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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Group Date ~ Steamy At The Spa

bachelor in paradise kigi

spa opening pose

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today is a rather exciting day as the seven contestants move in with the bachelor! The Bachelor “hut” has undergone some overnight renovations, adding a fitness hut, an outdoor firepit area, and a water slide. Plus, the bachelor now has his own en-suite bathroom. Well, thank goodness for that! I mean, really, one male sim sharing the main bathroom with seven lovely ladies…he’d never get in there! And we really wouldn’t want a stinky bachelor now, would we? No, no, no, can’t have that! 

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Aside from the new reno, there’s more! Say what? Yes, today, the producers have a wonderful surprise for the contestants and our bachelor! In collaboration with our island ambassadors, Alika and Mele Kahananui, a day at the Sulani Spa has been planned. Can you believe it? A choice of activities to suit everyone. From yoga classes, soothing therapy baths, massages, and mani-pedis, to a relaxing sauna, the contestants will certainly be pampered. What a marvelous day ahead!

Lara Cinnamon and Miriam arrive in Newcrest

But, before we head off, we say farewell to the three eliminated contestants, Cinnamon, Lara, and Miriam, who traveled to Newcrest. But, they don’t look very happy and look rather confused that they are there. But on a bright note, there’s no thunderstorm today! I don’t think they really appreciated that weather report. Time to leave. Sorry ladies.

And now, let’s join our contestants at the Sulani Spa…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

spa arrival

And here they all are! A member of the spa staff has come out to greet them, and don’t they all look great in their yoga gear! From left: Octavia Dillon, Raven Xang, Nami Chuu, Iris Costello, Naomi Mahina, Coral Reeves, and Brianna Hammond.

drama in the lobby already octavia angry and iris sad from drifting love

They head to the lobby where Rick orders a “sunrise spa refresher” drink for everyone. Oh no! There seems to be drama in the lobby already! Octavia looks mad about something, and what’s this? Why is Iris looking all forlorn?

drifting love 21 hours sad

Drifting love? And from the look between Nami and Rick, I think Rick may have flirted with Nami in front of Iris. How? When? They just arrived and walked two seconds to the lobby. Rick…be a bit more discreet! And now Iris is going to be sad for 21 hours! Twenty-one hours! Oh, poor Iris!

Author’s Note: I didn’t even see this happen, but I’m guessing that this autonomous flirt was between Rick and Nami. Octavia was just angry about who knows what because she has the hot-headed trait.

a welcome drink in the lobby

After a refreshing drink, which seemed to perk Iris up a bit, the group was divided into two. One group would head to get a massage and the other group would partake in an instructor-led yoga class. The spa staff had assigned the groups.

tense naomi

Oh gosh! Now what? Naomi, it’s okay, you’re in Rick’s group. She is very stressed and I see that it’s her loner trait kicking in. She has a “stranger danger” moodlet. Well, lucky for you, your group gets a relaxing massage first. Because you and Iris certainly need it. Sheesh!

Author’s Note: I looked at all the massage treatments, and randomly chose a massage for each contestant. The ones I chose all gave the Happy moodlet (Swedish, deep tissue, stone, foot, and hand). Whatever instructor-led yoga class they called, I just sent four to take that class. Then they switched. Getting a certain massage or joining an instructor-led yoga class can’t be autonomous because there is a fee, so this was my way around it.

brain boosting yoga class

Chimes sounded and an announcement was heard that a yoga class was starting shortly. The first group headed off to the change rooms.

in instrutor led yoga class

Octavia had autonomously gone into the yoga room, so she was picked for the first group. And where Octavia goes, Raven follows – you know, to keep an eye on her. Coral and Nami had gone to the change room to put on their robes, so that’s how the first group was picked. Coral must have been practicing yoga at the Bachelor House because she already had Level 1 in the Wellness skill.

