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Somebody To Love: Bachelor In Paradise ~ Solo Date Competition & Reader Vote

bachelor in paradise kigi

reporting from sulani beach.png

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today, the contestants are visiting the beach to participate in the Solo Date Competition. What kind of competition will it be? Swimming? Best beach bar-b-q? Trick riding on the Aqua-zip? Well, not exactly.

The producers of the show have decided to use one of Rick’s own life events as a basis for this solo date competition. By now, all of the contestants have had a chance to read Rick’s background dossier, and the producers wanted to put their memories to the test.

So, today, out of sight of the contestants, Rick has created a sand sculpture on a very traumatic event in his life when he first came to Sulani. Any sim who duplicates his sand sculpture wins a solo date with our bachelor. Isn’t that fantastic?

suntan at the beach.png

And what a gorgeous day for this competition to take place. The weather is just perfect, the sun is shining and spirits are high amongst the contestants. Anything can happen!

Benny and I have been invited to the event and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to work on my tan. Of course, with my delicate skin, I asked Benny to apply some suntan lotion on me before he headed off snorkeling.

this area was perfectly safe from sharks.png

He did invite me to come snorkeling with him and assured me that there were no sharks in the lagoon, but I am a landlubber at heart. I might dip my toes in the water later, though.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With the Elimination Challenge over, the winning contestants formerly of House 3 have been relocated.  Miriam and Kyra have now joined House 1, and Coral and Iris have now joined House 2.

they arrive in newcrest in a thunderstorm.png

The eliminated contestants have been whisked away to Newcrest to live until the challenge is over. Unfortunately, the weather there is not as nice as in Sulani and they arrived in a thunderstorm. Oh my! It looks like Maegan’s and Desiree’s umbrellas have broken.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Back in sunny Sulani, it looks like the contestants are getting ready to make those sand sculptures. Good luck everyone!

House 1 Sand Sculptures:

And here are the lovely contestants from House 1 showing off their sand sculptures. And what creativity, too!

house 1 contestants.png

(From left back) Kyra-Sandgnome; Miriam-Sandcowplant; Raven-Turtle; Brianna-Sandgnome; Lara-Sandcastle; Naomi-Sharkman; Isla-Sharkman

a second view.png

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

House 2 Sand Sculptures:

And on another part of the beach, the House 2 contestants are busy building their sand sculptures. Such a variety!

house 2 sand sculptures 2.png

(From left) Iris-Sandcowplant; Coral-Sharkman; Charlotte-Sharkman; Nami-Sandgnome; Merinda-Sandcowplant; Cinnamon-Turtle; Octavia-Sandgnome

another angle.png

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And now the moment we’ve been waiting for, what did Rick create?

rick sand sculpture.png

Oh, ladies, you should know this one. Of course, when he first came to Sulani, he went diving, a lightning storm came up, and as he was swimming for shore, he spotted a shark which tried to pull him underwater. He nearly drowned but was saved by his dolfriend, Dolphina. And this was such an important life event for Rick since he then bought an island near Mua Pel’am and has now dedicated his life to helping the dolphins and keeping the island clean.

Now, let’s see which contestants remembered this and created the same sand sculpture as Rick. I can barely contain my excitement!

And the Solo Date Competition Winners are:

isla winner of sand sculpture house 1.png

House 1 Winners: Isla Waters and Naomi Mahina

Isla: “I couldn’t believe that not more contestants remembered this event. But maybe some of the other contestants didn’t hear the words ‘when he first came to Sulani’ since I see that a few of them made sandgnomes. Having had to deal with tragedy myself and moving to a new place, when I read what happened to Rick when he first came here, that memory stayed with me. I pictured myself in that exact same situation and thought about what I would do. I don’t think I would have been as brave as Rick. And Dolphina, she’s the greatest! You know, the more I find out about Rick, the more I like him. I am so excited to be going on this date with him.”

naomi winner of house 1.png

Naomi:I love the water but know about the perils that lurk beneath the waves. When I read about that incident, I was thinking that it could have been a shark, or maybe something else. There are a lot of stories and legends about the ocean, and one day I would like to share some of this with Rick, and tell him what I really know. But…um…yeah…it was probably a shark. I know I wasn’t very social at the Rose Ceremony last night, but I just don’t like crowds. And that is why I’m so looking forward to this. I will now get a chance to really shine on this solo date with Rick.”

