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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Pirate Week – Solo Date with Octavia

bachelor in paradise kigi

roxanna cover pirate rest.png

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Over the next two days, our bachelor will be taking out the contestants who haven’t been on a Solo Date as yet. They are Cinnamon, Octavia, Brianna, Nami and Raven. And, do you know what this will mean once the last of the Solo Dates are done? The no kissing rule will be removed! Yes! Pucker Up, ladies!

But first, where are they heading today? Well, this week is a special week in Sulani. It’s Pirate week to celebrate the pirate legends and history of Sulani. Did you know that Rodrigo de Pablo, one of Princess Cordelia’s pirate boyfriend’s had engaged in a sea battle for Sulani? It’s true! And so it seems fitting that they are heading to ‘Ye Olde Pirate Restaurant.’ The restaurant is rumored to be an actual pirate ship. Of course, now, it’s been converted to a seafood restaurant, but there are still many vestiges of the original ship and there are historical markers throughout. Some even say it’s haunted. Ghostly!

Now let’s go and peek in on the date and see if anyone dares to walk the plank.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

octavia and rick solo date

First up for a Solo Date with Rick is Octavia Dillon from House 2. When Octavia heard that there were five contestants going on a Solo Date, she was determined to be the first to go out with Rick. So, to be fair, they all chose straws, and Octavia was lucky enough to draw the longest straw.

“I have to set the bar high so that Rick will think of only me,” Octavia stated firmly, “And I can guarantee that this date will be sizzling!”

octavia and rick chat

As Octavia’s relationship had dropped to Acquaintances, Rick chatted with Octavia first. Rick got his first whim to “get to know” Octavia and after that, Rick asked her on a date and Octavia accepted.

rick requests a table outside by the water.png

At the restaurant, they headed up the stairs and Rick went into the bar area. He spoke to the host and since it was a nice day, requested a table outside. The restaurant was busy, and it would be a little bit of a wait.

play a game of cards while they wait for table.png

Rick came back outside and saw that there were some card tables set up on deck. Rick thought that this was a good place to wait and asked Octavia if she wanted to play some cards.

“Do you know how to play Gin Rummy?” asked Rick.

“Oh most definitely. My favorite game. You seem to be a gaming sim, Rick. Care to wager a little bet on who might win?” Octavia asked giving Rick a wink.

“Ok, sure. What shall we bet on?” replied Rick.

enjoying the game together.png

“Well, the Winner will choose what the Loser will have for dinner,” laughed Octavia.

“Well, that doesn’t sound so bad,” Rick answered.

“You do know that I like HOT and SPICY food don’t you? Are you up for a few shakes of Tobasco on your food?” winked Octavia.

“No problem! You’re on!” said Rick as he shuffled the cards. After some tense concentration, Rick chose a card from the deck. Nothing. It was now Octavia’s turn.

Octavia moved her cards around in her hand and then placed them on the table with a flourish. “Gin” said Octavia grinning, “I guess we’ll see if you can stand a little heat!”

winning at cards

“Does that mean I should order a glass of water with my meal?” asked Rick playing along with Octavia.

“Maybe a few glasses of water,” said Octavia laughing. The host came over to them to let them know their table was ready.

so beautiful to be near the water.png

“Oh, so nice. What a terrific view of the water! And what is that over there?” Octavia said, pleased with the table location.

rick save me i have to walk the plank

Octavia got up from the table and read the sign behind Rick and then walked out on a wooden plank.

“Rick, would you save me if I had to walk the plank?” asked Octavia, doing a little turn on the walkway. Rick thought that Octavia looked, um…rather enticing standing there.

“I would think that the pirates would need saving from YOU!” laughed Rick, “But, arr…matey, I would arrange a parlay with the scurvy bunch. A lovely lady in exchange for a few barrels of rum” answered Rick trying hard not to laugh.

Rick gives Octavia an appreciative look

“Oh, a good trade. I think they would much prefer the rum,” laughed Octavia softly.

