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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ House 2 Solo Dates

bachelor in paradise kigi

benny did you hear that rick is from sunset valley and his mothers name is morgana.png

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Well, those first dates went really well, don’t you think? Rick is one step closer to finding true love. And did you catch some of that conversation? Rick is from Sunset Valley and his mother’s name was Morgana. What fantastic clues to find out who Rick really is! I am so excited I am going to start researching this right away…well, after I tune in to these next dates with Coral Reeves and Charlotte Eclair from House 2. Let’s see what happens.

date 3 coral start.png

Rick wastes no time in calling his next date. That lunch date lasted a long time for some reason, as it is now 7pm. He calls Coral Reeves from House 2. After a cute cheek-to-cheek kiss, Rick gets his first whim for Coral.

rick wastes no time and gets his first whim for coral to make out.png

Wow, Rick, that was fast. Because there is no bench, and to make it fair, I didn’t add one, so he was unable to do this whim. But, oh my gosh, Rick! To get this as a first whim for Coral. Holy plumbobs! They then talk autonomously about fishing spots.

while rick requests the table coral psychs herself up by talking to a bush.png

While Rick requests a table, Coral psychs herself up by talking to a bush.

Author’s Note: The lot was a bit dark for photos, so I paused and added some more lights to the lot.

and coral must have changed in the bushes because shes in a different outfit.png

Ummm…ok, Coral must have been changing in that bush because she’s in a different outfit now. And there was a celebrity in the restaurant, Brytani Cho, and this paparazzi was lurking near Rick’s table all night.

an annoying papparazzi behind them.png

Shoo!  Shoo! Go away! We’re trying to have a romantic moment here. They try to ignore him and Rick autonomously chats about the cold. He then gets a whim to “get to know” Coral.

“I have a question for you, Rick,” Coral said almost laughing at the thought of her question.

“Sure, go ahead…,” said Rick smiling. He was really having a great time on this date.

Who or what can make you laugh so hard, your sides ache and Kava squirts out of your nose?” asks Coral laughing even harder.

“Oh, now that’s a funny question,” laughed Rick, “I heard that some of the comedians at Open Mike night are pretty hilarious,” said Rick with a smirk on his face, “I mean if you drink enough kava, anything can happen. Kava squirting and all! And it would definitely be more fun with you there,” said Rick winking at Coral.

“You’re on. Text me and I’ll be there with my kava cup in hand!” replied Coral smiling broadly. They both had a good laugh thinking about it.

hot dinner date with coral.png

And even the annoying paparazzi behind them doesn’t stop this hot dinner date! And it is going to get STEAMING. We’re talking VOLCANO hot!

takes their order.png

And the server comes to take their order. He already knows Rick wants to order banana ice cream. Again. Rick, there are 30 other flavors on the menu. like mango, lemon, rainbow…all sound good…but, no, he likes banana. Coral seems to be smirking at this. The man knows what he wants. In ice cream at least.

oh my word woohoo none of that.png

Rick and Coral are getting along really well. They each have conversation items autonomously. He complains about the cloudy weather, she tells Rick an inside joke. And then Rick gets a whim for Coral. Oh, my word! Rick….that banana ice cream has gone to your head. He wants to…ummm…woohoo with Coral! Well, Rick, we’re crossing that off your list. There will be none of that on this date or any other time during this show.

the whole date this guy just stood there.png

I think they have an eavesdropper, and he’s not even being subtle about it. Well, it doesn’t seem to stop Rick, as he gets another whim for Coral. This time he goes for a compliment. Much better, Rick, and Coral certainly appreciates his noticing her nice hat.

having a great conversation together.png

This date just keeps rolling along. Rick doesn’t need to be told to do any actions towards Coral, because both of them are doing autonomous conversations with each other. Rick tells Coral a dramatic story and she talks about the cloudy weather. Coral even flirts autonomously with Rick. This is the best. Well, it was the best, until…

rick gets up autonomously to ooh and ahh celebrity.png

…Rick gets up in the middle of the date. What are you doing, Rick? You leave a great conversation with Coral to go ooh and ahh a celebrity? I think Rick just noticed Brytani Cho was there. Well, thank goodness this is short-lived as their order is delivered and he goes back and sits down.

their order has arrived.png

Ohh…what did they order this time? Two fruity frizzy drinks. Coffee ice cream for Coral and, yes, you guessed it, banana swirl for Rick. Coral really looks happy on this date, and then she sees the card that was delivered with her ice cream.

