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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Pirate Week – Solo Date with Raven

bachelor in paradise kigi

The same day, later that evening…

arrival raven.png

Rick and Raven arrive at Ye Olde Pirate Restaurant for their dinner Solo Date. Rick gets his first whim “to get to know” Raven. They chat a bit and then Rick heads inside to request a table.

for some reason raven went and soaked her feet in the water.png

For some reason, Raven decided that she wanted to take a swim before dinner.

raven loved the restarant choice.png

After a quick dip, Raven joins Rick at the bottom of the stairs. She fully approves of the restaurant choice, and Rick fully approves of Raven’s new dinner outfit!

raven does autonomous flirt with rick.png

Raven takes a moment to change (did she change behind the sign?), and then does an autonomous flirt with Rick.

entering the restaurant.png

Raven sure knows how to strut her stuff.

Complimenting Raven

And it looks like Rick noticed too, as he compliments Raven on her outfit. And then she gets this moodlet. Nice start to the date!

raven got this moodlet from rick complimenting her

Rick was going to ask Raven if she wanted to play some cards, but their table was ready, so they headed inside.

solo date raven

There are only two tables inside at the bar area, and they are seated at a table for two near the dance floor. Rick gets a whim to “be friendly” with Raven and they continue to chat. They are getting along very well and don’t need any prompts to keep the conversation flowing. Rick gets a whim to “flirt” with Raven, which he does.

exchanging numbers with raven.png

Rick and Raven exchange numbers and Raven is super pleased to get Rick’s private number on her phone.

woohoo with raven whim.png

Rick must be, too, because he gets a flirty vibe and a whim to “woohoo” with Raven. Uh, no. He also gets a whim to stargaze with Raven and I tag that for later.

i love the unknown the spirit world

Rick wants to find out more about Raven and asks her to tell him about a favorite thing she likes to do. Raven looks at Rick almost as if she is debating on whether to tell him something. She decides to go ahead.

“You know, Rick, I am not like normal sim gals. I mean, my likes and hobbies are different. Maybe you’ve noticed I like the color black. I’m a goth and like to dress like one. I like strange and spooky. I like horror movies…” Raven stopped to see how he would react to this.

well thats an interesting question

“Well, we all have different likes and dislikes. And that’s what’s so interesting about you. You’re NOT like the others, and I find that refreshing. And who doesn’t like a good horror movie once in awhile? ‘Sims of the Dead’ is my all-time favorite classic horror film. Who doesn’t like a good zombie movie? Right?”

i have a question for you rick

Raven was surprised at his response. Rick liked her because she was different. Wow, no-one had ever said that to her before. She decided to trust him and proceeded to tell him about how her mother had died giving birth to her and how her father was found dead in a forest and how she was sent to an orphanage where kids made fun of her.

how horrible for you

Rick couldn’t believe what he had just heard. How horrible for Raven to have gone through that at such a young age. And kids can be cruel. He wished he had been there to help her through all that. Rick told Raven how sorry he was to hear that, but before he could say anything more, their server came to take their orders.

i am definitely ordering this

Rick hadn’t even looked at the menu but saw that they had a dish called “Stranger Tides.” Mysterious waters and stranger tides bring you this fantastic dish. Fried “catch of the day”, marinated in buttered shallots with a hint of dijon mustard, served with fresh asparagus spears, potato rounds, and a lemon wedge. Rick thought that sounded good and not spicy like the lunch dish he had. He also ordered a Tang & Zing.

“Oh, I’m going to order this!” exclaimed Raven. Raven was more adventurous and ordered an experimental dish called “Artisan Fish Trio”. An explosion of flavor featuring dragon roll sushi, herb baked salmon and purple potato chips with creme fraiche and caviar. Served atop a bed of shredded beetroot salad and drizzled lightly with a honey balsamic vinaigrette. Lemon wedge, soy sauce, and wasabi on the side. It certainly was different. Raven also ordered a Dim & Gusty drink.

