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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Iris & Miriam Solo Dates

bachelor in paradise kigi

roxanna pose miriam and iris solo dates.png

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Wasn’t that such a fun night for everyone last night? I tell you, I should pick more of the challenges rather than the producers, don’t you think? And we even got a chance to hear Rick’s singing voice.  I mean he seriously has this deep, sexy…umm…er…husky…singing voice. Any of the contestants would be lucky to be serenaded by him.

And even though none of the contestants won the actual Karaoke Contest prize, two lucky contestants did win a Solo Date with Rick. Now the producers firmly told me that after these Solo Dates, that there needs to be a decision made and four will have to head home. Can you believe it? Four! Oh my plumbobs!

So, good luck to Miriam Epp (House 1), and Iris Costello (House 2) on their Solo Dates. Let’s hope that they can make an impression on Rick. This will also be our last Solo Dates at the Pineapple Lanai Restaurant, as we will be having another sponsor host the next dates.

So let’s head on over and see what’s happening!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

miriam and rick solo date.png

Rick invites Miriam Epp to the Pineapple Lanai Restaurant and they travel there together. Since Miriam’s relationship has dwindled down to Acquaintance, Rick has to get the relationship up before he can ask her for a date.

do you want to go on a date.png

So, a few interactions of Brighten Day, Are you Single and Get to Know and Rick is ready to ask Miriam on a date. And she says yes! Well, thank goodness for that, because it would have been rather awkward if she had said no, having won this Solo Date.

rick is flirty and gets his first whim to be friendly

And just like that, their date starts. And it’s like a switch has been turned on because all of a sudden Rick gets a flirty vibe. He also gets his first whim for Miriam to be “friendly” with her. That sounds like a good start for the date.

gets a whim to have first kiss with miriam

Things start to heat up and Rick gets a whim to “kiss” Miriam. I mean, Miriam certainly does have kissable lips, just like all the other contestants that Rick has had whims to kiss. I usher him over to request a table as there are a lot of sims arriving.

looks like some guy was trying to pick up miriam.png

As they are heading towards the podium, some guy passes Miriam and glances flirtatiously at her. Miriam isn’t quite sure what to think. Um…hey you there, Mr. Green Flowered Shirt, get your own date! Miriam is with Rick right now.

so glad to have you visit us again.png

The hostess recognizes Rick and tells him what a pleasure it is to have him visit them again. She brings him over to a picnic table.

miriam changes for the date.png

In the meantime, it seems that Miriam has changed for the date! Va-Va-Voom, Miriam!

oh miriam is sitting rather close to rick.png

They sit down together, on the same side of the table! How cute! And, Miriam is sitting really close to Rick. It doesn’t look like Rick minds at all. And do I detect some flirting going on here? Rick compliments Miriam on her outfit, and then gets a whim to have “first kiss” with Miriam. Darn, I have to cancel that.

chatting with miriam.png

It looks like Miriam has moved over a bit to give Rick some breathing room. I think she was trying to have Rick take a whiff of some perfume she was wearing. You know, so he thinks of her every time he smells that scent. Smart move there, Miriam. Rick then gets two whims for Miriam at the same time, “kiss” and “woohoo”. Sorry there Rick, canceled those.

rick's jokes are getting better

Throughout their whole date, Rick and Miriam have been telling jokes to each other. Rick’s jokes must be getting better because Miriam really likes them. She even claps at a few.

ordering for the table.png

The server comes and Rick orders for the table. “I love chocolate ice cream,” says Miriam. And we already know what Rick is ordering, don’t we? Mr. Banana-nana-bo-bana-Rick-banana.

ask miriam to be gf.png

While they are waiting for their order, Rick asks Miriam about her art and as she talks Rick gets a whim to ask Miriam to be his “girlfriend”.

“Have you ever thought about being an art model?” queried Miriam.

“You mean…um…pose for art students…in the…buff…?” Rick looked around to see if anyone was listening to their conversation.

“No, silly… I was thinking that maybe you’d be interested in posing for a portrait. You have very mesmerizing eyes and I’d like the chance to capture your features on canvas,” Miriam said laughingly.

“Oh, a portrait? No-one has ever wanted to paint my portrait before. That would be interesting,” said Rick quickly.

