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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Meet & Greet – House 3

bachelor in paradise kigi

house 2 is so wonderful.png

Sul Sul! This is, Roxanna Llama-Llama, reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today, we visit the contestants in House 3, and this is our last house to visit before the Group Dates occur. After reading over the interviews for these last five contestants, I can tell you that I am really, REALLY excited to see how things go with Rick at this house.

house 3.png

So without delay, let’s meet our contestants (from top): Iris Costello, Miriam Epp, Kyra Kealohi, Coral Reeves, and, Tabitha Waldron. More gorgeous contestants.

rick at house 3.png

And it looks like Rick is ready, too. Girls! How can you resist that smile?

house 3 has landed.png

And the contestants in House 3 have landed. Oh, they all look so excited to be here. Don’t ya think?

Now let’s consult our Trait-O-Matic Scores for compatibility. First off, there is Miriam Epp who shares the romantic trait with Rick. Then three sims, Iris Costello, Kyra Kealohi and Tabitha Waldron share the good trait with our bachelor. Lots of potential in this house! Because this is a smaller beach hut, Rick will be in closer proximity with these contestants, and I am so hoping that one of these contestants will approach Rick before that 2-hour mark. Here’s crossing our fingers. But anything can happen, and Rick seems well-versed in what to do now, so let’s see how events progress throughout the day.

But first, let’s find out a bit about our contestants from those initial interviews.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


IRIS: “I’m from San Myshuno, where I live with my mother and older brother. I never knew my father as he left when I was quite young. But that’s fine because my mother, brother and I always had the best times together. My dream has always been to travel the simworld to help others and learn about different cultures. (Of course, I’ve always dreamt that it would be with the one I love by my side.) And yet, I’ve been to a few less-developed areas and it just makes me feel so good to make a difference and bring a smile to a sim’s face. And that’s why I’m a “no drama-llama” type of sim and really don’t like confrontations of any kind. And when I saw the Bachelor in Paradise announcement, I figured that maybe it was time for me to put myself out there, to find somebody to love. And what better place to fall in love than on the gorgeous island of Sulani? So, I’m going to give it my all.”

miriam intro

MIRIAM: “I’m a local artist who lives in Sulani, and I love everything about island life. From the sandy beaches, to the brilliant glow of the sunsets, I get inspiration from all the beauty that Sulani offers. Unlike some artists I know, I have a cheerful disposition. I feel happy to be alive, but sometimes my bubbly self can bother other sims. And even though I am happy with myself and my career, I always felt that there was something missing to make my life complete. And so, I signed up for the Bachelor in Paradise hoping to find that “missing something” ….that somebody to love.”

making some tea for everyone.png

KYRA: “I’m a native of beautiful Sulani and all of my family are from here. As a ‘child of the island’, I have a deep connection to the island and know many secrets and legends. Being from Sulani has its advantages, but there are also disadvantages. The problem is, I know everysim who lives here, and the local men are just not…well, they are just not what I’m looking for. I want to meet someone new, someone exciting, someone different. So, when I heard about the Bachelor in Paradise show coming here, I signed up to be a contestant. Because I really want to find somebody to love.”

coral intro.png

CORAL: “I was born on a remote island many miles out in the middle of the ocean, where my family and I had always led a peaceful existence. The ocean was our livelihood and we fished in ancestral fishing grounds. We were a large, happy family and I still remember how my mother would prepare delicious fish dishes for us. Besides fishing, everyone loved to go deep-sea diving. On one such dive, I stayed behind, and that was the last I saw of my family. Due to faulty equipment, they all perished beneath the waves. I was utterly devastated and soon afterward I fled the island to start a new life in Sulani. By fishing and collecting seashells, and selling them to local vendors, I was able to survive. But I could never bring myself to eat fish again as it reminded me too much of my family and that terrible tragedy. Two of my Sulani friends entered me in the Bachelor in Paradise contest. I think they were hoping I would find somebody to love. That, and they thought I was rather lonely when they heard me talking to the wall one day. They figured that love was the answer to all my problems. And maybe they were right. Because the more I thought about it, the more I agreed that perhaps I did need somebody to love. And then again, if I didn’t meet “the one”, it would be great fun to participate.”

