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Somebody to Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Rose Ceremony # 2

bachelor in paradise kigi

roxanna rose ceremony 2 opening shot.png

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Well, today, is Rose Ceremony #2, and at least we are getting closer to finding out who Rick’s somebody to love really is. The poor guy is so confused and is having whims for practically all the contestants. And that’s where we had to ask for YOUR help. A vote was conducted, and unfortunately, four lovely contestants will be heading home today.

The producers have chosen a wonderful location for Rose Ceremony #2 and with no incense burners this time I might add. Benny, Rick and I have already arrived and if you’ll excuse me, Benny and I have some prep work to do before the actual ceremony.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick looking out at the ocean.png

Rick had wandered down to the shore to look out at the ocean and think about the contestants. He did truly like them all, but, he knew, in the end, there had to be just one. He just didn’t know which one just yet.

benny had helped carry out the trays laden with food.png

Benny and Roxanna were helping out the caterer before the contestants arrived. The lot was in a unique location, set amongst some ruins. Benny had just carried out plates laden with scrumptious food. Roxanna saw a lot of meat dishes and wanted to remind the caterer that there were vegetarians amongst the contestants.

supervised the caterer to let her know there were vegetarians.png

Well, she didn’t have to worry because the caterer was making some type of vegetarian gourmet dish that smelled absolutely heavenly.

some of the guests were already arriving.png

Rick had walked back just in time as some of the guests were starting to arrive. Benny was quick to greet Lara at the front. The bartender had arrived and was busy preparing some drinks for the early birds. There was also a dance area to the left, which would probably be popular later this evening. The center area held dining tables, and the floor was scattered with rose petals leading up to the presentation area.

front of build rose 2.png

Benny had done a great job of taking Rick’s photo, and as before, there were roses on display. Fourteen roses in all, four of which were yellow.


The pianist had arrived and was taking requests from some of the guests.

everyone had arrived and was looking gorgeous.png

It looked like everyone had arrived and they were all looking gorgeous. They had certainly outdone themselves tonight. Roxanna and Benny ordered a round of drinks for everyone.

raven and cinnamon.png

Raven helped herself to some of the appetizers that the caterer had put out. No matter what the event, Raven always looked very classy in her black outfits. Raven passed Cinnamon and gave her a sideways glance. Perhaps she was admiring Cinnamon’s unique dress. Cinnamon was waiting for her drink and looked radiant. Her outfit choice was a one-of-a-kind Asian-inspired gown, which she was sure would get Rick’s attention.

octavia and miriam.png

Miriam and Octavia had sat down at one of the tables together. Octavia looked sensational in a short, gold-colored dress, which accentuated her red hair. Anyone who chose a gold dress wanted to stand out, and that is exactly what Octavia was aiming for. Meanwhile, Miriam had opted for a flowing island dress in soft shades of green which complimented her carefree, easy-going personality. Miriam looked very attractive. Octavia seemed to be watching someone at the bar. Maybe she was wondering what Cinnamon was doing so close to Rick. Meanwhile, Miriam was looking a bit awkward trying to get Octavia’s attention to chat with her.

brianna and nami.png

Brianna and Nami decided to sit down and join them. Brianna had chosen an island outfit, and even wore flowers in her hair to complement her outfit. Brianna looked spectacular. Nami had chosen a long red lace gown and looked bewitching. Red really was Nami’s best color. Let’s hope this one doesn’t get burned like the last red dress she had on. Brianna doesn’t look too happy about something, while Nami is beaming. Was it something Nami said?

charlotte and naomi.png

Naomi and Charlotte have become fast friends. Perhaps the green color of their dresses drew them together. Charlotte opted for a formal green and white ball gown, and she really looks enchanting in it. Naomi had chosen a modern, short green dress with a slanted hemline, accented with gold geometric designs. It was young and fresh and suited Naomi’s sparkling personality. They were both having a great time chatting with one another. Naomi seemed a lot more relaxed than she did at the last Rose Ceremony.

coral and merinda.png

The bartender was busy, first serving Coral her drink and then finishing up on Merinda’s drink. Merinda looked absolutely stunning in an all-white gown and almost looked like a Greek goddess standing there. Coral was enjoying her drink and looked especially alluring in the blue island outfit she had chosen. How the bartender was still working with these two beauties flanking him was just amazing.

kyra and isla.png

Kyra and Isla were sitting together at the end of the bar and sharing tales of the island. Kyra looked exquisite in her green one-shouldered gown. The gown had flecks of gold sparkle throughout and it’s no wonder that Rick glanced her way now and again. Isla had chosen a sea blue gown, and she certainly looked beautiful tonight. Isla was enthralled by the pirate stories that Kyra was telling.