“Of course you would have to sit still for long periods of time. Do you think you could handle that?” smirked Miriam.

what about this pose.png

“Sure,” said Rick striking a funny pose, “Is this what you had in mind?” asked Rick in a pseudo-serious voice. They both burst out laughing a few minutes later.

“Needs work,” Miriam chuckled.

Rick then got a whim to “woohoo” with Miriam again. I think their relationship has now gone beyond the Acquaintance stage as Rick gets a “Hot Breakfast Date” moodlet.

during the date rick gets a text message from iris

And as if someone knew that things were getting rather hot between Miriam and Rick, his cell phone pings with a text. Guess who it’s from? I guess Iris is excited about her date with Rick that she can’t wait to chat with him! Nice try Iris.

gonna melt that ice cream with those looks.png

Thankfully their order arrives. Maybe eating ice cream will cool Rick off a bit. However, I’m not sure that’s possible with the looks that Miriam is sending his way and the three whims of “make-out” with Miriam that I have to cancel.

happy miriam

“What’s this? A card on my ice cream personality?” Shall I read it?” Miriam looks at Rick enquiringly.

Rick nods and says he’d be very interested to know what liking chocolate ice cream says about Miriam.

“You are the life of every party! Charming, enthusiastic, theatrical, extrovert, flirtatious, innovative, artistic, are words that best describe you. You are very joyful and love your life the way it is. With your sunny disposition and lively aura, you tend to be the center of attraction and you keep the crowd cheering on.  True lovers of chocolate are *devoted* lovers of chocolate, so you’re about as loyal as they come (albeit a little flirtatious). All of this, in addition to your appreciation for intensity and richness in life, means you’re a total romantic. On the other hand, you often get bored with a humdrum routine.”

Miriam laughs nervously and places the card on the table. Rick laughs, too and raises his eyebrows towards Miriam. “So, a total romantic, huh?”

oh yes i am a chocolate for sure.png

“What can I say? It’s true. I’m a sucker for candlelit dinners, roses, snuggling before a fire, fairy tales, and happy endings. Yep, all that mushy stuff. And yes, I believe that love is powerful and it can bring you magic. I’m a hopeful…not a hopeless…romantic,” gushed Miriam.

wanna taste some of my banana ice cream.png

“So, you wouldn’t mind if I fed you a bite of my dessert, would you?” said Rick coyly as he scooped up a small bit of his banana ice cream and offered it to Miriam to taste.

“It’s not chocolate, but I guess I can try some,” smirked Miriam as she let Rick feed her a bite.

[Author’s Notes: This is the only date that Rick got the “feed a bite” interaction option. I think it had something to do with the seating arrangements.]


It looks like she is thinking that banana might be her new favorite.

tease flirtatiously autonomous action.png

And then Rick does an autonomous action that makes my jaw drop. He does a “tease flirtatiously” interaction. Hubba hubba, Rick! But how is Miriam feeling about this?

ooh la la rick and miriam

Oh yes! She is totally okay with this, too. Then they talk about the weather. lol

these two were having a jokefest.png

The date is going smoothly, no awkwardness, no quiet moments, they just chat and chat and joke constantly throughout the whole date. Miriam seems quite enamored with Rick on the date because, for someone who loves chocolate, she doesn’t even take one bite of her dish.

our date is over so soon too bad.png

The date is almost over and Rick gets a whim to cloudgaze with Miriam. Rick pays for the food and Miriam looks sad that the date is almost over.

heading to cloudgaze

Rick and Miriam head down the stairs to cloudgaze.

rick and miriam.png

But Miriam seems to have something else on her mind. And before I know what she is doing, she pulls out something from her pocket.

miriam does an autonomous mistletoe kiss.png

What the? Oh my gosh! She is autonomously doing a mistletoe kiss. Noooo… don’t kiss her…!

miriam sneaks the first kiss.png

Too late. She’s too quick for me! And Miriam sneaks the first kiss with Rick! Pucker Up!

sneaky sneaky miriam.png

Sneaky, sneaky Miriam! I think the other contestants may have underestimated Miriam. She may be sweet, but she has a few surprises up her sleeve. Even for the producers! Who would have thought that Miriam would do something like that? I don’t think that Rick was expecting that at all! But did he resist? No way. I think he’s been secretly wanting to smooch lips with Miriam all night.