“Oh, a card on my ‘ice cream personality.’ Now that’s different! Mind if I read it aloud, Rick?” asked Coral rather excited to find out what it said. Rick was pretty interested to know what this card revealed about Coral, too, and told Coral to go ahead and read it.

“You are a lively bouncy soul! Your personality is mainly bubbly and you may be dramatic and flirtatious. Though you throw your whole self into anything you do, you tend to move onto new projects leaving things halfway done. Being overcommitted with too many obligations may put you off and force you to abandon old things, leaving them catching dust and cobwebs.”

coral has a talk to self moment and rick almost spits his drinks out.png

Coral looks around and starts talking to herself and Rick almost spits his drink out at this strange behavior.

“Oh, I’m sorry, it’s just that card…is it a plant or something? Like, who told the Freezer Bunny ice cream company about me? Are they spying on me?” Coral says looking around.

“So, you’re a coffee? For real? I think you are a vibrant sim and…umm…most definitely very flirty!” Rick looked at Coral and gave her a slow smile as he said this. “I think having a lot of energy is a good thing,” he continued.

brain freeze coral.png

“Well…umm…thank you,” said Coral shyly, “It’s the part about all those projects and not finishing things. I’m like that, you know. I get so excited about starting something new, and then, well, I get distracted and start another thing, and another, and pretty soon, I have a bunch of unfinished projects. I just…I just have a hard time finishing things. You know, staying focused,” Coral said glumly.

“Well, maybe you just haven’t found the right project to keep you interested. You know, I heard that yoga can help you better focus on things. Maybe that will help,” offered Rick smiling at her.

ask coral to be gf is second.png

two whims for coral first kiss is one.png

Rick really doesn’t care if Coral has a bunch of unfinished projects, because he gets two whims at the same time for her. His first whim is that he wants to ask Coral to be his girlfriend. And the second is to have a “first kiss” with Coral. Oh, he can’t…but he so wants to. Both whims are firsts for any sim he’s been with. Oh my, my, my!  We are Hot! Hot! Hot!

Ladies, look out for Coral! Our bachelor, Rick, seems to be very smitten with her.

hilarious yes.png

Rick gets another whim for Coral to “make-out”, but again, no bench. So that whim is vetoed. The bill comes and the date ends with Coral sharing another joke with Rick. They both don’t want the date to end, but Coral knows Rick has another date after her. Rick stares after Coral as she leaves the restaurant. *Gold Date Achieved*

coral thoughts on date.png

Coral Date Thoughts: You know, I was entered into this contest by two friends of mine, and at the time, I thought it would be a good joke to enter. You know, have some fun, free food, free place to live. You know, not take it too seriously. But now, well, I just never expected this! The date just flowed so smoothly, like we just could talk about anything with each other. Even when I told him about my being distracted, he didn’t seem to be bothered by it and even made a suggestion to help me overcome it. I thought that was amazing, and I’m kind of speechless right now with how I feel about Rick. But before this…umm…relationship can go on I really need to tell him something even bigger about myself. And from how he reacted today, I think he would be okay with it. I am so hoping he is. I think we have a special connection. This is just not some fun joke anymore, I am really, truly, falling big time for him.

Relationship Status After Date: Changed to “Lovebirds”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Before the next date, Rick heads to the restroom to use the facilities, and splash some cold water on his face. He has one more date to go and calls Charlotte Eclair.

rick and charlotte start of date.png

Charlotte looks so pretty as she arrives for the date. However, she is holding her head in her hands (sorry, didn’t get a screenie of this). I hope she isn’t sick. Rick quickly asks her how her day is before he goes to request their table.

someone else has an eye for rick sorry he already has too many females vying for him.png

