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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Pirate Week – Solo Date With Brianna

bachelor in paradise kigi

roxie opening solo date brianna

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. There are only two Solo Dates left before the Elimination Challenge and tensions are mounting in both houses. The contestants seem to think that this will be some kind of skill challenge and it appears they have all been skilling pretty hard lately. Benny and I have no idea what the producers have planned or if it will indeed be a skill challenge or some kind of random challenge. We do, know, however, that a swimming or fishing competition will not be held, as some of the contestants would have a distinct advantage or aversion to this type of competition. I can’t believe that the producers would not tell, moi, about the competition, but it’s all very hush-hush. Well, maybe I can believe it since the producers hadn’t told me much about Rick’s background either and I had to find out myself. Which reminds me, today I am heading to the Sulani Archives to research more background information on Rick. I mean I still don’t know what his real last name is or who his mother and father were.

benny talking selfie

And while I am at the archives, Benny is going to “peek in” on Rick’s date with Brianna Hammond of House 1. Right, Benny? Umm…Benny…? Benny…where are you? Oh my gosh, there he is, taking a selfie at the beach. Hmmm…and he looks darn good, too, don’t you think? I wonder if I could get a copy of that snapshot? Hmmm…maybe two copies…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick opening date with brianna

Rick was up early and decided to do some fishing. He enjoyed fishing. It relaxed him and it gave him lots of time to think about things. But lately, he had been more of a catch-and-release fisherman. It may have something to do with his newfound knowledge of mermaids and how they viewed fish as their friends. Yet, he still liked to fish, just maybe not as enthusiastically as he had before. It was simpler when he was on the island by himself. There, fishing was part of his livelihood, his self-sufficiency, his off-the-grid lifestyle. But being away from the island wasn’t so bad, and being in the company of the lovely contestants was even better. Which reminded him, he had better get ready for his Solo Date with Brianna.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick and brianna first meet

It was a good thing that he had left when he did because he arrived just a few minutes before Brianna. And he couldn’t help but notice the admiring stares she was getting from other male patrons as she walked towards him. To put it mildly, Brianna was totally gorgeous.

“I really planned my outfit carefully for this date. I have been so looking forward to this, and I think my choice has hit its mark. Rick can’t seem to take his eyes off of me, and that was the plan. But seriously, he’s pretty good-looking himself, and I can’t quite take my eyes off of him either,” Brianna thought.

first whim be funny

Almost immediately, Rick gets his first whim to “Be Funny” with Brianna, so he tells a joke about barnacles and she thinks it’s rather funny, too. He then gets “Get To Know” and “First Kiss.” The latter, of course, is canceled.

celebrity table

Rick had requested a table for two by the water, but it seems that a certain celebrity already had it reserved.

tell me more abut yourself

But no matter, he was given an outdoor table in the shade with a water view. And in fact, he liked this table better as Brianna sat down right next to him. He got another whim to “Tell a Dirty Joke” to Brianna. Oh, Rick! So bad! Even though you’re not supposed to look, I took a peek to see what whims Brianna was having, and she had a whim to “Have First Kiss With Rick”. Dang! These two are smitten with each other.

“I’m so glad that we came here. I heard that the desserts are just divine. I can, of course, make desserts, but not like this. My specialties are more in appetizers and main courses. Chef Pete is a true Pastry Chef and has won some major culinary awards. I can’t wait to taste one of his creations,” enthused Brianna.

“Yes, the desserts are pretty sensational here,” agreed Rick as they took a moment to look at the menu choices.

woohoo whim for brianna

“But you know, too many desserts could ruin my boyish figure,” Rick laughed patting his stomach, “I’m more into freshly grilled foods myself. The smell of bar-b-q makes my mouth water. And my absolute favorite meal is garlic herbed grilled tuna. My own recipe actually. Tuna marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and a pinch of thyme from my garden. That coupled with freshly grilled pineapple skewers over rice is superb,” nodded Rick.

Brianna wasn’t quite sure if she heard Rick correctly. His favorite meal was grilled tuna? She couldn’t believe it. Meeting Rick had to be kismet.

i would be your most attentive student

“I can’t believe I just heard you say that your favorite meal was grilled tuna,” said Brianna, still astonished by his words. “I have a secret recipe for grilled tuna that I have been wanting to make for you. I guess I wanted to wow you with my culinary skills, but you sure surprised me. I didn’t even know you could cook,” exclaimed Brianna.

Rick laughed heartily, “A cook…nah…I just dabble. I wouldn’t even call it cooking, more like grilling simple foods. And most of the time hoping that I don’t burn the place down!” Rick said laughing again.

