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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Voting Results & House 1 Solo Dates

bachelor in paradise kigi

sul sul ice cream.png

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Oh, you noticed! Yes, I am spot-free from that horrific polka dot sunburn experience yesterday. A nice cool bath of oatmeal and milk did the trick, followed by an aloe moisturizer cream. And as you can see, I am my gorgeous spot-free self again! Thank goodness.

But enough about me, because today our bachelor, Rick, will be taking the winners of the Solo Date Competition on their first Solo Date. From House 1, it’s Isla Waters and Naomi Mahina, and from House 2, it’s Charlotte Eclair and Coral Reeves. They’re so lucky!

Now, the producers of the show have decided that a central meeting spot should be chosen for the turnstile dates to occur. Plus, we have a new sponsor who is showcasing the Solo Dates. Isn’t that wonderful? I hope the contestants are up for screaming… because our new sponsor is Freezer Bunny Ice Cream. ‘I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!’ And what better place than to sample some Freezer Bunny ice cream than at Pineapple Lanai, one of Sulani’s coolest places for ice cream!

yum yum ice cream.png

Oh, I just want to get my melt on! I don’t know how these contestants are going to be able to resist this date! What kind of ice cream will they order? Is there a personality test for ice cream preferences? Well, we’ll soon find out. Let’s peek in on the dates, shall we?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick ice cream shot.png

And here is Rick, ready for his date-a-thon. Oh, he looks so good! The temperature forecast for today is warm and sunny.

He phones Isla and asks her for a date. She accepts and they agree to meet at the restaurant.

isla and rick.png

They arrive at the same time, and Rick gets his first whim for Isla to “get to know her.” He suggests they get a table since the place gets busy fast. Yes, even at 8am in the morning.

rick requests a table for isla.png

Rick then requests a table for two. Isla excuses herself for a moment.

and while rick was getting the table isla changed.png

Oh my! Isla comes back and had changed. She looks really nice and Rick compliments her outfit. Isla tells Rick that she had never had ice cream for breakfast before.

look at isla looking at rick.png

Isla: “Rick, there’s one flavor of ice cream that I love. Mint chocolate chip. Do you think they have it? It’s my absolute favorite.”

Rick scans the menu and sure enough, they have mint chocolate chip. They had a cone version or three scoops in a bowl.

rick gets a flirty moodlet and then this comes up.png

Rick gets a flirty vibe from all this talk about ice cream, and a “Hot Breakfast Date” moodlet. Ooh, la la! This date is sizzling!

is rick flirting with me.png

Oh, my word! Autonomous flirting going on here. And Isla wants to “express admiration to Rick” autonomously. Rick also gets a whim to “flirt with Isla.”

The server comes over and is ready to take their order.

rick ordered for isla.png

Isla: “I would like three scoops in a bowl of mint chocolate chip. My absolute favorite ice cream. I just love those little pieces of chocolate all swirled together in that minty ice cream. Plus, mint is a natural breath freshener. And it’s important to have minty-fresh breath on a date.”

what they ordered ilsa and rick.png

In no time at all, their order was served. Two rootbeer floats, and three scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream for Isla and banana swirl ice cream for Rick.

“Oh look!” exclaimed Isla, “There’s a card that came with my ice cream. It’s about my ‘ice cream personality.’ Oh my goodness. Do you want to hear it?”

Rick nodded yes, and Isla read the card out loud.

gold date wow fast

“You are a survivalist! You are a rationalist who is more likely to keep a full stock of tinned foods before an inevitable heavy snowstorm. This means you prepare and plan ahead for the future, feeling secure only after coming up with a solid realistic plan. You are mostly truthful, trusting, loyal and dependable which gives you a long-lasting and ever-binding bond with your friends and family. On the other hand, you are a bit stubborn in relationships though you enjoy close family ties.”

“Well,” said Rick, “Is that true? Are you a survivalist?”

