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Somebody To Love: Bachelor In Paradise Challenge ~ Meet & Greet – House 1

bachelor in paradise kigi

rox at home.png

Sul! Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today has certainly been a whirlwind. Aside from the new beach hut tours, this morning Benny had the photoshoot with the contestants and I was able to ask them a few questions. I will, of course, have more in-depth interviews with the contestants as the show progresses. But for now, they were all very excited to be here and couldn’t wait to see the beach hut and meet the bachelor.

house 1.png

Here is a little composite that Benny created for each house. Our House 1 contestants are (from top): Maegan Franco, Brianna Hammond, Hokulani Kalua, Naomi Mahina, Lara McGowan, Isla Waters, and Raven Xang. The contestants look absolutely gorgeous.

benny taking selfies.png

Benny even gave each one of the contestants some photography tips on how to take better selfies. He is such a great photographer.

rick traits.png

And the contestants aren’t the only ones looking great, because Rick had gone to get his make-over done with Mele Kahananui and when we picked him up, I hardly recognized him. Take a look! Rick is now one hunky, hot sim!

we use spy cams

Now due to the rules of the show, Benny and I are not able to interact with the contestants while they are in the house, unless there is a party, a special event, or we are invited over. However, the producers have installed spy…um…err…surveillance cameras everywhere and so I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, will still be able to put a story together with some exciting clips. And so, without further delay, let’s see what happened at House 1 Meet and Greet earlier today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

and they have landed house 1.png

Oh, look! Here they are just dropped off in the front of the house. First impressions are everything. Now, I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, do have access to some personality compatability quiz results that each contestant had to take, and it looks like Rick shares a trait with Lara McGowan. So, will they hit it off right away? Well, anything can happen on this show, so let’s see how the day goes. Here are some of the highlights of the first interviews I had with them.

hi im maegan

Maegan: “I always wanted to find somebody to love, and when I heard about The Bachelor in Paradise being filmed here, well, I just jumped on the first plane and flew here to see the possibilities. Sure, some sims say that I am rather self-absorbed like it’s a bad thing, but, if you don’t promote yourself, who will? And I am definitely going to do just that because I’m in it to win it!”

what am i doing here.png

Brianna: “I’m from San Myshuno, where my parents also live, and was absolutely thrilled to win a contest to Sulani.  I love to cook, and I’m a chef at a local restaurant. I was even thinking of serving my famous grilled tuna for dinner one night. I mean, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Aside from food, I very much enjoy everything about the outdoors. For me, basking in the sun, some scuba diving, and strumming my guitar would be a perfect day. I’ve even toyed with the idea of living off-the-grid and it would most certainly be a possibility in Sulani. Maybe someday, I can live here with my kids and the man of my dreams. But for now, I am still hoping to find somebody to love.”

having a drink hokulani.png

Hokulani: “Well, you know, I’m from Sulani. I was at the top of my class in drama club at Sulani High school, and after I graduated, I headed to Del Sol Valley. I was going to be famous. I  pretty much bragged to anysim who would listen that I was going to be famous. Yah, well, my acting career didn’t quite work out and so I returned back home. But when I saw that they were filming The Bachelor in Paradise here in Sulani, I was REALLY excited. Maybe I’d get another shot at an acting career or maybe a shot at somebody to love.”

naomi roots.png

Naomi: “Even though I was born and raised in Del Sol Valley, I have roots in Sulani. Oh yes, generations of my family come from here, and the ocean is very important to us. But, it’s the first time I’ve ever been here. Actually, it’s the first time I’ve been anywhere. And even though I love Del Sol Valley, I really felt it was time that I got away from that star-filled place. I mean, sims are always snapping your photo because they think you’re someone famous, and now I just don’t like having my photo taken at all. But entering the Bachelor in Paradise contest gave me a chance to get away from Del Sol Valley, and maybe even a chance to find somebody to love.”

vacation competition.png

Lara: “I’m from Brindleton Bay, where my parents and sister live, but I work in San Myshuno at an editor’s office. I have an apartment in San Myshuno and stay there during the week and then head home on the weekends. My co-workers think I’m a workaholic, and so they surprised me by booking me a vacation to Sulani. They even entered me into this Bachelor in Paradise contest. I mean, I hadn’t planned for this, and the last sim I dated was just a total loser and never cleaned up after himself. But, Sulani is indeed a paradise, and maybe I’ll be lucky and find somebody to love like in those manuscripts I’m always editing at work. Ah, yes…a walk along the beach…a breathtaking sunset…a shared look…a heavenly first kiss…a guy who washes the dishes. Well, it could happen, right?”

isla bio.png

Isla: “I grew up in Isla Paradiso. Some say I’m a ‘child of the ocean’. I love the ocean and marine life and everything about the ocean so much. But, sadly, I was forced to flee my home when a massive oil spill occurred. It just devastated the whole island. The fish and plants died and it wasn’t safe to swim in the ocean anymore. It was horrible. My father wanted to make a fresh start, and thought it best if we moved, and so now I live in Sulani. But my father is still wary of the outside world and keeps telling me it’s dangerous. Maybe some of that suspicion has rubbed off on me, and I often wondered if I would ever find somebody to love who cared about the ocean as much as I did. But when I saw the flyer for the Bachelor in Paradise contest, I was willing to give it a chance.”

