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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Pirate Week – Solo Date With Nami

bachelor in paradise kigi

oh benny we have to go look at a lot

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Another gorgeous day in Sulani as we await the last of the Solo Dates before the “kissing ban” is lifted. Pirate Pete’s Pastries will again be the date location. Oh, and as a special treat for Benny and I, Chef Pete sent over some delectable desserts for us. You should have seen the box my dessert came in, all wrapped in gold ribbon, with my name on a little pirate card, with hearts all around it. Of course, I had to open it and see what dessert he sent me. And I couldn’t believe it when I saw it was a slice of SimCity Cheesecake. My absolute favorite dessert! I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, am a devoted cheesecake fanatic. I don’t know how Chef Pete found that out, but I think he might be sweet on me. Who could blame him, really, since I am the hostess EXTRAORDINAIRE of this show. Of course, Benny was drooling over his chocolate lava bundt cake dessert…but I got cheesecake! Need I say more? I am off to brew a pot of tea and savor my divine cheesecake while I “peek in” on Rick’s Solo Date with Nami Chuu of House 2.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick going on a walk

Rick was up early as usual and decided to take a walk along the beach. He loved this time of day, with the sun just coming up, the seagulls crying overhead, and the gentle sound of waves lapping on the shore. It always seemed a perfect time to look around and appreciate everything in nature and in life.

turtle rock carving

It was also a good time to think about the ten lovely contestants who were vying for this affection, and that somehow, amongst them, he would find “somebody to love”.  He genuinely had feelings for all of them. Yet, some of the contestants stayed on his mind more than others, and his feelings for them were certainly much stronger. Which reminded him that he better head on over to the restaurant for his date with Nami. He most definitely didn’t want to keep her waiting.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

namis outfit

It had clouded over a bit when Rick arrived at the restaurant, but he could still appreciate the svelte figure coming towards him. Nami looked sensational!

“As the last of the Solo Dates before the Elimination Challenge, I REALLY wanted to make an impression on Rick. Red is one of my favorite colors and this off-the-shoulder top and white skorts is a perfect outfit for the date. It is casual, but still has that “wow” factor. And by Rick’s smile, I think he definitely agrees,” thought Nami.

nami and rick meeting at rest

Rick gets two whims for Nami almost immediately. Get to Know and Make-out. The latter, of course is canceled.

rest busier than normal

After chatting some more, Rick realized that the restaurant was quite busy today. Probably getting more business from promotion on the show. He excused himself and headed to the hostess station to request an outside table.

compliments outfit nami

As they sat down together – and on the same side of the table, too – Rick can’t help but notice how beautiful Nami looked. Rick suddenly gets a whim to “Have Frist Kiss With Nami”. Oh my gosh! Rick is certainly having some hot thoughts for Nami, and by the look of things, I think she feels the same way. I cancel that. He then gets a whim to compliment Nami, which he readily does.

that outfit looks sensational on you

“Nami, I wanted to compliment you on your outfit. It looks…you look…um…you look absolutely beautiful,” Rick said, his eyes never leaving Nami’s face.

Nami could feel herself getting a bit flushed. Well, a lot flushed. She was starting to glow pink and feeling very flirty. “Thank you, Rick. You know you look pretty good yourself. Blue really is your color. I would say that you were an Autumn or a Winter, or a bit of both.” 

telling nami a joke

“I’m a what?” Rick laughed, a bit confused.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Just a habit of mine. As a fashion stylist, I am always looking at sims and thinking about what color would look best on them. Being a “winter” is a color analysis, based on the four seasons, to determine which colors look best on you based on your skin tone, hair and eye color. So, a “winter” is a sim with medium to dark hair, brown, green or um…deep blue eyes…like you have. So, you’d look best in blues, greens, reds, even some pink. But I also think you’re a bit of an Autumn, because I really think you’d look good in burnt-orange,” Nami explained.

“Burnt-orange? Like on that Group Date we had and we were both on fire? More like flambé red, yellow and orange!” Rick laughed.

“Oh my gosh! That was so horrible! You know since then, I’ve removed all the incense burners from my bedroom hut. That was too close a call for me!” emphasized Nami.

“Yes, me, too! And I am glad that nothing happened to you, Nami, because I really..I really…um…care about you. I care about you very much!” Rick said sincerely as he looked at Nami and saw her looking at him intensely.

both are very flirty

Rick has a flirty vibe and gets multiple whims for Nami. “Kiss”, “Make-out” and “Woohoo with Nami”. Dang Rick! I think Rick more than “cares” about Nami.

