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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Meet & Greet – House 2

bachelor in paradise kigi

rixanna house 2.png

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you live from Sulani. Another gorgeous day in paradise and today we get to meet the contestants in House 2. This is soooo exciting!

retake house 2

Our House 2 Contestants are (from top): Cinnamon Apple, Desiree Avalon, Nami Chuu, Octavia Dillon, Charlotte Eclair, Merinda Paewai, and Janay Willians. More absolutely gorgeous contestants.

And we even have a celebrity in this house, Cinnamon Apple, who won the Ms. Maxis Fav title.

rick looking very stylish

And, of course, another great shot of our bachelor, Rick Goengeter, sporting a very stylish outfit for today’s visit to House 2, Sulani Five-O. Does anything look bad on this guy?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

house 2 has landed 3 redheads in this house

And they’ve landed! Look at all those smiles and Rick is looking quite relaxed in amongst all these beauties. How does he do it?

Now, as you know, I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, have the inside info on their trait compatibilities. So, according to the Trait-o-Matic quiz that everyone took, this house is just chock full of compatible sims for Rick. Starting off with Nami Chuu who shares the good trait. Next, there is a trio of sims, Desiree Avalon, Charlotte Eclair, and Merinda Paewai who share the romantic trait with our heartthrob bachelor. With this kind of chemistry in the house, will things start to sizzle….or fizzle? Well, anything can happen in paradise, so let’s see how things progress throughout the day.

But first, let’s hear what some of the contestants had to say in their first interviews.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Cinnamon: “I’m from Selvadorada, and was raised in a small village in the jungle, near, what is rumored to be, the site of some Ancient Omiscan ruins. My father is a linguist and my mother is a renowned archaeologist. School for me was “in the field”, as I tagged along on many of their expeditions. It’s no wonder that I love the outdoors so much. My father encouraged me to learn about many different cultures, music, and languages. And from his tutoring, I became fluent in several languages. Even though I’ve spent most of my life with my parents…when I think of them together, I always smile, because that’s the relationship I’m looking for. Somebody to love who will be my friend, my co-conspirator, and who will want to share many adventures together. Some Sims have called me a sassy, spicy lady. And maybe I am. But I do know one thing. I’m ready to smoke the competition.”


Desiree:  “Well, I guess you could say that I’ve been unlucky in love. Again and again. It seems that Mr. Right was nowhere to be found. I pretty much had given up on love and decided to concentrate on making a living. But the only thing I had going for me was my good looks. So, yes, that was me, in those Ray’s Anti-Ray Ultimate Sunblock commercials. You see, I’m somewhat of a ‘child of the island’, so this was a bit of a promotion for Sulani, where I’m from. And it was just after that commercial stint that I saw the flyer for the Bachelor in Paradise contest. And I thought that maybe this could be a bigger chance for me for fame, or, it could be another chance for me to find somebody to love.”


Nami: “I’m from Windenburg, where my mother is from, but my father is from somewhere else. At that time, when my parents married, it was unheard of to marry a sim who was NOT from Windenberg. Because of this, it was really hard for me growing up and I never quite “fit in.” I had no friends and I often looked through our backyard telescope wishing that I could visit the place my father came from, and start a new life. My parents realized how lonely I was, and they bought me a Scottish Terrier. I named him Marvin the Martian and used to dress him in these cute little outfits. Now that I think about it, it’s probably where I developed my love of fashion. Because with the help of fashion, I re-invented myself and it changed my life. I got a job as a Style Influencer and knew that helping others to feel more confident about themselves through fashion was my career-calling. And when I heard about the Bachelor in Paradise show, I decided that maybe it was time for me to re-invent myself again, and perhaps be lucky enough to find somebody to love.”

