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Somebody to Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Sing Your Heart Out!

bachelor in paradise kigi

karaoke competition night

Sul! Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Well, weren’t those house parties wild? I am so glad that I got a chance to attend to witness some of the things that happened with my very own eyes. The producers weren’t too happy with the two fires set by House 2 and wanted to hold another elimination challenge. But I calmed them down and convinced them instead to hold another competition for a Solo Date with our Bachelor. And I even told them that since tonight was Thursday, that I had the perfect place for the competition to take place.

Yes, ladies, you’re going to sing your hearts out at Planet Honey Pop! in San Myshuno because it’s karaoke night. Since this is such an exciting night, I convinced the producers that everyone should participate, and they agreed. Wow! My charisma skills must be working overtime to have convinced them of that.

Now, the rules of the competition are simple. Everyone can participate; however, only those who have not gone on a Solo Date with Rick, can actually win the contest. There will be two lucky winners who have the top scores. Plus, oh….and this is very exciting…they will also get to sing a duet with Rick!

Having said that, there is one exception to this rule ~ if one of the ladies actually WINS the karaoke contest (their name is announced by the bar at the end of the contest), whether they have gone on a Solo Date or not, they will be able to go on another date with Rick. Plus, that sim will be pretty famous, so we better sign them up for ‘Singing With The Stars.’ 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go and sing!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

outside the club.png

Planet Honey Pop! was already getting crowded when Rick, Benny and I arrived. Some of these sims were past karaoke winners coming to defend their title. There was karaoke legend, Akira Kibo, who could make anyone sound good singing with him. And inspiring songstress, Anaya Jang, who made hitting those high notes sound easy. There was even a celebrity outside the club hyping up excitement for the night. Oh my gosh! Is that Dirk Dreamer? What a hunk!

the happy hosts and bachelor

Benny saw one of his paparazzi buddies from ClickBait Magazine and asked him to snap a photo of the three of us. I know, I know. I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, look absolutely stunning!

roxanna and dirk selfie.png

So, it’s no wonder that Dirk Dreamer asked for a selfie with me alone. I mean seriously, how could I resist? And when he gave me his autograph, he wrote down his personal phone number with little hearts around it. But alas, he had a prior engagement and couldn’t sing a duet with moi. Oh well, his loss.

While Roxanna was drooling over Dirk Dreamer, Benny and Rick headed inside.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

benny buying a round of drinks.png

The House 1 contestants had already arrived, and Benny wasted no time heading over to welcome them. Benny decided to order everyone a drink to um…loosen up their vocal cords. All the contestants from House 1 had dressed up for the occasion. They were looking quite fine!

a round of drinks karaoke night.png

Rick saw the contestants from House 2 and joined them at the bar. Rick must have had the same thought in mind as Benny, as he ordered a round of drinks for everyone. He complimented Iris and Charlotte on how great they looked tonight. Cinnamon overheard that conversation and Rick realized that he should compliment everyone. They all certainly looked lovely as well, but could they sing?

Now wait….umm….we are missing a contestant…make that two contestants…

Octavia looking good on the couch

Oh, there’s Olivia, who decided to sit by herself at a nearby couch. Perhaps she is hoping Rick sits next to her again! I have a feeling that Olivia deliberately planned this strategy to get Rick to come on over.

Nami getting a head start singing on the big screen

And Nami had headed straight for the karaoke stage. Maybe she was thinking that a warm-up song would be a good strategy to win this contest. Good thinking, Nami.

karaoke contest icon2

Merinda and Nami

An announcement is made and House 2 is asked to head to the roped-off karaoke area for the karaoke contest. To make it fair for everyone, all contestants would be singing the same song. The House song “For Your Love.” It seemed appropriate. Hit it, ladies!

Merinda is in front, literally singing her heart out. Wow! Such emotion! Nami is beside her not even looking at the words on the screen. Maybe Nami knows this song. Let’s hope this is the song she practiced to.

🎵♬ “A-bu-nay…”

karaoke Charlotte, Iris, Cinnamon

And these three contestants, Iris (in front)), Charlotte (in back) and Cinnamon (on the right), are so in sync with each other. Look at them go! Cinnamon is thinking that she should have gotten the lead microphone, because, well, she looked rather ‘spicy’ in her snazzy dress. Iris was thinking that Charlotte looked really great in that hat. Charlotte really was just having fun…but what if she won…she could get another date with Rick. At the thought of that, she hit a note so high that she didn’t even know she could do that! Oh yeah!

🎵♬ “….Va-vu lert…A-bu nay…”

Octavia and Coral karaoke contest

Not to be outdone, in the far right are Octavia and Coral. Octavia even perfected a little turn while singing the song. Practicing her SimElvis moves, no doubt. And Coral…(takes cotton batten out of ears)…well, she actually sounded pretty good. Unbelievable for a first-time singer! Woot!

“…va-vu lert…lakken…” 🎵♬

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

merinda coral octavia and nami scores.pngcharlotte and cinnamon scoreiris score

And the scores started to come in once they had finished. Great work ladies! Most of the scores were very similar. High scorer for House 2  was Charlotte with a whopping 50/100 points! Must be the hat! But since Charlotte had already gone on a Solo Date, next up would be Iris with 47/100 points. Of course, Charlotte may have the best score from all the karaoke contestants and win another date with Rick. But who knows because we still have House 1 to hear.

Benny has some karaoke fun

Benny is having some fun too. His song choice is a Pop number, Fun Tonite. The thought “carry-no-key” comes to mind when Roxanna hears him sing. He’s so bad, he’s actually good.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And another announcement is made and House 1 is asked to head to the microphones.