i got this one nami

Nami lost her balance on the first pose, but she got this “Warrior Pose”. “Oh my gosh! Yes! ‘Well, I am the warrior! And heart to heart you’ll win, If you survive, the warrior, the warrior’.”*

its lucky im wearing these sunglasses so noone can recognize me

Raven tries her hand at the Warrior pose, too. “This pose sounded good. Strong. Confident. But really? I almost fell. It’s a good thing I have these sunglasses on, so no-one could recognize me.”

their instructor is very good

The instructor was really good. She now wanted them to do an “Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose”.

octavia off balance yoga class

Octavia gives it a go and almost falls over. “Put my hand here and my foot there? What? I thought yoga was supposed to be relaxing!”

coral does the half moon pose

Coral is so fluid and graceful as she does the “Half Moon Pose”. “Practicing at the house certainly helped me with these moves today. I am a moonbeam.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, in the massage area…

brianna having a wonderful hot stone massage

Brianna had wasted no time and was at the massage area before anyone else. “I’ve heard that a relaxing hot rock massage will alleviate any stress or anxiety and that it also promotes a good night’s sleep. The competition is narrowing, and I really need to rid myself of any stress, so I can look and feel my best for Rick. Ahhh…”

this looks kind of painful so much stress

Iris thought that a foot massage sounded nice. But as the masseuse poked and prodded, Iris felt nothing but pain. “I’m in pain!” Iris shouted. The masseuse told Iris that she had a lot of tension. Iris thought to herself, “Tense? Tense? I am tense? Well, if you were in a competition with six other contestants all vying for the same guy, you’d be tense, too! Not to mention the guy you cared about had openly flirted with another contestant! Hey, wasn’t this massage supposed to help you relax, instead of inflicting pain? Ouch!”

i think you cracked something

Naomi had never had a massage before, so after talking to the masseuse, he recommended a soothing hand massage and a manicure. “This feels quite nice, and the aloe vera lotion that he put on my hand will help hydrate my skin. And believe me, a mermaid’s skin can get rather dehydrated sometimes. Oohhh…and that iridescent pearl nail polish. That’s the one I want. It will shimmer when I swim and I’ll be the best looking mermaid around!”

rick getting a sports massage

Rick had changed into his robe and was ready for his massage. “I asked the masseuse for a sports massage. You know, my ankle was still bothering me from that basketball fiasco the other day. And I tell you, I never heard so many bones crack before! And they were all mine!”

rick getting his relaxing massage

“Umm…I did mention that it was actually my ankle that was sore? Right? Umm…yah…I think my whole body is sore now.”

i feel so much better

But when the massage was over, Rick did feel amazingly better.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ricks class was mind concentrating

And just in time, too, as the chimes sounded again and another yoga class announcement was heard.

iris and naomi in sync

Some simple stretching poses started them off. And Iris and Naomi look so fabulous!

Naomi: “I am so enjoying my day today. Who knew yoga could be such fun! It would be so much easier in the water, though.”

Iris: “What other torture poses are they going to put us through? I am still sore from that “relaxing” massage.”

the instructor of ricks class

The instructor then wanted everyone to do the “Dolphin Pose”.

rick in downward facing dog pose

But all Rick could manage was something called a “Downward Dog Pose”. “Okay, there’s no way I’m lifting my leg in the air. I would be doing the Downward Dog Collapse Pose if I did that.”

brianna looks good

Brianna, who had Level 1 Wellness skill at the start of the class, seemed to breeze through the poses like a pro. “Rick keeps looking my way. I am sure he is appreciating how great I look doing these yoga poses. Oh yah! Feast your eyes on me, Rick!”

they were all so relaxed in fact one sim fell asleep



Everyone seemed to enjoy the last pose the best. The “Corpse Pose”. So relaxing, it even put some sims to sleep.

this was not iris dayiris moodlet from yoga class

After the yoga sessions, everyone had “Yoga Bliss” moodlets. Well, everyone that is, except Iris. Poor Iris, this was just NOT her day today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Over at the massage area…

now this was relaxing

Octavia had decided on a hand massage. She was just settling into the chair while the masseuse looked over her hands. “Do you sometimes feel angry for no reason?” he asked. Octavia was shocked. No masseuse had ever asked her that before. “Well, sometimes, yes, I feel angry and upset. It just comes on. I can’t explain it,” she replied. The masseuse chose a lotion from the shelf. “Lavender oil has natural calming properties and you will feel so much better after your massage.” The masseuse’s hands had a light touch and soon Octavia was feeling very relaxed.