Even though Rick is on a date, someone else is admiring him from afar. Is that Brytani Cho, the celebrity? Look, Brytani, Rick has his hands full with 14 girls. He’s trying to whittle them down, not add any more. He’s already taken. Well, sort of taken. Well, one of these girls will take him and it won’t be you. Sorry, Brytani – look elsewhere.

another hot dinner date charlotte.png

The date starts off really well with Charlotte. Another hot dinner date. How can you go wrong with that?

charlotte autonomously heads over to ask for autograph.png

Well, put a celebrity in the midst of your date, and things go awry. This time, Charlotte gets up and asks Brytani for an autograph. I don’t think she got one because Brytani didn’t look too happy with being disturbed at dinner. However, I am sure Brytani would have been happy to give Rick an autograph. Maybe she was just unhappy because Brytani felt that she should be out on a date with Rick rather than Charlotte. Who knows?

ready to order.png

The server comes over and asks if they are ready to order. Rick, of course, knows what he wants, but Charlotte would have preferred a bit more time to study the menu. But she sees what she wants, and they order.

single charlotte flirting with rick.png

Charlotte does an autonomous flirt with Rick, and Rick gets his first whim to “flirt with” Charlotte. He is more than happy to oblige and she loves it.

oh this is so so good i can smell that chocolate.png

Their order arrived fast and Charlotte was enthralled by the aroma of the chocolate. Charlotte had ordered iced tea and rocky road ice cream. Rick had ordered a Sunset Valley drink (maybe reminiscing about his childhood home), and…yes…banana swirl ice cream.

Charlotte noticed the card that was delivered with her ice cream. “How sweet, sugah, just by ordering a flavor of ice cream, they can tell all about you. It’s probably just a gimmick. I can’t see how this could be true,” Charlotte commented dismissing the card and placing it on the table again.

“Oh, you should read it, Charlotte. The other dates were rather surprised at what their cards said,” Rick replied.

“Well, just for you, sugah, I’ll read it. But there is so much more to me than what is written in these lines,” Charlotte sighed.

charlotte thoughts 2.png

“You are the aristocratic charmer! You tend to have affinity for finer things in life and look for the greatest qualities in something. You are very out-going and are pleasant and open in social meetings. You get hurt easily for the slightest of negative comments and work best when encouraged and motivated rather than criticized and judged.”

“So…,” asked Rick, “Any of that true?”

“Well, honey, surprisingly, it is. You know, in the food industry, sims are very critical of everything you do. And fickle! You could be the talk of the town one day and the worst chef on simearth the next. Especially as a pastry chef, I do take my work seriously and maybe get a bit offended if I am criticized for something I feel is perfect. I mean, seriously, any sim does better in an environment where they are encouraged and motivated rather than criticized and judged. That’s a given for anyone. And I’m from the south, so naturally, I’m a charmer, darlin. Don’t you think so?”

“Oh, yes, you are certainly charming. That’s true,” Rick said as he took a scoop of the delicious banana swirl ice cream. He could eat this all day, it was so good. Wait, what’s he saying? He has been eating it all day.

charlotte got up from the table and started talking to marcus flex what the heckAnd then the bizarro happened on the date. Charlotte just got up and started talking to Marcus Flex. What? You’re on a date, Charlotte. Remember? And it’s not with Marcus. Of course, Rick just thinks Charlotte is being friendly and continues eating his banana swirl ice cream.


charlotte seems distracted on the date.png

Charlotte does sit down again, and Rick tells her a joke, but she seems rather distracted. And, she doesn’t eat any of her food. Rick gets another whim to “flirt with Charlotte” and that goes over well.

theres garbage on the floor behind her.png

But then, one of the servers drops a plate of food beside their table and Charlotte gets the uncomfortable moodlet. I mean, it must be from the mess and not from Rick, right? Rick, meanwhile is thinking of writing an adoration poem about his ice cream.

charlotte not too happy.png

Marcus is hovering around the table and Charlotte does not have a very happy expression on her face. I prompt Rick for more conversation between them, as unlike the other dates, there is no autonomous conversation queuing.