“Then they would definitely be foolish pirates,” added Rick giving Octavia an appreciative look. Octavia returned to the table and seemed rather pleased with Rick’s response.

2 whims for olivia 1 to flirt 2nd make out.png

As they sat chatting, Rick suddenly got a flirty vibe and had two whims for Octavia. The first was to flirt with Octavia and the second was to make out with Octavia. Rick did a little flirt with Octavia, and she definitely loved the attention.

everything looks so good.png

Rick took a look at the menu and tried to figure out what Octavia was going to order for him. Everything looked pretty good as far as he was concerned.

this sounds yummy.png

The server came over to take their orders, and Octavia ordered for both of them.

Oh, this sounds like the dish for you, Rick. “Fire on the River” Cajun-spiced Haddock Sandwich. Haddock lightly crusted with paprika, green chilies, cumin, coriander, cayenne, crushed red peppers and a dash of hot pepper sauce. Served on a hoagie roll with tartar sauce and topped with homemade slaw. And it comes with a Warning! Order at your own risk, No returns. Now, THAT is my kind of food!” said Octavia to the server, “And maybe a Salty Llama to drink, and you better get this landlubber a few glasses of water with that, too!”

“Um, yeah, that does sound kind of spicy. So, what spicy dish are you ordering today, Octavia?” Rick inquired.

“Oh, this sounds good…Calypso’s Salt and Pepper Shrimp Cocktail. Jumbo shrimp as big as Calypso’s love for the sea lord Davy Jones,” Octavia paused and batted her eyes at Rick, “Sauteed with ginger, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper and served with cocktail sauce and a wedge of lemon,” read Octavia out loud, “And, um…a simsmopolitan to drink, and if you could also bring a bottle of hot sauce to the table. I always add some more spice to my dish,” Octavia added handing the menu back to the server.

“You really do like hot and spicy food,” Rick observed.

olivia autonomous flirt.png

“Oh, yes! The hotter the better!” replied Octavia as she did an autonomous flirt. Ooh la la! Things are really heating up on this date!

I have made my home sulani.png

“Aside from your love of hot and spicy foods, what else do you like?” asked Rick, wanting to get to know Octavia a bit better.

olivia discussing her career.png

“Well, being from Oasis Springs, I do prefer warm climates, although I’ve never seen snow. I am not sure I want to be cold and chilled. I much prefer sunny weather. Like Sulani. This place is paradise. I could be convinced to move here…um…with the right person,” answered Octavia giving Rick a meaningful look.

Rick returned her gaze, “Yes, I have certainly made Sulani my home now. But snow is nice, too, especially if you are bundled up.”

“Well, I don’t know. Maybe if I had a simArctic parka on, woolen mittens and a toque, it would be different,” answered Octavia, still looking uncertain.

have you thought of having a fanily.png

“‘And snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes’ would make you look so adorable…” teased Rick.

“It would? Well, in that case, maybe I’ll have to go somewhere with snow one day…”

“Most definitely! When I was a kid, I would love to go outside in the snow and build all kinds of snow sculptures. Especially snow forts! In fact, all the neighborhood kids would build snow forts and we would have snowball fights. We would run from one snow fort to the next for cover trying to dodge the snowballs. It was a lot of fun. It’s something I’d like to share with my own children someday,” Rick said looking off in the distance.


“Oh, so you like kids?” asked Octavia, “It was something that I was meaning to ask you, but I wasn’t sure how to get around to that question. You know, when I babysit for my friends, I kind of…now this sounds silly…but I often find myself fantasizing about a little family of my own. I mean, when I was young, we were kind of…um…well, less fortunate than others, but my Dad always made things fun for us. That’s what I remember the most. I always felt like we could do anything as a family. So, yes, I think I’d like to have a family, too, with the right sim,” Octavia replied with a wistful smile.


Rick gave Octavia a heartfelt smile and agreed that good times with family were important. And then Rick gets this whim for Octavia. Wowzers! Rick certainly has some hot and spicy thoughts about Octavia after that conversation!

