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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Sudden Changes

bachelor in paradise kigi

benny these producers.png

Roxanna Llama-Llama had been on the phone all morning with the producers. Something was wrong, but Benny wasn’t quite sure what. He had heard snatches of the conversation and it seemed that the producers were going against the format for the Bachelor in Paradise show.

Roxanna was adamantly stating that some of the contestants had not been given a chance to truly shine. But, it seemed that whatever Roxanna said, she was being vetoed on the other end of the phone.

benny making tea.png

Benny figured that Roxanna might need a calming cup of tea after the call and went to fix one. In fact, he decided to make himself one, too. He had this nagging feeling that he was somehow going to be involved in this.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

chatting with benny.png

“Benny, you’re not going to believe this!” exclaimed Roxanna as she hung up the phone.

“Well, I knew something was wrong, so what’s up?” asked Benny trying to be cheerful.

“The producers are changing the format. Today was supposed to be the Competition for the Solo Date…” Roxanna took a deep breath before continuing.

“Yeah, I was looking forward to seeing that one. Perfect day for it,” interrupted Benny.

“Well, no more! Apparently, the bar bills and house rental bills came in and the producers want to cut costs. So, they are holding an Elimination Challenge BEFORE the Solo Dates even take place!” said Roxanna unable to believe what she had heard on the phone.

benny pose.png

“What? That’s unheard of!” Benny replied in disbelief.

“I know, but they want to whittle the contestants down to two houses. So that means FIVE contestants will be eliminated. Can you believe this?” Roxanna shook her head not quite believing it herself.

no no cant be.png

“FIVE? That’s unheard of. So…ummm…by the lowest relationships…?” Benny offered.

“Oh no, that would be too easy. No…no…the producers are having ALL contestants participate.” Roxanna said as she waved her hands in the air.

“But some of the contestants are now friends with Rick…it just doesn’t make any sense…”

“I know, that’s what I was trying to tell them, but all they care about is cutting costs.”

“But I thought they had unlimited funds for this show…” Benny started to say.

and thats not all

“Well, apparently, they have a new accounting firm who found a few…  umm… discrepancies in the books. In other words, they were audited and some funds can’t be accounted for, and so now, instead of having a surplus of funds, the show is currently in the red,” said Roxanna rather shocked at the discovery herself.

how could this have happened.png

“Oh, my word! How could this have happened? And they promised the contestants that they would live in the lap of luxury while they were on the show…” Benny scratched his head trying to figure this whole bizarre situation out.

“Well, apparently, if they cut the costs associated with one house, they can still do that. But they have to do it now,” said Roxanna matter-of-factly.

“Well, that is really rather depressing…”

the producers.png

“Yes, it is. But there’s more,” answered Roxanna shaking her head.

“Oh, I don’t think I want to hear this..” Benny replied looking worried.

“You’re right, you don’t. Because the kicker is that YOU are going to be in charge of the Elimination Challenge and determine who is leaving the show,” Roxanna emphasized as she went to get another cup of tea.

me why me.png

“What? How? I barely know them. I’ve only watched the outtakes with you. I can’t possibly choose who’s going home…” stammered Benny.

“Well, the producers have seen the outtakes, too. They also know that you gave each of the contestants a photography lesson when they came for their photoshoot,” explained Roxanna.

“Um, yes, that’s true, but I still don’t understand…” said Benny looking confused.

“Well, all of the contestants will take five selfies of themselves and the ones with the lowest value will be leaving. And you, Benny, are the one who will be judging those selfies,” said Roxanna firmly.

i cant believe this.png

Benny’s face fell, “Somedays, I wish I didn’t have a career as a photographer. And this is one of those days. So, when is this challenge happening?” Benny asked looking quite sad as the realization of what he had to do sunk in.

“The producers want us to go NOW. We’re to go over to each house and ask each contestant to take five selfies of themselves and then e-mail them to you. They are not to be told this is an elimination challenge, just that some photos need to be taken for promotional materials. This is to prevent any of the contestants warning other contestants whom they may have befriended in other houses,” replied Roxanna opening her compact to apply some powder to her shiny nose.

“Oh gosh! So they won’t even know that their own selfies may be the reason for their elimination.” Benny felt even worse after hearing this.

money probs.png

“Exactly! Once the selfies are taken, Rick will then head over to visit each house for two hours. Rick is also unaware that an Elimination Challenge is taking place. He is just being told that there is a change of plans for today. Afterward, once the results are in, Rick will be given the names of those contestants with the lowest scores. The contestants will be told that there is an impromptu beach party this evening, and that is when the first Rose Ceremony will take place,” Roxanna said still overcome from the shock of it all.


well lets do this.png

“Well, at least there will be a party!” brightened Benny.

“I really think I might need something stronger than a cup of tea for this task,” sighed Roxanna.

You and me both!” said Benny as they headed out the door together.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

I decided that there should be an Elimination Challenge before we get too far along in the challenge. Normally, there is one house of 7 contestants, but there are 3 houses in this challenge. So, I needed to “eliminate” some of the contestants in a random, fair manner. This is an overall challenge, not based on which House they are in. Should there be more than 5 contestants with equal low scores, a vote will be done by you to determine who will leave the show. And, so, when this elimination is over, there will then be 2 houses, and then the Solo Date Competition will take place.

Any contestant who is eliminated will have a chance to “re-appear” in a future episode. The eliminated contestants will be housed in a house in Newcrest, but no further communication is permitted with the bachelor.






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