Look at Charlotte’s food – untouched. Why isn’t Charlotte eating any of her food? It is totally bizarre.

eww gross.png

Rick tries to talk to her about fishing, but she gets this disgusted look on her face. Does the mere thought of fishing make her feel queasy?

oh brain freeze.png

No matter what I do, Rick does not get any more whims for Charlotte. Yep, even tried mind telepathy. Nothing worked. He does, however, keep getting whims to try to introduce himself to Brytani Cho.

thanks for the date charlotte.png

The bill comes and the date ends. No more whims for Charlotte, and she thanks Rick for the date. Believe it or not, *Gold Date Achieved*

is it rick or malcolm she is looking at.png


As Charlotte walks away, she glances back. Is she looking at Rick or Marcus? Because both of them are standing there.

malcolm looks like he wants to dump this plate on ricks head.png

Rick is smiling as usual, but Marcus looks like he’s going to dump this bowl over Rick’s head. Was Marcus hitting on Rick’s date? This was certainly a weird and bizarre date.

not too sure about date.png

Charlotte’s Date Thoughts: It was a pleasant date, and the restaurant was nice, but ice cream is just not my thing. Now, if this had been a café serving mouth-watering desserts, maybe I would have liked it more. I could have chatted with the chef and maybe gotten some new recipes. You know what I mean, darlin’? And they didn’t have sweet tea on the menu, so I had to order that Yankee iced tea. I mean, sugah, I just did it to please Rick, but never touched that horrid mixture. And did you know that Rick eats, well, his eating habits are rather slothenly? I have never in my life seen a sim shovel ice cream in their mouth like that. Tarnations! So while Rick is nice and all, and I have some romantic notions about him, this was not the best date.

Relationship Status After Date: Remains Romantic Interest

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

oh rick excuse me I forgot to give you your ice cream personality card.png

Rick was tired and had done an “All-Nighter” Date-a-thon. He was ready to go home. As Rick was leaving the restaurant, a server ran up to him telling him he forgot his “ice cream personality” card. Well, let’s see what liking banana ice cream tells us about Rick.

“You are either the perfect spouse or the perfect child! You are empathetic, kind, easy-going, trustworthy, reasonable and composed. Being a perfect role model may be one of your attributes and people will always look up to you or come running to you for your warm words of comfort. You may get too relaxed and not notice strange going-ons but that may be only once in a lifetime, right?

Ideal partner: You are a good match with all other flavors!”

Well, that says a lot of what we already knew about Rick! And his ideal partner is everyone and anyone. Sheesh! That narrows things down. Not!

rick was so tired he didn't even make it in the front door and napped on a lounge chair.png

Rick was so exhausted when he got home, he didn’t even make it in the front door and just decided to lay on a lounge chair and go to sleep. Ahh…poor Rick.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Solo Date Relationship Round-up:

charlotte and coral relationship

isla relationshipnaomi relationship

I have no idea what happened with Charlotte on this date. She did not do very well, although she still has pink in her relationship bar. Coral, on the other hand…well, I am surprised that the pink bar isn’t higher than it is. Both Isla and Naomi had great dates, with Naomi’s going better after a bit of a rocky start.

I did follow Charlotte home to see if she was ill or anything, and she wasn’t. I did read up on the Squeamish trait, which she has, and there is nothing in there about not liking ice cream. However, the squeamish trait does conflict with one of Rick’s traits, which is glutton, so maybe that has something to do with it. But it was just a weird date.

Rick will now date the bottom two sims with the lowest relationship. This has changed since last I looked and I am sad to say that some of the contestants do not have any pink in their relationship with Rick any longer. Egads! I will have Rick text all the contestants to give their friendship a little boost. These dates will be revealed in the next chapter, at the same venue.

Author’s Notes:

I came across this article for an Ice Cream Personality Quiz and thought I would use it for the Solo Dates. I tried to match the Solo Date sims with an ice cream flavor that I thought their traits and background stories were best suited for. Anyway, I had a lot of fun with it. They don’t have all the flavors in this quiz, but did you find yours?


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  1. This was so fun to read, you make it very enjoyable and funny.

    There is definitely some good chemistry with Rock and Coral, the other ladies will have to watch out for her. It’s a shame the date with Charlotte didn’t go too well, I think there is something going in between Marcus Flex and her, lol.

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