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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise -Pump Up The Jam – House 2

bachelor in paradise kigi

anoher beautiful day in sulani.png

Another beautiful day in Sulani and Rick is up early and ready to party with House 2! I think Rick might have slept in his clothes because he’s wearing the same outfit today.

house 2 arrival party.png

And Rick and House 2 have arrived at the party place. The ladies looked absolutely fabulous in their party attire and Rick decides to do the same as he did in House 1 and tell each contestant how great they looked.

RIck starts to compliment each one

Rick starts with Merinda and she seems to enjoy the attention.

where did you get that drink already octavia

Coral gives Rick an autonomous hug. Coral is certainly a hugger, or maybe she just likes to hug Rick. Rick notices that Octavia has a drink in her hand already. Did the bartender arrive, or did she bring that from home? Maybe Octavia thought it was a BYOB event.

Cinnamon heading inside

And soon the contestants head off in different directions and Cinnamon heads inside. Wow! She looks so good in that dress.

Benny arrived in another outfit

Coral, Nami, and Octavia hit the dance floor. Benny has arrived, wearing a different outfit. At least Benny didn’t sleep in his clothes.

and here comes roxanna.png

And here comes Roxanna. That is quite the outfit she has on. And does she look a bit tired? Maybe from the late night with House 1 yesterday, but I’m sure she’ll perk up.

complimenting octavia.png

Rick heads to the dance floor and compliments Octavia on her outfit. Before he can chat anymore with Octavia…

cinnamon comes right between rick and octavia.png

…Cinnamon comes over and steps between Octavia and Rick. Now that is certainly one way to get noticed. Cinnamon wasn’t kidding when she said she was going to get Rick to notice her. And doesn’t Octavia look a little shocked at this bold move by Cinnamon?

what is cinnamon whispering in ricks ear.png

And now Cinnamon is whispering something in Rick’s ear. What could it be? Is she airing some dirty laundry about the other contestants in House 2? Nah, she couldn’t stoop that low…could she?

octavia doesnt look too happy about this.png

Well whatever she said, it worked. And Rick gets his first whim to embrace Cinnamon! Wow! Already, Rick? And he does it right in front of Octavia, who doesn’t look too happy about this development.

rick compliments iris.png

Rick continues to compliment each contestant and tells Iris how great she looks in her outfit.

rick thinks she looks good in that outfit.png

Octavia glares at Iris after she hears this and Iris can’t believe how jealous Octavia is behaving.

“Rick has said the same thing to everyone, Octavia! Get a grip!” Iris says.

Nami looking at rick

Rick heads over to where Nami is sitting playing “Don’t Wake the Llama” by herself. He gets a whim to have a first kiss with Nami, but, oh darn, I have to cancel that.

rick suddenly finds himself beside olivia.png

Octavia has conveniently moved to the romantic loveseat. Rick hasn’t even finished the rounds of complimenting everyone yet and he finds himself seated beside Octavia. Obviously, he still has eyes for Nami, who is still seated in the games area, but then he gets a whim to be friendly with Octavia.

chatting on the dance floor.png

Coral, Merinda, Iris, and Cinnamon are dancing and chatting on the dance floor. Merinda seems to be telling everyone a joke.

charlotte seems more interested in chatting with benny and roxie.png

Charlotte, meanwhile, is inside content to chat with Benny and Roxanna. Charlotte, hun, I think you better head over and chat with Rick. HE is the reason for the party, remember?

Octavia putting the moves on Rick

And it looks like Octavia is trying to put the moves on Rick. Or maybe it’s the other way around because Rick suddenly gets a whim to make-out with Octavia. There seems to be a lot of heat between these two suddenly. Maybe too much heat!

things were getting too hot between Rick and Octaviaoctavia

And before Rick can do anything…a fire breaks out beside where they are sitting. Charlotte must have been on her way to talk to Rick because she is right beside Octavia freaking out about the fire. How did this plant suddenly catch on fire?

hmmm Cinnamon what are you up to

Hmmm…now that’s interesting. Cinnamon is standing on the sidewalk behind the burning plant and doesn’t appear to be freaking out about it. I mean…I wonder… No, no, it couldn’t be…Cinnamon wouldn’t have set this fire to get Rick away from Octavia. Would she?

who set this fire.png

Suddenly everyone rushes over to the fire. The entertainer is a bit miffed because she was halfway through her piano sonata and everyone fled. Were they having a weenie roast now? She really felt overdressed for the occasion.

is the place going to burn down.png

Coral: “If the place burns down, are they going to move the party somewhere else?”

this wont go over well with the producers.png

Roxanna: “The producers aren’t going to be happy about this. I don’t think they’ll get the damage deposit back.” 