Rick gets 3 whims in a row for Brianna, “Woohoo”, “Make-out” and “Woohoo” again. All are canceled.

brianna really enjoying the date

Brianna must have sensed what Rick was having whims about and did an autonomous flirt with him.

“Well, I could certainly give you some pointers in the kitchen,” flirted Brianna.

“And I would be your most attentive student,” Rick said looking at Brianna intensely.

Brianna felt herself blush suddenly. “Oh my gosh! The way Rick looks at me with those blue eyes, it’s like…it’s like he knows what I’m thinking…and right now, I’m having some rather “hot” thoughts about him,” thought Brianna.

waiter takes their order

The waiter arrived to take their order. Brianna took a moment to compose herself before speaking. “I absolutely must order the Nutella brownie. I just love Nutella!  And a macchiato, please.”

“I’ll have the banana cream pie and a Buffalo Wing Tea,” Rick said and returned the menu to the waiter.

Oh gosh, here we go again with Rick and his “banana-something” orders.

tell me more abut yourself

“So, tell me more about this Nutella obsession you have…” smirked Rick.

“Oh, Nutella,” laughed Brianna lightly, “Well, when I was growing up in San Myshuno, I saw a commercial on tv about Nutella, and I had to try it. I just couldn’t get enough of it. I would spread some on toast, waffles, anything and everything.”

ive been wanting to ask you something

“I loved Nutella so much, that I created a chicken and Nutella recipe. On World Nutella Day, (February 5th for those who don’t know), the company had a cooking contest, and the sim with the best recipe using Nutella would win a trip to Sulani. There were so many entries, but the judges were impressed with my recipe and I won the contest. I couldn’t believe it myself! And that’s how I ended up here. And after that, I fell in love with the place, got a job as a chef, and decided to stay,” smiled Brianna.

“Wow! I didn’t know I was on a date with a Nutella celebrity chef!” smirked Rick, “Do you serve that dish at the restaurant where you work?”

“Unfortunately not. But if I open my own restaurant one day, it will certainly be on the menu,” replied Brianna.

“So, is that your dream? To someday open your own restaurant?” asked Rick.

“Well, that and a few other things…” replied Brianna vaguely.

you dont like peanut butter

Their order arrived and the smell of warm chocolate wafted over them. Brianna closed her eyes as she took a bite of brownie.

“Heavenly….” she said, “Yum! This is THE best brownie I have ever had. This is so good!”

“So, you were saying that there were a few other things that you had dreams about. Care to share?” asked Rick.

Rick gets whims to “Get to Know” and “Tell Joke” to Brianna.

“Well, if I ever find the right guy…” Brianna paused and looked at Rick, “…I would like to have a family with him,” answered Brianna.

“Yes, I have always wanted to have a family of my own, but not just my own kids, also adopting some kids. Like the Kealoha family. They have their own child, cute little Nani, and their adopted teen son, Duane Talla. That is what I see as my future family. Of course, I need to find someone who wanted this type of family, too,” Rick smiled winking at Brianna.

Rick gets two more whims for Brianna, “Make-Out” and “Kiss”. Both are canceled.

having a great date together

“Oh, of course. Makes perfect sense. A shared vision. So, just a hypothetical question for you, what would a normal, typical day with your family and your lovely…um… wife look like? You know..sometime in the future,” asked Brianna.

Rick gets several whims to “Ask To Be Girlfriend” and “Woohoo” with Brianna. Tsk Tsk, Rick. All are canceled.

brianna you are a marvelous sim

“Oh that’s a good question. Never really dwelled too much on that one, but since you asked…hypothetically…I see myself living here in Sulani, back on my island, but I think I would have to make some improvements. There’s not really a house there now, so that would be my first priority. But I’d want to keep everything natural, still living off-the-grid, so to speak, and perhaps using some eco-friendly technology, like solar panels. And, as for my…um…wife…she would have a love for the outdoors, like me. Together we would teach our children about Sulani and how they can protect it. The outdoors and the environment are rather important to me, so I would like to pass that same wisdom to them. I’m not really sure what a typical day would look like, some swimming or snorkeling, perhaps some fishing, or sailing to one of the many islands of Sulani and doing a beach clean-up. Maybe head to town to ride some bicycles and visit with some friends, or help at some of the festivals. Community and helping one another is very important in Sulani, and I’d want to share that with my…er…wife…and family,” Rick responded thoughtfully.

“That…that sounds wonderful. A very relaxing lifestyle, but filled with a sense of purpose” Brianna replied thinking of the possibilities.

“And, of course, I’d have to teach everyone my famous garlic herb grilled tuna recipe. Family secret you know…” he joked and Brianna laughed with him.

