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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Group Date – House 2

bachelor in paradise kigi


Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Now that House 1 has had their first Group Date, I can honestly say it was full of surprises. Those contestants perked up BIG time, and all relationship bars are greener. As well, Rick has gained 4 friends in that house. Well done for the contestants in House 1.

And today we continue on with the Group Dates and it’s House 2’s turn. This is the house where Rick rolled three whims for different contestants. So, it will be very interesting to see what happens today.

It’s in the same venue type, a bar, but in a different location. And I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, am so very excited to see what happens today. Let’s get started!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

sulani 5 0 landing.png

The helicopter circled the island and landed on the remote beach. Rick hopped out and made his way to the Sulani Five-0 Beach Hut where he was picking up the contestants of House 2 for their Group Date. An additional helicopter would be arriving shortly to transport everyone to their destination.

Rick thought he would pop in the kitchen and grab a cup of java before the trip. He was early again and the contestants still had plenty of time to get ready before noon when they were scheduled to depart.

several contestants already up.png

Surprisingly, a few residents were already up and he sat and chatted with Merinda and Desiree. They were both looking forward to today’s outing and excused themselves to get ready.

Today, the contestants were headed to the Rattlesnake Juice Bar in the Oasis Springs Commercial District. Rick had heard that it’s hotter than even Sulani there. One of the contestants, Octavia, is from Oasis Springs, and he wanted to hear all about her town and enquire about a rumor he heard about a secret mine in the local park. Rick was thrilled to be going on this outing.

Pretty soon it was time to leave and Rick and the contestants headed off in the helicopters to the local airport for transport to Oasis Springs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

arrival oasis springs.png

After landing in Oasis Springs, the contestants of House 2 were whisked away in a fleet of limos to the Rattlesnake Juice Bar. All the contestants were excited about the Group Date.

As they exited the limos, the weather was warm and sunny but it felt like a dry heat as compared to the humidity in Sulani.

oasis springs scene

Rick took a few minutes to survey the desert landscape. Octavia came over and told him a bit about the town.

Octavia: “Even though Oasis Springs is a desert, there are some wonderful areas to explore. Desert Bloom Park is the local park and boasts exceptional fishing. There is also an abandoned mine in the canyon area of the park, that has been closed for decades. Some sims say there are rare gems to be found in that mine, but no-one has dared venture inside, due to the cave-ins from the original mine disaster. So whatever is down there will remain hidden.”

fishing spots.png

Rick: “Good to know about the fishing. I’m always on the look-out for good fishing spots.”

Octavia: “Perhaps I’ll be able to take you there someday. There’s also a picnic area so we could spend the day.”

Rick nodded and said that sounded really great.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Rick entered the bar and ordered a round of Zebra Fizz drinks for everyone and the bartender told him it was discounted drink night.


Desiree is the first to sit down beside Rick and seems to have his attention. Charlotte sits on the other side of Rick and Janay on the far right. Nami is standing behind Rick waiting for her drink.


Nami has now gone to take a seat and the other contestants are all gathered around the bar telling alien jokes autonomously. Rick makes a point of asking each contestant about their day.

Author’s Notes: I checked Rick’s pop-ups to see what they were all laughing about, and they were telling alien jokes. I just hope that Nami didn’t take any offense to this, since she is a secret alien.


Then at 1:06 pm, Rick gets his first whim for Nami. Wow! That was fast!

rick and nami chatting.png

Rick gets up and heads over and chats with Nami. He wanted to discuss interests with her and from there they kept autonomously talking to each other.

janay thoughts.png

Janay: “What is it about Nami that Rick wants to chat with her all the time? Maybe he likes her hat because she certainly looks good in that outfit. But I look better in mine for sure. I have to figure out a way to get Rick to notice me more because I am the real star here. Weren’t we supposed to be filmed or something? Where are the cameras?”

octavia first to sit down.png

Although the conversation with Nami could have continued, Rick didn’t want to neglect the other contestants. So, he asked everyone to play Don’t Wake The Llama.

