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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Visit With Keala Hoapili & The Legend of the Sea Witch – Part 1

bachelor in paradise kigi

roxanna at the market

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Today we are heading to the Hoapili residence to find out more about these “evil siren” or “sea witch” rumors. Every sim that I have talked to said to go and talk to Keala, and so I thought that this would be the perfect day to go.


But first, we apparently needed some proper attire to wear for our visit. So while Rick was on his Solo Dates, and in preparation for our visit, I had asked Manu (Rick’s best friend), about what to wear when visiting Keala. He suggested that Benny and I visit the Sulani Marketplace, just off of Ohan’ali Town Pier, and head to Wiki Hauata’s shop. She was the best seamstress in all of Sulani and knew about its customs and culture.

visit to the sulani market.png

When we arrived, I asked some of the staff where Wiki’s shop was. They were polite and pointed to a corner stall.

meanwhile benny is tryng on diving suits.png

Benny, meanwhile, had seen a diving buddy at one of the stalls and was trying on diving suits. Benny, that is NOT what you will be wearing to see Keala.

market was rather busy.png

I headed over to Wiki’s shop and the place was already bustling with customers. There was even a celebrity there. For such a small shop, it was very popular.

Island outfit

The owner of the store came over to me and I told her where I was going. She brought me over to a mannequin displaying a very striking island outfit.

“This would be the most appropriate outfit. It is respectful and pays homage to our island culture. It would be fitting to wear this to visit Keala. And it seems you like pinks and purples – it is perfect for you. But if any alterations are needed, I can do them while you wait. No charge, of course,” said Wiki proudly.

i just sold my last one in that color.png

Wiki told me it was hand-dyed silk and she pointed out the elaborate hand stitching on the bodice. It was gorgeous and I could already see myself in it. I was about to try it on, when out of nowhere, the celebrity, Holly Alto, snatched it up and purchased it. I have to say that it did look rather good on her, but I know that it would have looked even better on moi. Unfortunately, Wiki told me that it was the last outfit in that color. Oh my gosh! What was I going to do? Did she have anything else that would be suitable?

I have another one in back

Wiki told me not to worry and that she had another one in an even better color. In fact, she said that the other color would look so much better on me. And it did! I bought it right away in case anyone else had ideas of purchasing that one. While I was trying it on, Benny came over and whistled softly when he saw me and told me that I looked every bit an islander now.

what about men do you have anything for them.png

I asked Wiki if she had anything for men, and she said she would be able to find Benny the perfect outfit, too.

Benny and Roxanna in their island wear

And don’t you agree that I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, look absolutely marvelous? I also purchased this fab jewelry at one of the booths. It just accents the whole outfit, don’t you think? And Benny…well…I never knew he could look so good in island clothing before. And what did he do to his hair? Wow! He seemed to have gone all out. In fact, Benny looked…umm…rather…er…different…yes, that is the word I am looking for. *clears throat* And so, NOW, I think we are ready to visit Keala.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Hoapili household lives at Cheiftain’s Villa in the Ohan’ali Town district of Sulani. Keala, who is an elder, and her granddaughter, Lia, live there. Keala watches over the townsfolk who look to her for guidance. She has taken young Lia under her wing to pass on the knowledge and cultural history of Sulani through the generations. Lia has a different surname than Keala, and they may have spiritual, rather than biological, family ties.

roxanna and benny arrival at chieftain house.png

Benny and Roxanna trekked up the path to the Chieftain’s Villa. There were several buildings on the property and Roxanna went to the largest one and knocked.

i can see everything from here.png

The view from the Chieftain’s Villa was spectacular. It was high on a hill that overlooked all of Ohan’ali Town.

kitchen of chieftains hut.png

They entered the hut and there was a main kitchen with a seating area towards the back.

a series of huts.png

To the left of the area, was a living room.

simply furnished bedroom.png

And through a set of doors from the living room was Keala’s bedroom.

a small hut whch held a bed was lias.png

Across from the main hut were two smaller huts. One was Lia’s bedroom. Several books were stacked on her dresser.

very clean bathroom.png

The other hut held a very clean, simply furnished bathroom.

roxanna saw that the kava had been prepared.png

Roxanna walked around the kitchen and saw a full bowl of kava. Did Keala know they were coming today? Before she could think about it, the front door opened and in walked Keala and Lia.

i was wondering when you would come for a visit.png

“I was wondering when you would find your way here. The island spirits told me you would be paying a visit. I am Keala and this is Lia. Welcome to our home.” said Keala as she moved towards them.

Roxanna looked sideways at Benny with a quizzical look at the mention of “island spirits”.

please help yourself to some kava and let us sit down and talk.png

Please, help yourself to some kava. And since it is such a nice afternoon, let’s sit outside,” said Keala as she helped herself to a cup of kava.

lia as put in charge of dinner.png

Keala continued speaking as she led them outside, “Lia has duties and I must supervise her if she has questions. She is preparing a traditional island feast for dinner. I hope you like fish. It was freshly caught this morning.”