Rick gets a whim to “Flirt With” Brianna, and I have no trouble convincing him to do so.

rick flirting with brianna

The waiter came with their bill and placed a card beside Brianna’s plate. Brianna looked at it questioningly.

“It’s a personality card, based on the dessert you ordered. It will reveal your innermost thoughts,” smirked Rick, “Go ahead and read it!”

Brianna laughed and certainly hoped that the card wouldn’t reveal the smoldering thoughts she was having about Rick right now. “Sure,” Brianna replied brightly and started to read the card, “As the brownie believer, you might be low maintenance, independent, and easy-going. People love being around you, but you also value your alone time. You’re a great companion with a comforting shoulder to cry on–or a brownie to offer as comfort food. Once someone gets to know you, they might discover the slightly nutty nature beneath the surface–and it’s just as fun as the nuts in your favorite brownie recipe. People believe in you as much as you believe in the brownies.”

“So, any of that true?” Rick asked.

i think that sounds rather nice

“Well, I think most of it is. I’m pretty low maintenance, and prefer to spend time at the beach, scuba diving or surfing. I would say I was pretty easy-going, well, except when it comes to my work. I’m pretty intense about that. I do need some alone time, now and again, and enjoy strumming tunes on my guitar. And a nutty nature? Well, that must be my love for Nutella!” laughed Brianna.

“But you forgot one thing…” replied Rick.

“I did?” Brianna asked wondering what Rick was going to add.

“Yes! That sims love being around you!” said Rick staring at Brianna, “And I SO love being around you, Brianna…”

Oh, Rick! I can almost see Brianna blush after that compliment!

it was the perfect moment to end a perfect date but he couldn't

The date was over, and as they got up from the table, they faced each other and just stood there staring at each other. Neither one moved. Neither one wanted to leave. Rick thought that this would be the perfect moment to end a perfect date. The whim didn’t go away — “Have First Kiss With Brianna”. Rick had to admit that he was genuinely attracted to Brianna. She was beautiful, they got along very well and shared many interests. He so wanted to…oh how he wanted to…but he couldn’t. And, it’s as if Brianna knew the moment had passed and was the first to move. Brianna thanked Rick for the date and they bid each other good night as they headed out of the restaurant together.

these two have a genuine mutual attraction for each other

*Gold Date Achieved*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

brianna in love

Brianna’s Date Thoughts:

“I am floating on a cloud after that date. At the end, I could almost sense that Rick wanted to kiss me. I know I certainly wanted to kiss him. But he probably is sticking to the “no kissing rule” until after the Solo Dates are done. But after that, my lips will be ready, because Rick is very kissable, and one kiss just wouldn’t be enough. Besides, Rick is a keeper. When he was describing a typical day with…wife and family, I could imagine that happening. I was lulled by his voice and drifted off to that not-so-distant future, and, yes, I saw myself there with him. It’s a dream that I would like to see become a reality. Everything he said about teaching his children to love the outdoors is exactly how I feel. His values are my values. His likes are my likes. I believe that things happen for a reason. Me being in this contest and Rick being the Bachelor. We’re meant to be together. But with his easy-going nature, I am sure most of the contestants feel that way, too…that he is the one for them. So, I will have to work harder to win his love. Because, the problem is, I am falling in love with Rick and really do feel he is the one for me. And his talk of an off-the-grid lifestyle and plans for a family, I could handle a life like that. And with Rick, life could be a dream.”

Relationship Status: Remains Lovebirds

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Rick kept having the same “Have First Kiss With Brianna” whim, even though I kept canceling it. Over and over and over, it kept showing up. And at the end when they got up from the table, they just stood there looking at each other, not moving. I am not sure if it was a glitch in my game, or perhaps something else. Only time will tell.

There is an actual recipe for chicken and Nutella. Read all about it here. Nutella and Chicken? Strange Food Combos That Really Work.

“Life Could Be A Dream”, song lyrics from the song “Sh Boom Sh Boom, by The Chords, 1954.



3 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Pirate Week – Solo Date With Brianna

  1. What an amazing date! Whew! Is it hot in here or what?

    They both look made for each other but Rick is the kind of guy that anyone could fall in love with so I won’t get my hopes up. At least Brianna didn’t blow it.

    Mmmm…I’ll have to try the Nutella chicken recipe!

    Great chapter!

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I was hoping that you would have a chance to get to read this one. This date went so smoothly, and all those hot whims he had for Brianna…wow! He’ll have to take a cold shower after that. I hope you liked my little spin on the Nutella info and how she won a trip to Sulani. Yes, so true about Rick. All of the contestants are so in love with him…some, though, more than others.

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