ictavia playing dont wake the llama.png

Octavia: “I’m from Oasis Springs and I’ve always dealt with heat. Spicy food, a hot climate, and, some say, a rather fiery disposition. But maybe my ‘hot’ nature is what helps me get through. You see, my father raised my two sisters, my brother and I alone, and we were a bit less fortunate than others. My father gave up his dream job and traded it for a more secure job to put food on the table. And that’s why I became an Entertainer and was determined to be successful in a career that my father had given up to raise us. So now I have enough simoleons to help support my family, and lots left-over to do fun things. So, yes, I’m somewhat of a party gal. A different club every night, rocking on the dance floor, and flirting at the bar. Yeah, lots of flirting. But, I was never in a relationship very long, because these guys just didn’t seem to appreciate my wit and sarcasm and called me ‘hot-headed.’ Lately, though, I’ve been thinking that something was missing in my life and I guess I’m hoping to find somebody to love and start a family of my own with them. And if I find that the bachelor meets these criteria, I’m ready to ‘turn up the heat’ to get him.”

charlotte eyeing rick.png

Charlotte: “Friends call me Lottie, dahlin’. I’m just a “sweet” sim who hopes to become a world-class cake artist one day. But honey, hear tell, it’s a long road to the top and many years away. And although I’m working hard, so very hard, now and again I get a little craving for some romance. You see, not only do I know how to create sweet, delectable desserts, but I’m also a romantic at heart. And so I decided to enter the Bachelor in Paradise contest to find somebody to love. And I reckon I have a winning strategy, too, ’cause I’m pulling out all the sugar cookies, apple pies, and chocolate cakes to get the bachelor to pick me. Yes, little ole me. I mean, really, who can resist a sweet treat? And sugah, I’M the sweetest of the bunch.”


Merinda: “I’m an island girl, a native of Sulani, and until my teen years, I didn’t realize how much of the Island was a real part of me. Like it’s part of my soul. I feel I have a special connection with the island and have dedicated my life to cleaning up the beaches and reefs to ensure the beauty of the island stays magical. I love to be in the outdoors and garden and collect things, but I just can’t tolerate litterbugs and sims who don’t care about the environment as much as I do. And with all my time spent on conservation efforts, it seems that love has overlooked me. I mean, I have always considered myself a regular sim, and I had really thought that by now I would have found someone. But there was never anyone. So I entered the Bachelor in Paradise contest to find somebody to love. And I have a good feeling about the bachelor because I think that he may be ‘the one’.”


Janay: “I have always lived my life near the ocean. Growing up, we didn’t have very much and I was happy with that. I loved the ocean, the outdoors, and was content collecting shells and swimming all day long. But then one day, I went to San Myshuno, and there, saw a movie on television for the first time. It practically changed my life overnight. I became obsessed with that television, the lights, and colors coming from it, and wanted to find out how I could get on television myself. I wanted to be a star! And then I saw an ad for the Bachelor in Paradise, which was being filmed in Sulani and would be broadcast live on television. I knew that would be my chance. Perhaps my only chance and I wasted no time and entered. I’m just so thrilled that I will get to experience new things, have new adventures, and maybe even, get a chance at finding somebody to love.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

sizzle or fizzle.png

Oh, my word! Some of these contestants certainly have a LOT of personality! I just hope we don’t have any catfights going on because some of these sims sound like their claws could come out. Oh my my! Well, they were all given a dossier on Rick, so let’s hope that they spend their time productively reading this and getting to know more about our bachelor. Because if they’re not here for love, they will soon be found out.

Carrying on, let’s have a peek and see who did what today. Maybe someone cornered Rick for a one-on-one conversation or even made his favorite drink. Or maybe someone complained that the toilet paper was over instead of under. Who knows? But let’s find out and let the spy cams roll!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

cinnamon getting a head start on skills.png

After the contestants entered the house, Cinnamon headed over to the computer and got a head start on some skills and played blickblock.

octavia playing dont wake the llama.png

And Octavia wasn’t far behind heading instead to the Don’t Wake The Llama Table. I sense that both Cinnamon and Octavia are going to be fierce competitors.

janay watching super cortex kis.png

Janay is getting settled in on the couch and is amazed at the size of this television. She seems really happy watching Superkids: Cortex Catastrophe.

playing party frenzy hey I was watching tv.png

Along comes Desiree and grabs the controller and starts playing Party Frenzy switching off the movie that Janay was watching. Ooops! Is there some tension in the house already?

three girls seem to be playing party frenzy ogether.png

I guess everything is alright, as Charlotte came over and sweet-talked them all into playing a game of Party Frenzy together. Nice work Charlotte!

nami in the kithen plaing my sims forever.png

Meanwhile, Nami has gone into the kitchen to play Sims Forever. Oh my gosh, we have a houseful of gamers!

merinda swimming.png

The only sim who is not gaming is Merinda who is enjoying a refreshing swim.

rick playing hard to get behind all those blocks.png

Rick, meanwhile, is playing hard to get behind the blickblock walls. Since no-one has approached him to chat yet, he is just going to let the girls get comfortable and explore the house. We’ll see what happens at the 2-hour mark.

it looks like afu will be looking after house 2 as well.png

The live-in butler has arrived, and surprise, it’s Afu again. I guess he will be looking after both houses. The man has stamina.


