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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Group Date – House 3

bachelor in paradise kigi

roxy house 3.png

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Well, that was certainly a wild date for House 2. The producers were having a fit, but it did make for some fun viewing! Don’t you agree? And the bachelor got 3 more friends from that house. Way to go House 2!

And, it is interesting to note that Rick is now friends with Raven from House 1. So, I guess her “coincidental” appearance in Oasis Springs paid off. Here is a snapshot of his friends so far.

start of group date 3 friend list

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now today, we are going to the very social House 3 for their Group Date. The friendship bars are already rather green, so let’s see if Rick will get more friends from this house today.

It’s in the same venue type, a bar, but in a different location. And I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, am super excited for the contestants of this house. And away we go!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick house 3 group date.png

The limos parked on the roadway and Rick got out and headed up the path towards the Lagoon Look Beach Hut. Today he was picking up the contestants of House 3 for their Group Date. Rick is such an early bird and was there well before the noon departure time.

afu making brakfast.png

As he entered the beach hut, the pleasant aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, and as he made his way to the kitchen, Rick found Afu busy fixing breakfast for everyone. The wonderful smell must have woken up some of the contestants because soon Miriam appeared and sat down at the table and chatted with Rick. After eating a quick bite, she hurried off to get ready.

Today, the contestants were headed to the Old Quarter Inn Bar in the Old Town District in Windenburg. None of the contestants in House 3 had ever been to Windenburg, so the excitement was high. Rick had heard that Windenburg was a very picturesque village with cobblestoned streets and old-world hospitality. There was also an area called The Bluffs where legend said that a mysterious sea monster named Emily, had been spotted. But they weren’t able to venture to that location on this outing. Maybe another time. Rick was really anticipating this date with the contestants.

Pretty soon all the contestants were ready and they departed in the limos for the Sulani airport.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

house 3 bar arr.png

After landing in Windenburg, the contestants of House 3 were driven to the Old Quarter Inn Bar. All the contestants were in a great mood for the Group Date.

windenburg shot.png

As they exited the limos, the weather was cool and cloudy. Rick looked around and took in the houses and shops across the canal.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

group having their drinks.png

Rick headed inside and ordered a round of Wutaheftabir drinks, upon the recommendation of the bartender. Apparently, it was a very popular drink in Windenburg. The bartender also told Rick is was discounted drink night.

The contestants quickly followed Rick inside, and Iris was the first to sit on his right, followed by Kyra on the left. Tabitha then sat on the other side of Iris. Miriam and Coral are just behind Rick enjoying their drinks.

kyra thoughts 3.png

Kyra: “I had heard about ‘Island Rick’ from some of the other island ladies, and even though he’s lived in Sulani for a while, I never had a chance to meet him. And when I read that dossier, I found out why. He was living on that island off of Mua Pel’am, where I just never go. If I had known such a good-looking sim was living there, I would have paddled my outrigger canoe over there so fast and snatched him up. Rick is so HOT and he doesn’t even know it. I definitely want to get to know Rick better.”

first whim for tabitha.png

Rick seems to be in a flirty mood, and within an hour of their arrival, he rolls the first whim for Tabitha. Lucky her!

Rick also asks all the contestants about their day. And no sooner had he chatted with Tabitha than he rolls a second whim for her.

and then he rolls another for tabitha.png

There’s another bar announcement and It’s Ladies Night. Rick decides to play Don’t Wake the Llama with everyone. Maybe this time he will actually win!

and coral is enthusiastic with the first pick.png

Coral and Miriam head over first, followed by Kyra. And Coral draws the first stick. Oh, I can tell she’s on fire already!

such concentration from kyra.png

Kyra is taking her time to choose wisely.

looks like they drew their stick at the same time.png

What fun! Kyra and Rick draw their sticks at the same time and laugh about it. So far the game board is holding.

tabitha and iris are having a blast watching the game.png

Tabitha and Iris have come over and are having fun watching all the shenanigans of the game.

miriam dont wake the llama.png

Another go-round and fewer sticks to pick from, but Miriam is not letting this llama fall on her tonight!