The server took their orders and complimented Raven on her bold choice of entree. While they were waiting for their dinner, Rick asked Raven if she wanted to dance.

while they waited for dinner they danced together

Rick realized that Raven was a really good dancer. He decided to step it up a bit.

dance batte

Rick had some moves of his own and Raven stopped dancing not quite sure what he was doing. Rick, is that the “funky chicken”?

rick is a lot of fun

He’s doing the “Dougie” now. Rick, you certainly have Raven’s attention. But she’s not dancing…isn’t that what you wanted to do…dance with Raven?

Well, thankfully, they see the server heading to their table, so they sit down again before Rick embarrasses himself further. Rick gets a whim to “make-out” with Raven. Um, no loveseats around, so that’s a no.

and their order arrives.png

Their dinner arrives and Raven can’t get over how beautiful her dish looks.

raven took a photo of her dish.png

Rick was already eating his meal, but Raven wanted to get a picture of her dish before she started. “If I told anyone, they wouldn’t believe I ate this!”

sure i would.png

“Um, Rick, do you mind if I ask you a question?” asked Raven taking a sip of her drink.

“Sure, ask away,” Rick replied not sure what Raven’s question was going to be.

“If you could come back from the dead to haunt anyone, who would it be?” Raven asked quietly.

Rick almost choked on his food. He never expected a question like that!

they were having a very good date indeed.png

“Well, to be honest, I have never really thought about that. I don’t think there is anyone I would want to haunt. But maybe I’d like to “possess” a fridge. That way, I’d never be hungry in the afterlife,” laughed Rick as he took another mouthful of his fried fish. Raven thought Rick was quite funny and laughed at his answer.

raven is surprised that Rick would want to do that.png

Rick continued, “But maybe if I had found a special sim in my life, I would want to come back to them. Not in a scary way. As a loving partner to look out for them. Afterall, they say love has no boundaries…”

Raven looked at Rick then. “That is the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard,” replied Raven feeling very emotional at the moment.

rick blew raven an autonomous kissAnd with that, Rick blows Raven an autonomous kiss. Oh my gosh! They are both star-struck with each other.

i am not like other sims.png

“Dang!” thought Raven, “I’m in love with the guy! How did this happen?”

that was an interesting dish.png

“Maybe it’s this food that I ate. Were these aphrodisiac foods or something? Why am I so overwhelmed by these feelings of love and desire for Rick? I’ve never felt this way before,” Raven was very confused.

coral is hanging out inside the restaurant raven is upset

And suddenly, on her perfect date with Rick, Raven spies a familiar sim. It’s Coral! What is she doing here?

coral i didnt see you there.png

And before Raven can suggest they head outside, Coral comes over and starts to chat with Rick.




coral how did she get here.png

“I can’t believe this is happening! On my date! And just when Rick and I were getting cozy. I should just tell Coral a piece of my mind. Hmmm…but that wouldn’t look good in front of Rick…” thought Raven.


“And is she flirting with him now? Unbelievable!” Raven was at odds as to what to do. Should she play it cool and just chat with Coral as if nothing had happened? Or, should she shout forbidden words at Coral? The latter was tempting, but Raven decided to play it cool.

coral trying some moves on rick.png

“Oh Coral, so nice to see you again. Rick and I were just going to do some stargazing outside together. Weren’t we Rick?” laughed Raven casually. Smooth, Raven, very smooth.

hi rick remember me and our date.png

That got Rick’s notice! Coral said she had to leave anyway and just wanted to say hi to Rick.

“That’s right! Move along there, Coral. Rick is on a date with ME! And you’re ruining the mood. I have plans…oh yes, plans…” thought Raven to herself.

suddenly rick doesnt feel so good.png

As they headed outside together, Rick suddenly felt like he was going to be sick. Oh my plumbobs, now what? Rick quickly excused himself and told Raven he had to use the facilities. I have never seen a sim run so fast to the restroom!food poisoning for rick

rick spends the rest of the night in the bathroom.pngRick makes it just in time and…well…let’s just say that it was really NASTY!