cloudgazing together.png

They conclude the date as they lay down to cloudgaze together. I can only imagine what Rick is thinking about with that BIG smile on his face. *Gold Date Achieved*

[Author’s Notes: I checked Rick’s stats after this happened, and it still shows 0 for Times Kissed. Maybe it only registers if Rick initiates the kiss. So technically, Rick hasn’t had his first kiss with any of the contestants yet!]

lovely miriam.png

Miriam’s Date Comments: “I have never been on a more carefree fun-loving date before. Rick and I shared some great conversations and had so much fun telling each other jokes. I just didn’t want the date to end. I found myself looking at him a lot throughout the date. I mean the guy is good-looking and my heart was beating a little faster when he fed me that bite of ice cream. I felt my cheeks go hot and I almost needed to fan my flushed face. *blushes* And about that mistletoe kiss. Well, I knew I had to do something drastic to get my relationship up with Rick. So when I saw some mistletoe growing near the hala tree, I picked some and put it in my pocket and kind of had a plan. And later, without even thinking, I just pulled out that mistletoe and went for it. And I didn’t see Rick saying no. Did you? And thinking back on that kiss, if I had known that kiss would be so HOT, I would have pulled out that mistletoe at the beginning, middle, and end of the date! Yes, I would have! So, yeah, I am hoping to share many more kisses with Rick. His kiss is definitely on my list!*”

Relationship Status Changed After Date: Acquaintances to Good Friends to Romantic Interest

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

that was some date with miriam.png

Rick heads to the restroom between dates. He can’t help but think of Miriam’s lingering kiss. That was quite a date! He quickly squelches any more thoughts and splashes cold water on his face. Time to think of his date with Iris. Rick wonders what surprises will happen on that date.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

iris and rick hug

Next up is Iris Costello. Since she is already a Romantic Interest, Rick invites her out for a date. She readily accepts and when she sees Rick, she gives him an autonomous hug. Things are off to a great start.

iris takes autonomous photo with rick.png

Then, Iris takes an autonomous selfie with Rick. She is certainly not wasting any time making sure she gets more points in her relationship with Rick. And if you recall, Iris was the first contestant who actually initiated a greet with Rick at The House Meet & Greet.

autonomous kiss hands after iris cleans up dishes.png

While Rick requests a table, Iris decides she is going to clean up some plates. Umm…ok. Rick heads over to where she is and takes her hands in his. No dishpan hands here…just smooth, lovely skin.

hot dinner date with iris.png

Their table is ready and they are seated and quickly look at the menu. The weather is perfect and the scene behind them of the setting sun sets the scene for a romantic date. Rick is rather flirty and gets the “Hot Dinner Date” moodlet.

Rick orders their food and they start having an autonomous conversation together.

deep conversation with rick.png

I have Rick compliment Iris on her outfit.

iris has her flirt going on.png

I think Iris likes the attention Rick is paying her. She certainly looks rather flirty.

a little flirt going on as the food comes.png

And in fact, she does an autonomous flirt. Their order has already arrived, but Rick has some other things on his mind, other than food.

rootbeer floats pistachio and banana.png

Iris has ordered pistachio ice cream and a rootbeer, and Rick…well, come on, if you don’t know what he normally orders, you haven’t been paying attention. Yes, it’s banana ice cream and a rootbeer. Rick immediately has two whims for Iris.

wants to kiss iris.png

He most definitely wants to kiss her.

ask iris to be girlfriend 2

And he also wants to ask her to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, I have to cancel both of those.

And this is where I made a fatal error. I wanted to move Rick’s chair closer to Iris’s because I couldn’t really see their expressions that well. So, I went into build mode and moved the chair. Well, that totally didn’t work and ended the date. Nooo… that’s not what I wanted to happen.


I exited without saving and had Rick ask Iris for a date again.

iris has changed for her date.png

The only thing is that Iris came in a different outfit. So, here we go again. Round 2. Um, wow! Rick is mesmerized. Iris, you certainly have Rick’s attention now!

But Iris apparently wasn’t happy with that outfit because as Rick is talking to the hostess…shazam, Iris has changed again. Where are you hiding all these changes of clothes, Iris? And will she decide to change again?

