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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise Challenge – Pirate Week – Solo Date with Cinnamon


Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. After an exciting day yesterday at Admiral’s Wreckage where, I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, actually found the fabled Heart of Sulani necklace, we are back! Now, don’t you worry about that necklace because Benny has headed over to Keala Hoapili’s house to have her hold it for safe keeping. Benny figured that the island spirits would add an extra layer of protection to guard that necklace, and I couldn’t agree more. So, with the necklace taken care of, and Rick now fully recovered from his bout of food poisoning, do you know what this means? Yes! Rick is ready to head off on Solo dates with the lovely contestants again! I can hardly contain my excitement. And the producers of the show have come through with a new date venue, located right here in Sulani, called Pirate Pete’s Pastries. A restaurant serving just pastries and beverages. And it’s even rumored that the owner, Pete, is a real live descendant of the pirates who inhabited Sulani. Can you believe it? Well, whether he is a pirate or not, he is the best pastry chef on the island, and just looking at some of these delectable desserts has me wanting to go there with Benny.

business as usual

Oh right! About Benny and yesterday. Well, you know, being out in the hot sun most of the day and then finding a treasure that no-one has found for centuries does something to you. I guess you could say we were feeling euphoric, and that gorgeous sunset certainly created a romantic mood….but I can tell you that there is nothing between Benny and I, and this morning everything was business as usual. Yes, indeed, business as usual. And so, without further delay, let’s head on over to peek in on Rick’s date with Cinnamon Apple of House 2.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick at the dock

Rick arrived early for his date with Cinnamon and decided to wander down to the dock. He noticed how busy the marina was with boats arriving from surrounding islands to compete in the Sulani regatta that was part of the Pirate Week celebrations. Since coming to Sulani he had always marvelled at the beauty of the various sailboats. One day, maybe, when he had enough simoleons, he would purchase a sailboat and sail the ocean for a few months. And just maybe he would have someone to sail with him. He thought about all the contestants and wondered if this “someone” was among them.

octavia calls rick to ask on date

He was deep in thought as he gazed out to sea when suddenly his cell phone rang. It was Octavia asking him to go on a date. He kindly declined and hung up. Plus, he already had a date. He walked quickly towards the restaurant in case Cinnamon was waiting for him.

rick and cinnamon on solo date

It was only a few minutes after Rick walked there that Cinnamon arrived. And what an entrance she made! Rick had a sharp in-take of breath and thought that she looked incredibly gorgeous.

“While Rick was out with food poisoning, I thought I would spruce up my wardrobe a bit and headed to the Sulani marketplace and bought this outfit. I think it was a wise choice, as I could swear I saw Rick’s mouth drop when I arrived,” thought Cinnamon.


Almost immediately, Rick gets several whims for Cinnamon. “Be friendly”, “Tell joke”, and “First Kiss.” Rick does the first two whims and the third is cancelled. Their conversation continues to flow very smoothly.


And then all of a sudden, they both burst into song autonomously after which Cinnamon does an autonomous flirt with Rick. Cinnamon is not wasting any time on this date! The heat is on!

“It certainly is getting hot out here,” Rick says as he wipes the sweat from his brow,  “I think I’ll go and get us a table. Oh, and I hope you like desserts, because this restaurant serves the best in Sulani…” said Rick as he walked towards the restaurant entrance.

“Hmmmm….” thought Cinnamon smiling, “…maybe by the end of this date, I’ll be Rick’s favorite dessert…”

Rick requests an outside table

Rick gets another “First Kiss” whim, followed by “Woohoo” for Cinnamon, while he is waiting for their table.

“Geez, it must be this heatwave we’re having or maybe I haven’t fully recovered from that food poisoning, but being around Cinnamon is sure making me have strange thoughts!” thought Rick.

they sit on the same side of the table how cute

They are seated at an outdoor table under shade by the water. And they both sit down on the same side of the table. How cute is that?

“I hope this table is alright. I thought a view of the water would be nice,” said Rick as they sat down.

“Oh yes. It is perfect. Since I arrived here, I have been fascinated by the ocean. I like to get up early at the house before anyone else, and just sit on the deck with my tea and stare out at the water. The ocean is so mesmerizing with its clear and turquoise water. I know this sounds crazy…but it’s like it beckons you to it…” Cinnamon almost whispered.