Even afterwards, Rick’s stomach is still rumbling and churning. He feels soooo ill. It must have been something he ate. As he comes out of the restroom, he sees the server that served them and told him that he thought he had food poisoning. The server was appalled and apologized profusely and then headed to the kitchen and Rick heard him yelling at the chef.rick complained to the waiter

well stargaze another time.png

Rick felt weak and shaky as he slowly climbed the stairs. His face was hot and clammy and he was still feeling nauseous. Rick didn’t think he could stargaze with Raven tonight. He would have to give her a rain check. Raven was understanding and thanked him for the date. She said they could stargaze another night, and that she hoped he was feeling better soon.

And even though Rick got sick during the date, *Gold Date Achieved*.i had a wonderful time thanks.png

Despite the queasy sensation in his stomach, Rick embraced Raven and said goodbye. He then quickly fled in the direction he had just come from. And just in time!poor rick stuck in the bathroom.png

Egads! This is definitely NOT how Rick had envisioned the ending of his date with Raven. Ah, poor Rick.

Author’s Note: Food poisoning takes 24 hours to overcome, so Rick will be out of commission for awhile.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~raven flirty.png

Raven’s Date Thoughts: “From the first moment I met Rick, we had a connection. Call it karma, call it chance, call it destiny…call it whatever you want. But all I know is that for some reason I am drawn to Rick. I have never known another sim who was so accepting of just…well…everyone. But more so, a sim who likes me for just being me. Rick is definitely a keeper, and I know a lot of the other contestants think so, too. Like Coral. What was up with that? I can’t believe Coral showed up on our date and tried to flirt with Rick! She was actually using my own strategy against me! Sheesh! Well, it didn’t work, did it Coral? Because Rick was more interested in doing some stargazing with me…umm…well, he was, until that bizarro food poisoning incident. You don’t think that Coral had anything to do with that, do you? I mean, maybe I underestimated her. It would be rather clever to add something to the food and cause some stomach ailment to cut the date short. Hmmm….could it be that the poison was meant for me instead of Rick? Nahhh….I’m overthinking this. Well, even though we didn’t get to stargaze together, Rick did give me a rather luscious goodbye embrace before he ran down to the bathroom again. Believe me, he will definitely remember this date! I will be more on his mind now that I ever was before! And that’s how I want it, because he’s on my mind, too! Get better soon, Rick, so my plan of having a first kiss with you will come true.”

Relationship Status After Date: Romantic Interest to Lovebirds

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

The “Funky Chicken” is a dance inspired by Rufus Thomas (1969) and the “Dougie” is a dance inspired in part by Rapper Doug E. Fresh (1980s).

Other contestants showing up on dates continues. As this was the same day as Octavia’s date, Coral was already on the lot outside singing. I guess her throat was parched from all that singing and she decided she needed a drink at the bar and came inside. What I hadn’t anticipated was that Coral would come over and start chatting with Rick. She did leave once Raven joined them. Coral was doing a “Raven”, which I thought was amusing. I thought I would put that in the story since Raven was always appearing everywhere on other group dates.

Rick getting food poisoning at the restaurant was rather unexpected. I was planning on using this build for all of the Solo Dates, but I really don’t think that Rick will want to come back here again. Poor Rick. I tried to have him phone the restaurant to put in a complaint about food poisoning, but it wasn’t giving me that option. So, when I saw their server cleaning the green toilet after Rick…um… “used” it, I had Rick just tell the server to deliver an “insult to the chef.”

I had added the lot trait of “Chef’s Kitchen” to this build, but I guess getting food poisoning is a random occurrence at a restaurant. I also added “Haunted”, but no ghosts ever showed up.pirate restaurant photo credit






















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    1. Yes, I was like what? when I saw the food poisoning. So now back to the gallery to find another date venue. In all the times he went to the ice cream place and he was fine. And then on the same day after only 2 days, boom, food poisoning. Poor guy.


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