[Author’s Notes: If this was a live stream, I would have been laughing so hard at this point with all these wardrobe changes that Iris was making.]

iris where are you getting these clothes.png

They luckily got the same table. Maybe Iris decided to re-think her outfit and wanted to step it up a notch because she looks absolutely gorgeous in her new outfit. By the look on Rick’s face, I think he agrees. I have Rick compliment Iris on her outfit. Rick gets the “Hot Dinner Date” moodlet.

[Author’s Note: I think I may have given her this outfit because her creator asked me to remove one of her outfits and I felt she needed another one. And notice I moved the chair BEFORE the date this time.]

smoldering look.png

Things heat up – FAST! Look at that smoldering look that Iris is giving Rick. Holey Moley!

why thank you

In fact, Iris wastes no time and flirts autonomously with Rick. Hey…scrolls up to first attempt at the date…didn’t Iris do this on the first date attempt? Yes, yes she did. Well, at least she’s predictable in her actions, just maybe not in her outfit choices.

Rick looks perfectly at ease with Iris. He gets a succession of whims for Iris, “Make-out”, “Kiss”, “Have First Kiss”. Unfortunately, I have to cancel all of those. But I do have him flirt with Iris.

ordering their food

The server comes and Rick orders for the table. Guess what Rick is having?

dancing together with iris.png

And for some reason, they both get up at this point and start dancing. I placed a jukebox on the lot, so maybe their favorite song came on. I had to take an upper shot because Dennis Kim was sitting on the table in front of them, and it looked like Iris was giving him a personal dance or something. So, this shot is much better, especially with those looks they are giving each other. Hot! Hot! Hot!

sexy muscles.png

Their order comes and they sit down again. Two rootbeer floats, and pistachio ice cream for Iris and ….ok, you know what it is…banana ice cream for Rick.

“Oh, an ice cream personality card? How quaint. Maybe it’ll reveal that I like the color green. Like the green shirt you’re wearing,” laughed Iris as she flirted again with Rick.

“Oh, you like this shirt?” asked Rick going along with Iris, “How about now?” Rick asked as he flexed his muscles. They both laughed and Iris read her card aloud.

“While initially, you might come off as reserved, you really have a strong, unique personality. You are creative and complex. You might live in a city now but always dream about moving to the country and starting your own farm. You ache for travel,­ but not the kind of travel that involves islands, fruity drinks, and a sunburn. You want to feed your mind and soul. You long to drift through an olive orchard in Tuscany, and you dream about nibbling on Camembert before strolling around the Musée d’Orsay. You are boundless and attract like-minded people.”

heres looking at you kid.png

“So, you like to travel and nibble on things?” Rick asked flirting with Iris again.

Iris laughed, “Well, I do like to travel, and it’s true that I just don’t want to sit around on the beach when I’m on vacation. A few times, I have traveled to poorer parts of the simworld on a volunteer abroad program. That is really what I want to do. Travel somewhere, immerse myself in the local culture and make a difference. I feel good inside when I can bring a smile to someone’s face by doing something worthwhile.”

thiis is what i enjoy.png

“I really like that idea. I’m often asked to help out with local charities, and I really can’t say no. They are all very worthwhile and I feel good about giving back to Sulani,” Rick answered.

ive always wanted to travel, to help others

“Have you ever thought about leaving Sulani?” Iris asked as she looked admiringly at Rick.

“Well, I’m not sure. I have sort of dedicated my life to helping keep Sulani beautiful and clean-up the oceans. Before everything happened with…” Rick took a deep breath before he continued, “…Calista…we had planned to travel the simworld together. So many new adventures are out there,” answered Rick honestly.

Rick noticed that Iris looked a bit sad at his answer. He looked deeply into Iris’s eyes and added, “But maybe a vacation would be nice with someone special…”

wow look at these two.png

Iris smiled at his answer, “Yes, a vacation sounds good. I mean I love Sulani, too, and have been thinking of moving here. I just love the outdoors and thought about maybe even living off-the-grid, you know, be self-sufficient, live off the land…”

“Sort of like that farm you want to move to…” Rick smiled warmly at her.

“Oh right, the farm!” exclaimed Iris as they both laughed and realized how true her ice cream personality card turned out to be.