Rick looked at Cinnamon quizzically for a moment before commenting. “Yes, that is exactly how I feel. I have often thought about sailing the ocean for a few months. Well, if I had a sailboat that is, which I don’t,” replied Rick.

“So, is that like a secret wish that you have? To own your own sailboat and sail the ocean?” asked Cinnamon.

“Yes, I guess you could call it that. A secret wish,” said Rick, “Ah, but it’s not a secret anymore now that you know…” Rick smiled and winked at her.

“You’re secret is safe with me,” replied Cinnamon quickly.

“And so, you must have some secrets, too, don’t you Cinnamon? Care to share any?” Rick said as he looked intensely at Cinnamon.

Cinnamon felt herself melt a bit at the intensity of Rick’s stare.  “I….um…where I live….um…” Cinnamon uttered.

But, before she could continue, the waitress arrived at their table to take their order.

rick i cant believe they have these here

Cinnamon hadn’t even had time to look at the menu so she quickly scanned the menu and then saw something familiar.

“Rick, I can’t believe they have this dessert here! It is my most favorite dessert from Selvadorada, Buñuelos! They are basically fried dough coated in cinnamon and absolutely delicious. I’ll order that and a glass of fruit punch.”

“Oh, that sounds good, but I really can’t resist a good piece of banana cream pie. I’ll order that with a Fizzy Fruity Drink,” finished Rick.

rick doing autonomous flirt with cinnamon

With the order in, Rick looked at Cinnamon again

“So…now I’m all ears…you were just about to tell me one of your secrets…” Rick prompted winking wickedly at her.

it really is true

Cinnamon was in shock and her face felt flushed. “I thought he would forget about “my secret” when the waitress came. What had just happened? I was going to tell him the secret of the Omiscan ruins. Just like that. Under his spell. But I feel in my heart that I could trust him. I could tell him anything, and I so want to, but I can’t. What am I going to do?” thought Cinnamon and she remained silent.

the date was going well other than the dropped food

Rick spoke up then, “From your silence, you must have some BIG secret that you are keeping and are debating whether or not to tell me. It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything and perhaps this isn’t the best place to tell me anyway. Maybe one day you’ll tell me, but for now, why don’t you tell me more about Selvadorada,” Rick smiled warmly at her.

Cinnamon couldn’t believe what he had just said to her. She remembered how he had handled Nami’s secret that she was an alien, and Coral, Isla, Merinda and Naomi’s secret of being mermaids. He was so understanding and non-judgemental. She decided right then and there that if she was one of the seven contestants left, that she would tell him in private then. She didn’t want to keep any secrets from him, especially with how she was starting to feel aboout him.

waitress drops their tray

The waitress came with their order then and promptly dropped it. Oh gosh! The waitress was very apologetic and quickly cleaned up the area and headed back to the kitchen to put their order in again. Let’s hope their order comes before the date ends.

im so sorry ill get you another

Cinnamon felt rather confident now talking to Rick and even flirted with him as the waitress left. In no time at all, their ordered appeared again in front of them.

After oohing and ahhing about their desserts, Cinnamon told Rick a bit about where she was from. Rick gets several more whims of “Be Friendly” and “Cloudgaze.”

in selvadorada there are myths legends

Cinnamon started to talk about Selvadorada, “I live in the Belomisia Jungle region in Selvadorada with my parents. My mother is an archaeologist and my father is a linguist. We have travelled extensively throughout Selvadorada and often visit the marketplace of Puerto Llamante. It is a great place and there are food stands, local crafts to buy and a cantina. Every sim dances the rumbasim, and every sim knows you by name. I have had a lot of fun there!”

“The rumbasim? Do you know that dance, too?” asked Rick.

“Why yes. It is part of my culture. Every Selvadoradian knows that dance. The word “rumba” itself means party,” explained Cinnamon.

“Maybe you could teach me the rumbasim?” said Rick.

“Yes, I could, but I warn you, it’s a very energetic dance. Are you sure you can keep up?” Cinnamon said laughing a little.

“Ouch! Are you saying I’m not in shape?” laughed Rick faking a wounded look.

They both laughed and continued joking with each other. Rick also got some more whims for Cinnamon, another “First Kiss”, and “Flirt With”. Things were going rather well on the date except for their first dessert order being dropped.

and their dessert arrived 2

Rick ate a piece of his pie and exclaimed that it was the best banana cream pie he’s ever had.

