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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Elimination Challenge – “10 Things I Know About Rick”

bachelor in paradise kigi

roxanna opening elimination challenge

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Now that all of the initial Solo Dates have taken place, we are at the moment that the contestants have been dreading – The Elimination Challenge. This is a very important challenge as this will bring the two houses together and the number of contestants down to seven. Yes, seven! These final contestants will be living in one house with the Bachelor.

Now, the producers have informed me that not ALL of the contestants will be participating in the Elimination Challenge. Some of the contestants are SAFE. Who are they, you ask? Well, before we get to that, let’s back up.

Once Rick was done with his date, he headed over to each house and did one friendly and one romantic interaction with each contestant to see if this would improve their relationship. Once that was done, the producers looked at the relationship panels.

House 1: Lara McGowan (Acquaintances), Brianna Hammond (Lovebirds), Naomi Mahina (Romantic Interest), Miriam Epp (Acquaintances), Raven Xang (Lovebirds)

house 1 stats

House 2: Nami Chuu (Lovebirds), Coral Reeves (Lovebirds), Cinnamon Apple (Romantic Interest), Octavia Dillon (Acquaintances), Iris Costello (Lovebirds)

stats for elimination house 2

The contestants who are “Lovebirds” with our Bachelor are SAFE. This means, unfortunately, that the other contestants will be competing in The Elimination Challenge, and the producers have decided that THREE (3) of these contestants will be heading home. Oh my gosh! Let’s head on over to the Elimination Competition Challenge lot and get started.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

competition challenge

Here are the five lovely contestants who will compete in the challenge. (From left-Naomi Mahina, Lara McGowan, Miriam Epp, Octavia Dillon, and Cinnamon Apple). The Elimination Challenge is based on “10 Things I Know About Rick” and divided into 10 room challenges. Each room has a door on either side of it, which is locked when a contestant is doing the challenge in that room. Individually, each contestant will navigate the course and in each room, they will have to do something and hope that it will “match” what Rick will do to gain a point. Let’s take a look at what they have to do.

rooms 1 2 3

  1. Challenge room 1 is outdoors and the contestants must “build sand sculpture”. They must match their sculpture to Rick’s to get a point.
  2. Challenge room 2 is a quiet reading area and contestants must “read something” to match what Rick has chosen.
  3. Challenge room 3 is to “make favorite drink.” Will their favorite drink match what Rick’s is?

rooms 4 5

4. Challenge room 4 is simply to “mold clay.” Contestants will receive 1 point if their clay creation is the same as Rick’s.

5. Challenge room 5 is “shape” or prune the bonsai bush. A match with Rick gets 1 point.

room 6

6. Challenge room 6 will take a bit longer and contestants will “Write a Children’s Book”. Match the title with Rick’s for 1 point. Match the exact value of the book (regardless of title) for another point.

rooms 8 9

7. Challenge room 7 is a tv room where contestants will sit and “autonomously decide what tv channel or movie they will watch”. More importantly, is it the same channel or movie that Rick watched? Two choices are made, and one choice is 1 point, with two choices being 2 points.

8. Challenge room 8 is a kitchen setting. Four delectable vegetarian dishes have been prepared (tofu hotdogs, grilled fruit, veggie burger, and baked potato). All are the same quality. The contestants will “autonomously choose one meal” and hope that Rick has also chosen the same dish for 1 point.

fortune telling room

9. Challenge Room 9 is the fortune-telling room, where contestants will “Ask About Love Life” on the future cube. What will their love forecast be and more importantly, will it be the same as Rick’s? 1 point for a match.

room 10

10. Challenge Room 10 is outdoors on the basketball court. Each contestant will “dream big.” Will they “be a winner and dream big or will they sprain their ankle?” A match with Rick’s basketball luck or folly will get 1 point. I understand that Benny has brought a first aid kit for this challenge. Just in case we have a bunch of hobbling contestants with sprained ankles.

Anything can happen here, and everything appears to be totally random.

benny and roxanna at elimination lot

While each contestant is doing the challenge course, the other contestants are free to use the cabana behind me while they are waiting for their turn. Benny, of course, will be taking photos of the contestants, and I will be keeping tally of the results. In the event of a tie, a final “Pressure Cooker Room” has been added, and Rick will be called upon to help with that final showdown. The final results of the challenge will only be revealed at the Rose Ceremony; however, the producers have allowed us to show one photo op of a *Match* per contestant. So let’s get started!

cinnamon challenge thoughts

Cinnamon Apple (House 2)

“I feel really confident going into this challenge. Rick and I talked about a lot of things on our date, so I am hoping to “ace” most of these rooms. I just have to ‘think like Rick” and I’ll be fine.

turtle cinnamon

Room 1 challenge is to build a Sand Sculpture. We had to do this for a Solo Date Competition, and I remember that Rick made a Sharkman. But, will he make one again? No, too predictable. I think he’ll do something different. Something he saw yesterday morning, in fact. That turtle rock. It will be on his mind and that is what I will sculpt. I am sure he will make this, too. Turtles, Turtles, Rah, Rah, Rah…Mmmm, I love Turtles.”*

Is Cinnamon’s sand sculpture a match to Rick’s? Hint: *Match*

lara competition thoughts

Lara McGowan (House 1)

“I can’t believe I am at Acquaintance level with Rick. How did this happen? Well, I’ve been in this spot before and went from Friend to Lovebirds on our Solo Date. I can do it again. I am going to make it through this course and get my relationship up with Rick so I will never have to do another elimination challenge again!

lara shot reel her in

Alright, in Challenge Room 2, we have to “read something”. So many choices, but what would Rick choose? Well, this isn’t really so bad, I just have to think about it. Rick is an absolute romantic, I bet he’ll choose a romantic novel. But there are two…so, which one? Love in The Time of Sandwiches or Reel Her In? Of course. This is too easy. Romance and fishing rolled into one. I absolutely know what type of book Rick would read. Heck, maybe I’ll win this challenge after all.”

