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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Party in The House – House 1

bachelor in paradise kigi

Did you hear there's a party?Sul! Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Today is an exciting day! I mean the last few days have been rather exciting, but this is Party Day! And best of all, Benny and I have been invited to both parties! A rental hall has been booked and I hear it is one spectacular place. Food, drink, dancing…and what’s a party without a little innocent flirting? Right? *wink*wink*I have been working on the perfect outfitIt’s a great opportunity for the contestants to schmooze with Rick. So get out there ladies and charm our bachelor! Show off your moves on the dance floor, share an inside joke or challenge Rick to a game of foosball. Whatever it takes – make yourself stand out from the crowd. I mean you can’t all stand out like MOI, in my perfect party outfit, but, ladies, at least try!party place front.pngAnd here it is! Isn’t this the most gorgeous rental hall you have ever seen? And to think it’s been hidden away in Magnolia Grove all this time. Who knew?House 1 - everyone looks great arrivalRick and the contestants of House 1 arrive at the Party Venue at the same time. The ladies had certainly outdone themselves, and Rick decides that complementing each contestant on how they looked was a good start.rick decides to compliment everyone on how they look.pngRick gets his first whim to compliment Lara, which he does. He also takes a moment to compliment Miriam and Isla. The contestants soon scatter and Rick dashes around the lot to try to ensure he compliments them all.raven must be hungry but the caterer hasnt arrived yet.pngRaven heads inside. She must be hungry, but the caterers haven’t arrived as yet.Kyra pruning a bushKyra had headed off to the side area to trim a bonsai bush. Does she have some inside info on a possible up-coming challenge involving this bush? Or maybe she just got that urge to prune and just couldn’t resist.side area seating zone.pngHere is a full shot of the side area with Kyra’s trimmed bonsai bush.brianna heading right to the dance floor.pngBrianna runs around to the back patio. The dance floor seems to be beckoning dance floor and seating area.pngThe patio area is pretty nice, with a dance floor and restrooms on one side, and a central seating area.the games area.pngAnd the other side has some gaming tables and another romantic seating area. There is also a bubble-blowing area to the left.complimenting naomiRick does catch up with Naomi and compliments her on her outfit.afu cooking and benny arrived and is dancingOh, Afu! What a lifesaver! He must have known Raven was hungry and starts cooking some food. Benny has arrived and is dancing in the background. Where are the caterers?

Author’s Note: This screenie was taken before I moved the dance area to the patio area and added the back stairs. But I wanted to get this shot of how Afu just jumped in and started cooking.making some drinks.pngRick then decides to make some drinks for everyone. A surefire way to get them all to come to him, rather than Rick having to chase all the contestants.Roxanna already has a drink in handThat seems to work as everyone heads to the bar. Roxanna has arrived and already has a drink in hand.miriam out on the sidewalk modelling some clay.pngEveryone is now either dancing, chatting, drinking or eating. Well, everyone that is, except Miriam who is standing out front with a lump of clay in her hand. Ummm, Miriam, did you bring that from home? Get in there, girl! It’s a party, NOT play-doh time.lovely looking kyra.pngRick heads to the back and tells Kyra how great she looks. And before Kyra has a chance to say anything…autonomous take photo together with isla.png…Rick takes an autonomous photo with Isla. Nothing like breaking that mood with Kyra. And is Brianna trying to get in that photo, too?Flirt with RavenRick gets a whim to flirt with Raven. And why not? She looks good swinging those hips. In fact, she’s looking so good that Rick gets a whim to woohoo with her. Um, no, I cancel that comes mirium to join the party.pngRick then gets a whim to cloud gaze with Raven. Isla is wondering why they are looking at clouds when there’s a party going on. And look who has decided to join them? It’s Miriam! “Here she comes just a-walking down the street, singin’ ‘Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do.'” I think she’s ready to party now.benny listening to diego.pngInside, the entertainer has arrived. Benny has taken a seat to watch Diego Lobo tell some jokes.rick is watching miriam dance.pngMiriam showing off some moves on the dance floor! Oh yes! You go, girl! Looks like Miriam has gotten Rick’s attention.oh yeah im the man.pngNaomi and Raven come over to chat with Rick and he suddenly gets flirty. Oh yeah, he’s the man!lara intervenesRick gets a whim to get to know Raven, and Lara intervenes. Oh my! Look at Laura’s face. Is she getting a tad jealous that Rick isn’t spending every minute with her?autonomous flirt by lara.pngLara is making sure Rick notices her, too, and does an autonomous flirt with him. He then gets a whim to compliment Lara.rick corners naomi in the bathroom to tell her a jokeRick has to tell 3 jokes and follows Naomi into the bathroom to tell her a joke about politicians. Rick, um, just wait until she comes out, okay?rick telling raven a joke.pngAnother whim for Raven as he tells her a joke. Wow! Raven is on fire tonight with all the whims Rick is having for her.embraceable brianna.pngBut not for long, as Rick gets a whim to embrace Brianna. And, yes, she is so embraceable. He then gets a whim to woohoo with her. Um. Rick, NO! I cancel that and the same whim comes up again. Rick, no woohooing! I see he also has a whim to use the bubble blower. Ok, let’s head you over there.kyra goes first.pngOf course, he invites everyone to come over and blow bubbles with him, and there is mass confusion as everyone tries to sit with him. Kyra is the first to try and sputters and coughs. She decides it’s not for her and gets up and heads to the dance floor.waiting for rick to maybe come over.pngLara gets up and sits in the romantic area. Maybe she thinks Rick will come over and sit beside her.rick and the mermaids.pngBut no, Rick seems quite happy where he is. And it’s just Rick and the mermaids, Isla and Naomi. I switch the flavor to Xanadu Sunset and it seems to go over well as Rick wants to talk to friends.