“My mother prepares a wonderful dish called plantanos fritos, which translates to fried plantain. You’d like it, since you love bananas so much. And it tastes so much better when you hand pick the fruit yourself.” Cinnamon smiled warmly.

“Oh that sounds yummy and Selvadorada sounds like a wonderful place. I would like to visit one day,” said Rick sincerely.

“Yes, we could stay at the Belomisia Field Station, which is a jungle hostel for budding archaeologists, and then hike to the National Park trailhead. From there, I would be your personal guide and reveal all of the mysteries of the jungle to you,” replied Cinnamon coyly.

i would love to go there some day

“And would we have to stay in the deep jungle overnight while we hike this trail?” asked Rick as he raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Why, of course. But you don’t mind sleeping in a tent for two, do you?” answered Cinnamon playing along with him.

“No, not at all. But I do have one question for you…do you SNORE?” laughed Rick.

Cinnamon burst out laughing herself.

looks like coral has decided to try some pastries too

While Cinnamon and Rick were laughing at the joke, someone familiar entered the restaurant and headed to the bar. Even with those dark sunglasses on, it looked like one of the contestants. Oh my gosh, it was! Coral, is that you?

cinnamon looked radianty

The bill was delivered and a card was placed beside Cinnamon’s plate.

“What’s this?” Cinnamon said as she looked at the card.

“I would say it’s a personality card based on the dessert you ordered. Why don’t you read it?” Rick said.

Cinnamon smiled as she read her card out loud, “If you’re a donuts nut, people are often jealous of your awesomeness. You’re great in all situations with all types of people–which makes sense because donuts are a dessert that is appropriate for multiple situations. You’ll get fancy every once in a while, but you’re typically a no frills kind of person. If others don’t like you, it doesn’t matter ’cause you know your self-worth.”

“And, any truth to that?” asked Rick smiling

“Yes, it is eerily true. I do have an inner-strength. I guess some sims might be jealous of that. But it’s how I grew up. In the jungle, you need to be self-sufficient, and my parents did instill a great sense of confidence in me. I always felt I could do anything. And although I do like to dress up, I am happier in shorts and a t-shirt, camping, fishing and being in the outdoors.”

cinnamon was beautiful smart and loved the outdoors

“Ah, so true. But you forgot one thing,” said Rick.

“Oh, what’s that?” asked Cinnamon, wanting to know what Rick thought of her.

“The awesomeness part,” whispered Rick, “Because I think you’re pretty awesome myself.”

Hubba! Hubba! Rick! You most definitely have made Cinnamon’s night with that compliment.

the date was over but that didnt mean rick wanted it to end

The date was over, but Rick really didn’t want it to end. He could spend all night talking to Cinnamon. She was intelligent, loved the outdoors and was an adventurer. They had a lot in common. Rick glanced over his shoulder one last time as she headed down the path. And besides that, Cinnamon was “smokin’ hot”!

*Gold Date Achieved*

cinnamons thoughts on rick

Cinnamon’s Date Thoughts:

“Rick is really the kind of guy I could settle down with. He’s so “hot” and he doesn’t even know it. And kind. I can understand why the sims in Sulani all like him so much. The sims in Selvadorada would all like him, too. He could go anywhere and sims would like him. And funny. Rick has the most amazing sense of humor. I bet he could even make a grueling trek into the jungle fun. I kind of wish we were in Selvadorada now. Together. Alone. And after putting out the fire and heading into that tent, I know that we would have …um… much…um…more “fun” together. *Fans self* Rick needs someone like me. Some of the other contestants don’t even like fishing or the outdoors. That is Rick’s life, his passion. How can he be with a sim who doesn’t share his interests? He wouldn’t be happy. And telling him the “secret” of the Omiscan ruins would only bring us closer together. I am sure of it. I am now, more determined than ever to be “the one” for Rick. Because I know, in my heart, that I am his one, true passion.”

Relationship Status: Remains Romantic Interest

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

I found a website on what ordering your favorite dessert says about you, and although buñuelos aren’t mentioned, they are close to donuts. I thought that it suited Cinnamon’s personality quite well.

With all the autonomous flirting that was going on, I really thought that their relationship at the end of the date would be much higher.


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