Isla smiled shyly at Rick, “Well, I guess you could say I am a survivalist, somewhat, since my family and I survived that horrible oil spill in Isla Paradiso, and we had to move here. I am very close to my family, especially my father, but that oil spill changed him and he is rather overprotective of me. But I want to lead my own life. I am not sure about the “being prepared” for the future. I really love the water and could spend all day in it…umm….if I could. I kind of just like to take things slow and enjoy each day.”

“Yes,” said Rick, “I agree. Enjoy each day. That’s a very positive attitude to have.”

brain freeze rick.png

“And what about you, Rick? Do you have any brothers or sisters? asked Isla taking a sip of her rootbeer float.

Rick made a face. “Oh sorry, brain freeze. Sadly, no, I’m an only child. And before you ask about my parents, I was raised by my mother and she has since passed away.” Rick said looking at Isla intently.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. But she must have been a wonderful mother. If you don’t mind my asking, what was her name?” Isla asked finishing off her last spoonful of ice cream.

great date with isla.png

“Well, that’s an interesting question. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked what my mother’s name was before. It was Morgana. Why do you ask?” Rick replied.

“Well, I love to find out about name meanings. Do you know what your mother’s name means?” Isla said excitedly, “It means ‘dweller of the sea.’ Isla revealed.

did you know.png

And with that, the bill came and the date was over.

“I never knew that,” said Rick, “And what does your name mean Isla?” Rick asked as they got up from the table.

“It means island,” whispered Isla as she stared into Rick’s eyes, “In truth though, I am a mer….marvelous island surrounded by water.”

Rick smiled at her comment, “Yes, I agree, you are indeed marvelous!”

date cloudgazing.png

The date ended too soon for Rick, though, as he got another whim to “cloud gaze with Isla.” And that’s how they ended their date. *Gold Date Achieved*

isla date thoughts.png

Isla Date Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed my date with Rick. He is so full of surprises. I mean, ice cream for breakfast? Who would have thought it could be so wonderful! Rick is so easy to talk to and the date went so quickly. I really didn’t want it to end that soon. And it’s true what they say about Rick’s eyes…they are so blue…they remind me of the sea. And gazing into them, I nearly told him something about myself that I have been hiding. And his mother’s name? Is that a coincidence? Do you think that she was….” Isla looked around to see if anyone was listening, “..that she was a mermaid? I mean, if they really exist and all. Perhaps if Rick and I go on another date, I will tell him my secret.”

Relationship after date: Remains Romantic Interest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

calling naomi for a date.png

After he said good-bye to Isla, he called Naomi for her date.

rick and naomi on date.png

She arrived very quickly and Rick got his first whim to “Be friendly with Naomi,” and so he brightens her day. He does this and gets another whim to again “Be friendly with Naomi.”

naomi was sitting down reading the menu and then she stood up.png

Rick heads over to request a table, and they both sit down and are looking at the menu when Naomi suddenly stands up. Huh? Naomi, what are you doing? Maybe she was going to change her outfit in the restroom like Isla did. But, it almost looks like she was going to leave. Who knows?

now on a hot lunch date with naomi.png

Don’t worry, though, Rick starts talking to her and compliments her outfit and she sits down again. Rick also gets a flirty vibe and gets a Hot Lunch Date moodlet.

ooh la la this is getting quite hot and heavy.png

Oh my! Two whims for Naomi at the same time. The first one is “Make out with Naomi.” Ooh, la la! This date is getting hot and heavy! I searched for a bench on the dating lot, and there wasn’t one. So, unfortunately, Rick could not do this whim. But he did do the next one, which was to “Flirt with Naomi”. From the looks of it, Naomi seems to be enjoying herself.

server comes to take their order.png

They start chatting and Rick got another whim to “get to know” Naomi.

The server comes over and takes their orders. The whole menu is just ice cream flavors. How can you choose just one?

rick gets two whims for naomi.png

Afterward, Naomi looked at Rick and said, “Rick, you are certainly asking me a lot of questions. May I ask you one?” 