more drinks.png

Raven: “I come from a place called Keystone Shores. It sounds like a nice place, but I have to warn you that my childhood was anything but nice. My mother died giving birth to me, and when I was just a kid, my father went into Aokigahara (suicide forest), on a trip to Japan only to return in a body bag. So, with both my parents dead and no relatives, I was tossed into an old orphanage with nasty children who were really mean to me. I guess that’s when I retreated towards the dark and macabre. It was my way of coping really, but some sims just thought I was strange because I didn’t conform to their standards. I preferred goth rock to pop music, horror films to cartoons, and going to cemeteries instead of going to the mall. So, yeah, I’m not your average sim. But what I was really hoping for by entering this contest was to find somebody to love who would accept me for who I am.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rox pic.png

Well, from those little tidbits of info, I can say that the contestants come from a varied background. Some happy, some sad. But are they all here, as they say, to find somebody to love? Each of the contestants was given a dossier on Rick. Let’s hope they all read it and are interested in knowing more about our bachelor. Because we will soon find out if they are here for love or perhaps for some other reason.

Now, let’s have a peek and see what the contestants did when they first arrived and who was the first to chat with Rick? Are you excited?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

getting to know one another.png

Maegan strikes up a conversation with Isla. How does Maegan already have a drink in her hand?

brianna taken to the water.png

Brianna decides to cool off a bit and goes for a swim. This is such a great beach hut, right on the water.

playing blickblock.png

Hokulani has discovered the Sandcastle Skill Hut and decides to play Sims Forever on the computer. She looks a little stressed, maybe some fun will help.

naomi excited about modelling clay

Naomi is also in the Sandcastle Skill Hut fascinated by the modeling clay. Maybe she’ll make a bowl or maybe she’ll just keep squishing it in and out.

busting some moves.png

Lara is over near the bar area showing off some dance moves. No matter what happens, she is determined that she will have a good time while she is here.

trolling the forums.png

Raven has also entered the Sandcastle Skill Hut and is….trolling the forums. Really Raven? There’s a hot guy right outside the door there. Go and chat with him!

grabbed a plate of food and sitting alone.png

For two whole hours, the contestants completely ignored poor Rick and did their own thing. But Rick doesn’t seem to be bothered. He knows that some of the contestants have traveled a long way to get here and are just trying to explore the place a bit. So, he just grabbed a plate of food and sat down BY HIMSELF! Oh, my word! Girls! How could you let this happen?

butler pretty happy about being in a house full of women.png

Rick ordered a scheduled maid service and a live-in butler. Afu arrives and is pleased to have been hired for such a prestigious position. He insists on calling Rick, Master Rick.

rick is talking with the help.png

Rick heads over to talk to Afu and asks him to prepare a meal for everyone. At the same time, the bartender arrives for the welcome party.

rick mixing his famous citris swig.png

Another hour passes and still no-one has come over to talk to Rick. Well, Rick was told this might happen, and decides to prepare his famous citrus swig drink. He then, in turn, goes to each contestant and does a friendly interaction with them and asks them about their day. This seems to help a bit, but instead of continuing the conversation, they just carry on discovering the beach hut.

maegan getting a start on skills.png

Maegan has heard about some of the competitions that the show is famous for and decides to get a head start on her chess game. She knows that these items are here for a reason and she is going to make sure she gets skilled up in everything.

autonomously doing yoga.png

After her refreshing swim, Brianna tries some yoga poses. She doesn’t look too steady there standing on one leg.

isla playing blickblock.png

Isla has now entered the Sandcastle Skill Hut and decides to play Blickblock on the motion monitor gaming mat.

lara autonomously chosen hibiscus hot.png

I guess Lara was tired of dancing and wanted to have some quiet time. She autonomously chose the Heavenly Hibiscus Hut to read. Look at the book she’s reading, “Reel Her in”.

our first roommates.png

And apparently, Hokulani wanted to read the same book in the same hut. And so, we have our first roommates. Lara and Hokulani will be sharing the Heavenly Hibiscus Hut. Nice choice ladies.

raven autonomously playing violin.png

Raven, meanwhile, has decided to play a haunting tune on the violin. Is that the Danse Macabre that she’s playing? Not exactly the fun calypso island tunes we were hoping for.