Miriam, Isla, and Naomi

Miriam grabs the microphone in front and thinks of nothing but Rick. She gets rather inspired doing so. Naomi is in back and Isla is to the right. And they start singing…not actually together…but they’re singing. I mean they started singing at the same time, but Isla seems to think this is funny and is laughing and singing at the same time. Naomi is concentrating really hard on keeping up with the beat. But, well, the beat goes on without her. Karaoke is a lot harder than it looks. Miriam started singing at an octave higher than everyone else, which may have thrown them off. And she crushed it!

miriam karaoke killer

🎵♬  “Ahhh..shubbie…blahhh…”

Brianna and Lara karaoke

Brianna and Lara seem more interested in seeing what the other was doing. Oh no! Lara stumbled on a word, then stared straight ahead. Oh gosh, she seems to have forgotten some of the lyrics. Look at the screen, Lara. The screen! This was more like “I-forgot-the-words-oke” for Lara. Brianna just carries on as if she saw nothing, singing loudly. Oh yes, Brianna is belting it out at the top of her lungs. Loud, louder, loudest, but a little off-key. Ouch!

🎵♬ “…shi ba-butchi ba be sim…”

Kyra karaoke

Kyra is in front of Miriam and she’s in the spotlight. Kyra’s hand goes to her heart as she sings out the notes. She may have stage fright, but she’s now a karaoke amateur. Yes!

🎵♬ “Ahhh shubbie blah…sa sul butchie black e blim…”

Raven karaoke

Raven is in tune with this song. She’s got the rhythm, she’s got the moves, nothing’s going to stop her. She’s NAILED IT! Raven felt so great after singing that tune that she took a selfie. Let’s not tell her how she really sounded, okay?

singing karaoke poorly

“A-bu-nay…va-vu lert…” 🎵♬

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



And here comes the scores. Great work ladies! Is it possible that one of the House 1 contestants beat Charlotte? Yes! Yes! It’s true! High scorer for House 1 was Miriam with a new record high of 55/100 points! Thinking of Rick must have done it! And Kyra ties with Charlotte at 50/100 points. And there’s another 47/100 from Lara, who ties with Iris. Maybe the judges gave Lara extra points for looking good since she blanked out at the words. So, now, who wins that date with Rick?

Karaoke Scores – Final

Roxanna in a great mood

Roxanna congratulates everyone on their karaoke scores. They all sounded great to her, but then, don’t tell anyone that she’s tone-deaf. They all wait patiently until 11pm until the winner of the karaoke contest is announced. Could this be Miriam’s lucky night? Could she win it all?

bartender has skills.png

While they wait, the bartender mixes up another round of drinks for everyone. She certainly has skills! Raven is the first at the bar. A little thirsty, are we, Raven?

naomi determined to do better next time.png

Naomi forgoes the drink at the bar. She can’t believe she got the lowest score. She sings more karaoke in the corner and is determined to get better at this.

(Author’s Notes: This was an autonomous action by Naomi as she kept singing in the corner all night after the contest.)

No one in either house won

Well, no-one from either House won the actual Karaoke Contest, but it looks like Miriam and Iris are the winners of the Solo Date with Rick. And that is all that matters to them.

Duet with Miriam

Rick invites Miriam to a karaoke duet and chooses a country tune. Wow! Rick has such a deep singing voice. Rather sexy-like. Miriam, meanwhile, has this little girl high-pitched voice. Let’s just say, it’s an interesting sounding duet.

jazzy duet with iris.png

Rick must have been singing some karaoke, too, while the contestants were singing because he can now do a jazzy duet. He invites Iris to join him, and, – oh my gosh – they sound great together. Wow! This is their singing genre. What a great sounding jazzy duo.

rick solo karaoke.png

The night ends with Rick doing a jazzy solo number, Classic Beauty. He really does sing jazz rather well.

adoring house 1 fans.png

His adoring fans of House 1 watch Rick karaoke.

house 2 adoring fans.png

And his adoring fans of House 2 all agree that Rick is the “real” karaoke champion. Until tomorrow…Wikki Wikki Wii from Sulani.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

So, we have two more Solo Dates with Rick and then there will be a reader vote on which contestants will have to head home. So start thinking of who your favorite contestants are.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I just love listening to sims sing karaoke. Trying to listen to the lyrics for this song reminded me of a scene from the movie Jumping Jack Flash (1986), where Whoopi Goldberg’s character (Terry Doolittle), tries to decipher some song lyrics from a cassette tape of The Rolling Stones’ Jumping Jack Flash song. After countless hours of listening and writing down the words of what Mick Jagger is singing, she shouts “Mick, Mick, Mick…Speak English!” You know, watching this movie clip again tells me that Whoopi could have been a sim. Some of her apartment decorations look like something straight out of The Sims buy mode and just switch out those penguin slippers for bunny slippers and she’s set.

(Caution: There are two curse words in this clip)

Jumping Jack Flash – Deciphering Mick

Yes, this is what we did before google to find song lyrics. And, just so you know, I did try to google the Simlish words for this song, but there weren’t any. So, I had another practice sim in another save file sing this song over and over to write down the lyrics. And that is why I am singing this song all the time now. lol


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  1. Another great part! That’s quite the dedication re getting the lyrics to the simlish song! I remember trying to listen to a song over and over to get the lyrics; the internet and google definitely make it easier! 😊

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Glad you enjoyed that movie clip. When I was trying to listen to that song and figure out what the heck they were singing, it suddenly reminded me of that movie. So funny!


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