Octavia was the first to sit down, followed by Nami and then Desiree. And we all know that Octavia has been practicing this game at the beach hut, so we’ll see how everyone does.

charlotte wasnt fast enough.png

Charlotte had gotten up quickly from her bar stool but wasn’t fast enough to make it to the game table. She doesn’t look happy about it either.

other contestants having a good time.png

Cinnamon, Merinda, and Janay sit at a nearby table watching the game progress and seem to be having a good time.

ricks first pick is great.png

Rick’s first pick is great. He seems to be getting some coaching from Octavia. And, seriously, he does need help.

desiree choose wisely.png

Desiree is excited that she picked the right one.

a hard choice.png

There are not many sticks left to pick from and Octavia has a hard choice to make, but she is successful.

nami is a success.png

Nami is lucky tonight, too. Don’t breathe, steady, steady, and yes, success.

rick i told you not to take that one.png

Oh no! Not again. Rick picked the wrong stick and the llama came a-tumbling down. Octavia had tried to tell Rick not to pick that one, but did he listen to her? Noooo! We better stock up on some tissue for that poor llama. And Octavia wins the game.

next group is up playing darts.png

Rick then plays darts with Cinnamon, Charlotte, Janay, and Merinda. Charlotte is up first and the darts fly everywhere except to the dartboard.

rick has an intelligent wit.png

Cinnamon has been chatting and standing beside Rick during the dart tournament and is really enjoying his wit.

Cinnamon: “Rick is an intelligent guy and I find that very ‘sexy’ about him. Not only is he good looking, but he can carry on a conversation, and his jokes are actually funny. I really enjoy being around him and feel a certain connection with him. I think we could have some great adventures together.”

looks like cinnamon is tryng to make the moves on rick.png

Merinda: “It’s my turn at darts, I get two on the board, and Rick isn’t even watching me. He seems rather pre-occupied chatting with Cinnamon. Or rather, she’s kind of hogging the spotlight with him. Well, I have a few moves up my sleeve, too. This game is very similar to a game we played in the summer called “Trident Tossing”. Now watch this!”

this is how its done ladies.png

Merinda says out loud: “This is how it’s done ladies!” and shoots a perfect bullseye. *grins* “That sure got Rick’s attention! Oh yeah, I have the moves!”

wow 3 on the board.png

Merinda got three darts on the board and is in the lead. She is feeling super happy especially since Rick commented that she’s doing really well.

cinnamon looking at all the possibilities.png

Next up is Cinnamon and she is critically analyzing every shot and she also gets a bullseye. Charlotte is amazed at that throw.

rick is doing better than last night.png

Rick is really trying to do better than he did yesterday, but…

rick concentrate.png

…his dart playing skills leave much to be desired. Nami has taken a seat close by to watch the game.

maybe if i close my eyes ill do better.png

Janay is up and she’s nervous. She had never played this game before and even though she watched the others, she still doesn’t know what to do.

Janay: “Maybe if I close my eyes, it will help…”

janay where is my dart.png

Janay: “…or maybe not. Egads, I nearly stabbed Cinnamon in the foot! Oops!”

janay comment.png

Perhaps darts aren’t Janay’s forté.

knight came right up to the 3 girls.png

There’s another bar announcement and it is now Knight Night. Whoever this knight is, they just walked right in the front door and right up to these ladies. A rather bold move, don’t you think?

only person not with group is deseree.png

All the contestants are milling around watching the game. Well, everyone except Desiree. Where is she?

desiree chatting with 2 other guys octavia wishes she could play darts too.png

Erm…seems Desiree is chatting with two guys away from the game action and our bachelor. Octavia is looking longingly at the dart game and it looks like she wishes she could play.

desiree chatting with a night.png

And now Desiree has moved tables to chat with that knight who just came in. Or maybe it’s another knight. Hard to tell since we can’t see their faces. Desiree seems to be more interested in talking to other male sims, rather than Rick. This is quite bizarre behavior, don’t you think?

octavia seems to have just joined the game.png

And what has happened here? Octavia just butted in on the dart game to throw a shot. And look how closely she’s standing to Rick, although he doesn’t look like he minds one bit.

charlotte thoughts.png

However, Charlotte has a few words to say about this since it was her turn.

Charlotte: “Did you see that? That Octavia had the audacity to just step right in front of me to throw a dart. Land sakes! I mean, she wasn’t even in the dart tournament. It’s not enough that she won at Don’t Wake The Llama, she wanted to win at darts, too. But this is really not about winning, it’s about getting noticed by Rick. And she sure was getting real cozy next to him. Well, two can play at that game and from now on, I’m gonna lay on the sugar nice and thick. So thick, that Rick’ll think Octavia is vinegar next to me. I am gonna ooze in sweet Southern charm. Octavia won’t see it coming and I’m gonna make sure that Rick knows I’m sweet on him.”