(Author’s Note: Danse Macabre is a violin piece also called the Dance of DeathIt is an artistic genre of allegory of the Late Middle Ages on the universality of death: no matter one’s station in life, the Dance Macabre unites all. Wikipedia)

looks like some sims have finally noticed rick.png

And it looks like FINALLY some sims have come to talk to Rick. Not sure who was the first, but Isla and Hokulani are in deep conversation, and here comes Raven to join the chat.

seems like someone is enjoying rick's conversation.png

finally everyone is here.png

Rick figures that now would be a good time to order a round of drinks for everyone and sure enough, all the contestants come running. And it looks like Brianna and Naomi have made some strategic moves and sit right next to our bachelor at the bar. Rick does a friendly interaction with each of them and discusses their interests.

butler made baked potatoes for everyone.png

The butler announces that dinner was served and everyone scurries to the Mermaid’s Grotto Kitchen Hut for some potato skin appetizers.

the butler also prepared a large feast for everyone.png

The butler has also prepared a grand pit bar-b-q for everyone. An island vegetable feast. Rick is just drooling from the aroma the pit is emitting.

rick with some lovley sims.png

Inside the kitchen hut, Rick takes a seat to enjoy his appetizer, immediately followed by Brianna, who sits beside him. Again!

As the contestants enjoy their appetizer, the butler announces that the main feast is ready. Everyone seems to be having a good time and there doesn’t appear to be any friction between any of the contestants.

maegan is not letting anyone sit beside rick this time.png

Rick gets up to grab the main feast and decides to sit at the outdoor table. I guess Maegen wasn’t going to let Brianna sit beside him this time and quickly fills her plate with food and claims the seat beside Rick. Nice move Maegen.

hakulani cleaning must smell bad if she has to wear a mask

Hokulani decides to help the butler clean up. Those dishes must really smell bad if she has to wear a face mask.

watching diamonds are for sims.png

After dinner, Rick pops some popcorn and suggests they all watch a movie together and chooses Diamonds Are For Sims. Lara seems glued to the television and is really enjoying this action-adventure film. Explosions, chase scenes – what an exciting movie!

maegen tuckered out and the first to bed

Some of the contestants were getting a bit tired, and Maegan is the first to head to bed in the Tropical Sunset Hut. She is later followed by Isla and then Raven.

oh no dont let rick see me.png

Lara, too, was tired, and needed to go potty, but she didn’t quite make it to her room, or the bathroom. Ewww…Lara has made it clear that she does not want Rick to see this incident.

lara bladder fail

rick rolled his first whim.png

Rick rolled his first whim for a contestant. He wants to become friends with Raven! And just as that happened, the butler announced that it was almost 1am and perhaps Master Rick would like to retire for the evening. Oh, good thinking, Afu, as Rick has a busy day ahead of him tomorrow.

brianna staying up all night.png

Brianna was having too much fun to head to bed and just wanted to stay up all night long.

this bed feels nice.png

But it was actually Naomi who was the last one to bed. She and Brianna share the Blue Lagoon room.

And that concludes our Meet and Greet at House 1. Sweet dreams and Wikki Wikki Wii from Sulani!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

House stats for House 1 – Day 1 – Looks like everyone is pretty even in the relationship bar, with Lara possibly having a smidgen more.

house 1 first day stats

Author’s Notes:

Traits of House 1 Contestants – But, shhhhh….some of these are secret. We don’t want the simworld to know that we have actual mermaids living in this house!

maegan traits.png

brianna traits

hokulani traits.png

mahina traits

lara traits.png

waters traits.png

raven traits.png



15 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor In Paradise Challenge ~ Meet & Greet – House 1

  1. What a great start! And already the girls are showing us who they are!

    Omg! Rick is a HUNK! Who knew under all that hair. Yay for the stylist!

    Lara is in the lead! Good for her! Fun to see everyone! And I love that my Brianna at least tried to talk to him. I was worried there for a minute that she was just going to be outdoors the whole time. 🤣


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I was worried as the time marched on and none of the contestants were talking to poor Rick! lol So, I had to have him do some interactions with them. Poor guy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The same thing happened to me when I did a bachelorette thing. Sims get distracted by other things. I actually got rid of any electronics/activities so they would socialize more. You might want them to go to a place without distractions on group dates. Idk…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ~ LOL! poor Rick, all those fine looking ladies & not one talking to him, & he is looking fine too, so that is not the problem, maybe every one is unsure or shy, it is hard meeting new people for some for the first time! 😉
    ~ A good start, love every ones back story, but I am puzzled a tad as some have a look & a story for that look but their traits do not match! LOL! (I hope I got my own Sims right!LOL) Don’t mind me it is puzzling for me, that is all!
    ~ Can not wait to meet every one else!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I do understand what you mean, but sometimes the backstory is there, but maybe there aren’t any traits to match the story. Not sure. All I know is that every sim is fun to play.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You certainly have your hands full with all those contestants! Rick certainly cleans up very well! He looks great! I’m glad the ladies finally talked to him! Perhaps the ones in the next houses will pay more attention to him then allthe fun things there are to doin the houses! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I have read/watched several different bachelor challenges, and some don’t control the bachelor, only on group dates and dates, which is what I was hoping to do. But then we could have gone the whole day without any interaction at all. So, I did another version where he asked everyone the same question, which is what I saw happen on another bachelor challenge.

      Liked by 1 person

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