Author’s Notes: I don’t have sims use the bubble blower that much, but apparently this flavor gives a happy moodlet.having a good time by all.pngRick then heads to the bar area and orders a round of drinks. Everyone is having a good time.getting some cake.pngRick grabs some cake and sits down at one of the tables.lara is looking at raven with concern.pngHe is joined by Miriam, Lara, and Kyra. Raven is having a hysterical, maniacal moment near the piano and Lara is looking a bit with raven next.png

Rick then gets two whims. The first is to chat with Raven, which he does.make out with brianna time.png

And the second is to make out with Brianna. Woot! Ok, so we have benches here, he is going to try his luck.

Rick heads down to the little side area and calls Brianna over. Okay, well, he thought he just called Brianna over, but suddenly the whole group comes over. Oops!roxanna has an admirer.pngAnd it appears that Roxanna has an admirer. Who is this guy? Must be another bartender.rick was going to make a move on brianna but raven took a nap opposite them.pngOkay, well that didn’t work. Once everyone dissipates, mostly they head to the dance floor, Rick tries again. He calls Brianna over, and ONLY Brianna over. Oh yes! They are here together now. The only problem is there is no interaction to make-out. Shucks! I cancel that interaction, and it comes up again. So, I have Rick try to make a move on Brianna. And then Raven comes over and takes a nap on the couch opposite them.looking good rick makes a moveShh! If we’re quiet, it can happen. Go for it, Rick! And Brianna has no objections to his putting an arm around nice brianna just leaned into him.pngAhhh…and then Brianna leans her head on Rick’s shoulder. So sweet.and now miriam sits down.pngAny other thoughts, wants or whims that Rick might have towards Brianna are squished as Miriam sits down nonchalantly with a cup of coffee.and kyra so much for the romance.pngAnd now Kyra joins them, too. Ugh! As the party is almost over, Rick decides to head to the dance floor to have a final dance with everyone.a hopping party.pngThe DJ is in full swing and Benny and the caterer think this is a hopping party.hugging naomi.pngNaomi must have missed Rick because she gives him an autonomous it work it.pngwe did it gold.pngAnd they did it! Gold Party! Woot!challenging raven to a dance battle.pngRick then challenges Raven to a dance battle. He had the most whims for her all night.i am the greatest.pngRaven struts her stuff and wins. Rick looks sad. Maybe it’s because he lost the dance battle, or maybe it’s because he is thinking of what could have been with Brianna.what is going on over there.pngAnd maybe Brianna is thinking about that, too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

I did two back-to-back House Party social events for House 1 and Rick earned gold twice!

Rick got whims for: Raven-6 (in this count 1 woohoo whim canceled); Brianna-5 (in this count 2 woohoo and 2 make-out whims canceled); and, Lara-2. Even though Raven had the most whims, Rick had the most romantic whims for Brianna. Brianna’s relationship status with Rick has also changed to Lovebirds.

I made a few changes to some of the contestant’s outfits. I changed Raven’s hat as the other hat was hiding her lovely face for photo shots. I created an extra outfit for Kyra, and she looked pretty sexy in it. I added some jewelry to Naomi’s outfit and some earrings to Lara’s outfit.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“There she was just a-walkin’ down the street, singin’ “Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do”‘ song lyrics from the song Do Wah Diddy Diddy by Manfred Mann (1964).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to this simmer for creating this wonderful build. The original build had the kitchen and restroom areas downstairs, and the dance area in the dining area. I downloaded this on a 30 x 20 lot and added some stairs on the back, made the back dance/patio area, and changed the color scheme to blue. Since parties are so short, I didn’t want sims going up and down the basement stairs, so I moved the kitchen upstairs and built some restrooms on the patio. I did keep the downstairs restroom area but just blocked off the stairs, so no sims could go credit birthday party place







8 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Party in The House – House 1

  1. Awww…and to think I thought Brianna didn’t have a chance. Lol! They ALMOST had a moment. It sure looked like a fun party! That group dance was awesome!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Rick is so unpredictable. I have no idea what is going on in that simmie head of his. But yeah, one minute all these whims for Raven, and then whoosh…he wants to embrace Brianna. It was funny when he was trying to make-out with Brianna (the interaction didn’t come up), and then Raven comes over, and then Miriam and then Kyra. I couldn’t believe it. I guess they didn’t want him to be too lonely lol

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Lol He seem to be having lots of fun at a tasty smorgasbord sampling a little bit of everything LOL will be interesting to see which one wins out Raven or Brianna.. I’m still rooting for Roxanne LOL. Whoever that random bartender is needs to back off

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! They already had one bartender on the lot, Lilliana, and I think it’s because I did 2 back-to-back social events that this other bartender showed up. He was a bit creepy if you ask me. And I never saw him serve any drinks to anyone! lol Rick certainly has some weird thoughts running through his head. I’m sure you had that happen when you did the Bachelorette, too.

      Liked by 1 person

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