Author’s Notes: Yes, for some absurd reason, Octavia just threw that dart in the middle of the game and then walked away. It was strange.

octavia thoughts.png

Octavia: “I know, I know, I interrupted the dart game, but hey, that dart game was going on FOREVER, and I certainly didn’t want Rick to forget I was here. So, yeah, I deliberately stood close to him and threw a dart. Well, it worked, right, he noticed me! I don’t know why Charlotte got in a big huff about a little dart throw. At least I can throw a dart! Have you seen her throw? Sheez! Rick thought it was amusing, and that’s all that counts. I do hope he got a whiff of the new musky perfume I’m wearing. I know, so bold, right? Well, if it works, bonus points for me. And my, my, my, Rick looks good in that cowboy hat! Now, if I could only get him alone, I’d be set.” 

final dart round

And the final dart tournament score. Rick actually won this time with Cinnamon and Merinda. Yeah!

buffet was ready.png

With the dart tournament now over, the buffet was ready, and the contestants couldn’t get there fast enough. They must be starving.

noone is sitting with rick.png

And they all head inside, even though there are nice tables outside. And what’s this? Rick is sitting alone! Girls! This would be your perfect chance to get to chat with him. Get him to notice you.

dint tello anyone.png

Umm….yah…well, there are other ways to have Rick notice you too, but I don’t think Janay wants anyone to notice her right now. Poor dear didn’t quite make it to the restroom and peed herself.

another whim for nami.png

Well, I guess Rick wasn’t waiting for one of the contestants to make a move because he just rolled another whim for Nami. Woot! She is gaining points tonight! And he heads over to get to know her better.

nami comments.png

Nami: “This is such a fun outing and I’m having a great time. I’ve noticed that Rick keeps coming over to chat with me. I don’t know if it means anything, but I feel my heart leap everytime I see him heading my way. It just makes me feel so happy that he wants to spend a lot of time with me. I’ve been sort of watching how he interacts with the others, without being too obvious and he is always so kind and treats everysim in the same easy-going manner. There’s just something about Rick and I have to admit I’m starting to really like him.”

merinda oh no nt you too.png

Oh, my word! Not Merinda, too. Girls, there are four bathroom stalls and they are all empty!

Author’s Notes: Both Janay and Merinda get that dehydrated, my skin is so scaly moodlet. I hope they will last the rest of the night.

nami and rick foosball.png

Since Nami is the only contestant that Rick rolled a whim for, he challenges her to a game of foosball.

charlotte watchin g another foosball game.png

This is like déjà vu with Charlotte watching the foosball game again. And Rick continues his undefeatable winning streak at foosball.

rick beats nami

look who happened to show up.png

And look who just happens to appear? It’s Raven from House 1. Did she know they were coming here or is this just a coincidence?

just three dancing with rick.png

And the night is winding down, but some of the contestants still have lots of energy and want to dance the night away.

Others are chatting at the nearby tables. And it looks like Desiree is finally chatting with some of the other contestants.

the lush.png

Desiree: “I know I haven’t been mingling with the other contestants or Rick that much, but I just couldn’t believe it when all these good-looking guys came over to chat with me. I mean, they were complimenting me, buying me drinks and wanted to get to know me. I was just so popular all night. It started out great with Rick at the bar and all, but then he seemed to be more interested in some of the other contestants than me. And, I certainly had my admirers wanting to chat to me and only me. But, it turned out that they were all married and were just being friendly. Well, there was that one single guy, Marcus, but then he had to leave. But I know how it is, I always fall for the wrong guys. I mean I just can’t help it if I am really, really good-looking and attracted all this attention. But, I may have made a grave error here and probably should have spent more time chatting with Rick. But there’s still time. In fact, I’m going to start now…*gets up from chair*oh…I feel kind of woozy suddenly…ZONK!”

some of the girls were so exhausted.png

Oh, my word! Three of the contestants have passed out on the floor. This is not the type of impression you want to make with Rick, ladies. Janay, Charlotte, and Desiree! How much have these sims had to drink? Well, it looks like the limo drivers are here, and none too soon, as they have to half-carry some of the contestants out to the limos. Obviously, these sims have had a little too much fun tonight.

And that concludes the Group Date for House 2. I’ll send over some aspirin to the house, ummm…make that a large bottle of aspirin. Until tomorrow, Wikki Wikki Wii from Sulani.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

House 2 Contestant Stats After Group Date #1:

house 2 relashioship bar

And it looks like some of the contestants in House 2 really made an impression on Rick. It appears that Nami is in the lead, followed closely by Octavia and Cinnamon. These three contestants are also friends with Rick now, too. I am surprised that Merinda and Charlotte’s aren’t a bit higher, as they were chatting to Rick a lot during the dart tournament. All in all, great work!

house 2 friends


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