Luckily, the server arrives with their lunch and I squelch those “woohoo” thoughts.

the meal is served

Rick is feeling very flirty. It must be because he was near Octavia’s smoldering beauty.


Octavia thinks her dish looks absolutely perfect and waits for Rick to take a bite of his sandwich.


And as soon as Rick takes a bite, his mouth is on fire! Yikes!


Octavia, of course, is laughing at Rick and thinks he is so amusing.


“I think I may need a few more glasses of water! Just…you know…rather thirsty. Whoa! But I’ll be fine. Yes, I will finish this. No problem. Not spicy at all!” Rick squeaks out a response.

this is so good.png

Octavia has a good chuckle and takes a sip of her drink while Rick takes another mouthful of sandwich. He was determined to finish this even though his mouth was burning. Gah! And how much hot sauce did Octavia just dump on those shrimp? And she just ate them like it was nothing.


Octavia saw how Rick was struggling to eat such a spicy dish but how determined he was to finish it. “Okay, so Rick can’t eat really spicy food like I can. But that’s not a problem. I can always add more hot sauce to a dish. But I must admit, Rick is still a very HOT dish, and that’s one dish that I wouldn’t mind having!”

Oh my plumbobs! Octavia looks very determined to make Rick hers. The other contestants had better watch out!


Rick has a flurry of whims for Octavia as he tries to finish his lunch. Another “get to know”, “ask to be girlfriend”, and “have first kiss.” Rick and Octavia are autonomously talking and things are definitely going well on this date. The meal ends and Rick pays for the lunch.


There is still a bit of time on the date, and Rick asks Octavia if she would like to have another drink at the bar. I mean, she looks so HOT and he doesn’t want her to leave. That, and his mouth is still burning, and he can’t seem to get enough to drink to quell that burning sensation.


So they head to the bar and Octavia orders her favorite drink, Wutaheftabir, and Rick orders some type of flaming drink, Flaming Zesty Salt, I believe. Rick, didn’t you have enough spicy, hot food for lunch? He’s obviously trying to impress Octavia. His mouth is still on fire, so what’s a little more heat, right?

the date is over and they embrace each other.png

The date ends and Rick embraces Octavia. He would have loved for this date to continue, but he has another dinner date lined up. *Gold Date Achieved*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Octavia’s Date Thoughts: “Rick is a “hottie” and even before this date, I knew he was a keeper. Okay, so my romantic life hasn’t been the best and I tended to drift from one guy to the next. Well, I have a theory on that…maybe they all bored me. But with Rick, he is just full of surprises. I just never know what he is going to do or say. And I just think that might be the thing I need. He is witty, and a natural conversationalist. And he is good looking, so very, very good looking. He probably looks really good in his skivvies, too! Oops! Sorry…I just can’t keep these hot thoughts I have of him on the back burner for much longer. I soooo want to kiss him…badly…in a good way. *wink* I can see us together. Having a family together. Oh, we’d make beautiful children. And I might even want to go on a vacation with Rick to a ski lodge or something. I’ve thought about it…snuggling before a fire, sharing some cocoa after a brisk walk in the snow, and I mean, I’ve heard they have hot tubs outside at some lodges…now that would really heat things up! Oh yes, Rick is the one that I want, and the one that I will have.”

Relationship Status Changed: Acquaintances to Romantic Interest

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

‘Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,” song lyrics from “My Favorite Things”,  Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music movie (1965).


Did any other contestant show up on the lot during Rick’s date with Octavia? Yes, they did! Here is Coral singing in front of the restaurant. Maybe she was singing for tips?pirate restaurant photo credit.png

Thanks to JOL1990YT for creating this great pirate ship restaurant. I added the card tables and a dance floor to the bar area. There is a below-deck dining area as well, but I wanted some shots of the water, to kind of pretend it was in Sulani. I placed the build on the Tail’s End lot on Whiskerman’s Wharf in Brindleton Bay.


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