Coral was undergoing a foot massage. “Your feet are so smooth,” commented the masseuse as she applied a sea kelp and cucumber extract to Coral’s heels. “That smell….it smells rather familiar…” thought Coral, “Of course! It’s sea kelp mixed with something else. I would know that smell anywhere. How do these sims know about the benefits of sea kelp? I use it on my feet all the time. And my hair. And my hands, and, well, everywhere!”

nami floating on air from massage

Nami just wanted a nice, relaxing massage, and the masseuse suggested a Swedish massage. “Ahhh…heaven is a place on simearth!* Nami was floating on a cloud. No worries. No stress. Just relaxation. And as she lay there, she thought about Rick on that cloud with her…and oh, she was having some flirty thoughts of them together…” The masseuse brought her back to ground-level, “Are you allergic to almond oil dear? Because you are getting awfully pink.” “Um, no…uh…just a little hot…” replied Nami.

raven consults about the massage

Raven consulted the masseuse on the type of massage she should get. “Oh, that sounds like fun. Hot “lava” rocks are placed on my skin which could burn me and have possible side effects. I don’t think so! I think I’m going to have what Nami is having, a nice, relaxing Swedish massage.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After the morning sessions, everyone was treated to a superb spa luncheon in the lobby. Coral was especially enjoying the citrus lentil salad. She had never tasted anything so good.

having lunch together

octavia sits down right beside rick

After lunch, everyone was free to use the other spa facilities.

some contestants worked out at the gym

Naomi, Iris, Octavia and Nami autonomously headed to the gym.

coral taking a bubble bath and brianna taking a mud bath

While Brianna and Coral autonomously headed to the therapy baths. Coral enjoyed a bubble bath, and Brianna took some type of mud bath.

rick feeling rather flirty

Rick decided to head to the sauna. And he wasn’t the only one with that idea as Raven was already there. Ooh! la la! Rick, what did you have in mind?

raven was flirty Rick was flirty

Rick and Raven were alone in the sauna. Raven was flirty. Rick was flirty. Raven did an autonomous flirt with Rick and Rick got a whim to “Make-out with Raven”. And I thought, yes, Rick, go for it!

Author’s Note: Before I had Rick do this, I had them switch places because Raven’s hair was hiding her pretty face. That might have been a mistake.

what raven rejected ricks make a move interaction

And as Rick moved closer to Raven and was in the process of putting his arm around her…Boom…she said no! Oh my gosh! What are you doing Raven? Rick wants to be romantic and you’re saying no? Girl, this is what you wanted, right?

rick i was hoping for a little romance on our solo date not here

“Rick, I’m sorry. I don’t feel this is the place or the time for us to be…um…intimate. I care for you a lot Rick. I just don’t want someone to barge in on our romantic time alone together. I’m not saying no, Rick, I’m just saying not now.” And with that, Raven gave Rick a timid smile, and walked towards the door and left the sauna.

Author’s Note: When Raven autonomously rejected Rick’s “make a move” interaction, I couldn’t believe it! Like, what is going on Raven? Especially since she had several romantic whims for Rick. It was rather bizarro. And yet, there is no relationship drop, and Rick didn’t get the embarrassed moodlet. Thank goodness for that. So, maybe, indeed, it was the wrong time and they both realized it. But, seriously, it was rather unexpected. Maybe having them switch places before the interaction glitched the game or something, but, nevertheless, I was in shock.

raven are you ok

Raven stared at the locker and didn’t move. She didn’t even hear Naomi enter the locker room. “Are you okay Raven? You look…ummm…your cheeks look kind of flushed,” asked Naomi.