Iris took a seat beside Rick and looked absolutely gorgeous. Her 3/4 length cream dress with a gold accent chain belt was simple, yet elegant. And, it looked like Rick liked the dress choice, too!

lucky lara snags a seat beside rick.png

Iris vacated the seat beside Rick and Lara saw her chance and sat next to Rick quickly. Lara had chosen a shimmery periwinkle beaded chiffon gown with cut-out waist panels emphasizing her slender physique. In the glow of the sunset, Lara certainly looked mesmerizing.


The sun had set and Roxanna signaled to Rick that the ceremony was about to start. The contestants grabbed another drink and a dessert from the buffet and found their seats. The chatter soon died down as Roxanna headed to the presentation area and picked up the microphone.


“Sul Sul! I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, welcome you to the Rose Ceremony. Tonight marks another milestone for the Bachelor in Paradise show, as we get closer to finding somebody to love for our bachelor. But before we begin, I just wanted to tell you all how gorgeous everyone looks tonight, and what a pleasure it has been to chat with each and every one of you. You are ALL fabulous! But therein lies the problem. All of the contestants are just TOO fabulous and our poor bachelor is having difficulty choosing just one. And so, the producers decided to hire an outside consulting agency to determine which of the contestants would be heading home tonight. And sadly, for four contestants, this will be your last night on the show. But for the others, you will have yet another chance to win the heart of our bachelor…Rick Goengeter.”

*Applause from the audience*

Roxanna motioned for Rick to come to the presentation area and handed him the microphone.


“Good evening ladies…and Benny. I just wanted to say that I wholeheartedly agree with what Roxanna just said. Indeed, you are ALL fabulous! On our group dates, I have had the pleasure of getting to know more about each of you. And, for some of you, on our Solo Dates, I have gotten to know a more….um…romantic side of you. It is certainly true that I have strong feelings for several contestants, which doesn’t make my choice any easier.  And so, as before, each of you will receive a rose. The color is the only difference. Yellow to those who will always be my friend, and red, for a friendship which has blossomed into something more.”

roxanna listens to ricks speech

Roxanna stood listening to Rick and realized that whoever he chose would be one lucky lady indeed. What a suave bachelor he was.

Rick continued, “May I ask the contestants of House 1 to please come forward…”

house 1 contestants rose ceremony 2.png

“Three of the contestants in this house and one contestant in House 2 were in a tie-vote. The results of that tie-vote will be revealed towards the end of the ceremony. So, for now, I ask that Miriam, Raven, and Kyra please be seated again. Thank you, ladies.”

4 contestants in house 1

There were now four contestants left from House 1. Did that mean they were all staying? Rick selected a red rose and yellow rose from the roses on the table behind him. Er…maybe not.

first up was naomi.png

Rick walked over to Naomi and handed her the first red rose. Naomi was safe. The look on her face said it all. She inhaled the rose’s fragrance and just couldn’t believe that she was still part of the Bachelor in Paradise show. “Oh Rick, I….oh, thank you, Rick!” Naomi said excitedly.


Picking another red rose from the table, Rick walked towards Lara…and handed it to her. Lara was safe. “Oh, this is so wonderful!” she gushed.

did this mean I was going home

Rick again went to the table and chose another red rose. He still had the yellow rose in his other hand. He stopped before Brianna but didn’t say a word. Brianna looked a bit startled. “No, I can’t be going home, right? Not after what we shared at the Group Date. It can’t be possible,” she thought, looking a bit worried.


Rick smiled and held out the red rose to Brianna and she sighed in relief. Brianna was safe. She was so happy to be staying that she did an autonomous hug with Rick.

this is hard for me to say isla.png

There was only one contestant left from House 1. Isla. And with a yellow rose in his hand, this could only mean one thing. Rick handed the yellow rose to Isla. “This is really hard for me to do, Isla, but know that we will always be friends,” Rick said sincerely.


“I’m going home? Off the show? I…I…” said Isla in a quiet voice.

i just cant face anyone right now.png

“…Oh, I just don’t think I can face anyone right now. I knew it could happen, but I was just hoping…just hoping…” Isla gulped for air, “…that I would be staying.”

rick felt bad seeing isla so sad and gave her a hug.png

Rick looked at Isla and couldn’t bear to see her look so sad. He went over to her and gave her a hug. That seemed to cheer her up, somewhat.


As Isla left the presentation area and sat down, Rick went up to the microphone again. “May I ask the contestants of House 2 to please come forward…”


Almost as soon as Rick spoke, there was a strange light that suddenly appeared, and all the contestants rushed to see what was happening. There, for all to see was Charlotte, bathed in a strange light. She didn’t look too happy.


