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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Bowling Group Date – House 2

bachelor in paradise kigi

roxanna as frenchie.png

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani.  Oh, I look different? I am so glad you noticed because along with all my nostalgia momentos, I dug out a copy of the movie Grease. And yes, there are those who loved Sandy and of course, Danny *swoon*, but my favorite was always Frenchy. And so here I am decked out as a “Pink Lady”. I just need some pink bubblegum to complete the look.

Now wasn’t that a fun time with House 1 yesterday? And some of those contestants can really bowl. Today, the fun continues as House 2 heads on a Group Bowling Date with Rick. Maybe Rick will even surprise us and bowl the “Perfect Llama.” Let’s head on over and peek in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

house 2 arrival.png

And here they are! House 2 has arrived at the Llama Bowl-A-Rama bowling alley. And Rick has changed his outfit. He looks like a sim right out of Riddell High from Grease. And I bet a lot of these contestants would want a school ring from him! Can we say “I wanna be your girlfriend, Rick?”

rick orders a round of drinks for house 2.png

They all head inside and Rick orders a round of drinks for everyone. This time he orders cream cola. None of the contestants have bowled before, and Rick has a bit of an advantage as he already has Bowling level 3. They all discuss possible teams and Octavia takes up the challenge to bowl against Rick. They grab their drinks and head to the lanes.


Rick is now a Notable Newcomer celebrity. Oh my goodness! Must be from all the fame points he got from always ordering drinks for everyone.


Team 1: Rick vs Octavia


Team 2: Iris vs Nami.

cinnamon vs coral.png

Team 3: Cinnamon vs Coral.

they all look rather good for their first bowl.png

And the first balls are thrown and they all look really good on their first shot.

rick does a slam dunk in the bowling alley.png

Rick seems to be doing a “slam dunk” on the bowling lane. You would never know that Rick had any bowling skills with this shot.

rick is prone on the floor.png

And Rick hits the floor with a thud. That’s gotta hurt. Maybe he was just making Octavia feel better choosing to bowl against him. In the background, Octavia is trying to stifle her laughter seeing Rick’s bowling attempt. Ah, poor Rick.

*muffled sounds* “I’m just checking out the flooring. Yep, just admiring the woodgrain. Don’t mind me. I’ll be able to crawl outta your way in a moment.” *grunts*

it looked better at the start

Whoops! Iris’ delivery looked better at the start. Oh no! Iris senses she’s in trouble with this shot.

some pins down some pins up.png

But maybe not. Some pins up and some pins down.

not a strike but not a gutterball either

Not a strike, but not a gutterball either. “Go me! I got some pins down!”

bowl here often good looking.png

Rick gives Iris an appreciative glance, “Come here often, good looking?” “he says half-jokingly. Iris just smiles and bats her eyes at him in response and thinks that Rick looks so dreamy.

cinnamon watch this.png

Meanwhile, Cinnamon is up. Not only does Cinnamon look good in that dress, but her delivery also looks terrific.

i have to work harder for rick to notice me.png

Oops! Not as good as Cinnamon had hoped. One pin at a time.

“I have to get better if Rick is going to notice me. I mean, I wore yellow to stand out. How hard can it be to get a strike in this game?”

octavia bowls.png

After helping Rick up, and trying to compose herself from laughing, it’s Octavia’s turn to bowl.

octavia gets a strike on her first shot.png

And, oh my gosh, Octavia gets a strike on her very first shot! Unbelievable!

omg a strike.png

Octavia can hardly believe it herself! Rick might have seriously underestimated Octavia. Beginner’s luck is in her favor.

“Holy guacamole! Did you see that? I got a strike!”

im just a natural at bowling.png

“I’m just a natural at bowling. I just love this game!”

octavia is getting recognized for her bowling.png

A townie noticed Octavia’s superb bowling skill and has become her number one fan. She sits down and watches the tournament cheering Octavia on.

octavia is really doing well i have to up the competition.png

Nami notices that Octavia just got a strike and has more points than even Rick. Nami lifts one of the bowling balls. “Gosh! They’re heavy!”

naomi up next.png

She needs both hands just to lift the ball and does a two-handed throw. Will it work to her advantage?