“Yes..I care about you very much, too, Rick. I actually…um…I…” Nami paused. She didn’t know if she should reveal her true feelings to Rick now. She wanted so much to tell him how she really felt about him, but, no, this was not the place. She wanted to tell him when they were alone…“I think that we have a lasting connection having survived that fire together.”

flirty nami

“Right! Most definitely, a connection…” replied Rick smiling at Nami. Rick brightened up then and asked, “So tell me more about your career as a style influencer. I seem to remember you telling me that your dog got you into this profession. Maybe you could tell me more about that.”

nami talking about her business

“Oh my gosh! You remembered that? I told you that the night I, um…”revealed” myself to you. Yes, my dog. Did I tell you his name was Marvin the Martian? Yes, I used to dress him up in little outfits. I bought a few, but then I started sewing them myself. And I got a lot of compliments on them. Even started to get orders for them. It gave me a lot of confidence. And some of my customers said I had an eye for design, and they’d ask me for advice on what to wear and what make-up to use. Pretty soon, I was doing make-overs and I got a part-time job as a personal shopping assistant at a retail store. My services were in high demand, so I decided to open my own business. I have never looked back,” Nami answered, feeling good about herself and her accomplishments.

“You certainly are good at what you do. I have to admit, though, that I didn’t choose these clothes myself. Mele Kahananui actually did a make-over on me before the show,” Rick confessed.

i would love to give all the contestants a make-over

“That is what I see myself doing. To become a big Style Influencer. I love giving sims make-overs, whether it’s a whole wardrobe change or just a slight make-up change. When they look good, it makes me happy. I’d love to give all the contestants a make-over,” Nami replied with a smile.

“Really? So, do you think I need another make-over?” Rick asked winking at Nami.

“You, Rick? Honestly, you would look good in anything,” replied Nami flirting with Rick.

ordering their desserts

Before Rick had a chance to respond, the server was there to take their order. Nami took a few minutes to look over the menu and saw what she wanted.

“I’ll have these berry macaroons. Do you know how hard it is to make macaroons? I just have to taste them. And, oh a bee tea sounds good,” Nami said as she handed her menu back to the server.

“I’ll order the banana cream pie with an iced tea, please,” said Rick smiling at Nami.

odd talent

“I heard that you liked banana-anything from the other contestants. So, any other habits or odd talents that you wish to share with me?” asked Nami smirking.

“Odd talent? Now that’s an unusual question. Does being able to say the alphabet backwards without thinking count? Oh wait! A better one. What about soccer juggling? It sounds easy right, but it’s not. Keep that soccer ball off the ground for as long as you can using just your feet. I got a cramp in my leg once from trying to beat the Simness World Record. I think I managed 1/2 an hour. The record is 30 hours. Hey, I wasn’t far off. I could do it again. But this time I should limber up first. Yep, I should start training after I get that piece of banana cream pie,” answered Rick with a smirk on hs face.

Nami was laughing. “I can just picture Rick doing this. He’s such a gem,” thought Nami.

a most delicious tea

Their order arrived and the heavenly scent of bee tea filled the air. Nami couldn’t resist taking a sip.

these are so good

Nami then took a bite of macaroon. “These are soooo good. I haven’t tasted macaroons like these since I was home last. My Mom makes delicious macaroons,” said Nami between bites.

“Your Mom makes macaroons? Is she a good baker?” asked Rick.

Nami talking about her childhood

“Well, actually she is a rather bad baker. But she was determined to perfect macaroons because my Dad had tasted them once and adores them. So, she started watching cooking shows, and even took a baking class with a local chef to learn how to make macaroons. But I have to say that my Mom has now perfected the macaroon. And when she’s making them, my Dad is right there in the kitchen ready to sample them. Of course, I think my Dad would eat them if they were burnt and hard because my Mom made them. He just thinks the world of her. They’re so in love with each other still, even after all these years,” smiled Nami thinking of her parents.

that was a thought

“They sound wonderful. That’s what I would want, too. To still be in love with someone years into the future. To grow old together. For someone to make me a delicious banana cream pie…” Rick winked at Nami. Rick gets a whim to flirt with Nami.

“Oh right. You just want someone for their pie-making skills. Specifically banana pie making skills! I know your secret now!” laughed Nami.

rick blows nami an autonomous kiss

And with that, Rick autonomously blows Nami a kiss. Hubba Hubba! I think Rick might be interested in Nami for more than her possible pie-making skills. Rick also gets a whim to again “Have First Kiss With Nami.”

The bill is delivered and a card is placed beside Nami.

“What’s this?” Nami asks looking at the card.