Rick gets whims to “kiss” and “make-out” with Iris. Ah shucks, I cancel those, but, look at these two. They are going to melt their ice cream with those hot looks.

both get a brain freeze.png

They both take a bite of their ice cream at the same time and ugh! brain freeze. That seems to have cooled Rick off a bit as he gets a whim to be “friendly” with Iris. They then discuss world peace.

iris autonomous flirt.png

However, nothing has cooled off Iris as she continues to flirt with Rick. It seems Iris is quite smitten with Rick.

maybe youd like to go for a walk.png

They had finished their food, but they still had time left on their date. Rick really didn’t want Iris to go so soon. He then gets a “woohoo in bush” and a “woohoo” whim for Iris. Rick…tsk tsk tsk…what are you thinking? Cancelled that.

“Would you like to take a walk together, down to the beach?” he asked, silently hoping Iris would say yes.

“That sounds really nice,” smiled Iris, tentatively taking Rick’s hand in hers.


The night air had turned a bit chilly and Rick felt Iris shiver.

“Are you cold?” Rick asked concerned.

“I just, well, I just should have brought a jacket or something. I’ll be fine…” Iris said quickly.

“Hey look. Someone must have had a bonfire here earlier tonight. Let me light it again…” said Rick collecting some driftwood and adding it to the pile and lighting the logs.

Rick moved closer to Iris and put his arm around her waist as they snuggled by the fire, “You’ll be warmer in no time,” Rick said as he held Iris closer to him.

“You’re right,” answered Iris as she snuggled against Rick, “I feel warmer already.”  Rick gets a “Flirty Flames” moodlet from snuggling by the fire.



It was a perfect night. A perfect date. A perfect moment. Rick looked into Iris’ eyes. And Iris looked so perfect. It would be so easy to just lean over and hold her in his arms and…

…Iris felt it, too. She held her breath and felt Rick’s eyes looking at her. Questioning her. Did he know what she was thinking? She so longed to hold Rick in her arms and kiss him like there was no tomorrow… But Iris knew that if she stayed, she may never want to leave. So, with as much willpower as she could muster, she released her arm from around Rick’s waist and took a step back.

And with that, the date ended. *Gold Date Achieved*

“I need to go…” Iris whispered softly, “The date was…even more than I had hoped for. Thank you, Rick.”

Rick looked into Iris’ eyes, “Yes, a most perfect date. I’ll see you soon, Iris.” And with that Iris willed herself to turn and walk down the pathway away from Rick to head home.

iris date comments.png

Iris’ Date Comments: “Is there a word that is bigger than Wow? Because I was wowed on that date. Rick and I…we just…connected. Our conversation flowed so easily. We were never at a loss as to what to talk about. We have so many things in common. And I can tell that deep down, he’s an adventurer. I could see the glint of excitement in his eyes when he spoke about traveling to far-away places. And maybe I imagined it, but I think he wanted to share those adventures with me. On the surface, he seems happy and carefree but I still sense a deep sadness within him. And the time we spent together at the bonfire was magical. And I could sense that he wanted to…that he wanted to…kiss me…and I so yearned to kiss him, too. But I had to go, not that I wanted to go, but I needed to go because if I had stayed, I might not have wanted to leave him. My emotions are certainly playing havoc with my mind and I don’t trust how I feel around him anymore…because I am falling…no spiraling out of control…with how I feel about Rick. I really do think I am falling in love with him.”

Relationship Status Changed after Date from Romantic Interest to Lovebirds.

And that concludes the Solo Dates for today. Wikki Wikki Wii from Sulani.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

KISS ON MY LIST, Daryl Hall & John Oates (1981).

Ice cream personality sites:

What is Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

This is what Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor says about You

And credit to this wonderful simmer again for this fantastic build.

pineapple lanai pic credit




6 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Iris & Miriam Solo Dates

  1. I love that Miriam was so clever with that kiss! Their date went so well and I think they look really cute together.

    My Iris had a great date with Rick too, how is he supposed to choose with all these ladies? He has a connection with so many, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Miriam and that mistletoe kiss shocked me. Totally autonomous. I have never had a sim do that before. I guess she wanted to kiss Rick and she was determined to do so. Oh my gosh, Iris and Rick…Iris is definitely in love with Rick. She was flirting so much during the date, and when they were by the fire together…oh gosh…the flames of that fire weren’t the only things that were flirty. Rick really has deep feelings for a few sims, because when he goes into the house they are in, boom, he gets a whim for them. I have no idea how he is going to choose.


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