4 for nami.png

Nami has a powerful throw, but maybe too powerful as it just takes out the middle pins. It’s the “Big 4” split.

what does this mean nami.png

“What does this mean? I need a bowling ball in each hand to make that shot!”

is this better than cinnamons shot.png

Next up is Coral. What a delivery! So smooth, so confident. Coral looks good and Cinnamon is bemoaning the fact in the background. Will it be a strike?

oh no not the clown.png

But something has gone wrong.

gutter ball.png

And the sad clown makes an appearance for Coral. What looked good going in turned out to be a gutterball.

“I thought clowns were supposed to be happy. I don’t think I like this sad clown.”

rick has chosen another ball a gold ball.png

Rick is up and he has chosen a new bowling ball. A gold bowling ball. So fancy! Octavia is looking confident in the background after her strike. Will this new bowling ball help Rick’s game?

does it help.png

And there it goes!

yes it does.png

And yes, it’s a strike for Rick! He is back in the game!

the bowling hangout guy its the polka dots.png

And what’s this? Some random townie is making a move on Coral. Hmmm…the guy looks familiar. He looks like the same sim who was hitting on Lara from House 1. I am certain of it now. It’s the polka dots, I tell you, attracting all the “Lane Lizards”.

such concentration will it work.png

Iris is concentrating really hard on her game. She can feel it. This is the strike she’s been waiting for.

iris some ninja is creeping in my lane.png

Oh no! What’s this?  Something is coming. It’s like a bowling horror flick, like The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

not the best for iris.png

“Did you see that? There was some ninja creeping into my game. So scary!”

coral and nami swooning over rick.png

Nami and Coral sneek a glance at Rick as he prepares to bowl. And Rick has chosen another new ball, a blue marbled bowling ball this time. Rick is taking no chances in this tournament.

coral is giving herself a pep talk

It’s Coral’s turn and it looks like she’s talking to herself. Maybe she’s giving herself a pep talk. She has to keep bowling. It’s only a few more frames.

coral has to keep bowling

oh no im falling.png

Her arms are so sore, she can barely lift the bowling ball. And when she does, she trips and the ball goes flying.

that was close the world was spinning.png

“Oh, I feel dizzy. That was close, I almost fell.”

im a ringer.png

But, miraculously, she got a ringer. Yes!

yes coral i did something great.png

Despite her sore arms, Coral is feeling confident. “I can do this! A few more of these and I could win this!”

rick you have a serious contender in octavia.png

“Great Balls of Fire!” Octavia’s lucky streak continues.

another strike for octavia

Octavia is on fire as she rolls another strike. No other contestant is even close to her score.

he may be thinking of raven bu hes rather impressed with octavia right now.png

Octavia catches Rick’s eye and she knows that no-one else exists for him tonight, except her. Octavia is on top of the world…and then IT happens.

raven has made an appearance in the lane right besie rick.png

Raven shows up in a team shirt with her bowling league. Say what?

raven bowls in the lane right next to rick.png

And just happens to choose the lane right beside Octavia and Rick to bowl. And is that Afu behind her? Did Raven convince him to come bowling?

rick sees her and immediately gets 2 whims for raven.png

Rick sees Raven and immediately gets two whims for her. Embrace Raven and Make-out with Raven. It’s like Rick has forgotten all about the Group Date with House 2 and only has thoughts of Raven.

“♫ You are here / And so am I / And I only have eyes for you….♫”

Look at him, he’s in a daze. I tell him to concentrate on the game and the House 2 contestants. But does he listen to me? No!

raven this is not about you.png

in fact rick cant seem to keep his eyes off of her.png

In fact, Rick can’t seem to take his eyes off of her. Raven, was this planned? OMG! Now, instead of Rick having whims for any ladies in House 2, he only has whims for Raven. What a disaster!

what is she doing here.png

And then Octavia sees Raven, too, and she doesn’t look happy. “What is SHE doing here? I had all of Rick’s attention, and now SHE shows up!”

and she slipped backwards.png

And it’s like the appearance of Raven has jinxed Octavia’s perfect game. Suddenly, she was a slippin’ and a slidin’

i hate bowling.png

Right onto her back. “I lied. I hate bowling.”

ow my back.png

“Ow, my back!”

loses her balance.png

And on the next frame, she trips.

octavia gets a gutterball

And then, she got a gutterball! Unheard of! Well, thankfully Raven has now left. It’s a good thing because Octavia’s game has really suffered.

and  now tabitha shows up.png

But who is that? Sitting there on the couch beside Iris? Oh, my word! First Raven and now Tabitha. What is going on?