“Sure,” Rick answered, thinking that Naomi had a sweet smile.

“You know, I read your dossier, and it never said where you were from. I mean, you’ve lived in Sulani a long time, but where did you live before? You know, before you moved here?” replied Naomi.

“Oh…well, that’s a good question. I kind of lived in a few different places, like Newcrest and even for a while in San Myshuno. But when I was young, I lived in a place called Sunset Valley with my mother. The thing I remember most about that town is the huge central park it had. We’d go there and have a picnic. The whole town seemed to come there. It was such a happy, relaxing place….” Rick said as he gazed off into the distance.

“Oh, that sounds nice. I love picnics, especially at the beach,” replied Naomi.

“And yes, there’s a wonderful beach there, too,” enthused Rick, “Maybe I can take you there someday…” he said as he turned to look at Naomi.

naomi and ricks order.png

Before Naomi could respond, their order arrived and Naomi seems super excited about her choice. Lemonade and three scoops of strawberry ice cream for Naomi and cream cola and banana swirl ice cream for Rick. Obviously, Rick likes banana ice cream.

And just like Isla, Naomi had a card delivered with her ice cream. “It’s about my ‘ice cream personality.’ I wonder what liking strawberry ice cream says about me? Shall I read it?” asked Naomi laughing.

Rick said to go ahead, and Naomi read the card out loud.

“You are a budding rose! Being well-loved and trusted is one of your comfortable aspects. Having a thoughtful and logical mind is a great asset of yours and you may be more of a director, working effectively behind the curtains more than a bold confident actor. What makes you unique is the way you are content with yourself and don’t fret on what others say! Though you may be called shy and unsociable in relationships, you are committed, very supportive and devoted. But just like a rosebud growing amidst thorns, you may develop an irritable and pessimistic attitude. Having low self-esteem and being negative are some of the qualities you may need to work upon.”

that card says a lot about me.png

“Wow!” said Naomi after reading the card, “That is a pretty accurate description of me.”

“So, it’s true? You’re a budding rose?” asked Rick.

“Well, I think some things on the card are true. I do like to play games, which I guess means I am logical. And I most certainly don’t want to be an actress or anything. Too many sims wanting to be around you. I got that a lot in Del Sol Valley. So, yeah, the unsociable part is sort of true. I don’t mean to be, but I just get so nervous in crowds, like I get a panic attack or something and just want to leave. So, I’ve been called unsociable before…a loner…and it kind of affects my self-esteem sometimes. I don’t mind being alone. I much prefer quiet times with a few friends,” Naomi continued shyly, “…or just one special friend.”

“I know what you’re saying. When I was out on my island, I didn’t mind it. I was able to just do things that I wanted to do, you know fish, do some beachcombing, diving, that sort of thing. Being alone makes you more self-sufficient. I mean all you have is you, right?” answered Rick.

rick telling some jokes

“Ummm…you fish?” asked Naomi cautiously.

“Oh yes, it’s my favorite pastime. And there’s nothing like grilling mahi-mahi with a little lime juice and honey…” Rick paused as he noticed that Naomi looked appalled at what he was saying, “Um…sorry…do you not like mahi-mahi?”

naomi stating some fact.png

“I’m a vegetarian,” Naomi said flatly, “Any animal which lives in the sea, lake, or river is my friend. I could not bear to hurt one of them, let alone eat them.”

“Oh, I….I…,” stammered Rick, “…Well, I do make fantastic fruit kebobs!” Rick said with a smile. Naomi returned his smile and it seemed to lift the mood a bit.