House 2 Winners: Charlotte Eclair and Coral Reeves

charlotte winner house 2.png

Charlotte: “This was like Cake Design 101. I was concentrating so hard on this sculpture that I didn’t realize that Coral had also made the same creation. Dahlin’, I was just so thankful that no creepy crawlies came out of the sand, or this would have ended badly. Now that I’ve won, I wonder where Rick will take me? But, seriously, do you think Coral copied me or was it just luck, sugah, that she did the same one? I mean she was working behind me. It just seems a bit strange, don’t y’all think?”

coral winner house 2.png

Coral: “I’m so happy that I’m going on a solo date with Rick. I feel like we have a special connection and this just proves it. I want to tell him more about myself, too…but maybe not right now. I just don’t know if he would believe…ummmm…understand some things about my life. And I had forgotten some things about Rick, I mean there was just so much. But I’m really thankful that I re-read that dossier last night before I went to bed. It certainly paid off!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

winners of the solo dates 2

And there we have it, the winners of the Solo Date Competition. Four lucky contestants. I wonder where Rick will take them? I can hardly wait to find out.

oh my word how did this happen.png

And until then….oh my word…will you look at me. Benny, how did you apply this suntan lotion? I have spots! Spots! Can you see them? Polka dots all over me. How am I supposed to broadcast live looking like this? Think! Think! Oh, I think if I soak in lemon slices it may do the trick. It BETTER do the trick. Is there a beach wrap around here? Oh mercy me, I need to cover myself up and head home. Benny? Benny where are you? Oh, now it’s starting to rain…

pranked benny good.png

I don’t think Roxanna is the only one with a unique sunburn.

Until tomorrow, Wikki Wikki Wii from Sulani.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~i have found you rick.png

“So this is where you have been. I have found you, Rick…”

i have found you rick who are these women.png

“And who are these sims laughing around you? Are these the contestants? They look weak. They are no match for me.”

looks like your having too much fun today.png

“It looks like you’re having too much fun with them. Well, I can change that… By The Power of The Sea, I, Serena Tempest, Command Thee…”

well see how much they like the beach in a thunderstorm.png

“We’ll see how much fun they’ll have in a thunderstorm…”

evil sim.png

“It would be so sad if some tragedy befell them … I would not waste salt tears on them…”

so sad that I would cry salt tears for them.png

“For soon, you, too, will forget all about these sims, and I will have you as my own…”


“Soon… “

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

I wanted to combine something from Sulani and something in Rick’s background for this challenge. I came up with this idea and thought it worked really well. Even though this was a Random Solo Date Competition, it is very interesting to note that the ones going on the Solo Dates also have a little “pink” in their relationship with Rick.

The goal of a Solo Date is to reach Gold. Once they reach Gold, the date will end, and Rick will then date the next sim. Solo dates last 6 hours, so if there is time, Rick will then speed date the contestants with the lowest in the green bars next, who is…well, gee it’s hard to tell from these screenies, isn’t it? Possibly, Merinda in House 2 and Brianna in House 1. Or, I just may roll a dice and go with that.

It is my hope that between these solo dates and the next solo dates that Rick will get to take every contestant on a Solo Date before the next Elimination Challenge. For this first set of Solo Dates (the first 14), I was not going to have Rick “kiss” any of the contestants if that option came up, or if he got a whim for it. However, I thought that the decision to “kiss” or “not to kiss” should come from the readers. I do believe you can achieve a Gold for the date without having to do this.

And so, now for a vote. If Rick has a whim to “kiss” a contestant while on a solo date with them, or if an option comes up in the date menu pop-ups to “kiss” a contestant while on a solo date with them, should he do it? Yes or No? This would only be for the first Solo Date he has with a contestant. Once he has a second Solo Date, he is free to do this. See poll below. Deadline: Thurs., Aug. 29th midnight.

It is great to note that after the Rose Ceremony, Rick is friends with everyone in both houses! And it looks like right now, Iris is leading in the pink relationship bar. All pink relationship bars are “Romantic Interest-It’s too early to tell, but there could definitely be something there!” Go, Rick!

House 1 Stats After Rose Ceremony #1:

house 1 relationships after elimination

House 2 Stats After Rose Ceremony #1:

relationship stats after elimination house 2

To Kiss or Not To Kiss on First Solo Date Poll – Deadline: Thursday, August 29th midnight.



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