Benny and I both nodded that we did. Benny asked Lia if he could take a photo of her and he snapped a quick pic. I noticed that Lia was wearing a similar bodice as I had on, which confirmed that my outfit was indeed appropriate.

you are special benny use your gift.png

As they sat down together, Benny showed everyone the photo he took of Lia.

Keala turned to Benny, “So you are the photographer,” Keala said looking at Benny closely, “Manu was right when he told me you had a gift.”

i have a gift.png

“Oh, thanks. I just love to take photos. Pretty happy that I get to do something that I enjoy,” Benny replied with a smile.

“That is not what I meant. You have a deeper gift that you may not be aware of yourself,” said Keala.

“I do?” answered Benny looking surprised, “Ummm…so what is it? Is it like a horoscope reading or something? Like, I’m a Pisces and I love water?” laughed Benny.

“I do not jest. Your gift will be your greatest strength. Very soon your gift will be needed, and you will know when the time is right,” explained Keala.

“So, I have a gift and will use it someday, but it’s a mystery until then,” Benny repeated, not quite sure what Keala had meant.

“Yes, I am afraid I am unable to tell you more as there are many shadows in the future of what may or may not occur,” explained Keala.

Lia told everyone that the feast was ready and they got up and piled their plates with the delicious smelling dinner.

finding out about the siren.png

Roxanna spoke up then, “Does this have anything to do with Rick Goengeter. Um, Island Rick?” asked Roxanna, already knowing the answer before Keala spoke.

grave danger.png

“Yes, it does. He is in grave danger. I had warned him of this several years’ ago, but I am afraid he didn’t believe me. I gave him an amulet to wear, but I see he does not wear it every day,” said Keala shaking her head.

Roxanna looked alarmed, “Grave danger? What is he in grave danger from?”

poiseidon banished her from his Kingdom.png

“You may have heard the mermaids talk about her. It’s the sea witch. The siren. I have seen her several times and sometimes I have seen her take other shapes of other sims. She has that power. But I can see her true self, her evil heart betrays her. I was fearful when Rick lived on that island that she would visit him. But perhaps she didn’t. But she will not have a true hold on him until the ‘blood moon’,” Keala explained.

the blood moon.png

“The what? A blood moon?” asked Roxanna not liking the sound of that.

“It is…how can I explain it….” Keala thought, trying to find the right words.

Benny spoke up then, “A blood moon? Oh yeah, I know what that is…”

Roxanna looked at him in surprise, “You do?”

did you know there were mermaids in sulani.png

“Well, I took some astronomy courses in college, because I was trying to impress this girl I had an eye on who was all brainy-like. But she ended up going with someone else. But I really enjoyed that astronomy class and did rather well in it.” Benny said nodding his head as he told his story.

“Um…and so….what is a blood moon?” Roxanna asked again.

“Oh right! So, if I remember correctly, a blood moon ‘is a phenomenon whereby the moon in total eclipse appears reddish in color as it is illuminated by sunlight filtered and refracted by the earth’s atmosphere.’ It’s a rare occurrence,” said Benny as if he was quoting from a textbook.

Image result for blood moon photo

“That is a very good explanation, Benny. Thank you,” Keala said looking at Benny fondly.

benny thught everything tasted great.png

Benny beamed with pride and continued, “…oh…and did you know that a blue moon is not really blue, well it could be if there is smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere. You get two full moons in a month, and the second one is called a blue moon. And then, you have a supermoon…”

Roxanna cleared her throat, “Um, that’s all very interesting Benny, but, we really need to know more about this blood moon. So, Keala, when is this going to happen?”

“Right…the blood moon…Rick and the evil sea witch…gotcha…” nodded Benny as he continued eating his dinner.

Keala looked to the sky before she answered, “At the time of the autumnal equinox. The blood moon will be stronger this year as it will happen at the same time as the Harvest Moon.”

Everyone was silent when she said this.

she vowed she would return.png

Keala continued, “The last time the blood moon occurred was the night that Rick was attacked by that shark and saved by Dolphina. I don’t think it was a shark that pulled him under, although sharks are her minions and she can call them to attack. No, I believe it was the sea witch herself who was trying to pull Rick under and claim him as hers. But she had not done the ritual and he had escaped her grasp.”

Roxanna asked quietly, “There is a ritual?”

she is evil.png

“Why, yes. You see, the sea witch, Serena Tempest, is the sister of King Triton* and at one time, they both controlled the Kingdom, in different sections of the seven seas. But Serena was jealous of Triton and plotted against him. She wanted complete control of the Kingdom herself. However, Triton found out about her treachery and took away her title and banished her from the Kingdom forever. It is said that at that point her heart became filled with hate and she became evil. The only way she can return and reclaim her rightful place is to return with a sim who bears a certain trait,” Keala said as she waved her hands wildly about.