Charlotte: “Those poor oranges. Look at them wilting on the tree. I could have used them for a dessert.”

Octavia: “I hope this little fire doesn’t spoil my chances with Rick.”

Iris: “I’ve read about this somewhere before…a burning bush…is it a sign or something?”

theres all this water here lets do a bucket brigade.png

Benny: “There’s all this water here, maybe we could start a bucket brigade…yeah, if I had a bucket…”

this is a really hot party.png

Merinda: “This is a really HOT party and the DJ hasn’t even arrived yet!”

did you see octavia hitting on rick.png

Cinnamon: “Did you see Octavia hitting on Rick? Scandalous!”

wasnt there a fire at house 3 now who moved here from that house.png

Nami: “Wasn’t there a fire in House 3? Is that sim still here? Who moved in with us from House 3 again?”

rick grabs a fire extinguisher.png

Rick grabs a fire extinguisher and extinguishes the fire.

its out now dont run away.png

Everyone runs off to the front of the party place. Um, the fire’s out. No need to run away now. Then Rick gets a whim to woohoo with Octavia. Seriously Rick? Now? I cancel that whim. Rick, I wonder about you sometimes…

i heard someone whispering about house 3.png

Iris: “I heard someone whispering about a House 3 fire. I hope they don’t think that I set this fire. And it was Tabitha who had the cooking fire, and she isn’t even here!”

im sure rick wont have any more plans with octavia.png

Cinnamon: “I’m sure Rick won’t be getting any more “hot” thoughts about Octavia anymore.”

how were you near that bench charlotte.png

Merinda and Nami are looking at Charlotte strangely. Suspicions abound as to who really set that fire.

fire fire oh right the fires out.png

Benny made it to the front unscathed and shouts Fire! Fire! and realizes that, um, yeah, the fire is out.

octavia was getting chummy with rick.png

Coral: “Octavia was getting rather chummy with Rick over there. Maybe it’s a good thing the fire started, because who knows what would have happened next.”

whim to flirt with coral.png

Coral heads over to ensure Rick is okay and Rick gets a whim to flirt with her.

coral autonomous flirt.png

I guess Coral liked that and she does an autonomous flirt back. Hubba! Hubba! Rick! As there are no more whims for any of the contestants at the moment, I realize that Rick hadn’t spoken to Charlotte yet, so I have Rick head inside.

rick chats with merinda and charlotte.png

After chatting with Charlotte and Merinda for a bit, I have Rick head to the bar and order a round of drinks for everyone.

rick gets a whim to compliment nami.png

Rick orders a round of drinks and then Rick gets a whim to compliment Nami. Cinnamon doesn’t look too happy about this. I think she was hoping Rick would be interested in her again. Of course, Octavia sees this too, but I have no idea what she is thinking because her back is turned.

nami compliments rick on his bravery.png

Nami sits next to Rick and compliments Rick on his bravery.

everyone is parched from the fire.png

Everyone is rather parched from the fire. Charlotte is feeling rather uncomfortable due to the icky surroundings. Why won’t the caterers clean up? Look at all the dirty dishes!

things are now heating up with nami.png

Rick seems to be enjoying Nami’s company. It’s like Rick and Nami are in their own little world. In fact, Rick gets a whim to whoohoo with Nami! NOT! But, things are certainly heating up between the two of them!

another fire.png

And then…OMG!…not another fire! This time it’s right near Nami, and she’s on fire!