woops not again rick.png

And you guessed it, Rick let that poor llama fall again. Did he just poke a stick and it fell? Rick, let’s just put it this way, if there is a tournament for Don’t Wake The Llama, walk on by…

and out lovely winner is coral.png

And Coral wins the game. She is rather excited about it and claps her hands together.

corl and rick.png

Coral: “I am having such fun on this Group Date. Of course, it helped that I won at Don’t Wake The Llama. But I’ve noticed something about Rick. He laughs even when he loses and made a point of telling us all how well we did at the game. Maybe my friends were right and I do need somebody to love. Maybe I need Rick, or maybe I need to win another game of Don’t Wake The Llama.”

challenges irish and tabitha to darts.png

Rick challenges Iris and Tabitha to a dart tournament. He did win with House 2, but that was probably because of the superior skills of his teammates, Merinda and Cinnamon. We’ll see what happens tonight.

The other contestants are continuing to play Don’t Wake the Llama just in case that game is one of the challenges they may face later in the competition. Better to practice now.

wow what a throw for tabitha.png

Wow! What a throw for Tabitha. Bulls-eye on the first throw! Zoom in on that dart – right in the center. Rick, you might be in over your head on this tournament.

the dartboard is lighting up with ricks dart.png

And look at that dartboard light up when Rick shoots his first dart. Hmmm…maybe he did get better…

isir the dart champ.png

And now Iris throws and we all know she’s been practicing darts at the beach hut.

just having a fun time together.png

Oh my! These two gals mean business. The game moves very quickly.

funny dart tournament notice

And the final dart tournament score! Oh, and what is this? Iris and Tabitha were working together? Too funny! But sadly, Rick loses this tournament.

tabitha and iris chatting.png

Iris: “Ok, I have a confession to make. I kind of knew that Rick was going to ask Tabitha and I to a game of darts because I heard that is what he did with the other houses. So I talked to Tabitha before the game and thought it would be funny if Tabitha and I worked together to defeat Rick. You know, see how he reacted. And it worked, Tabitha and I won and Rick didn’t even get mad. In fact, we all had a good laugh about it. The guy knows how to keep his cool and I like that about him. I really enjoy being in Rick’s company and want to get to know him a lot better.”

Everyone jokes about the tournaments and soon the buffet is ready, and the contestants head over for some delicious dinner.

tabitha thoughts.png

Tabitha: “This night just keeps getting better and better. I mean, Rick came over to chat with me twice and wanted to make sure I was feeling alright. He’s so considerate and tries to put everyone at ease. He even asked me about some of my favorite books, and I found out that we both like The Man Behind The Falls. Isn’t that amazing? And the other contestants in the house, they are all so friendly. I think I lucked out when I was chosen to live at Lagoon Look beach hut. You know, at first, I thought, oh sure, this is just the overflow house, but now I feel that this is the best house to be in. And the most surprising thing is that I have had no gloomy thoughts all evening. I can only think that it must be because of Rick.”

everyone sits together.png

And they all follow Rick and sit at the same table. Well, almost everybody since a random sim sat next to Rick as well.

miriam thoughts again.png

Miriam: “I had my doubts about this Group Date, after hearing some of the stories from the other houses, but I can honestly say that I’m having the best time. Rick started out our conversation by complimenting me on my top. I mean he didn’t know that I had hand-painted this silk top myself. It’s wearable art, a fusion of colors of the island birds. And then we just got talking about art and we sort of clicked. I told him I worked in all types of art media, and he seemed very interested in my work. And, is it my imagination, or does Rick keep sneaking glances at me?…”

i know ive been snaking glances at him.png

Miriam: “…Because I certainly have been sneaking glances at him. He really is a one-of-a-kind type of guy. Sometimes when I see him looking at me, I feel myself blush. It’s silly to feel like this, I know, but, well, I do..and those eyes…those gorgeous blue eyes…they just make me feel like, umm…well…all warm inside.”