“Oh, I’m fine. Just got a little too hot in the sauna. That’s all,” replied Raven as Naomi changed into her swimsuit and headed off again.

i may have made a mistake what have i done

“Rejecting Rick’s advances in the sauna was a big gamble. All of the other contestants are just openly “throwing” themselves at Rick. I was thinking that if, perhaps, I remained a bit aloof, that Rick would want me more. My strategy can either backfire or work to my advantage. I really hate playing games, but I had to do something different. I hope I didn’t make a grave mistake here because I really do want to be with Rick.”

have first kiss with rick

who was rick thinking about

Shortly after Raven left the sauna, Rick decided to leave, too. He headed over to the hot tub area. No one was there. As he sat alone in the hot tub, he thought about what Raven had said. She was right. He wanted to be romantic with her but certainly didn’t want their time to be interrupted. As he sat there thinking, it wasn’t long before the other contestants wandered over to join him. They laughed and chatted about their day. And even though Rick smiled and chatted with everyone, he noticed one sim was missing. The sim he couldn’t get out of his mind.

have first kiss with raven

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

During the day, Rick had several romantic whims for Raven and Brianna. He also had some friendly whims for Coral, Naomi, Octavia, and Nami. He must have also had a romantic whim for Nami, since I figure he flirted with her at the start of the Group Date. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any whims for Iris, but she was being a sort of loner type and had that sad moodlet for all of the Group Date. Even the massage didn’t help her sad mood. Her relationship status with Rick also went from Lovebirds to Romantic Interest. Poor Iris.

Now about Raven and Rick. Well, that was certainly a twist! Wow! Wow! Wow! I never thought that would happen. It was a surprise, to say the least. And even though Raven rejected Rick’s advances in the sauna, he was still thinking about her in the hot tub. And I peeked at Raven’s whims and she and Rick both had the same whim – they wanted to have the first kiss with each other. The only time he had this whim on the entire Group Date. I was going to have Rick run to her and kiss her, but I was worried Raven would say no because of his other failed attempt. So, no First Kiss on this Group Date. Who knows, maybe Raven’s plan is working. She is certainly on Rick’s mind. I guess we’ll see.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Well, I am the warrior, And heart to heart you’ll win. If you survive, the warrior, the warrior,”* song lyrics from The Warrior, by the group Scandal, featuring Patty Smyth, 1984.

“Heaven is a place on Earth” song by Berlinda Carlisle, 1987.

I gathered some information on massage, essential massage oils and yoga poses:

Beginner Yoga Poses. I needed to know the names of some of the yoga poses the instructor was doing. Some other websites were used as well.

Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage.

Six Scents That Can Transform Your Mood and Productivity

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was going to use a new Bachelor’s house, and, had in fact renovated one. But it was 3 levels and I really like to play on one level, especially using multiple sims. So, after looking at several builds, I decided to use the Sulani-Five-O build (originally House 2), and place it on Sapphire Shores. I just added some additional areas, and I think this will work out really well. Here is the original build.sulani five-0 credit

Thanks to this simmer for creating this beautiful spa. There were two sauna areas, and I just deleted one and added a therapy bath soak room, and modified the lobby a bit to add a food area at the back of reception. I placed this on the Oakenstead lot in Willow Creek and it worked great.haven resort and spa photo credit


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  1. This was a fun group date!

    Ugh. The jealousy will take Sims out of it and they’ll take a hit to their relationships! Maybe Iris will get it back somehow!

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    1. Thanks pammiechick for reading and commenting. I was worried at the start of that date with all the sim emotions going on, but I think the spa day part went well. Brianna certainly took advantage of all the spa facilities. On a mission to look good for Rick, I am sure 🙂

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