They chatted some more and then the bill came and the date was over.

smoldering gaze.png

As they got up to leave, Rick glanced at Naomi and saw her looking at him, too. He really didn’t want this date to end. He then got a “cloud gaze with Naomi” whim.

and they cloudgaze together.png

Rick asked if Naomi would like to cloud gaze before she left, and she did. Rick felt like she didn’t want to leave either. *Gold Date Achieved*

enjoying herself.png

Naomi Date Thoughts: I nearly blew this date. That restaurant was so crowded, I almost left before the date began. I was already nervous and then all these sims were there, and well, I just wanted to leave. But Rick, he’s so nice, he complimented my outfit and made me feel at ease. And pretty soon, I forgot all about the sims around me and it was just Rick and I. Gosh! He’s so good-looking. I was staring at him for most of the date and realized that my ice cream had melted and I hadn’t even eaten a spoonful. But it was yummy ice cream soup anyway. I really didn’t want that date to end, and I had the strangest thoughts in my head like I wanted him to…um….kiss me. I could see myself on that island with him. And even though he fishes, I think it could work out. I’ve heard of couples where one is a vegetarian and the other isn’t. And Rick does like fruit, so that’s a plus. If I go on another date with Rick, I think I may have to let him know why fish are my friends. I’m going to have to trust him enough to tell him. And maybe then he would become a vegetarian, like me. It’s possible, right?

Relationship after Date: Changed to “Lovebirds”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I recently purchased the Cool Kitchen Stuff pack and was trying to incorporate it into this story, and then I saw this fabulous build and knew it would be a great date location. Many thanks to this simmer for creating it. The menu is drink choices and ice cream. A few minor additions of some lanterns in the front and a horseshoe pit in the back, but otherwise, used as-is.

pineapple lanai pic credit.png

Author’s Notes:

Because I am doing this over two chapters, I will provide the link for the ice cream personality quiz in the next chapter, as I didn’t want any spoilers.

Both dates were super flirty, but on the date with Naomi, Rick was getting a lot of flirt whims for her, and then the make-out one appeared which was a surprise. The gold date with Naomi was achieved before their order even arrived, but I kept it going so they could at least get their ice cream. Sheesh! And Naomi is now in “lovebird” status with Rick. Way to go Naomi!

Poll Results on whether Rick should kiss or not kiss the contestants on their first Solo Date. Readers voted 11 to 9 to say no to the kiss. So, don’t kiss them Rick! Well, on the first date, anyway.

to kiss or not to kiss


7 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Voting Results & House 1 Solo Dates

  1. Awww sweet date! Literally. Yay Ice Cream for Breakfast! Both ladies seem very sweet. I have to laugh as mint chocolate and strawberry are my favorite kinds of ice cream too. Those descriptions fit me fairly well too – I plan ahead a lot, and I’m definitely more comfortable behind the scenes than in front. I sure can be stubborn too. 😆

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ~ Wow way to go Rick,though if he keeps going like this he will end up with a harem, & be heartbroken every time one of the ladies leaves!
    ~ Cute with the icecream flavours, but how do you know which one the girls will pick or is it by chance?
    ~ The dates to come have to get Gold too, a tall order, and hard to follow, but if they want to get anywhere they will need to try to get Gold! LOL!
    ~ What I do not get is everyone seem to be compatible with Rick, So why is he single! 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I know what you mean about the harem. lol To be honest about the ice cream flavors, I found the website first, and picked the ice cream flavors based on their personalities and background info. They don’t have every flavor on the website, but some of the more popular ones. I hope I did a good matching job. I was really worried with his date with Naomi when she stood up suddenly. I really thought she was going to leave. And at one point in the date, it looked like she was telling him off. I have no idea what she was doing. So, I was rather surprised when they ended up as “lovebirds” at the end. And as to your question about why Rick is single, it’s because he didn’t want to find anyone else, if you recall, because of Calista’s tragic demise. It was actually Noelani who signed him up for this. Yes, he does get along with every sim, doesn’t he?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for reading and commenting. I thought that was funny with the hot dates. I have yet to play house 2, but I have a feeling they will be hot dates, too. I think it’s a lot moodlet or something for asking a sim on a date to a restaurant. I thought it was cute.

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