I used for The Happy Hollow Asylum, but with more luggage added. Yes, much more luggage.

airplane hangar

The Belomisia Field Station is the Maxis build that comes with the world. I just changed the bathrooms and added a few items for the story.

Map photos and details were made by katandmari in forums. She actually made a whole series of maps for all the gates, which I found quite helpful.  See more HERE


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