And it looks like Rick may have a stalker from House 1. It’s Naomi casually fishing near their lot. Just coincidence, you think, or a planned strategy? Better keep an eye on this contestant.

rick braks the ice sort of with iced tea.png

After the 2-hour mark, Rick decides to “break the ice” by mixing up some iced tea for everyone. Although, later, Charlotte tells him that she prefers “sweet tea” and writes down her secret recipe for him. Rick then goes around the house and asks everyone about their day.

cinnamon playing guitar.png

Cinnamon has now decided to practice the guitar and realizes that the guitar needs tuning. Badly!

janay and desiree chatting.png

Janay and Desiree are in deep conversation together. I wonder what they’re talking about? Jewelry, clothes, or the pros of having red hair?

octavia watching world channel.png

Octavia decides to take a break from gaming and watches the World Culture Channel.

rick going through the house asking everyone how their day is.png

Nami is still playing Sims Forever and Rick sits down beside her to ask about her day.

charlotte praying to the dessert gods.png

Outside, it looks like Charlotte is praying to the dessert gods, but I guess it must be a yoga pose.

merinda molding some clay.png

Merinda has come inside from swimming and decides to mold some clay. Is it a flat pancake or a round pancake? And will it be a pancake at all?

and rick rolled his first whim for cinnamon at 1245 pm.png

And at 12:35 pm, Rick rolls his first whim for a contestant. He wants to become friends with Cinnamon. Or perhaps “more than friends” from those smoldering looks they’re giving each other. Ooh la la!

making a group meal.png

Afu has decided to swap his butler attire for something a little less formal. And Yum! Whatever he’s making looks good.

rick orders a round of drinks for everyone.png

After making the rounds and asking everyone how their day was going, Rick sees that the mixologist has now arrived and heads to the bar to order drinks for everyone. She also puts out some bar snacks for everyone to munch on. And that’s the trick, because look at the contestants swarm to the bar.

some strategic moves by nami and octavia.png

Octavia and Nami make strategic moves to stand beside Rick, but Octavia seems a little miffed that Rick is talking to Cinnamon and not her.

ictavia being the party gal.png

Octavia decides to be the ultimate party gal. Maybe she’s thinking that Rick will see her and come over and chat with her.

secind whim rolled for house 2.png

But that’s not the case and Rick rolls a second whim for this house. He wants to chat with Nami.

rick chatting with charlotte and octavia is steamed in the background.png

And Octavia is literally “steamed” when Rick chats with Nami and then Charlotte.

and look at Octavias face with that exchange going on.png

Reign in that hot temper of yours Octavia. Rick is just discussing interests with everyone. He’ll come over and chat with you, too.

rick with nami charlotte merinda and octavia.png

And he does and sits down beside Octavia. Of course, he’s followed by Nami, Charlotte, and Merinda, too. Rick has made a point of discussing interests with each contestant.

charlotte has discovered something about nami.png

I think Charlotte may have had a few too many at the bar because she starts spewing conspiracy theories about Nami and Rick.

funny texts

[Author’s Note: I had to laugh at this because Rick is NOT an alien, so not sure why this popped up in-game. Nami, who secretly IS an alien, had done a mind probe on Charlotte, so Charlotte is the only one right now who knows Nami’s identity. I have since repaired my game and hope that Charlotte won’t have any more sugar-induced hallucinations.]

merinda isnt happy about something.png

Did something happen when I was gone because look at how Merinda is looking at Nami. Does Merinda know something about Nami that we don’t? Merinda doesn’t seem too happy.

guess everyone was hungry for lunch because they cam running.png

Well, before I can figure out what’s going on, the dinner bell gongs and look at them run for the food! Poor girls must have been starving.