mele coming to say hi to everyone and excited about the spa day soon.png

And what a nice surprise! Mele Kahananui from Sulani comes to join them and Rick introduces her to everyone. Mele was in Windenburg on business delivering her new natural product line ~Sun-Kissed Essentials~ to a local hotel here. Her latest product is a gentle scrub containing coconut and olive oil, as well as seaweed and sea salt, which makes your skin feel like you’ve been on the beach for weeks. Mele is looking forward to seeing everyone again on their day off when they will have a relaxing day at her spa in Sulani. Iris thought that sounded like a wonderful idea. Mele got up to leave and bid everyone farewell.

mele gets up to let iris sit down with the grup.png

Iris took the vacated spot and sat beside Rick. The contestants of House 3 really get along well together. There is no drama-queen amongst them, no bickering, no jealousy, and no meanness. Even Tabitha, who is a self-professed gloomy soul, is happy to be around her roommates.

It’s almost as if these five contestants have joined in a pact together, to encourage each other to do their best, and help each other when needed. Could this be some sort of strategy? To keep their house strong, make allies with everyone in the house, and thereby eliminate some of the other, less-worthy contestants in the other houses?  Friendships have already formed with some of the roommates, and it wouldn’t be surprising if these five remained friends even after the competition.

And the positive vibe is not lost on Rick, either, who enjoys being around these contestants and seeks them out autonomously to chat with them. If this is indeed a strategy, the other houses better shape-up because House 3 seems to know what they’re doing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, some of the other contestants in the other houses have developed their own strategies…

cinnamon calling rick

Look who’s calling Rick during his House 3 Group Date! It’s Cinnamon from House 2. Of course, he has to say no, but he knows Cinnamon is thinking about him.

looks like raven has made another appearance at a group date.png

And who’s this in the upstairs bathroom? Aha! It’s Raven from House 1 practicing her speech in front of the bathroom mirror. I think she was trying to disguise herself this time, but we know it’s you, Raven.

merinda also making an apperance.png

And downstairs near the bar, Merinda from House 2 is eyeing Rick sitting at the table. Or maybe she’s eyeing his plate of food, who knows.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

having a great time dancing with everyone.png

And what’s a Group Outing without a dance party? Rick is certainly letting loose on the dance floor.

rick and tabotha playing foosball.png

The evening is winding down, and since Rick hasn’t rolled any whims for any of the other contestants, he challenges Tabitha to a game of foosball.

chatting together with 2 other sims.png

Kyra and Iris are chatting together and are joined by some other sims.

coral and miriam in the upstairs bathroom.png

Coral and Miriam are in the upstairs bathroom together. I guess they’re bathroom-buddies.

practically the one ones left in the bar.png

All the contestants seem to be having a good time.

looks like rick won again.png

And it looks like Rick is winning at foosball again. Sorry, Tabitha. Well, at least this is one game that Rick can win at.

house 3 foosball

benny contacting meriam.png

Miriam gets a call from Benny about some promo earbuds that she won. Go Miriam!

last call for the night house 3.png

It’s the last call and Rick heads to the bar and orders another round of drinks. Some Fizzy Fruity drinks this time.

chatting rick up a the end of the night.png

Rick waits for the drinks while thinking back on the night and feels the evening was a success. Kyra and Tabitha agree and join Rick for the last drink of the evening. Cheers to House 3 for a great Group Date.

Until tomorrow, Wikki Wikki Wee from Sulani.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stats for House 3 Contestants After Group Date #1:

An unbelievable night with the contestants of House 3 which netted everyone a friendship with Rick! Now that is phenomenal. Tabitha appears to have slightly more green in the relationship panel. Fantastic job House 3!

relashiionships and friends with house 3 all










Author’s Notes:

An actual Sims 4 book, The Man Behind The Falls.

TS4 Icon
Book TS4 Non-Fiction 1 The Man Behind the Falls Mike Jeffress Biography To behold the splendor of the Sequoia Falls is to gaze upon the greatest beauty that nature has to offer. Or is it? Learn about the fascinating true story of a Sim who succeeded against all odds through the eyes of Mike Jeffress. The story of a Sim who refused to take no for an answer. A Sim that just wouldn’t quit. A Sim that created, and now operates, the world’s grandest man-made waterfall.

the renovated living room.png

A little beach hut remodeling of House 3’s living room with a larger television added. It looks like Rick and Afu are enjoying the new layout.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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