And suddenly she was lifted off the ground and seemed to float in the air. Up, up, up she went.  “Help! Throw me a rope or something!” shouted Charlotte.

Charlotte got abducted

But before anyone could even think of what to do, she was gone. Abducted by aliens!


Iris was a bit shaken by the incident as Charlotte had been standing right beside her.

“Oh my gosh! That could have been me!” she thought. In fact, all of the contestants were a bit rattled by the occurrence. Well, everyone except Raven.

That's one way of eliminating a contestant

“Well, that’s one way of eliminating a contestant!” Raven said laughing.

time to take a break.png

Roxanna wasn’t sure what to do as this had never happened before, so Benny headed up to the microphone and said that there would be a short break.

they consulted nami.png

After discussing the situation with Benny and Rick, Roxanna decided to ask Nami for her opinion. Afterall, she was half-alien. Maybe she would know if Charlotte was returning anytime soon or if they would have to reschedule the Rose Ceremony.

“Oh, Charlotte will be back in a few hours. She’s fine,” explained Nami, “Nothing to worry about. They probably thought she looked really…um…interesting…and wanted to get a closer look at her.”

And so after discussing the situation with Rick and Benny again, they decided to continue with the Rose Ceremony.


And so the contestants of House 2 headed up to the presentation area. Well, everyone except Charlotte, of course, who had been whisked away by the aliens. Rick also asked Merinda to have a seat again, as she was one of the contestants in the tie-vote.


Rick selected a red rose from the table behind him and walked up to Nami. As he handed Nami the rose he thought of some song lyrics and before he realized it, he said out loud, “Lovely….that’s the way you look tonight, Nami.”

nami is safe.png

Nami was speechless. “I hadn’t expected Rick to say anything like that!” thought Nami. She felt herself blush from the compliment. Nami was safe.

[Author’s Note: As he handed Nami the rose, Rick had a whim to woohoo with her. The first whim he’s had for a contestant all night.]

rick has a whim to woohoo with nami


Next, a red rose for Cinnamon. She was so excited, she started clapping. Cinnamon was safe. Rick even complimented her dress. “Say yes to the dress! Woot! He noticed me! I knew this was the right dress to wear!” thought Cinnamon happily.


And another red rose for Octavia. Although Octavia didn’t look too happy about something. Maybe she was surprised that a “certain” contestant just got a red rose, too. “Seriously? Cinnamon got a red rose? I really feel that a YELLOW rose would have suited Cinnamon’s gown so much better,” thought Octavia, knowing that she, Octavia, had nothing to worry about. Octavia was safe. Octavia suddenly came out of her sulk and flashed a smile at Rick.


There were two contestants left and Rick chose two more red roses from the table. One was given to Coral who gave Rick her biggest smile. Coral was safe. “He is so handsome, I could just melt in his arms right now,” thought Coral, imagining that scene in her mind.


And another red rose for Iris. Whoa! Iris sure was feeling flirty after receiving that red rose. She autonomously gave Rick a little wink and a coy wave. Iris was safe. “I don’t think he knows how good he looks in that suit. Pink never looked so good,” Iris thought to herself.


As if on cue, suddenly there was a beam of light. Charlotte had returned!


Charlotte looked a little “out of it” when she returned but appeared unharmed.

“Did I….did I miss anything?” she stammered, as Benny helped her up to the presentation area. All the contestants asked if she was okay and she assured them she was fine.

alien abduction


As Charlotte approached the presentation area, she saw Rick holding a yellow rose in his hand. Surely that couldn’t be for her. But in her bemused state, she looked at the other contestants on stage, and they were all holding a red rose.


“Well, I declare! Are y’all kidding me? I plum just got abducted and now I am getting eliminated, too? This night is the worst ever! Sugah, tell me this isn’t true!” Charlotte said in a shrill voice.


“Well, I…um…” started Rick, “…we can still be friends,” he said brightly.


“It’s true then? Y’all be giving ME a yella rose? Well, you can keep that thar yella rose. I am so hoppin mad right now, I’m madder than a wet hen and I’m just fixin’ to…I’m just fixin’ to…well, right now I don’t know what I’m fixin’ to do, but I am going to head to the bar and order me a bourbon.” And with that, Charlotte turned on her heel and headed to the bar.

charlotte not happy.png

She hadn’t taken two steps when she whirled back to Rick again, “On second thought, I’ll take that yella rose. I am, after all, a lady and will graciously accept your gift,” Charlotte said as she snatched the yellow rose out of Rick’s hand. “A rose is a rose is a rose”, Charlotte mumbled as she clutched the rose fiercely to her and walked purposefully towards the bar. “…And Nami got a red rose? Oh, fiddle dee-dee! She was probably in cahoots with those aliens and planned my abduction! Tarnations, what a night I’m having!”


