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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Solo Dates – Get That Relationship Up

bachelor in paradise kigi

another great day in sulani.png

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. I was just re-watching those last date outtakes. And oh my word, that Coral was on fire. At least Rick thought she was. And poor Charlotte…well, every sim has an off-day, and I think this was hers. You know I was thinking that this must be rather hard for Rick, having 14 gorgeous ladies vying for his attention. I really think he is a one-gal guy. I mean look at his orders at the restaurant, banana swirl ice cream every time. He really is just looking for a banana swirl gal to be with, and I hope he finds her among all of these contestants.

And now we get to the sad part. We had those four lucky contestants who won a date with Rick, and now Rick is going to date the contestants who have the lowest relationship score with him. After the Rose Ceremony, all of the contestants had a bit of pink in their relationship with Rick. Well, sadly, not anymore. Two contestants, in fact, have no pink left at all. When Rick woke up this morning, he did text all the contestants to get their relationship scores up. But, things didn’t change with these two contestants, and those are the contestants who Rick will date today.

Let’s have a look at the stats:

So, it looks like Kyra Kealohi and Lara McGowan, both of House 1, have now dropped down to friend status. Both of these sims share the ‘good’ trait with Rick. It’s now time to shine girls, so do your best. Let’s peek in at Pineapple Lanai and see how they do.

Author’s Notes: Hokulani, Meagan, and Tabitha are still Rick’s friends, but were eliminated in the first round.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

they arrive at the same time lara and rick.png

Rick invites Lara McGowan to the lot and chats with her a bit. Rick wants to ensure that their friendship level is in good standing before he asks her for a date. And things are looking good, so he asks Lara for a date, and she accepts as they jettison back to the same lot again.

gets his first whim for lara.png

Within minutes, Rick gets his first whim to “cloudgaze” with Lara. That sounds like a good idea. And Lara, where did that mug of putrid, green wafting coffee come from? Don’t drink that girl and get sick on this date.

I hope having that coffee in her inventory is not an indication that Lara is tired. I mean, Rick is a morning person, and this is another breakfast date.

good start with lara.png

Once they cloudgaze, Rick then heads up to request a table. While he is at the podium, he gets a call about a job offer.

rick gets a job offer.png

Well, that sounds like a nice offer, but Rick declines.

different table and they are sitting beside each other.png

They head to the table, and Lara has changed into another outfit autonomously. I realize Rick is in the wrong outfit, and I have him change. They are seated at a different table and sit right beside each other. This is nice.

whatever came out of the kitchen just then caught both their eyes.png

They are seated right by the kitchen take-out window and whatever came out of there, they both turn to look. Must have been something good. Maybe Rick is thinking of ordering something different this time. And isn’t this such a sweet pic of the two of them?

doing an impression.png

Rick tries out his jokes on Lara. She is at least listening politely to them. Rick, they need some work.

lara makes the first move.png

Even though Rick does not get the Hot Breakfast Date moodlet this time because they are still in friend status, Lara makes the first move and flirts autonomously with Rick. You go girl! Obviously, Lara wants to take this to the next level.

lara is chatting autonomously.png

Lara continues to chat autonomously with Rick, and Rick realizes that he hasn’t ordered their meal as yet.

there are so many flavors here so hard to choose.png

Rick lets Lara choose, and she has already heard that Rick likes banana swirl ice cream. She suggests that maybe he order something different this time. He thinks that’s a great idea. Wow, Lara! He listened to your suggestion. He’s going to break out of his mold. Try something new! Woot!

going very well.png

Rick got several more whims for Lara to “chat” and “get to know” her. But no romantic whims as yet. Lara was very talkative during the date and talked about her family a lot.

“My best times are when we go on vacation together,” enthused Lara.

“Oh, and where do you go on vacation? Do you have a favorite place?” Rick queried.

“Mostly, we go to different places. I love to read, and I like to read city guides and sort of dream of all the places I could visit. I’ve always wanted to visit Champs Les Sims. It sounds so romantic,” Lara said as she looked coyly at Rick.

lots of flirting going on here.png

Oh Lara, you are certainly putting on the charm. And still no romantic whims for Lara. Shucks! Rick, she’s obviously trying hard to get your attention. What gives here?

and their order is delivered.png

Before Rick could reply, their order arrived. Lara had ordered buffalo wing tea and choco-chip ice cream. And Rick had ordered a sour punch drink and…what’s this? Ice cream in a cone? But of course, it’s banana swirl ice cream in a cone. Well, he did try something different. Sort of.

oh that card is so true about me.png

And Lara gets her ‘ice cream personality’ card and reads it aloud to Rick.

“You are the conqueror! You are artful and accomplish tasks at hand confidently. Being generous, competent, ambitious and competitive are not only your good characters but you are also charming in social gatherings and a charismatic individual. You love being catered for and can sometimes be over-demanding.”

