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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise Challenge – Rose Ceremony # 3

bachelor in paradise kigi

roxanna opening rose c 3

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today is Rose Ceremony # 3 and Benny and I have arrived early at this absolutely breath-taking venue to ensure that everything is ready for the main event.

bar and eating area

Let me give you a quick tour. On the left is the bar and eating area. Look at all those lanterns! So romantic. There is also a punch bowl area and appetizers set up at the back.

other area had a bandshell dance floor and presentation area

To the right is the entertainer area, with a huge dancefloor in the middle. Off to the side is a seating area. At the back, of course, is the presentation area. Such a perfect setting.

rick at rose ceremony table

Rick is checking the rose table to ensure there are enough roses for everyone.

benny handling last minutes setup

Benny is adjusting one of several cameras for the show. Afterall, it’s important he gets my “good” side. Although, really…all sides of me are FABULOUS!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ceremony was in full swing

The entertainer has arrived and is playing a lively tune. Oh, I promised Benny I would help set-up some media equipment, so feel free to look around. We’ll see you at the ceremony.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

some guests need to change

Some of the contestants from House 1 and 2 have arrived, but they’re not dressed for the event. Maybe they’ll change here.

some of the contestants from house 2 arrive

Ah…much better. Iris has changed from her biking clothes. Roxanna chatting with Cinnamon, Iris and Nami.

irisd making drinks not waiting for the bartender

The caterer has shown up, but where is the bartender? Iris jumps right in and mixes some drinks for everyone. You go-getter, Iris!

octavia and rick rc3

Octavia and Rick are listening to the entertainer. Oh sure! Any chance that Octavia has of getting close to Rick, she’ll definitely take it!

cinnamon looking gorgeous

Seeing Rick and Octavia together, Cinnamon decides to head on over there, and get right in the “middle” of their conversation.


Lara and Raven grab a drink. Flaming Zesty Salt is a hit! Kudos to Iris for making these.

grabbing a drink together

Naomi and Rick getting a drink from the bar, too. Wow, Iris must be making drinks for everyone.


A little tête à tête going on with Rick and Coral. They certainly look cozy together.

brianna chatting with rick

Brianna catching a moment alone with Rick.

chattuing with miriam and nami

Rick makes the rounds and spends time chatting with Nami and Miriam.

looks like a line up at the buffet

Dinner is served and there is a line-up at the buffet. Rick, being the gentleman that he is, waits for the ladies to serve themselves before grabbing a plate.

getting settled before ceremony

The sun had set and the ceremony was about to begin. Roxanna headed up to the microphone and asked everyone to take their seats.

welcome to the rose ceremony

“I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, welcome you to Rose Ceremony # 3. Before we begin, I just wanted to compliment all of the contestants on how amazing you look tonight. You have certainly outdone yourselves, ladies! Tonight marks a change to the dynamics of The Bachelor in Paradise Show, as, after this ceremony, the contestants who are left will merge together into one house with our handsome Bachelor, Rick. He is certainly one lucky guy! And as exciting as this is, tonight is also tinged with sadness as we say farewell to three contestants. But first, I ask that Rick come to the microphone.”

*applause from the audience*

talking about the contestants roses

“Thank you Roxanna and Benny for hosting the Rose Ceremony. And I certainly agree that the ladies look sensational tonight! I have had an opportunity to get to know you all on our Group Outings and to get to know you even better on our Solo Dates. Whatever happens tonight, I will always remember those special times. As before, each contestant will receive a rose. Yellow to those who will always be my friend, and red to those who are much dearer to my heart.”

Roxanna stepped up to the microphone again. “I now call upon the first five contestants, who were SAFE and didn’t have to participate in The Elimination Challenge. They are: From House 1, Brianna Hammond and Raven Xang, and from House 2, Iris Costello, Nami Chuu, and Coral Reeves.”

5 who are safe

The five contestants came on stage and Rick handed each contestant a red rose.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Congratulations ladies! But don’t get too comfy, because there are two more contestants who will be joining you at the house.”

Roxanna then summarized the rules of the Elimination Challenge for the contestants who didn’t participate.