Rick headed back to the presentation area. There were now only four roses left on the table. Two red and two yellow. Rick called up the four remaining contestants to the front…Kyra, Raven, Merinda, and Miriam.


“This morning, before the Rose Ceremony, these four contestants competed in a tie-vote competition. The judges decided that these contestants would challenge each other to a game of foosball, and the winner of the game would be staying.”

Rick turned to Kyra and Raven. Both of these contestants were tied for 3rd place. Rick held a red rose and a yellow rose in each hand.

AND RAVEN IS SAFE.png Rick walked up to Raven. “Raven won the foosball game with Kyra 5-4.”

“I knew foosball was your favorite game and I practiced at the house. I am so glad I did, and I am happy to still be here with you,” said Raven, accepting the red rose that Rick held out to her. Raven was safe.


This meant that unfortunately, Kyra was heading home. Rick handed Kyra the yellow rose.

“I really thought I had a chance. But…” Kyra stopped and looked down at the yellow rose in her hand, “I guess not. I’m just….I’m just so sad that I’m heading home today,” Kyra said as she tried to hold back the tears.

Rick saw Kyra struggling and came over to her and engulfed Kyra in a hug. He would truly miss her.


And then there were two. Rick turned to Miriam and Merinda. Both of these contestants were tied for 4th place. Rick picked up the last red rose and yellow rose from the table behind him.


Rick walked up to Merinda first. For a fleeting moment, there was a look of hope on Merinda’s face, which was soon dashed when Rick gave her the yellow rose.

“Oh!” is all that Merinda could say.


“I guess I didn’t do too well in that foosball game…” Merinda said as she looked sadly at Rick.

“No, I’m so sorry, Merinda. Miriam won the foosball game with you 5-nothing,” Rick said as he gave her a hug. He really liked Merinda and was going to miss her.


Which meant that the last red rose went to Miriam. She was safe. Miriam just gazed into Rick’s eyes. “I should do a mistletoe kiss with him again. Right here, in front of everyone!” she thought. But somehow she controlled herself.


Roxanna went up to the presentation area. “I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, want to thank you all for being here. This concludes the Rose Ceremony for this evening. Congratulations to those contestants who are continuing. And I want to wish those contestants who are leaving us tonight, Charlotte, Kyra, Isla and Merinda, a fond farewell. It was a pleasure knowing you and I wish you every luck in the future. But the night is still young, so let’s have some fun and hit the dance floor!”

rick doing a dance with eliminated contestants.png

Rick’s last dance with the eliminated contestants. Left front: Charlotte Eclair, Left Back: Merinda Paewal, Right Front: Kyra Kealohi; Left Back: Isla Waters

Until tomorrow. Wikki Wikki Wii from Sulani.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Thanks to this simmer for creating this wonderful build. It is actually a restaurant, and I just changed the lot type and spruced it up a bit by adding the bar and dance floor areas.

we wont ruin your time photo credit.png

“Lovely…the way you look tonight,” said to Nami by Rick, are song lyrics from the song, The Way You Look Tonight, (1936). Okay, so I was watching The Voice when I was writing this, and this is Preston C. Howell’s performance. He didn’t win in the knockouts, but I have always liked this song.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The phrase “a rose is a rose is a rose,” (a line in a poem by Gertrude Stein), means “things are what they are.” In saying this line, Charlotte is just stating that even though it’s not a red rose, it’s still a rose. And so she was going to take that rose whether it was red, yellow or any other color, because it was still a rose from Rick.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Say Yes To The Dress” is a reality tv show about a bridal salon in Manhattan, and choosing the right dress for the bride.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the readers’ vote, there was a tie between Kyra and Raven for 3rd and Miriam and Merinda for 4th. So, I decided to have them compete in a foosball tournament, which is Rick’s favorite game. I downloaded a Maxis room, Friendly drinkery, and placed it on an empty lot. One game each. Winner stays. Results were: Raven vs Kyra: Raven-5; Kyra-4; Raven wins the game. Miriam vs Merinda: Miriam-5; Merinda-0; Miriam wins the game.



So, unfortunately, we say goodbye to four contestants: Charlotte Eclair (House 2), Isla Waters (House 1-mermaid); Kyra Kealohi (House 1 formerly House 3), and Merinda Paewal (House 2-mermaid).

elimination no 2 results



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