“It’s your dessert personality based on what dessert you ordered. Why don’t you read it?” encouraged Rick.

“Oh that sounds like fun!” said Nami and she read the card aloud, “As a cookie craver, you’re very versatile and can adapt to changes without a fuss. No surprise, considering how many recipes exist! You’re easy to be around and know how to keep it low-key. Nothing will get in your way of achieving your dreams, no matter how far-fetched or outlandish they may seem. Cookies and classic movies are one of your favorite combos–and you might even enjoy a bit of history. Though you’re a big ol’ softy at heart, your nougaty center can harden if someone pushes you too far.”

“Now that’s interesting. Any truth to that?” asked Rick interested in knowing more about Nami.

“Well, sort of. I think the part about achieving my dreams is true. I think I found my calling as a style influencer and really want to be better at it. When I’m not working, I do like to keep it low-key. I like to wear my favorite faded jeans, and a comfy top and just curl up on the couch and watch classic movies on tv. That really is me. It’s one of my favorite things to do on a rainy afternoon,” replied Nami.

staring lovingly at each other

“And what about a big ol’ softy at heart?” asked Rick, moving his chair a little closer to Nami’s.

“Well, I….um…I guess so. I care about others, and even though I am more confident than I was when I was younger, I don’t think I can ever be mean to anyone…” answered Nami.

“And that is what I like about you, Nami. That, and much, much more…” Rick whispered.

“Oh Rick, if you only knew how I felt about you…” thought Nami.

they embrace

The date had ended and they got up from the table and Rick embraced Nami. She felt warm in his arms, and Rick breathed in the scent of her hair. Jasmine. Nami’s hair smelled like the jasmine that bloomed in the moonlight on his island. Such a heady scent, it took control of his senses. Rick thought how easy it could be to tilt Nami’s head now and kiss her lightly on the lips. It felt right. The whole night had felt right. But, no, this was not the right place nor the right time, so he reluctantly released her.

such a lovely date rick

They stood there and Rick sensed that Nami wanted to tell him something, but all she said was “Thank you for the date, Rick. It was a perfect evening.”

Rick has so many romantic whims right now for Nami, none of which he can do. Oh gosh! Oh gosh! Oh gosh! Rick, you and Nami are smitten with each other.

they head out together

As they head out together, Rick couldn’t agree with Nami more. Yes, a perfect evening.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*Gold Date Achieved*

nami date thoughts

Nami’s Date Thoughts:

Is it possible to have a date that is more than perfect? Because if so, this was the date. Of course, everytime I am with Rick, it just seems perfect. Even when things go wrong, it’s perfect. Rick was right when he said we have a connection. I’ve felt it since the night I told him I was half-alien, or maybe before. I already know what a kind, sensitive sim Rick is, who cares about others around him. And how funny he is. He always tries to lighten a bad situation with a joke or a kind word. And the more I find out about him, the more I fall in love with him. Because there is no denying it, I am definitely in love with Rick. And tonight there were so many times that I wanted to tell him that, to take him in my arms and kiss him. I could almost feel that he wanted to do the same, but he resisted because of the rules. I’ve heard the other contestants say that they are “falling in love” with Rick, but I am way past that. I am so in love with Rick that I am thinking of leaning how to make banana cream pie, and quite possibly, anything made with bananas. Is this how my mother felt about my father? Could this be what true love feels like? Because if that’s the case, I am truly in love with Rick and so very determined to make him my own.

Relationship Status: Remains Lovebirds

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

The amount of whims that Rick was getting for Nami was incredible. I couldn’t write them all down and they kept coming up the same. All the types of whims he can’t do, Kiss, Make-out and Woohoo. He had the flirty vibe from the moment the date started. Nami had the flirty mood, too. It was very easy to tell, since she is an alien and was glowing “pink.” Mutual attraction? I guess we’ll see what the future holds.

Thanks to this simmer for creating this fantastic build. I just renamed it to Pirate Pete’s Pastries and changed the menu to serve just desserts and beverages.

restaurant credit photo crow's nest

What Colours Suit Me? An article on what colors look good on you based on what Season you are.

What Your Favorite Dessert Says About You. A fun article on your dessert personality.

What does choosing pie say about Rick? Read about it here:

“As the passionate pie eater, you’re understanding and wise, but still a real goofball. Sometimes people think you’re flaky or too emotional, but you’re as loyal and logical as they come–most of the time. Your smart and savvy nature get you what you want, and your presence alone has the ability to make situations better. Just like that pie recipe from three generations ago, you’re a keeper.”

For sure, Rick is a keeper!



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