“Before these two winning contestants are announced, Benny has prepared a slideshow on what Rick’s choices were at the “10 Things I Know About Rick” Elimination Challenge.” The lights were dimmed and Benny started the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was much chitchat after the slideshow and Roxanna cleared her throat before she began speaking again. “And thank you to Benny for bandaging up our bachelor after Rick sprained his ankle on the basketball court. But I see that Rick’s ankle is as good as new now. At the end of the challenge, we had several ties and had to bring Rick back for the Pressure Cooker Challenge. Let’s see what happened.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5 contestants for elimination challenge

“We now have the final results of the Elimination Challenge. May I have the following ladies come on stage, from House 1 – Miriam Epp, Naomi Mahina and Lara McGowan, From House 2 – Cinnamon Apple and Octavia Dillon.” Rick took the microphone again.


When the producers told me the theme for this Elimination Challenge, I was pleasantly surprised that the competing contestants knew so much about me! What surprised me, even more, was their deductive reasoning on what I would choose. This was pretty impressive. If I had my choice, of course, no-one would be leaving, but then this wouldn’t be called The Bachelor in Paradise Show. So, as has been proven in this challenge, there were some contestants who knew just a little bit more about me than the others. And when placed in an empty room together, some contestants wanted to be with me more than others. So, based on these “revelations”, and the scores that Roxanna submitted, these are the contestants who will be staying.”

best score

Roxanna took the microphone from Rick. “The contestant with the highest score in the Elimination Challenge, who receives a red rose tonight is…Naomi Mahina. Naomi was tied with several other contestants, but she proved that she definitely wanted to be with Rick and was the last to leave the Pressure Cooker Room. This earned her an additional 5 points towards her score. Congratulations, Naomi!”

naomi getting a roseNaomi couldn’t move. She was in such shock. She was happy! No, make that ecstatic. She was staying! She was indeed a budding rose! She still had a chance with Rick, and she was going to make every minute count. Naomi was a jumble of emotions and all she could say when Rick smiled at her and handed her the red rose was “Thank you, Rick. I am here for you!”


Roxanna continued, “There is only room for one more contestant to continue. Who shall it be?” Rick took a yellow rose from the table and walked towards…Miriam Epp.

not me heading home

Miriam froze. “No, this couldn’t be possible. Not me! It can’t be me! We shared a mistletoe kiss on our Solo Date. How can I be leaving? Oh my gosh! What about those dreams I had of Rick and me in Champ Les Sims? All shattered because I left that Pressure Cooker Room to go and dance. I danced my way out of Rick’s life! This is terrible,” thought Miriam sadly.


Rick handed Miriam the yellow rose, “I am sorry to see you leave, Miriam. I will miss you.”

“And I’m going to miss, you, too, Rick,” Miriam said quietly and gave Rick a hug.

There were now three roses left on the table. Two yellow and one red. Rick chose another yellow rose.

lara not so brightlara not so bright future

Almost in a flash, Lara McGowan remembered her Love Life Prediction from the challenge room. And suddenly, she knew that it was her who was leaving tonight. That dreaded prediction was coming true.

its me isnt it

Tears were streaming down Lara’s cheeks as Rick approached. “It’s me, isn’t it? I’m heading home tonight. It’s true, isn’t it?” Lara spoke haltingly between sobs.

im sorry lara

“Yes, I’m afraid you’re right. I’m sorry, Lara. I will miss you,” replied Rick as he held out the yellow rose to her. Lara clutched the rose to her and thought about that Pressure Cooker Room. She had almost stayed until the end but had felt the urge to clean up those dishes in the kitchen. As she thought about it now, she couldn’t believe she had chosen dirty dishes over Rick.

There were two roses left, one yellow and one red, and two contestants left. One of them was leaving tonight.

the last two left

Octavia Dillon was feeling angry but reined in her temper. This wasn’t fair! She had the top score from all of them on that challenge course. She should be getting a red rose. It shouldn’t be based on their scores and the Pressure Cooker Room. She had flirted with Rick in that room, and had wanted to stay, but, heck, nature was calling and she “had to go”. Why else would she leave Rick with the other contestants? She didn’t have a choice, or there would have been a puddle on the floor. Was there a complaint form she could fill out? Because there was no way she was going home tonight. No way!

Cinnamon Apple had quietly added up her score while they were watching the video of Rick’s choices. She also knew that she had been the first to leave that Pressure Cooker Room. Thinking back, she had been too confident and thought that she had chosen all the same things as Rick. She felt she had nothing to worry about because she thought she had the best score. But now she was worried. The dreams that Cinnamon had been having of a life with Rick might be just that. A dream.