Rick raised his eyebrows in a questioning way when she finished reading, “So,” he began, “You’re a conqueror?”

maybe being just a friend has its advantages

Lara laughed at this, “I don’t see myself as one. Not aggressive or anything. I do know that I work hard and I’m very competent at my job. Some of my co-workers tell me I’m a work-a-holic. And that’s why they paid for this vacation for me. They wanted me to relax and find happiness. You know, nice girl-next-door needs to find love sort of thing. And that last part, well, I wouldn’t say I am over-demanding, but I just have this ‘thing’ about wanting others to clean up after themselves, like put the dishes in the dishwasher…”

thats sour.png

“Hey, nothing wrong with helping to clean up,” answered Rick. Lara smiled at his response.

“It’s how I was brought up, everyone helped out in my own family, and one day, when I have children of my own, I want to teach them the same values. I know this might seem forward, but have you ever thought about having kids?” asked Lara almost holding her breath waiting for Rick’s answer.

“I’ve thought about having a family, yes, and living in Sulani has shown me that family can mean lots of different things. For instance, the Kealoha’s have a child of their own but also welcomed a teen into their home when they found him living on the beach. I was an only child, and always longed for brothers and sisters, so, yeah, that’s kind of what type of family I foresee in the future. Of course, first, I have to find a gal who sees this as the perfect family, too.”

“Of course…I mean, that’s why you’re here, right?” Lara laughed but was secretly pleased with his answer.

first kiss with lara no can do.png

Lara and Rick seemed to be getting along well if you count a brain freeze by Lara and Rick’s dripping ice cream all over his shirt.

Then, out of the blue, with all those friendly whims he has gotten for Lara, Rick gets a whim to “have first kiss with Lara.” Oh no! He can’t kiss her! I canceled that whim, and it came up again. Canceled that second whim, and it came up a third time. Three of the same whims! Oh my plumbobs, he REALLY wants to kiss Lara. Wow! Ok, well since he can’t kiss her, I have him flirt with her instead. Oh, that works really well, and they are up to Romantic Interests now.

The bill comes and the date is over. Well, you would think it was…

rick autonomously takes pic with lara.png

But Rick autonomously takes a pic with Lara. Rick, what kind of face is that? Lara looks gorgeous, though.

wants to make out with lara.png

And just as he snaps that pic, he gets two more whims. The first is to “be funny with Lara”, and the second is to “make out with Lara.”. Oh sure, now you get all these romantic whims. Well, he can’t do that and he says goodbye to Lara. The autonomous picture taking and these two whims must have given their relationship a further boost because I looked and they are now “Lovebirds.” *Gold Date Achieved*

lara thoughts.png

Lara’s Date Thoughts: Sometimes being a friend has its advantages. I really think that a solid relationship starts out as being friends. If I had been a bit more than friends, I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to go on this great date with Rick. And I like, Rick, a lot. He is easy-going and I think we would be very compatible together. I don’t need drama in my life for sure. Had enough of that with my last deadbeat boyfriend. And during the date, after he talked about his idea of a family, things kind of changed in how I felt about him. My heart really melted for him when he told me that. And suddenly I realized that I wanted that, too. But especially that I wanted it with Rick. I am not content in just being his friend anymore. He’s that guy I’ve been looking for and dreaming about.

Relationship Status After Date: Changed from Friends to “Lovebirds”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

arrive at lot kyra and rick.png

Rick takes a break to freshen up in the restroom before he calls his next date, Kyra Kealohi and invites her to Pineapple Lanai. She seems very pleased to be there and Rick asks her about her day before asking her on a date.

make out with kyra.png

He gets two whims almost immediately. “Compliment Kyra,” which he does, and “Make Out With Kyra,” which I cancel. I look at their relationship and it has already zoomed up again to Romantic Interest. Wow! That was fast!

As Rick heads up to the podium to request a table, he gets a call.

cinnamon asking rick for a date

Umm…well, Cinnamon, Rick would love to go on a date with you, but he’s already on one. Sorry.

kyra does an autonomous flirt with rick.png

They sit down and almost immediately Kyra does an autonomous flirt with Rick. Well, she isn’t wasting any time.

ask kyra to be gf.png

They chat for a bit about the cool temperature, and suddenly Rick gets “Ask Kyra to be girlfriend” whim. In fact, he gets it twice.

talking about ice cream dreams.png

Rick gets another whim to “get to know” Kyra. This is better, Rick. Kyra tells him that she has “a spiritual connection to the islands of Sulani.,” and wonders how he feels about things that can’t be explained.

Rick thinks for a moment and tells Kyra that he thinks some things happen for a reason. Like how he came to Sulani. It was really by chance. Kyra went on to talk about the island spirits and dream interpretation.

“Rick, do you ever remember your dreams?” asked Kyra.