tabithat playing blockblock.png

TABITHA: “All of my life, people told me I was just average: average personality, average interests, and average life. I longed to be so much more than average. And with no friends, I found solace in reading. But not just any books. Oh no, the stories I chose were about heroines and superheroes and brave sims who were anything but average. That is what I wanted to be: above-average. In school, I did have some teachers who encouraged me to write, but I was always afraid to submit my stories in case they called it average. So, I would just weave stories in my imagination. Sometimes I would think too much about being ‘just average’ and I would get downright gloomy, and then I would hide away and read until those ‘dark thoughts’ lifted. But usually things were good for me, and in a moment of bravery, I applied to the Bachelor in Paradise in the hopes that the bachelor would be the one who would see me as above-average. Rescue me from my average life. Be my rock when times got tough, and be my somebody to love.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rox thinking.png

Well, there are some sad stories here and happy ones, too. And they all seemed pretty sincere, at least it sounded that way. We’ll see how much time they spend reading Rick’s dossier to get to know him better. That dossier is pretty important because I just got a notification from the producers that some of the challenges the contestants will be competing in will be based on events that Rick has shared with us. How interesting.

And now, let’s see how the Meet and Greet goes at House 3.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh my gosh, it's Iris who talks to Rick righ after they land.png

And within moments of getting there, Iris initiates a conversation with Rick. Oh my gosh! The first contestant to do this. Way to go Iris! I think Rick is a bit in shock that someone came over to him so fast to talk to him. But he seems to be enjoying the conversation.

watering the plants

Miriam heads to the side of the house and waters the garden plants. Oh my gosh, did I, Roxanna Llama-Llama forget to do this when I planted those seeds? Well, Miriam seems quite content and happy to be the resident gardener.

coral heating up the dance floor.png

Coral heats up the dance floor. Look at that concentration. I have a feeling that Coral is planning on wowing Rick with her dance moves.

oh lord tabitha cooking dinner.png

And Tabitha is… Yikes! Tabitha is cooking. No, make her stop. Please don’t have a fire. This lovely beach hut was just renovated for the show. And Kyra looks ready to cook something, too. Oh my word, where is the butler?

and now Coral is cooking.png

Oh no! And now Coral, probably hungry from all that dancing, is barbequing. I can’t look, I can’t look. Where is that butler?

rick and irish on the extinguishers.png

Nooo….! Fire in the house. And the grilled cheese becomes cheese flambé. Iris and Rick to the rescue. Look at how fast those two are! But too late for the stove, and counter and woodworking bench outside — all charred a lovely black.

But not to worry, the producers have been informed that we need a bit of a kitchen remodel in this house.

oh im such a klutz.png

Outside, Tabitha is beside herself for starting the fire. All she wanted was a little something to eat, and she nearly burned the place down. Tabitha is worried that she is going to be sent home on her first day, but Coral heads over and chats with her and tries to cheer her up.

and our old friend afu coming to take care of this house too.png

And then the butler arrives. And it’s Afu! When he hears about the fire, he assures Master Rick that he will start stocking the fridge with ready-to-eat meals, so that Miss Tabitha will always be able to just grab something to eat. He then heads to the kitchen to supervise the workers who have already arrived to renovate the kitchen.

misxes some lemonade.png

Rick, meanwhile, decides to mix up some lemonade for everyone. I mean after inhaling smoke fumes, he figures everyone is a bit parched.

what are rick and tabitha doing in the bushes.png

And just then the bartender also arrives. Umm…why are Rick and Tabitha in the bushes? Was poor Tabitha so embarrassed by starting the fire that she is hiding out? That’s probably it, and Rick is just probably reassuring her that everything is alright. That would be so like Rick to do that.

first one in the purple sand room.png

Tabitha decides to head inside for a few minutes. I think she just wants to have some alone time and compose herself. She is the first one to head into the Purple Sand suite, and there she takes a book from the bookshelf and reads a bit. Reading must be her coping mechanism.

oh rick wait up.png

Meanwhile, outside, it looks like Kyra spies Rick by himself and wastes no time running over to chat with him.

kyra wastes no time chatting with rick.png

Kyra and Rick are sharing a cocktail and conversation together. Kyra has Rick all to herself.

and mirium comes over.png

But not for long, as Miriam comes over and starts chatting with Rick, too.