Rick picked up the yellow rose and the red rose and walked towards…Cinnamon Apple. Everyone was silent and it seemed as if all of the contestants were holding their breath.


Rick held out a yellow rose to Cinnamon, “I’m sorry Cinnamon. I was really looking forward to that trip to Selvadorada with you.”

Cinnamon bit her lip and smiled brightly at Rick, “Yes, me, too, Rick,” she murmured, “But you can still come to visit as a … as a friend,” Cinnamon replied.

“A very special friend,” added Rick, giving Cinnamon a hug.

There was now one red rose left. And Octavia breathed a sigh of relief. She was safe and that red rose was for her. Rick turned to Octavia then and smiled handing her the last red rose, “For you, dear Octavia.”

rose for octaviaq

“Oh Rick,” Octavia purred, batting her eyelashes flirtatiously at him, “Red roses are my favorite flower and you’re most certainly my favorite Bachelor.” Octavia then turned to the other contestants in the audience, “But, as happy as I am to receive this red rose, I am so very sad that some contestants have to leave tonight. I really will miss them all. They were um…*sniff*…my friends,” added Octavia, putting a hand to her face as if wiping away a tear.

10 things I like about Rick

Roxanna stepped up to the microphone again. “Well said, Octavia. As we get to know more about the contestants, it gets harder to see each one leave. We will all sincerely miss Cinnamon Apple, Lara McGowan, and Miriam Epp.” Roxanna took a deep breath and continued, “I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, want to thank you all for being here. This concludes the Rose Ceremony for this evening. Congratulations to those contestants who are continuing and good luck to those who are leaving. A new chapter starts tomorrow as the two houses merge into one and our Bachelor, Rick, moves in full-time with the remaining contestants. A new day. A new start. And another step closer to finding Rick “Somebody to Love.” And now, let’s hit the dance floor and have some fun!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Octavia went to the bar to get a drink. “That was too close,” she thought, “I don’t want to be in that situation again. But I have a plan to ensure that Rick only has eyes for me. Yes, a plan…” thought Octavia smiling to herself.


Raven sat down beside Octavia and silently clapped her hands. “Bravo,” Raven said, “You deserve a Starlight Accolade Award for that performance.”

“I have no idea what you mean,” answered Octavia casting sideways glances to see if anyone was listening.


“Oh, but I think you do. You may have fooled everyone else with your “sorry to see them go” spiel, including Rick, but I know what you’re up to,” said Raven as she got up, “I’ll be keeping my eye on you,” whispered Raven as she headed to the dance floor.


“Oh my plumbobs! That Raven!” seethed Octavia.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick and benny dancing the farewell dance

Rick and Benny dance a farewell dance with the departing contestants: Front: Cinnamon Apple (House 2)’ Middle: Miriam Epp (House 1); Back: Lara McGowan (House 1).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

I gave the contestants some new outfits to wear for the event. The roses presented at the ceremony were “friendly gifts”. You can purchase these from the computer, and a red rose is one of the gift choices. This way, no loss in romantic relationships when presenting a rose.

Thank you to this simmer for creating this very romantic build. It is a Spark’d submission, so please give it a “♥” in the gallery. Very few changes were done, just added a bar and fridge, stove, and counter area.

windenburg rustic wedding photo credit

With each Elimination Challenge or Reader Vote, it gets harder to say goodbye to your favorite Sims. And this elimination of three contestants was especially hard. The final results were very, very close.

“10 things I Know About Rick” Elimination Challenge Results

elimination challenge results

Keep in mind that in a future chapter, all of the eliminated contestants will be competing in a Comeback Challenge. And for one lucky sim, that will mean coming back again as a contestant.









4 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise Challenge – Rose Ceremony # 3

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I had remembered that there were roses that you could purchase as gifts and I thought, what would happen if Rick gave a rose to someone as a friendly gift? And it worked. They were all happy and no relationship loss and he could do that in front of everyone and no problems.

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  1. I wish they’d allow for yellow flowers! But I love that option.

    So sad to see all those girls go but the heat is on now. I bet jealously plays a huge roll as girls autonomously flirt with their man…drama ahead!

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I don’t think I’ve seen or read a blog where anyone else has given all the contestants a rose, but of course, some of a different color. I am not looking forward to the drop in relationship status because of jealousy. It’s bad enough now trying to keep them all up.

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