nami and rick on fire help.png

Oh no! Now Rick is on fire, too! Does anyone care? Does anyone do anything? Oh no, they’re just sitting or standing around drinking and chatting like nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Nami grabs a fire extinguisher and self-extinguishes herself, and then Rick does the same.

someone is trying to sabotage things between rick and the other contestants.png

Something weird is going on. It’s like someone is trying to sabotage things between Rick and any contestant he gets too close to.

i think its cinnamon.png

Octavia has no doubt that Cinnamon had something to do with this. And Cinnamon thinks that Octavia had something to do with this.

funny  how you are always around the side where fires appear.png

Charlotte: “Cinnamon, sugah, it certainly is interesting that you were around the side the fire happened on both times! Y’all have something to confess?” 

Cinnamon just glares at the two of them.

So much for any more drinks as the bar is charred to a cinder.

doesnt look like octavia wants them to be alone.png

I guess Rick needed some air, and he gets a whim to cloud gaze with Nami. Oh, what the heck! Go for it, Rick! Obviously, Octavia feels she can’t leave these two unattended.

Author’s Note: At this point, I open the downstairs restroom area so Rick and Nami can go shower. I don’t even have to prompt them, they just go.

thank goodness theres a shower.png

Poor Nami heading to shower.

coral jumping in garbage.png

Meanwhile, out in the garden, Coral is jumping in the ash remains from the fire. She discovers that it was an incense burner. Similar to the one she found near the bar area. She figures that is what started the fire. She needed to tell the others. They probably won’t believe her though, as they all think one of the other contestants deliberately set the fire. Well, at least she knows what really happened.

could they get any closer.png

The bar has been replaced (did they have a spare one hidden somewhere?), and drinks are flowing freely now. Everyone seems to be in a playful mood. Could you get any closer to Rick ladies?

Rick is back from showering and he must have showered in his clothes because he’s in the same outfit.

how is everyone taking this embrace with numi.png

Rick sees Nami and he gets a whim to embrace her. Nami has changed. Her beautiful dress burned to a crisp. He embraces her and is so glad nothing has happened to her. The rest of the night, he has nothing but whims for Nami. He wants to be friendly with Nami, flirt with Nami, woohoo (again) with Nami. It’s just Nami, Nami, Nami! I guess almost dying in a fire together will do that to you.

last dance house 2.png

The party is nearly over, and Rick figures that he needs to have one last dance with everyone. Gold Party achieved. Well, yes, it better be. It certainly was a memorable party!

can only wonder what rick and nami are thinking about.png

The party is over and it’s almost morning. Rick seems to have some thoughts on his mind. We can only guess at what Nami is thinking about as she gazes at Rick.

Until tomorrow, Wikki-Wikki Wii from Sulani.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Pump Up The Jam, by Technotronic, 1989

As with House 1, I had Rick do two Social Events back-to back.

I created a new party outfit for Nami. Her formal wear was red, so I figured she liked red. Obviously, Rick liked it, too. But sadly it is no more as it was charred beyond repair in the fire.

Wow! That was some party! The same location was used for both houses, and I had lit the incense both times for both houses. Just never figured it would start a fire, let alone two! And to think we nearly lost our bachelor!

Rick got whims for: Cinnamon-1; Coral-1; Octavia-3; (in this count 1 make-out and 1 woohoo whim canceled); and, Nami-8 (in this count 1 first kiss and 2 woohoo whims canceled). After that second fire, Rick only had whims for Nami. Nami’s relationship status has changed to Lovebirds with Rick.

Final Relationship Stats for House 1 After Party:

relationships house 1 after party

Everyone still has pink in their relationship bar with Rick. Lara, Naomi and Brianna are Lovebirds. Raven, Kyra, and Isla are Romantic Interests. Unfortunately, Miriam has dropped down to Acquaintances.

Final Relationship Stats for House 2 After Party:

house 2 stats after party

Everyone still has pink in their relationship with Rick. Nami and Coral are Lovebirds. All others are Romantic Interest, except, unfortunately, Merinda, who has dropped down to Acquaintances.


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  1. Omg! I’m so glad no one was hurt (much)! Surprised the fire didn’t make them too mad but maybe getting them cleaned up quickly was a good idea. At least they had a good party!

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