wow these girls are actually chatting to rick.png

And then everyone, except Tabitha who is still reading inside, comes over to chat with Rick.

chatting everyine chatting.png

These girls mean business and are going to ensure that they make an impression on Rick. It is just so wonderful that all the contestants in this house are actually chatting with Rick.

butler is beating up dinner.png

Meanwhile, inside, Afu is beating up dinner on his newly-installed stove.

first one to play darts.png

Iris decides to test out the dartboard at the house. There are dart boards at all three houses, but Lois is the first one to actually play darts.

doing clay things.png

Miriam is molding some clay and plans on adding some of her artistry to the house. Maybe when Rick sees the piece, he’ll think of her.

playing sims forever kyra

Kyra has headed inside and is playing Sims Forever.

coraldoing some snorkelling.png

Coral has decided to do some snorkeling. She just loves the water.

master rick is having fun.png

And Tabitha has decided to join the party. Miriam and Rick head to the bar for another round of drinks.

Afu seems especially pleased that Master Rick is having a good time and calls everyone to dinner.

fish and chips for everyone tempura for coral.png

Afu has prepared some fish and chips for dinner, but knows that Miss Coral has an “allergy” to fish and has prepared some vegetable tempura for her. Afu is so considerate of everyone’s needs.

rick and coral chatting.png

Rick grabs a second helping and joins Coral outside. They are both eating the hamburgers she made earlier, which didn’t burn.

3 ladies chatting inside

Looks like Tabitha was really hungry as she seems to have two burgers on her plate. Well, don’t worry, Tabitha, Afu will look after all your hunger pangs from now on.

rick swimming in the lagoon.png

After dinner, Rick decides to take a swim in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon.

dolphina came to see him.png

He sees a familiar shape in the water, and yes, it’s Dolphina coming to see him. Ahhh….she missed him. He spends some time playing with her.

beautiful scene from their house.png

The sun is setting and Rick bids farewell to Dolphina and heads back to the beach hut. Miriam and Tabitha are chatting on the deck when he returns.

stiooed in his tracks.png

Miriam chats with Rick a bit before they both head back into the house.

time for movie night.png

Rick prepares some popcorn for movie night. The contestants are really looking forward to this.

everyne watching simder.png

Rick chooses the movie Simder. A movie about looking for love on a dating app, connecting with your soulmate, and the supernatural…the contestants are very intent on watching this movie. Although from the looks of things, Rick may be getting a view of more than just the movie.

The producers of the show will be doing another beach hut renovation of this room before the next taping. so that all eyes are on the umm…television.

kyra purple sand room.png

As it gets later, some of the contestants have decided to head to bed. Kyra chooses the Purple Sand suite, and later on, Miriam shares this room.

lois fell asleep on the boat.png

Iris, meanwhile, has chosen to sleep on the outrigger canoe. Lois does come in and chooses the Seamist Serenity Suite to sleep in and shares the room with Coral.


Tabitha and Miriam stay up a bit longer and chat with Rick.


Once everyone heads to bed, Rick gets a glass of lemonade. It looks like he’s mulling over his day with the very social contestants of House 3. And he’s probably thinking about all the contestants in all three houses and how he will ever choose just one of them. Well, perhaps, over the next few weeks, it will be more clear to Rick who his “somebody to love” will be.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

benny grilling burgers.png

And watching those surveillance tapes has certainly worked up an appetite. It looks like Benny has a craving for burgers, too, and grills some for dinner. Ah, Benny, so sweet of you. Until tomorrow then, this is Roxanna Llama-Llama signing off for the night. Wikki Wikki Wii from Sulani.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

House stats for House 3. Rick didn’t roll any whims for anyone in House 3, however, these sims were by far the most social towards Rick. He did, however, roll a whim to get to know Afu. And so you should, Rick, because Afu is the butler extraordinaire looking after three beach huts. That sim deserves a medal! All contestants in House 3 are in the green in their relationship with Rick. Iris and Miriam appear to have a smidgen more and Tabitha a smidgen less.

house 3 stats.png

Author’s Notes:

Traits of House 3 Contestants – But, shhhhh….some of these are secret. We don’t want the simworld to know that we have an actual mermaid swimming in the bathtub!iris credit.png

miriam credit

kyra credit.png

coral credit


tabitha credit.png



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