“And you think that Rick has this trait she needs?” asked Roxanna listening intently.

she will take him down below and he will perish.png

“Oh most definitely, yes. He is essentially a good sim and that is the trait she needs. But that isn’t all. Under her spell, she must convince him to eat the mythical mermadic kelp.”

you must protect yourselves

“The ritual starts at the sacred waterfall on Mua Pel’am. She must place a lock of her hair and his hair into the water as an offering to the fire gods of the island. If the offering is accepted, the sacred frogs will begin to jump and frolic in the water. This will also indicate that one of them is pure of heart. She will then sing the ‘Charmer’s Lullaby’ to put him under her spell and have him eat the mermadic kelp. From there, they will enter the ocean together. And when he heads into the deep water, his form will change to a mersim. In the deep water, Serena will impart the “Mermaid’s kiss” to keep him under her spell. And finally, she will use the ‘Siren’s Call’ to summon him to her. This will seal the bond between them. And, at that point, she will take him down below with her to reclaim her Kingdom.

This ritual can only occur on the night of the blood moon, when her powers are their strongest. The catch is that he must take the mermadic kelp of his own free will and want to be with her,” said Keala emphasizing the words as she spoke.

oh and what will happen then.png

“Why do you think that Rick would do that? He could just say no,” said Roxanna quickly.

“Oh, but it is not that easy. Serena can use many mermadic spells to convince him to do as she bids. She can also take many forms. The ritual must be done precisely, or she will have no hold on him. And, Serena will stop at NOTHING to take him this time,” Keala said narrowing her eyes.

Roxanna thought for a moment, “So, she may trick him into thinking she is someone else?”

“Oh yes, I wouldn’t put it past her to use some sort of trickery to convince Rick to take the mermadic kelp from her. She is evil personified!” Keala said in distaste.

Roxanna looked at Benny, her eyebrows knitted together in worry.

Benny interjected and asked, “So, um, this gift I have…can it save Rick?”

rick will need all the help he can get.png

Keala answered, “You are very clever, Benny. And, yes, it plays a factor.”

but there is a way to save him.png

Lia spoke then, “There is a way to save him, though.”

“There is? How?” asked Roxanna with renewed hope.

“It is not up to us to save him. I am afraid there is only ONE who can save him…his one true love,” Keala said as she spread her hands before them.

and what if we dont

“His true love? But…but…what if he doesn’t find his true love?” asked Roxanna nervously.

Keala shook her head sadly before she spoke, “Then, he will, unfortunately, perish beneath the waves with Serena and never be seen again.”

Roxanna felt grief-stricken. Surely, one of the contestants in the contest will end up being his one, true love? Wouldn’t they?

…to be continued…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Sims can become Mermaids by ingesting Mermadic Kelp. Once a Sim ingests Mermadic Kelp, they will be given a “Strange Sensations” +3 Energized moodlet; then the Sim must enter the water and swim in order to complete the transition and grow a tail. If the moodlet runs out, the Sim will no longer turn into a Mermaid upon entering the water and must eat Mermadic Kelp again if they wish to become one.

  • Charmer’s Lullaby (-30 Hydration): This lullaby makes the target Sim flirty.
  • Mermaid’s Kiss (-30 Hydration): A Mermaid’s Kiss grants whoever is kissed the “Aquatic Breath” moodlet, which temporarily gives Sims the ability to dive underwater for longer periods of time. This ability can be used in and out of water, but is more powerful in water.
  • Siren’s Call (-100 Hydration): Mermaids can lure a Sim to them in the ocean and once near, the Mermaid will dive underwater and drag the Sim down into the water. If repeated enough times can cause the Sim to drown. (Unavailable to Mermaids with Good trait). Mermaids will regain all their needs by performing this action.
  • Credit: SimsWiki

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wiki Hauata is an in-game townie who just happened to show up at the right moment and became the proprietor of the clothing stall.

King Triton is the name of the underwater King from Disney’s The Little Mermaid (1989). In one plotline for the animated movie (which was not used), King Triton is a half-sibling with Ursula, the sea witch, and they are each given half of the sea to control. In Greek mythology, Triton is the son of Poseidon. Serena Tempest did not exist in Greek Mythology, I just created her for this story.

Photo credits:

Photo of “Blood Moon”,

The definition of a blood moon is from the dictionary.

Build Credit:

A fantastic market build for Sulani. Thanks to this simmer for creating it. The only thing that was changed was the outfit on credit sulani market.png



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  1. Uh oh. Supposedly, in Wiccan lore- not sure it’s 100% true- blood on the moon means trouble, as does a circle around the moon. Excellent chapter!

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