“Yes, it’s strange but some dreams that I’ve had, I still remember. I heard that dreams can sometimes hold hidden meanings. What do you think?” replied Rick.

“Oh yes, I believe they do. I’ve read a bit about this, too. Did you know that in ancient Al Simhara, sims with ‘vivid dreams were considered to be blessed with special insight? They even slept on sanctified ‘dream beds’ to gain wisdom from the gods,'” elaborated Kyra.

“Well, that is very interesting. I think I might need one of those beds to get some help in this competition,” laughed Rick.

kyra date thoughts.png

Kyra seemed to find that amusing, too, and continued, “Well, maybe you won’t need one of those beds. Maybe after eating ice cream all day you’ll start to dream about it, and if you see or eat ice cream in your dream, it signifies luck, success in love, and satisfaction in your life in general,” Kyra paused for a moment and looked at Rick.

“AND,” said Kyra in a flirtatious voice, “‘If you are sharing some ice cream with someone in your dream, it means true love.'”

oh this is good.png

Kyra and Rick share a moment together until the server came to take their order.

“Um, yeah,” said Rick, “I could use something to cool down right about now.” They placed their orders and Rick got another whim to “get to know” Kyra.

kyra and rick order arrives.png

The order came quickly. They must have had Rick’s ready in the back already.  Kyra ordered butter pecan ice cream and fruit juice, and Rick ordered a sea splash drink and….ta da…banana swirl ice cream. He opted for a bowl this time since he was quite sloppy eating from the cone.

“Oh, my ‘ice cream personality’!” exclaimed Kyra, “I’m so excited to see what it says,” as she read the card out loud.

“Butter Pecan – Fans of this nutty flavor are devoted, conscientious, and respectful. They hold high standards for right and wrong and are afraid of hurting people’s feelings.”

“So, is it true?” asked Rick waiting for her to answer.

just having the best time together

“Yes, I think this is very true of me. I mean I get so upset with litterbugs destroying Sulani, and do the most I can to protect it and keep it beautiful. The island needs our help, and if we don’t protect and preserve the ecosystem, the ocean will get polluted and some flora, fauna and sea creatures may perish. I really want to promote education for sims, rather than yelling at sims on the beach when they drop a chocolate wrapper. Each sim really can make a difference”, concluded Kyra

“Yes, I agree with you, Kyra. It’s what I try to do to keep Sulani beautiful and protect the dolphins,” Rick replied, “And I do feel that each sim can make a difference as well,” he said as he scooped up a bit of banana swirl ice cream.

Kyra looked at Rick and wondered how she had never met him before this contest.

A pop-up came up stating they were now Good Friends.

kyra being very flirty

Kyra is very flirty towards Rick and he then gets a whim to “Kiss Kyra.” Darn! Another veto for that whim. The date is nearly over, and both Kyra and Rick really don’t want it to end. But the bill comes and the date is over.

kyra thanks rick for the wonderful date.png

They both get up to leave and Kyra thanks Rick for the date and hope she sees him again soon. *Gold Date Achieved*

nice shot of kyra.png

Kyra’s Date Thoughts: I had such a wonderful time on this date. I really didn’t want it to end. Rick is an interesting sim, and I feel that we share a lot of the same values about Sulani. He came to this island by chance, and maybe it is fate that I am in this competition. I do hope that chance plays another role for us and brings us closer together. I must convene with the island spirits and see if we are destined to be together. In my heart, I know it is something I want. Until then, Island Rick, I know I will indeed make you happy like no other contestant can. Perhaps you will dream of eating ice cream with me, and then you will know for sure.

Relationship Status After Date: Changed From Friends to Good Friends to Romantic Interest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And that concludes our Solo Dates for now. Wikki-Wikki Wii from Sulani.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Relationship Stats Update:

section one relationship panel.png

section 2 relationship bars.png

Everyone has some pink in their relationship. But Miriam, unfortunately, has dropped to Acquaintances. Oh, this isn’t good. Other contestants are hanging on by a single sliver of pink. Best relationships are with Lara, Naomi, and Coral, who are Lovebirds. All others are Romantic Interest, except Miriam. Darn, it’s hard to keep those relationship bars up.

Up-coming chapters:

Up next…Roxanna’s Report: “Something Fishy in Sulani”, then each House will have a house party.

Author’s Notes:

Another website on Ice Cream Flavor’s Hidden Meanings.

Here are some dream interpretation websites on what it means to dream about ice cream. I thought I would share.

Dreamt about eating ice cream? Read more about it HERE.

Info on dreams in history.

Info on sharing ice cream with someone in your dreams, and more ice cream dream info.


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  1. Those dates seemed to go well too, Rock sure wants a lot of girlfriends! I love that he keeps ordering banana swirl ice cream, makes me laugh.

    A few girls have really fallen behind now after these dates, Iris went from one of the top to one of the bottom. Oh no!

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