Did Lara choose the right book? Reel Her in. Hint *Match*

naomi thoughts

Naomi Mahina (House 1)

“Breathe, just breathe. Don’t worry…there’s no time limit for this challenge, no rush., no crowds. Just me, thinking about Rick. Remember the card…you know, that ice cream personality card from the Solo Date that Rick and I went on. I kept that card and read it over and over again. It said I was a ‘budding rose.’ And that’s what I am going to be. A budding rose, that will bloom clear and true to win Rick’s love.

naomi could this be a match

Challenge Room 3 is Make Favorite Drink. Well, mine is sparkling water, and I remember reading in Rick’s dossier that it was his, too. I am pretty sure I am right. I can do this. I am the rose.”

Is Naomi right? Is Rick’s favorite drink sparkling water? Hint *Match*

miriam competition thoughts

Miriam Epp (House 1)

“If I close my eyes, I can remember the things that Rick does and what he likes. And you know, I think that Rick is an adventurer. Definitely. He wants to explore the sim world, discover everything, and just immerse himself in different cultures. I mean, he did mention that he wanted to visit Selvadorada on his date with Cinnamon. Right?

miriam eiffel tower

So, here I am in Challenge Room 4 with a hard lump of clay in my hand trying to figure out what Rick would mold from this. It could be a few things, but I really think it will be based on a travel destination. And what better place for romance and travel than Champs Les Sims? And what better sim to travel with than Rick? Ahhh…mon amour! It would be wonderful to travel somewhere alone with Rick. Have him all to myself. I know exactly what I am going to make. Oh yes! I got this!”

So, is Miriam right? Was Rick thinking about a travel destination when he made his clay sculpture? Hint: *Match*

octavia competition thooughts

Octavia Dillon (House 2)

“Well, this is rather unexpected. All this time I have been flirting with Rick to get his attention, and now I am expected to know what his favorite tv channel is. I can tell you that when Rick is with me, watching tv is the furthest thing from his mind. Sheesh! And there are 1…2…7…15 or more different tv choices and I am supposed to just pick one! Come on! And then there are movies. Please!

octavia sims of the dead

In Challenge Room 8, I am supposed to choose two channels or movies that Rick might watch. Let me try to narrow them down. Thinking back to that ‘accidental food poisoning’ date with Raven (oh sure, and I believe that one…), Rick mentioned his favorite movie was ‘Sims of the Dead.’ That’s one. And the second…hmm…Action…yes, the Action channel. I only have to get one right for a match. And I KNOW Rick is going to choose one of these. I am so going to win this!”

So, is Rick’s favorite movie Sims of the Dead? Hint *Match* And what about him watching the Action channel? Hint *No Match* = Achieved 1 point *Match*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

benny is having a relaxing moment

It’s been a long, hot day, and Benny relaxes after a busy day of photographing the contestants.

roxie at end of challenge day

Roxanna takes a moment to tally up the final scores. And adds them up again. And a third time to make sure. Oh my plumbobs! The results are still the same. “Well, there’s still a tie, so it looks like we will have to call upon Rick to help with the final challenge. The Pressure Cooker Room Challenge.”

the tie breaker pressure cooker

When Rick arrives, he and the five contestants head into an empty room, The “Pressure Cooker Room”. I, Roxanna Llama Llama, of course, am supervising from outside the room. The contestants don’t know how the scoring system is tabulated for this room. The room has a door, and as each contestant autonomously leaves the room, a point will be added to their score, based on when they leave. So, the first contestant out gets one additional point added to their score, the second contestant out gets two points added, and so on, with the last remaining contestant getting five points added to their score. This could really help a contestant prove that they are “in it to win it!” So, which contestant wants to spend the most time with Rick? Will it be Cinnamon, Lara, Naomi, Miriam, or Octavia?

Stay tuned to find out at Rose Ceremony #3 who had the most matches with Rick, who the last remaining contestant in the Pressure Cooker Room was, and which three contestants, sadly will be heading home. Until then, Wikii Wikii Wii from Sulani.

Author’s Notes:

The idea for the title of this challenge “10 Things I Know About Rick” sort of came from the movie title “10 Things I Hate About You” (1999). But, of course, we all love Rick, so I changed that title slightly.

Because there was a lot at stake for this Elimination Challenge, as three contestants will be heading home, I wanted to have a fairly difficult challenge. I came up with the idea of a challenge course that could be done by autonomous or random actions. In this way, it would be fair to all contestants.

The most difficult challenge room was the tv room. I had to lock the contestant in that room and wait patiently while they autonomously chose a movie or tv channel. Once they did, I wrote it down, canceled the choice, and then waited for their second choice. This room and the writing room took the longest. Near the end, I had to add more desks and computers so the contestants could get going on their book. The value of the book was determined by dragging the book in their personal inventory to the sell area, which came up with a total. The books have not been sold and are still in the contestants’ inventory. In all, it took a sim day to have all the contestants go through the challenge course.

“Turtles, Turtles, Rah, Rah, Rah…Turtles, Turtles, Ha, Ha, Ha…Mmmm, I love Turtles” lyrics from the commercial jingle for Turtles chocolates. (PS – I love Turtles!)

Champ Les Sims is a travel destination in Sims 3: World Adventures.



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  1. Love seeing all those challenges. Sorry to see three ladies go! And oh my! Rick and Brianna sure hit it off. Hope it stays that way. I know anything can happen. Fun chapter!

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