tabitha making an appearance.png

Why is an eliminated contestant even here? Was Octavia really seeing this? Tabitha (formerly of House 3) – where did she come from?tabitha to rick

[Author’s Note: Maybe this explains it. Rick had received this pop-up earlier and I guess Tabitha decided to just show up.]

her head hurt octavia.png

Suddenly, Octavia’s head hurt. “Why is this happening to me? I was doing so well. And then those two show up! Oh, my head! I need a moment.”

rick look this way this is gonna be good nami.png

Nami is up and she’s hoping to get a good score for this frame. Maybe this time she’ll bowl a strike. She holds her breath as she releases the ball.

strike for nami.png

And the bowling gods favor Nami with a strike.

rick notices nami beside him.png

And it looks like she got Rick’s attention, too! Ooh la la, Nami!

cinnamon is up.png

And Cinnamon is next. Look at that stance. This has got to be it!

i fenced it.png

And although not a strike, she gets the “goalpost” and is pretty pleased with herself.

i feel like a winner.png

“I feel like a winner!”

And the games are over and the final scores are in.

coral is truly happy she wins the match.png

Team 3: Coral wins the game over Cinnamon, but Cinnamon doesn’t feel too bad about it. That last frame really made Cinnamon’s day.

coral wins the game

nami wins the bowling match.png

Team 2: Nami wins over Iris and Iris is a good sport about it. They had a good game together.nami wins over Iris

rick wins and octavia is upset.png

Team 1: Rick wins and Octavia is having a meltdown about it. Oh, Octavia is in a real tizzy!

rick won

ictavia is mad

Rick gets the Bowling King, and Coral and Nami get the Bowling Queen titles.

congratulates coral in the bathroom.png

Rick heads over to congratulate Coral on her win and follows her into the restroom to do so.

nami certainly has ricks eye now.png

They all head back to the lobby area and get some more drinks.

they all help themselves to some food.png

They also grab some food that the caterer has put out.

gets a whim to embrace nami.png

Rick takes a moment to congratulate Nami on her victory and gets his first whim for someone in House 2. He wants to embrace Nami, which he does.

it seems that iris saw rick give nami an embrace and is feeling sad.png

Oops! It looks like Iris saw that interaction between Nami and Rick and is rather sad about it.

iris has this moodlet what

nami is really on ricks mind.png

Since Nami is the only one that Rick had a whim for in House 2, he asks her to play an arcade game with him. He then gets two more whims for Nami. One is to ask her to be his girlfriend.

woohoo with nami.png

And the other…ahem…to woohoo with Nami. Both are canceled.

playing arcade game with dustin broke.png

Rick is having a great time playing video games with Nami and Dustin Broke joins them.

and the group date ends as rick hobbles off to the bathroom in search of a toilet.png

The night ends as Rick does the pee-pee dance to the restroom.

Until tomorrow, Wikki-Wikki Wii from Sulani.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bonus Pic

what is rick bowling with now.png

Rick has now maxed bowling and is level 5. He can now choose the clear skull ball. Pretty spooky!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

And here are the relationship bars after the Group Date for House 2. Nami and Iris are Lovebirds, Coral and Cinnamon are Romantic Interests, and unfortunately, Octavia, even though she has a bit of pink in her relationship, has dropped down to Acquaintances.

relationships after group date house 2

Depending on what level you are at, you can choose different colored bowling balls. Each bowling ball has its own specific perks:

tyoes of bowling balls

From Sims VIP – Read More HERE.

Fun Stuff:

Grease, (1978) starring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta was a box office smash and the highest-grossing musical at that time. It was a movie set in the 50s.

“Lane Lizard” a play on words, meaning “Lounge Lizard,” – a ladies-man that frequents nightspots where drinks are served.

The Creature From The Black Lagoon, horror movie (1954)

“Great Balls of Fire”, Jerry Lee Lewis, (1957)

I Only Have Eyes For You, cover by The Flamingos (1959)

Slippin’ and a Slidin’, Little Richard, (1956)


3 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Bowling Group Date – House 2

  1. This is really a cute chapter. I love how their dressed. It will be really interesting to see who he eventually chooses. I really like Rick. He is dreamy LOL.

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    1. Yes, Octavia really was doing well. She really did get a strike on her first bowl and a few after that. And it was funny that it seemed like after Raven showed up, she went downhill.


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