rills a whim for merinda.png

And this is pretty amazing as Rick rolls a whim for Merinda and wants to become friends with her. Wow! Three whim rolls in one house! Oh my, I hope Octavia isn’t seeing this.

oh no dont let rick see me ictavia.png

But it looks like Octavia has another look on her face now and is going to be late for dinner, as she, umm….didn’t quite make it to the washroom in time. Oh, Octavia…the embarrassment.

charlotte seems a little nervous at dinner.png

And what’s up between Charlotte and Cinnamon? Charlotte seems a bit unnerved with Cinnamon walking behind her. Maybe Cinnamon is letting Charlotte know that “sugar” melts and she’s onto her. I tell you, there are some strange vibes going on between contestants in this house.

ick is the last to sit down.png

Fish tacos for dinner and Afu must have just caught the fish.

fish tacos for lunch

Because Desiree comments that “if this fish was any fresher, it would still be swimming.” Everyone agrees that dinner was wonderful. I guess Afu has caught more fish because he is now preparing grilled salmon.

charlotte didnt make it to the toilet.png

Oh no! Not another one! Girls! You can leave Rick for a moment to head to the restroom. Sheesh! Luckily Charlotte was outside when this happened, so no-one saw a thing. But I think that Afu will be doing some laundry later today.

lara bladder fail


rick getting read for another movie night.png

Rick figures that he should do the same thing that he did in House 1, and prepares popcorn for a movie night.

looks like cinnamon has chosen her room.png

And it looks like Cinnamon is the first to choose a room. Cinnamon will be sharing the Aloha Hut with two other contestants. Nice choice, Cinnamon!

nami second one in aloha hut.png

And Nami is the second one in the Aloha Hut. She looks a bit sad. Janay is the last person to head to this room later in the evening to sleep.

charlotte autonomously uses the restroom in the blue room.png

And Charlotte heads into the Dolphin Hut. There are a lot of washroom runs going on here. Merinda comes later on to share this room.

desiree chooses sunset hut.png

Desiree heads into the Sandcastle Hut. Octavia is the last one to bed and shares this room with her.

everyone watching roaring vice and rick shushed desiree.png

Time for the movie and Rick chooses Roaring Vice for everyone. Romance, jail time and wondering if love will survive a life sentence. This movie seems to be a hit with everyone. Well, everyone except Desiree who keeps talking during the movie and Rick actually shushes her! Can you believe he did that?

watching the movie.png

But maybe she had seen the movie before and was trying to be a spoiler. Shameful, Desiree, how could you? Doesn’t it look like Rick is telling her “no spoilers”? This is NOT the way to win Rick over Desiree, remember, he has the good trait.

rick and his popcorn.png

As the evening continues, more and more of the contestants head to bed and Rick doesn’t roll any more whims for anyone. Rick heads to the kitchen to eat the rest of his popcorn alone. Maybe he’s thinking about all the contestants he’s met so far and who has made an impression on him. He has a flirty vibe going on here, so not sure who he’s thinking about! And with that, this concludes the House 2 tour for today. Wikki Wikki Wii from Sulani.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

House stats for House 2. Looks like everyone is pretty even in the relationship bar, with Cinnamon possibly having a smidgen more, and Charlotte a little less. This is definitely a drama-llama ho

use.stats house 2.png

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Read more about the age-old debate on whether the toilet paper should be over or under. Get the facts HERE.

Traits of House 2 Contestants – But, shhhhh….some of these are secret. We don’t want the simworld to know that we have actual mermaids and OMG aliens living among us!

cinnamon traits

desiree traits

nami traits.png

octavia traits

charlotte traits.png

merinda traits.png

janay traits.png


8 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Meet & Greet – House 2

  1. If you remove the traits for the lot, you’ll no longer see the lightbulbs and plus signs over their heads.

    Nice to meet this interesting group!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s the convivial lot trait. I thought it was a good one to choose. Two of the lots have oceanic spendour, which I can’t change, and they all have private dwelling. Sorry, just not sure what to do on this one, bu thanks for letting me know. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting lisabeensims. One more intro house to go. I really can appreciate all the work you did when you did your Bachelorette challenge. It can get exhausting! lol

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